I live in Richmond Heights community. Gerralds Heating and Air Conditioning occupies a lot at corner of Dearborn and Greenwich at entrance to the community which is an intentional public nuisance. The grass is cut monthly at best in parts and never on some parts of the lot. There is a huge pile of refuse pushed up in one corner. Most recent additions are two large pieces of construction equipment and a large panel truck that have no purpose on the property.

The condition of the property is so bad that it negatively impacts property values of the community and the presentation of the City of Richmond Hill to all who pass it.

Does anyone have any ideas for effective ways to address such problems? Do we have a place where eyesore publication might get Gerralds’ attention by steering potential customers away from his business? A business with such disregard for the community it serves will no doubt self destruct in time but it would enhance our community to have Gerralds gone sooner than later!