Madison Avenue Apartments

Madison Avenue Apartments

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Jus Wondering

Richmond, KY

#1 Sep 20, 2010
Does anyone know anything about these apartments or the people that run them? Im looking for apartment, but dont want to get into anything crazy.

Lexington, KY

#2 Sep 20, 2010
Just RuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuN!!!!! !!!!!
Jus Wondering

Richmond, KY

#3 Sep 20, 2010
What am I running from? The place that bad? Or the people who run it?

United States

#5 Sep 21, 2010
I live there. There is a vacant place right next door to me. It's a great place to live! If you move next door to me, you can share my crackpipe and we'll smell of each other's buttholes!

Since: Oct 09

Location hidden

#6 Sep 21, 2010
I dont like mad ave...just because the staff is rude and the problems my friends had when they lived there...try richmond manor,

Richmond, KY

#7 Sep 21, 2010
Jus Wondering wrote:
What am I running from? The place that bad? Or the people who run it?
Both! trust me
giant bed bug

Cincinnati, OH

#8 Sep 22, 2010
hey come on please move in here, i need to latch onto someone, ive been just laying around on the carpets here and nothing to bite and make you welt up, come on ill train myself to walk to redi mart for you, and ill even wipe my own ass, i wont get a job thou because i came from mexico and i expect you americans to take care of me and put me on SSI so i can take you hard workers retirement, ah come on move in here, ill talk to the owners for you, im sure they got the rest of my family scattered in this complex somewhere. im actually a cool bed bug, i wont take all your money for drugs just the paper ill leave you the change, and if your lucky ill even use your debit card, but dont expect me to do work in the apartment thats just not my style, and you better have me a bottle of pills and a case of beer waiting for me every morning when i wake up. hell ill even move the dishes out of the sink before i pee in it. i need me a new room mate, i dont know why people dont like me for im a cool laid back bug i cant help it if we breed like roaches hell ill even do a roach if i can hold it down long enuff but us bed bugs and roaches are enemys i lassoed a roach last night and road him to the food pantry. im hated by everyone i tried to get a job at taco bell but they wouldnt hire me. i thought i was a goner last week when this god awful ugly person came in to look at my place, she had crabs that was swinging on her pony tails, they had spears and indian drums and dancing around looking at me like i was lunch damn i got scared, but oh well enuff about my pad, please move in so my family can live in the couch cushions we need shelter. we will be friends to the end tidy ho hahaha

Richmond, KY

#9 Sep 23, 2010
bump bump
Jus Wondering

Richmond, KY

#10 Sep 23, 2010
Is it easy to get in there? What about the people that run it?

Cincinnati, OH

#11 Sep 23, 2010
listen to the bed bug it is telling you the truth, stay away from there

Mount Sterling, KY

#12 Sep 30, 2010
Just make sure you suck up to the fat blonde manager. Its the only way you won't get verbally abused. You and your friends, family, or neighbors. Love you to your face and then stab in the heart.

Richmond, KY

#13 Sep 30, 2010
sweetsue wrote:
Just make sure you suck up to the fat blonde manager. Its the only way you won't get verbally abused. You and your friends, family, or neighbors. Love you to your face and then stab in the heart.
Wow Sue, you are so on top of it tonight and so full of the truth. She is just the type to smile and talk to you all while reaching around and twisting the knife after she inserted it. But hey, we arent family. lol

Cincinnati, OH

#14 Oct 1, 2010
cracker wrote:
listen to the bed bug it is telling you the truth, stay away from there
yea everyone is lazy. Drive by going to work and everyone is outside. watching people go to work and pay their rent. Its the first of the month they will find a ride now to go spend their checks and food cards BUT cant find a way to work.

Fargo, ND

#15 Oct 29, 2012
You are truly uncultured, mis~educated, never been out of KY Bum mother#$%^! You must have a secret obsession with Mexicans. First off, I am NOT Mexican, but have been around them enough to have been schooled on the fact that :
#1 They will work, no complaints, no handouts until their task is finish. If you try to buy them beer they will refuse.
#2: Any community that they move into, they double up in bedrooms to save money to either send home to their families or save to bring their families here.
#3: unification and self~loving of their nation of people.(See #2)
#4: Smart enough to pretend they cannot speak English to listen to what Dumb Moth@#$% say about them in front of them.
#5: Go to any Mexican community that did not start out as heavily Mexican~populated and you will see they moved from renters to owners and build / own their own grocery stores, taxi ~cab companies, clubs, laundry mats and car lots. If that is not progression and self~love I don't know what is.
#6: Most of the time when a Mexican sees another they will assist in any way regardless of whether they know that other person. No threats or inhibitions. Can you say the same for your nation of people?(Rhetorical)

Have a great day! And get out of KY sometime.
former resident

Richmond, KY

#16 Nov 19, 2012
Apartments have black mold in the walls. Horrible if you have asthma.

Staff gets vindictive if you complain to anyone about their not fixing things.

One of my former neighbors had her apartment catch fire due to a short in her stove. Management proceeded to file eviction against her, even though the apartment couldn't be lived in anyway, to cover up the fact that their faulty equipment caused the damage.

Another woman had her shower/tub area falling down. It took over two months for them to repair it. There was black mold all over the area where the wall was when it started falling in. Huge chunks of wall and the tiles kept falling into the tub whenever the neighbors used their water. The management told her to just take the tiles and wood out of the tub and take a bath right next to the black mold that was covering the walls. I saw the pictures she took of it. After the woman complained to HUD about it, they kept trying to evict her for complaining. She and her daughter took showers at neighbor's homes during that time. Then when they did fix it, all they did was put some kind of vinyl shower covering overtop all the mold.

Those are what I recall off the top of my head. They do not fix things and retaliate against you if you complain about it and give you bad references to try to keep you from getting into another place later. I kept my mouth shut and just moved out of town when I could. It just wasn't worth fighting them.
Also a former resident

Richmond, KY

#17 Nov 19, 2012
I also used to live there. I do remember a few fires over the years I was there but they all were from residents that either passed out or simply forgot about their food, and only one of those fires ended uo in an eviction due to the fact that it totaled the unit and the fire department declared it the tenants fault. Second anytime anyone complain to HUD or Kentucky Housing they are required to follow up with every compliant and it is illegal for them to evict anyone for making complaints. I lived there for about 7 years and never once had an issue with maintenance. They always fixed things in a timely manor. However, I am aware that they are under new management and the bitches in the office now are rude and vindictive. They are never in the office and when they are they act like it is a big inconvience to even talk to you. They act like you should treat them like god or something just because they have the power to evict you or write you up. Well ladies I have news for you Tenants have rights to and you are by no means any better than your tenants. All of your tenants have lost all respect for you. You have the little old ladies afraid of even coming to you with their problems because they know you won't do shit about it and you will just think bad of them for trying to bring their concerns to your attention in the first place. You are running that place into the ground and you are the most evil bitches I have ever met!! You shouldn't be allowed to treat people that way!! Tenants I think we should try and get these bitches out of there!! Start addressing your concerns to the main office in Pittsburgh or to the regional manager Tammy 8596263939. They should be fired! They are what give affordable housing a bad name!!
former resident 2

Ashland, KY

#18 Nov 19, 2012
let me ask you do you think that pittsburgh and tammy gives a damn NO... they dont and amy henry thinks she owns the damn place.. and the tenants has others staying with them and not on the lease they know that.. and if you call pittsburgh it wont do any good i has called. the place is so full of durgs you can get anything you wont.. i was at apartment 2 weeks ago and i saw a man and woman buying pills off of a man! like i said hes not on the lease but he sure stays there!! fasts.. but do you think the office.. care hell no..i know a man that stay with his wife that has been in trouble for stilling from walmats and kroger & meijer i can go on an on but WAY WHO CARE!i do know someone thay can get a phone number to a man who might can do somethin AND I WILL POST IT LATER AN YOU DO NOT WONT TO TALK TO RANDY YOU WONT TO TALK TO BILL ONLY..IF ANY OF YOU WONT LET ME KNOW!!!
Been there

Ironton, OH

#19 Nov 19, 2012
I also used to live there we had naver had roaches before we moved in about two months later we started to see roaches we let the manager know they sprayed we kept in under control for as long as we could finally pest control told us the apt was infested before we ever moved in they should of left that apt vacant for at least a year our brand new furniture was ruined the hot water heater was the nesting station we threw away $1,300 couches

United States

#20 Nov 20, 2012
Good luck to u if u wanna live there is all I can say. They are the most rude ppl I have ever known. They have there picks there thats for sure. They did me and my kids very wrong but karma bit them in the a** real good. Thats why the b*tches meth head daughter got caught doing WHAT in the apartments? Yep yep. It got u real good. What comes around goes around. Baha ha haaa
Brandy Maggard

Richmond, KY

#22 Nov 20, 2012
Either put your name on here or keep my name out of your god damn mouth!! I can guarntee you got evicted and your just crying about it! Well that ain't got shit to do with me so you better quit talking shit or be ready to back it up!!

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