Teen Challenge Exposed!
my daughter needs help

Leamington, Canada

#103 Feb 10, 2012
my daughter, you will never get your hands on my daughter. u r nothing but a bunch of creeps. stay away from my daughter. i would drag my daughter right out of there and I will take the POLICE with me U JERKS.

Leamington, Canada

#104 Feb 13, 2012
No, SHAME ON you. Someone needs to go to the POLICE and have an under cover cop, to get inside so they can see for themselves. Then SHUT these MONEY GRUBBING, and ABUSING place down. AND I MEAN NOW. I THANK GOD EVERY DAY THAT I DID NOT SEND MY DAUGHTER THERE. SHE IS SO MUCH BETTER OFF WHERE SHE IS. SO UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN THERE DON'T SAY IT'S A GOOD PLACE, BECAUSE IT IS NOT. and how do i know, I make it my business to know when it comes to be my kids.

Leamington, Canada

#105 Feb 13, 2012
Sue Lovell wrote:
May God have mercy on anyone that would exploit a young man in the name of Christ.

Leamington, Canada

#106 Feb 13, 2012
I think that the cop's should go under cover just to see what is really going on in that terrible place they call Teen Challenge. Expose them for what they really are. As far as I am concerned they are nothing but money grubbing EVIL PEOPLE. They need to be SHUT DOWN or SMARTEN UP. Nobody deserves treatment like that. How do I know this? I make it my business to know these things, when it comes to children. There are much better places to go and get the right treatment.

Leamington, Canada

#107 Feb 13, 2012
teen challange hell wrote:
dont do it. i was there . teen challange is a modern day aushwitz. the best thing i ever did was escape from the clutches of these brainwashing demons (pastors) at tc. i saw inexplicable and appalling things going on there and refused to take part in their devilish schemes. money grubbing people at their kiniving best. DONT DONT DONT DO IT.
AMEN TO THAT and I am very pleased to hear you got out when you did. u go boy

Leamington, Canada

#108 Feb 13, 2012
Aaron wrote:
I have worked for Teen Challenge for ten years now, and I am not suprised by some of the comments at all here. Every center is different. "If"the center is operating the way it should then it's primary purpose is to see lives and families restored. Teen Challenge believes that true life transformation happens through Christ, but it should not be forced on someone because Christ does not deal with people that way. If you look into it then you would truly find that most people that went through Teen Challengeand graduated are very thankful for the program because it gave them an opportunity to get their life back and order.Most the ones who are bitter, if you looked into...you would find that these people usually did not finish the program our they messed their life up again after leaving.I am speaking from first hand experience for over ten years.
Well I'm glad you think so, but it's still a bunch of CRAP. You know ,i know it and God knows it. How do you people sleep at night?

Leamington, Canada

#109 Feb 13, 2012
hap wrote:
Tc today has gotten so far away from what mr wilkerson intended-thats why he isn't with it anymore! That's also why you have all these negative comments. Addicts need professional counseling and REAL discipleship. Former dope fiends who haven't left the facility in years are not success stories. If you're scared to leave and live, you have no faith. You don't know God. Tc gives tc a bad name. That's all I can say. The majority odf centers are full of crap. Not all, just most. I've met tc staff and students from all over the world. I wouldn't send a drug addicted dog there!!!!!

White Pine, TN

#110 Feb 14, 2012
i can tell you from exsperiance i was there it aint free i was payin my whole check gettin food stamps plus they wanted 25o.oo from my step mom plus shampoo toilot paper my cleaning products an work 6 days a week plus bible work every minuate i was'nt workin for them about killed me i love god but 7 days a week them boys for real need a break up there some times i no this cause i was there i checked my self in an checked my self out the next month i thought i needed help but i ain't nobodys slave i was the black mans best friend as long as i was makin him a killen but when i left he would'nt piss on me an he suppose to be a christen horse shit is what i say u can beleive this if you want to or not but i no i aint nobodys dam slave you can beleive that
joseph taylor

Hampton, GA

#112 Apr 16, 2012
my name is joseph taylor i am from savannah ga i have been court ordered to teen challange 3 times ,first their is a no smoking policy ,but me being an electrician i was allowed to smoke ,during my first stay ,two counselors relapsed, i have found crack pipes on the ground,and not bragging ,slept with a counselors wife,(her name was Dawn ) she was from savannah ga ,thats how i knew her ( the director at the time was (MITCH MELTON ) ON HELL OF A CON MAN THEY SEND YOU TO JOBS (SUCH AS SOMEONE NEEDS FARM WORK THEY PAY TEEN CHALLENGE FOR YOUR WORK YOUR CUT NOTHING ( REMEMBER YOU PAID TO BE THEIR ) A JOB TO THEM IS WAY MORE IMPORTAINT THAN GOD / THE ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR FIRST / THESE INCIDENTS TOOK PLACE AT / DUBLIN GEORGIA / I WAS SENT TO A TEEN CHALLENGE IN PENSACOLA FLA THE DIRECTOR THEIR WAS A HOMOSEXUAL /I NEVER COMPLEATED ANY OF THEM / THE LONGEST I STAYED WAS 7 MONTHS AND LEFT / my email is [email protected] or [email protected] feel free to contact me (GOD BLESS YOU JOSEPH TAYLOR
joseph taylor

Hampton, GA

#113 Apr 16, 2012
one hell of a money maker /shame on teen challenge/dublin ga

Savannah, GA

#114 Apr 26, 2012
Sonny wrote:
Well all I can say is that the experience we had in Georgia was good and that it worked. My husband said that he was not mistreated, but rather guided toward the ways of God. Our family is living proof that it can work. I can't speak for every facility, but for our family Teen Challenge was the answer and the only thing that really worked. My husband received 3 meals a day (donated and not the healthiest meals but he ate them), he did have to work (they washed cars) but this was to teach them about work ethics and keep their minds off of their addictions and it was not abusive in any way, but rather humbling, and he was given a bed to sleep on and regular teaching from the bible. All of this did not cost us (for what reasons I do not know) but the program worked for him. We did not complain about the food or his little cot but were grateful that Teen Challenge provided to him what he needed to get off of drugs. Four years later he is drug-free and continues to read his bible and serve God. He is a leader in our community and well-respected. He leads our family as a strong man of god and we are grateful for the assistance that Teen Challenge provided. I will continue to pray for the other locations and the workers. But think of all of the people this program has helped! Don't shut it down - work to make it better!
Which location did he go to? I'm looking into this as an option for my son. We live in Savannah but I would be willing to let him go elsewhere if they would take him and I feel it is safe.
Stop Teen Challenge Abuse

Spring Hill, FL

#115 Jun 11, 2012

BEWARE: TEEN CHALLENGE IS NOT A LICENSED TREATMENT FACILITY. There are no licensed or qualified counselors on staff because they are not required to hire them.


Macon, GA

#116 Jun 17, 2012
Teen Challenge Exposed wrote:
<quoted text>
And they'd go right back to jail. Teen Challenge staff know this, which is why they can do virtually whatever they choose.
"Of course, if you do leave, you'll be going against what God wants, and seven times the demons of addiction will attack you..."
-Ahmed Morris, former Riverside Teen Challenge staff member and bipolar wacko who cannot keep a job.
You have a choice to leave, no one is making you stay against your will. Their are consequences to your actions. You do a program, or you go to jail. It's the disciplinary action you choose. You did the crime. Why do I know this, I have worked in Substance Abuse Recovery for many years, and no, I do not work at TC.
Regina Akins

Loganville, GA

#117 Jun 26, 2012
I am looking for a place for my granddaughter which she is 16 and lives in Georgia, but I keep reading bad things about every place I find and I thought this was for teens and I read someone talking about her husband being helped, I quess he could be a teen, but I am in shock at the difficulfitly in finding a good and honest and affordable place for a child in need, I have given money to people and places for 40 years and the first time I reach out for help I find such crap as all this. What a sad world we live in.
Just another addict

Santa Cruz, CA

#118 Jun 26, 2012
Yeah addicts lie., I know I am one, however I am a Christian and I am Clean and trying to better my life. But the Teen Challenge I tried was nothing I was told it would be when I talked to the staff over the phone. Im sure there are good ones, unfortunately I did not find myself in one. I just want to say that the organization will defend itself but from what I witnessed I would believe most of the complaints I have read here. I did not expect a resort but I did expect a safe, clean christian facility. If they would have allowed tours I would not have signed up. The only guidence they offered was yelling at you when you did something wrong...like walk into the Chapel to pray when it wasn't Chapel time. The conditions...well the bathroom at the one I tried had bare, unfinished 3 year old plywood floors. A staff member said they started the renovation 3 years ago by removing the tile leaving this surface that is truly impossible to clean. Thank god I didn't fall and get splinter, who knows what I would have been infected with. Drugs are smuggled in and traded just as they do in jail. Clean urine can traded for items and privilages. I think most of all I just feel disappointed. You will all believe what you wish to believe but I do hope you all pray for everyone at Teen Challenge. Both the good and the wicked.
Stop Teen Challenge Abuse

Riverview, FL

#121 Jul 12, 2012
Joseph A. from Teen Challenge, Sanford, Florida, January 2004 through August 2004, reports:

"Teen Challenge professes to be a Christian Program that helps with life controlling issues such as drugs and alcohol addiction. The program is allegedly a not for profit agency affiliated with the Assemblies of God Churches. In actuality, this program is a work camp that forces clients to work 8 – 10 hour days in ways that are not helpful to them and not always legal. Residents are frequently outsourced for jobs with local companies to earn money for the organization. They are often reduced, in exchange for 1 – 2 hours of Bible study, 1 hour of unprofessional counseling per week and room and board, to beggars taking up collections on street corners for profit, or setting up carwashes in department store parking lots for profit.

Clients without driver’s licenses drive vans full of other workers to and from these money-making ventures. In Sanford in 2004, two workers were killed on the interstate in an auto accident. The van had two faulty tires, no brake lights and an unlicensed driver. Teen Challenge was sued by the families of the victims and the case was settled out of court.

I myself, a convicted drug abuser, was assigned a job as Medical Coordinator in Sanford, dispensing medications to other residents. Not only was that illegal, it was dangerous to both me and the other clients. Any competent and respectable rehabilitation organization should have more appropriate policies and procedures in place and practice.

Also in Sanford, convicted felons working at outsourced jobs were directed to get clients’ credit card numbers over the phone. When it came to light, the customers became very angry that convicted felons had access to their credit card numbers and got the courts involved. In reality, people trying to get their lives together should not be spending their time performing illegal activities for Teen Challenge or its clients. Teen Challenge workers were as much victims as the customers.

The director of the program was re-assigned out of state when the Sanford Teen Challenge came under legal and financial scrutiny. Despite legal, moral, ethical and financial issues, Teen Challenge quickly ushered in a new Director where it continued business-as-usual.

At best, Teen Challenge is a human-trafficking operation that takes advantage of people’s problems, holds clients captive and uses them as commodities for its own gain. It forces them to work long hours only for the monetary benefit of the program and its administrators. At its worst, it is a brainwashing cult. It complicates problems and turns out robots that have problems making educated informed decisions for themselves. Despite the statistics it spouts out, Teen Challenge has no success rate. Prison or county jails are better alternatives than places like Teen Challenge."
Joe Houston Texas

Magnolia, TX

#122 Aug 21, 2012
Teen Challenge Oklahoma New Life House in Disney Oklahoma is a corrupt organization operating under the guise of a religious organization. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD HERE! They prey on stressed parents with troubled teens. They take your deposit and then after 24 hours they throw your kid out of the program and refuse to refund your deposit!
Former WFTC Parent

Tallahassee, FL

#123 Nov 8, 2012
Still lots of abuse going on at this place. My son is in counseling now from all the horrible things he had seen while in the program over the last two years. There is alot of homosexuality, drug use and abuse on this campus. If you have money, throw it around and your kid will be taken care of and go on the trips they offer. Our son never went on any of the trips. Money talks at this campus! Dave Rutledge worships the all mighty dollar!

Brunswick, GA

#124 Nov 10, 2012
Does anyone know of or have experience with the Stone Mountain, or Lithonia Georgia Teen Challenge for adult men?

Sheffield, UK

#125 Jan 31, 2013
Teen Challenge Exposed wrote:
<quoted text>
It's not a rehab, Sonny, it's a "Christian Life School." You're told that the first day you get there. Unless, of course, there's federal money up for grabs, then all of a sudden they're a rehab.
It is not free. Working 18-20 hour days telemarketing for three meals of bottom-rung crap and a beat up old mattress is hardly free. Teen Challenge is the one that owes, and they are the ones who are going to pay:
"Eureka resident Sue Brandenburg said a lawsuit against the city remains under consideration and three attorneys have been consulted.
There are two primary issues found in what Brandenburg considers 'large faults in the paperwork that city staff presented.'
Staff has said the conversion of the church qualified under certain classes for exemption from California Environmental Quality Act review.
It has also maintained Teen Challenge qualifies as a 'charitable institution,' because it serves the 'disabled' and those addicted to drugs/alcohol legally qualify as 'disabled.' Charitable institutions are a conditionally permitted use in the Wabash 'commercial neighborhood' zone.
Teen Challenge Director Fred Lamberson III has repeatedly said his organization is a 'Christian discipleship,' not a recovery facility. Therefore, he said, it is not necessary for his business to obtain California Department of Alcohol & Drug Programs licenses."
That Teen Challenge deal died when the owner of the building canceled escrow after I wrote a letter to the editor of the Eureka Reporter and exposed what really happens at Teen Challenge; this stirred up enough anti-TC sentiment that the City Council changed their minds also. Sue Brandenburg calls me on a regular basis, and has sent me info on the lawsuits she has filed. Teen Challenge California is in hot water with both the state government over worker's comp and for classifying employees as "volunteers" (see Tony and Susan Alamo Foundation v. Secretary of Labor, 1985), and with the federal government (USDA) over food stamp fraud for classifying themselves as a rehab, then turning around and calling themselves a tax-exempt "Christian Life School."
I'm going to bring these bastards to their knees one drop of blood at a time. Have a nice day.
I went to the Teen Challenge programme in 1985 in South Wales and spent 12 months in the programme. You get some people that are not serious about changing and unless you have hit rock bottom and are at the end of youself, you will probally not complete the programme. It is for people who really want to change and to give their life over to God. Yeah its hard but if you really want to change it will be hard, i was abused as a child and did not have any idea what love was and certainlly knew what hate was and could easily hate people and didnt care if people hated me because i hated everyone. So when i first went to TC i thought they were all bonkers as i had never experinced Godly love, as in unconditional love, in a trully Godly way, so yeah it took me about 4 to 5 months to trust this people and believe me i am no idiot and i tested them all to see if they were genuine and they are genuine, so you people who critise,you have either never experinced anything like the life i did before i meet God so you have not got a clue what you are on about as you have never been changed inside and healed by the love of God so completely. I was in a mental hospital when i was 12 as i tied to chop someones head of with an axe, thats who screwed up i was due to the abuse i suffered. So dont turn round to me and say that Doctors etc can cure and heal all of those deep scars because they cannot, i know they cannot, only God can because he did it in my life. So dont come out with all the crap and critise when you have not got a clue what you are talking about. Only God can heal the deep emotional and mental scars left inside a human being who has been abused, only Jesus who is the creater can fix his created.

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