Lloyd Adam Maxwell was a POS
Adams family

Cincinnati, OH

#21 Sep 4, 2012
Chester wrote:
Hope he likes the taste of dirt in his mouth.
Well that and burning in the cold flames of Hell for all eternity.
Anyone who was kin to this dirtbag should get their tubes tied and do everyone a favor. You all clearly don't know how to have or run a family. Stop reproducing. thanks.
With comments like that we could say the same thing. Bet your family is not peaches and sunshine. I sure hope that you would never have to deal with loss like this. How you judge, you will be judged. God bless you
Adams family

Cincinnati, OH

#22 Sep 4, 2012
Fed up with excuses wrote:
<quoted text>
Wrong. He was not a "good kid at heart". First of all, he was 24 years old. That is a grown man. Second of all, had you raised him properly, he wouldn't be rotting away right now. He should have thought bout his mother, father, aunts, uncles, cousins and CHILDREN before he broke into this mans house. I'm glad he got shot and I hope he died a slow and painful death. Good riddance.
Very very sad person you are. You are speaking to one of his close family and would say that you hoped he died a slow painful death? People make bad decisions all the time and Adam made a fatal one this time. May God bless you because karma is bad!

Richmond, KY

#23 Sep 4, 2012
I am sure that Adam was a fine upstanding young man.
And your hearts are broken,that he was killed by a 92 year old man, who just had his house broken into by Adam.


a lot better than you

Hamilton, OH

#24 Sep 4, 2012
Oh please, not ONE person in the entire family has defended Adam or what he did, nor has anyone said that Mr. Jones was wrong in protecting himself. You are all so misguided that is is just sad, you are just as misguided as Adam was at his time of death, Prayers lifted for all of the idiots that speak with no brains......

United States

#25 Sep 4, 2012
Sounds like the family member needs to go back to school as well and take a logics course. One minute you are saying the old man had the right to defend himself then complaining because he waited twenty minutes to blow your scum kin to hell. Which is it!

United States

#26 Sep 4, 2012
your efforts are futile adams family

United States

#27 Sep 4, 2012
replying to the internet will only turn you over at night
Gary in Arizona

Chandler, AZ

#28 Sep 4, 2012
I'm sure Adam was a fine upstanding individual, a pillar of the community. He deserves a Darwin award.
mike ny

Syracuse, NY

#29 Sep 4, 2012
Adams family wrote:
I am a part of adams family so the person who put about him going back to school is sick in the head and not a part of our family. The family understands that this man had a right to protect himself BUT why wait 20 MINUTES for them to come up the stairs? Why not grab your gun and call the police at the same time?
---have you ever been so scared that you put your head under the covers and hope the boogie man goes away?

No matter what you all think about Adam, truth is you did not know him at all!!! To clear the facts here he was not a METH HEAD!!! But he did have demons that he struggled with. You all can sit behind your computer all you want and bash him to make you look better or whatever your motive is but the fact still remains that he was loved and will be missed. A far as this being a parenting issue, its not. It was his personal choice to go down the wrong path. Maybe if you was raised right you would know not to judge others for you will be judged the same. AGAIN we are in NO way blaming anyone for defending themselves we just wish people had some manners not to jump on the internet and bash someones deseased loved one.

--celebrating the victory of the proverbial good guy and bashing the bad guy (unless known personally) is just people voicing their position on an event...adam was the bad guy, regardless of potential, decisions regretted or any other factors, on that day/night he was the bad guy, the guy we all have to fear just a little when we fall asleep...adam was the boogie man.

All in all we are still grieving the loss of Adam. All we ask is just dont put things on here like he deserved a slow painful death and things of that nature. Our family is having a rough enough time and this is something that hurts us to read because AGAIN you all did not know Adam. He will be missed dearly and was loved by so many. Our hearts are broken.
--again sorry for your loss, but have you used your pain to reach out to the victim to thank him for allowing the other defendants to remove adam from the house? have you asked yourself why he let them take the body out and didnt just kill them all? perhaps he just wanted it to be over? perhaps he is 92 and scared and not thinking well? have you ever tried to get into the mind of a 92 year old human being alone in a house with robbers in the basement? your mind would call the cops, you arent 92...who knows what you think about as a 92 year old farmer x ww2 veteran and for you to even begin to question anything about his actions that night undermines every single assertion you try to make about adam's path so be careful.

adam's other 2 friends are dead already if they dont change something about themselves...why not try to fix them before its too late in adam's name?

Indianapolis, IN

#30 Sep 4, 2012
This thread just helps me to realize how cruel and cold hearted people are becoming.Two wrongs doesn't make it right . I hate the whole suituation. I'm not defending either or . I have sons and even if they did mess up and do something horrible I wouldnt want someone to kill them and noone knows what might have happened if the elderly man gave off a warning shot or shot through the door . Obvioudly they were cowards or they would have went through the front dooe , shot the old man , stole his belongings and took off and noone would have known the diference ...Sounds crazy ? Well think about it ? Professional robbers who's intent is to kill and there were 3 of them would have been more quiet. Needless to say the elderly man was a trained professional by our Government and he plotted to waiy on them to come upstairs and then kill the intruder, He probably didnt know how many their was is why he didnt shoot the other 2. He was probably in shock and he was old and he was protecting what was his. If it had been me I would have left the house and called the police . Nothing I had would have been worth dying for or killing someone over if I could have made the choice and in 20 minutes waiting to shoot someone I could have easily had the police on the way even if it turned out I had to kill someone to protect my own life not just property.
The Hugh Boy

Orange, VA

#31 Sep 4, 2012
I gotta say, this thread is fascinating to read.
It's almost unreal.
The news always is a bad version of the truth and hardly anyone knows the real story about anything.
I will make one comparison. Being 92 and afraid of intruders in your home is perhaps the same as having a family member that turns towards a bad direction and intrudes and terrorizes the peace of a struggling family. In my view he really slowly killed himself and adversely affected everyone in he process.
Ohboyherewegoaga in

Renton, WA

#32 Sep 4, 2012
All this would have been avoided if the scumbag wasn't in someone else's house. Had he gotten away unharmed he would have no qualms about profiting from the loot. This time he didn't make it out and I'm glad for that.
quick draw tyler staker

Marion, OH

#33 Sep 4, 2012
Adams family wrote:
He was getting ready to turn his life around.
He just got out of prison for BREAKING AND ENTERING. Doesn't sound like be planned on changing at all.
Adams family wrote:
U dont know him, so don't judge
No need to judge him -- a judge / jury decided he was a thieving scumbag, an old man decided he was a thieving scumbag, and almighty god decided he was a thieving scumbag unworthy of life. That's enough for me.
Adams family wrote:
Now his 4 kids dont have a dad or provider
They've lived off the government's teet this long. No loss.

Indianapolis, IN

#34 Sep 4, 2012
People are assuming the elderly man was scared . It doesn't make any sense why a scared man would grab his gun , sit in a chair and wait with his gun across his lap for them to enter through the door and then bam !!! He shot and killed someone. He didnt seem to afraid to me . Sounds like trained instincts took over and we should give him a purple heart for being so courageous and any other young people out there that does a dumb thing and gets their head screwed up we will send them out to his place and let him use them for target practice....I think the man killed in cold blood with the purpose of murder not defending himself... He had not been beaten , a gun pulled on him or even robbed yet ...Just an attempt ...People think i'm nuts , clueless and disagree and unfortunately none of you have a heart toward your loved ones...How many of you right now could say oh well my kid was stupid enough to break in and try and rob someone , i'm glad he killed my scum kid !!!! sure people just because I have a heart and I feel sad because of a loss of someones son , father , and could be husband I am crazy . I value a human life wheter it has problems or not. God have mercy on the people who think a life has no more value than say thank goodness the scum is dead ///

Union, KY

#36 Sep 4, 2012
Thou shalt not steal
Thou shalt not commit murder
In Gods eyes these are equal
Ohboyherewegoaga in

Renton, WA

#37 Sep 4, 2012
God_have_mercy wrote:
Sounds like trained instincts took over and we should give him a purple heart for being so courageous
A purple heart is a medal awarded to someone who was wounded in combat. Please stop talking if you don't know what you are saying.
God_have_mercy wrote:
He had not been beaten , a gun pulled on him or even robbed yet ...Just an attempt ...
This gets me every time. Why should someone have to wait until they are actually being harmed before they fight back? These people were in HIS house! HIS castle! He does not need to wait until he is on his knees with a gun pointed at his head before he decides it is okay to fight back. The man wasn't out on the streets stalking. The scumbag forfeited his life when he forfeited the old man's rights.
Defending- the-ol- guy

Berea, KY

#38 Sep 4, 2012
Really... So he should wait till someone is beating the shit out of him before he should do something about it? They should stay the hell out of his house! Why wait for them to come up the stairs so they could shoot him? F*** that he defended himself. They knew what they were doing!! they should have thought about it before breaking into someones home. You bet your ass if someone breaks into my house im going to protect my family not wait and see what they want!! When someone comes in on you, you have to protect yourself, shoot first ask questions later. They don't want to be Harmed? Then DONT BREAK INTO MY HOME where i live with my child and family!There lives come before some POS who is there to harm me and my family!!

Indianapolis, IN

#39 Sep 4, 2012
He didnt fight back , he murdered another human being !!!! He didnt have to kill anyone !!!!! You people are nuts taking up for a murderer but yet hating on a thief not knowing if he even could have harmed another person... The purple heart was suggested because he acted like he was in combat and from the comments on here a few of you are stating he was attacked first by the break in ...
If there wasn't a question if the elderly man was right in what he did than why was it stated on the news report he hasn't been charged with a crime yet ? Yet meaning not likely but possible. All you can see is some poor old man defending himself. I can see further than the nose in front of my face.
The man could have ended up dead or beaten true , but I remember seeing a case like this on dateline I.D. and the actual person was charged with 2nd degree homicide..Check it out!!!! The old man shouldn't have been targeted and I know he had the right to defend his castle. I don't dispute that . I dispute the part where he aimed for the heart and pulled the trigger to kill when even defending his castle he didn't have to kill . This is the only point I am trying to make . He didnt have to kill. No more than those young men have to break in with the intent to rob him.

Winchester, KY

#40 Sep 4, 2012
We make decisions in life and suffer the consequences. End of story.

The paper said he had been robbed three times recently-how much do you want the poor man to endure-someone had already stolen him blind. People are fed up with being robbed and you can expect more of the same results.

Jackson, MO

#41 Sep 4, 2012
Do you people have no soul?
A man died, making a wrong decision, yes, but he died nonetheless.
And you people are saying the "scumbag" got what he deserved?
Does anyone deserve to die really?
I don't know shit from shinolah about this guy, but I can tell you what he deserved. He deserved a better life, and more opportunities to live one.
Unfortunately that's not what happened. He was shot and killed. He walked into it, he was in the wrong, but he died. And whether you claim to be a good American or not, you don't say good riddance to the death of another human being. Since when did being a good American mean being a bad human being.
You people should be ashamed for not looking at this situation for what it truly is...a tragedy.

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