Variety Mobile Homes in Abingdon

Cedar Bluff, VA

#21 Dec 18, 2011
lek-t wrote:
<quoted text> really because the lousy son of a ******** got my trailer and told me i had amonth to collect my things out of it. pulled it on his lot and stole everything i owned down to my clothes in the closet and my pots and pans.he took every f***ing thing i had ever gotten and nice ppl don't do that!!!!!!!!!!
pay your damn bills and stop beaing a leach on society and this wont happen....

La Vergne, TN

#22 Jan 25, 2012
Jerry is a jerk-off. he is a crook and a con-man. he sells garbage and takes advantage of people who do not have much to begin with. He is in the business of polishing turds, he makes an item look nice then when he brings it to you it is in shambles. His moving crews are also incompetent, I believe he picks people strait off the street to move these things. DO NOT BUY FROM JERRY!!!!!!!!!

United States

#23 Apr 10, 2012
Me and my husband are heading down to Variety homes This Friday, and we do not have good credit either nor do we have a cash deposite. We do have our own land 25 akers will they except that as a downpayment?

Grundy, VA

#24 Apr 10, 2012
Mandi wrote:
Me and my husband are heading down to Variety homes This Friday, and we do not have good credit either nor do we have a cash deposite. We do have our own land 25 akers will they except that as a downpayment?
they probably will just so they can steal your land! Jerry is in the junk trailer business he wants to be in the land business! I can't tell you how many trailers I have bought on the cheap talking 2 or 3 years old for under 2 gs sold them to Variety for maybe 4 and they sell them for 15 gs and up! When they get your down payment they have made a 75.% profit. Look around you can find nice late models for very little money. I don't blame them for makeing money but they should deliver a home worth living in!!
Been There

Grundy, VA

#25 Sep 27, 2012
I agree with EVERY SINGLE NEGATIVE THING everyone is saying. We bought our home 2 months ago and it's been sitting next to the road for 2 weeks, and NO ONE there can give me a reason why. NO ONE knows anything, and they always take my phone number down and NO ONE ever calls me back! I would NEVER recommend Variety Mobile Homes to ANYONE, not even my worst enemy!

Richlands, VA

#27 Sep 30, 2012
You do not have to put up no more than one acre. Some places try to screw you out of your land. Talk to the guys at Clayton in Kingsport. They will try to help you and tell you the truth. You may pay a little more for something brand new but they are honest. Also they have used homes at times and will help you so much.
not buying


#28 Sep 30, 2012
Back in the summer my husband was going to Lee highway to look at some homes, we decided to stop by variety to see if we could find a descent used home, the ones we looked at were not very nice, but we thought if the price was right we could do a little work on it, so we went in the office sat down with Jerry to see what he would sell one for, he wanted 20 to 22 thousand for his homes needless to say we left and went on to Lee highway found a brand new 16x70 for about 15.000 more, In my opinion I personally wouldnt buy from there.
they stink

Grundy, VA

#30 Dec 7, 2012
they stink
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Vilonia, AR

#31 Dec 10, 2012
testing my internet explorer, it's not working right

Richlands, VA

#32 Jun 19, 2013
Cody B wrote:
<quoted text>
just to correct you a bit i just bought a home from there and paid cash for it they aren't charge'n me anything to move it from there to baptist valley they are going to do everything but buy the block when they bring it here it has been 3 weeks since we bought it and they have yet to start working on it ....but its not but a weeks worth of work maybe two ...they informed me on the day of the purchase that it would be 4 to 6 weeks b4 they could get it there which is understandable. like one person said ITS USED its not a new home someone sold it for a reason or moved out for a reason. and i agree completely with the other person the guy that sold us the home (dwayne) is still awesome we go there every weekend just for measurements and such he remembers our names speaks to us even after getting our 20 grand all around SO FAR i have no complaints with them great place would send everyone to them
We are in the process of getting a double wide from them and heard some awful things about them. Bill from variety also told us that we have to supply the block, dig and pour our footers? He wanted us to put down $2,000 to hold the house while they fixed it. Since i read all these post im afraid that me and my husband have looked over a lot of things that might have been wrong wth the house such as the pipes and faucets.

United States

#33 Jun 20, 2013
My mom n step-dad bought a trailer straight out from Variety n Jerry did them really bad. He promised that he wouldn't leave on the side of the road n he lied. It was left on the four lane for a whole week. Two of the windows were broken n he promised to fix them (he never fixed them). Also all of the pipes under the trailer were broken. He wouldn't fix them. My step-dad had to replace every one of them. There was supposed to be a furnace inside for the heat n there wasn't one n Jerry said he would replace it which he didn't. My step-dad n my mom called Jerry numerous times asking him to repair these things n he still hasn't done anything about it. One day my step-dad had called Jerry n told him that he would take him to court n Jerry got real smart with him n even told my step-dad that he would whip his a**. Now that's not being nice at all. My mom told my step-dad to just leave it alone that Karma would pay old Jerry back. N has anybody else noticed that a cop hangs around there all the time? It's because Jerry has made a whole lot of people mad n he knows that most of them wanna beat his butt!!!

Princeton, WV

#34 Oct 18, 2013
we planned on buying a trialer there so thanks everyone not now lol i am going somewhere eles lol

Ransom, KY

#35 Mar 28, 2014
we bought one there too and haven't gotten it yet. How can they make us provide extra moving insurance? In the state of Va they have to have insurance to move those trailers before they can have an operating business so how are we suppose to provide extra? Also how are they getting away with all these broken windows and missing duct and water lines? That's not legal, they told us to our face that all of that was working and fine in our home? so if my place comes tore all to sh** are you all telling me theres nothing I can do about it? How do they not have to obey the law?

Murfreesboro, TN

#36 Oct 27, 2014
I have had an awful time dealing with the ignorant rednecks. Does anyone know who is in charge out there or who owns the place?

Locust Grove, VA

#37 Nov 7, 2014
If they are your only option to put a roof over your head then by all means go there. I do not wish to give away too much, let's just say I worked in repossessed mobile home repair for a couple years just east of the Tennessee line and I would highly recommend an alternative if in any way it were possible. Shadier than a park bench under an 80 year old oak!- in all ways, always.

Locust Grove, VA

#38 Nov 7, 2014
Pissed wrote:
I have had an awful time dealing with the ignorant rednecks. Does anyone know who is in charge out there or who owns the place?
Jerry Farmer, and heads up he is no dummy. His book keeper was retired IRS, has several expensive attorneys on payroll, sales staff are used car sales people. He surrounds himself with loyal, talented, aggressive people. It's how he stays in business. Good luck.
Kristy Garland

Knoxville, TN

#39 Jan 16, 2015
Worst car lot to ever do business with!

Charlottesville, VA

#40 Sep 18, 2016
U R So Wrong wrote:
<quoted text>Funny how so many post all were positive,then all of a sudden the next so manu, one after the other is all bad. Look, not everybody can be pleaseed by any business. No,I have never bought from Variety, but I do know Jerry and he will treat you right as long as you are not trying to screw him over. Anytime you deal in mobile homes, delays can happen for many reasons. One thing I do know is that he had his crew to move a mobile home not purchased from him for an elderly lady and did not charge one dime for himself.
I agree i don't think the negative ones are telling there part lol and if he took all that persons stuff you probably wasn't making your payments.And there used you gotta look and make sure your duct work is there check out the walls the floors make sure there good make sure you have the plumbing in it duh. and hot water heaters aren't expensive and if the furnace don't work buy a heat monitor. It's not new people.
mom to 4

United States

#41 Jun 26, 2017
I am so glad that I viewed all these comments before I even went over there to try and purchase a home. Definitely more cons than pros Thank you to each of you for saving me and my family a hard terrible decision from happening
Big Ridge Gurl

United States

#42 Sep 10, 2017
We purchased a brand new 28x70, we recieved stove, fridge, dishwasher, and brand new heatpump. We paid cash for everything. We didn't do any credit what so ever, we paid 16,000.00 deposit and then 47,835.57.. These stories scare me cause we haven't gotten it delivered yet. The land is being prepped and then they are going to deliver. So far they have been wonderful and seemed to do everything possible to help

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