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#1 Mar 26, 2013
Ihateu2 get a life. ur on every thread running ur . mouth like u know what ur talking about . get a job or hobby besides sittn on ur fat booty talking smack about tit u don't know. wow ur life seems so great that u have to get on topixs ti bash ppl to make urself feel better. Ur a LOSER!

United States

#2 Mar 26, 2013
I agree

United States

#3 Mar 26, 2013

Berea, KY

#4 Mar 26, 2013
You tell them tinky winky

United States

#5 Mar 26, 2013
He is an idiot. He can't spell, has poor grammar and is quite delusional. He won't admit what his poor behavior and choices but insists on pointing out every bit of gossip and hearsay he has ever heard about any civil servant or law enforcement official in Madison County. IF he was treated as unfairly as he claims something would be done or he would have a case of some kind. Instead, he has become a mockery of his own making.
Dollar Dollar

Antioch, TN

#8 Mar 26, 2013
Why can't we just get along

Winchester, KY

#9 Mar 26, 2013
I love us iHateU2! Keep on speakin your mind. If you're a loser for what you post about then what do you call the ppl who keep reading them? Haha these suckas ain't got nothing on u playa maine. If you can't stand it then stop reading it. Yous da man man. They hate on me cuz ima street honkey but I still keep it street and keep it honkey. Street honkey 2013 peace!!! I'm out suckas

Richmond, KY

#10 Mar 27, 2013
iHateU2 wrote:
I bet i make more money than you working and if these people did not did not mess with me I would not be on here but They did wrong so get used to me. Do not getmad at me bacause your lifes suks in a trailer park.
Who is this picturef on your profile??????????

Burlington, NC

#11 Mar 27, 2013
Why do you hate U2? They are an awesome band.

Tucker, GA

#12 Mar 27, 2013
iHateU2 wrote:
I bet i make more money than you working and if these people did not did not mess with me I would not be on here but They did wrong so get used to me. Do not getmad at me bacause your lifes suks in a trailer park.
Right. I could buy and sell you. I have more education than you do and I live in a gated community. Don't throw stones you crack pot, whiney ass loser.

United States

#13 Mar 27, 2013
Response and reaction are what people like this ihateu2 person crave. They want to feel victimized and want our sympathy. They want to inflate their imagined persecutions and paint themselves as worth something, as victims of made-up conspiracies, acting like their internet rants are some vital instrument of justice and change.

I know the type. They never own their roles in their fuckups; they will always project or attempt to deflect the blame or attention to others.

Fact is: If there was a legit case, the clown would have handled it by legit means, not by crying on a scummy gossip forum that no one of note will ever give a shit about. We'd have seen links posted to real news sites detailing official complaints, hearings, investigations, judgements, something. Instead, all we get are rants and gibberish with no substantiating fact at all.

Do not respond to this loser. Do not start threads about this loser. Do not acknowledge or validate lies, inflated claims of injustice, or argumentative pissing contests that attempt to inflate their own imagined self-worth.

If any of it really mattered at all, you'd have read about it somewhere other than this place. Until you do, this person and their claims mean absolutely nothing, deserving only of mockery and dismissal. Mockery they've gotten, and plenty of it. Now simply ignore the loser and move on. Maybe someday, said loser will move on, too (even if it is only to the next line of pity-me bullshit).
ba ha ha

Tucker, GA

#17 Mar 28, 2013
iHateU2 wrote:
<quoted text>Then why are you on here dumb ass? It cought your eyes and if was not for the crooked system in Richmond you would not have something to write about! Does that make you feel better? I bet somebody that posted know what thet did was wrong or there would not be so much bashing.
Ouch! Touch a nerve? Or are you too ignorant to know you just got slammed? PS. Your come back sucked.

Richmond, KY

#20 Mar 28, 2013
iHateU2 wrote:
<quoted text>i bet you are that crooked cop that know he done wrong and rying to make me look just a matter of time.
bud, u don't need no help looking bad. you got it down to an art form.

Richmond, KY

#21 Mar 28, 2013
so what up, champ? like the post above that completely owned and conquered you said, where's your links to the facts? where's your court or news announcements that show you doing anything other than throwing topix-tantrums?

you dog this town, but you camp your fatass on it's forum sure enough. you claim you're some kind of high-rolling moneymaker, but you're on topix too much to ever be at a real job, and you write like uneducated trash. so if you make any money, it's peddling the junk you got busted for. wow, what a winner.

you thrive off of the 1 or 2 other losers that post in support your so-called efforts, but it ain't hard to find fellow clowns who are sore because the cops caught them screwing up, too. when you don't post by other names to support yourself, that is.

anyone that sees and says what a joke you are on this forum, you claim must be the one of the ones (or in cahoots with the ones) that have something to do with your complaints. but has it occurred to you that you really are just being ridiculous? seriously, tally up the responses to your crap. count the positive and negative ones. clearly they're not all cops or cop sympathizers or crooked town officials. no, hun, those are real people, normal people, that see your yammering for the butthurt dramaqueen bullshit that it is.

you think that your continued posts saying the same dumb stuff proves anything? that it accomplishes anything? that you're actually mattering? really? truly?


you're just a bored, miffed skeeze with too much time to sit on your wide ass and play computer cowboy. if that's all you and the losers where you're from have to offer, then it ain't much.

PS: this ain't coming from a cop, or a supposedly corrupt local official. i'm just a lowly machine operator, killing time on topix before work, that grows tired of your mindless, endless crap. why not join me and log off, shut down, and take your sorry ass to work?

Berea, KY

#23 Mar 28, 2013
If that is a cop in your profile pic....notice your profile pic and not you then you realize you are impersonating a police officer by using that profile pic? Which is against the law. Even if not a cop yet still not you that constitutes identity theft and personal likeness and copyright infringement. Can't wait to see your picture on the MCDC website for these offenses.

Richmond, KY

#24 Mar 28, 2013
- Substance Abuse. Alcoholism, self-admitted.

- Narcissism. Obsessed with self.

- Histrionic Personality Disorder. Excessively seeks attention.

- Persecutory Delusions. Everyone's out to get them.

- A Glaring Inferiority complex. Overcompensates by over-emphasizing imagined personal superiority over others based on imagined factors, stereotypes, and delusion.

- Select Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors.

- Problems with authority, likely stemming from poor experience with a father figure (harsh/abusive step-father, or inadequate transient maternal relations)

Reasoning with someone this ate-up will not help. Harsh attempts at infusing reality or dispelling their fantasy will not help. This person needs professional care. Immediately.
iHateU2 wrote:
this is to the last poster boy
Nobody has made me look bad but my spelling.I been saying the same thing over and over because u all make out like i am lying just to be in the Richmond fourms for fun. It is the dirty cop and the guy that had fun using my computer that have a beef with so if that is not you why do you even bother in replying.You must have a boring life.I am on a mission and as long as you all talk back I will not stop. I do not understand how you think you made me look bad.What looks bad is a cop giving my computer to a citizen that used it for over a year and another cop trying to cover up for them.
I have the proof and have a plan but just like it took time to get my computer back it is going to take a little time for me to do what i have to do.
And far as you saying i am selling something sounds like slander to me as had nothing to do with selling anything it was over a DUI which for the 100th time i said it's because the cop lied on the ticket(Thanks for helping me out on that crooked cop)If you wasn't so narrow minded and read all the post maybe you would of caught that but i guess all the people you know are into that crap you think everybody is.
Another thing about being fat just cause some of the jailers are fat and some the cops have fat ass and could not run down a drunk does not mean i am.
When i called internal affairs in Frankfort the dirty cop called in a few weeks for me to come get it so that proves i got something done.
i just can not believe the guy who used my computer left so many files and proof that he used it and when i did get it back in bad condition.
So if you think i am going to stop over your bullshit post you must be a stupid as the red neck bashers that all they can come back is you can not spell.Dirty cops trump bad spelling anytime and i am not the only one who had stuff taking to never to be seen again. And lets not forget the shady crap about the guy being killed in the MCDC and trying to cover the time of death up.
They should change the name of Richmond to Shady town Now go ahead and bash me show how true red neck acts!
ba ha ha

Tucker, GA

#28 Mar 29, 2013
iHateU2 wrote:
<quoted text>Does this crap make you feel better? Its bull must be a EKU flunky
At least this person can spell and has good grammar and made a good point. At least they have an education. You're just a bitter, insecure loser who can't face defeat. It would do you good to get an education then you would get farther with this silly fiasco you've started.
ba ha ha

Tucker, GA

#30 Mar 29, 2013
iHateU2 wrote:
Well we will see because it is not over untill the fat lady sings and i do not hear your mom singing. I can bash to.
See... Funny thing is that every time somebody tells you like it is you resort to low class name calling. My mom has nothing to do with this. How immature. What are you going to say next? I know you are but what am I? Or I've got cooties? Seriously man. Listen to yourself. You're a joke. No one cares about your problem. This forum is all you've got and its not much.
So what if you were wronged? Get over it. Either get a lawyer and sue or get over it. Nobody cares. Nothing is going to happen and you just continue to look like a fool.
Got yo back

Winchester, KY

#32 Mar 29, 2013
Got yo back ihateu2. Tell deez suckers they know what da deal is. They're just hating on a pimp. They can't stand up for themselves so they don't want you to. I say make a new thread every day. I'll read it. Ihateu2 for mayor cuz ull own Richmond when u win ur case,

Tucker, GA

#33 Mar 29, 2013
iHateU2 wrote:
<quoted text>You out of your mind i just started bashing tonight i just let them think of me as you all want. I am going to take care of it as what you do not know that people do care as i have messages saying how they been wronged. It has been going on for a long time and sooner or later you know somebody will make a mistake and guess what? They did my giving me computer back with all the info i needed.So you can think what you want but how long do you and your buddies think you can keep geting by with the bad choices some of the cops make?Well think what you want but people are tired of the no respect law and jailers that are running over the rights of the people. I am doing what i can to make a wrong right so have a great weekend while you ponder that.No bashing here just the truth!
You're not doing anything. There has been no lawsuit filed. The media has not been informed. KSP doesn't care. All you are doing is ranting and bashing. You are not doing anything. And trust me, I've checked. And I'm not a cop or a deputy.

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