Cedar Hills Dragway & Raceway

Port Republic, VA

#21 Aug 4, 2011
I hate to hear of everyone in bad health....Really wish someone would try to get this opened back up bring some jobs in here and somewhere to go to have fun thats local....we have nothing around here and its sad..I know several ppl that would be there every weekend if it were open or whenever they allowed them to race.

Jackson, KY

#22 Aug 4, 2011
junior wrote:
hoss,i know clyde horn personaly.right now he is in very poor health.he is bed ridden.he is a fair and honest guy .he has always done anything i ask of him.this alley cat corvette was a super car.today clyde still owns 2 new marroon corvettes.the alley cat is still in richlands.it is owned by james harmon .it is still good restorable shape.he will not sale it.he has several cars.james ran a camaronamed kids kar,it was rally green.he went on to the dirt to run the 44 yellow and black.he owns a fleet of trucks has a garage at raven.remember clyde in your prayers, he is very sick.hope this helped you some.
Thanks for the info. I will include Clyde in my prayers.

Any other details, engine, tranny, etc. and tales that one might tell while chewing the fat with your friends would be appreciated.

I can recall so vividly the anticipation of going to Richlands and knowing that most likely to bring home the hardware we would have to go through the Alley Cat. And for some reason I remember it having a unique sound that no other car had.

More often we returned disappointed and would talk for the following week of "what ifs" and "maybe we should have done this" but sure enough the following weekend it would end the same way. I would suppose we had a 30% win ratio against the Cat and a 80% against the rest of the field.

Now this guy Hoss had a very wealthy family and his losses can't be contributed to lack of quality equipment. Actually my father would tell me of freight companies pulling up frequently with new blocks, transmissions etc shortly after he had just put in a new block or tranny the month before. And the late night work mixed with several beers or Jack Danials surely didn't help things.

My dad estimated that in a three year period Hoss, his parents, spent 250K-300K on this deal. O yea my dads time was donated. So in those days that was a lot of money for a weekend racing deal I suppose.

I can remember the last pass in Huntington WV and a blown transmission and Hosses time in racing was over. Can't quite remember where the Camaro ended up but it was a super nice car, but then again there were a lots of super nice camaros as they were only 5-9 years from new.

Oakwood, VA

#23 Aug 4, 2011
my brother raced a camaro in those days too in footbrake he feel in love with it so much back then that hes in his late 40s now and still goes every weekend never misses a race BUT now he races motorcycles and he very good theres so many of us in this area that would love to do this and have to travel so far that maybe something could be done like the racers could be the owners and go in together and open it back up if the owners would sell that is it may be a long shot or not a great idea but if someone more educated on business than myself could maybe think of something and alot of us could provide money for it maybe we would have a good investment and somewhere we could pass down to our kids so they can have the same good memories as we do what do u guys think?????

Plymouth, MN

#24 Aug 4, 2011
I spent a lot of time at the dirt track when I was a kid watching guys like, Danny Burkes, Danny Johnson, Jessie Meadows, Smokey Fields, Walter Ball, Eddie France, Curtis Osborne, The Super Bees, Brucee Keene, Estil Joyce, Tex Hurt and a lot more. Some good times back then.

United States

#25 Aug 4, 2011
I also spent many weekends at the dirt track,and prior to that the motocross track.My wife and I would to watch several people we knew race the 6 cyl. class and take our small son along.Sometimes he would sleep thru the noise and post race fights.A good time had by all.My small son is now 29 and what memories this place has for us.After the place closed down we would go up on the hill and photograph the run down strip and tower.I had plans to send them to a car mag that featured closed down strips and such, but have misplaced them over the years.In a more tragic memory, didn't Doug Rose wreck the Green Monster car at Cedar Hills and lost both his legs? I guess you take that risk when you strap yourself onto a rocket. A decent drag strip or oval could bring some fun and money into Richlands and start a whole new generation of safe racing there.Something to do besides drink and drug? Thats a thought.Oh,well maybe when I hit the lottery.

Plymouth, MN

#26 Aug 5, 2011
Haven't seen them in years but somewhere I have pictures of the green monster.

Seems like there are more tracks closing down than opening up. It takes a lot to run one of these places and insurance is unreal. Mose people don't have the money to even buy gas to go to a track much less fund a car, entry fee, tires, fuel, etc...

Wytheville has a nice dirt track and Elk Creek has a good dragway on highway 21.

Clay City, KY

#27 Aug 5, 2011
??????????How about some Alley Cat info.

How about some Clyde Horn Info......

Richlands, VA

#28 Aug 5, 2011
clyde horn is very sick..he owns a construction co. on the hill above k mart.he lives in a white house on the hill above his shop.things do not very good,he needs our prayers.walter ball died several years ago.he has a son named dale running at bulls gap.estil joyce was killed in a head on collision with carlos ray who ran a pink 55 chev. they were both in their gravel truck. doug rose did loose both legs at the drag strip when joe simmons owned it .he was driving a jet car belonging to art arfons.it was called the green monster.doug went on to continue racing in his own car called the green mamba.funny cars also ran up there when it first opened.there was also a joey chitwood world of thrills show put on by 65 mustangs at the drag strip. remember the mud bogs track behind the drag strip.run through the old pits with 2 big ponds.
got them

Richlands, VA

#29 Aug 6, 2011
i have pictures of the old track my dad an mom used to race there

Richlands, VA

#30 Aug 6, 2011
lets keep this going.i will have more info.later.

Vinton, VA

#31 Aug 10, 2011
junior wrote:
the drag strip nor the dirt will ever be run again.several houses are up there now.nothing much is left ,the tower at the dirt track has rotted down,the seating is all gone ,looks terrible .the drag strip has large trees growing up through it.the tower has rotted down.it is a shame .could have been a large racing complex.the owners are so greety they dont want anyone else to have it.raced there for years. it had a full field of cars in every class with top notch drivers.this could be the money making thing with many employees.it would be one of the greatest crowds you have seen if it were to open sat. night.what a loss for our community.
i hate to hear of this place closing,,i raced there at big als in the 1990s a couple of times an had a blast with the people,,,i had a great time there other than that dam hill you had to go up to the dragstrip,,after your ears poped the place was awesome!

Since: Jul 10

Harriman, TN

#32 Aug 11, 2011
I myself grew up at that track!! my dad raced there and i spent every saturday there till the wee hoors of the am....Some of you might remember him Ray Osborne in the # 9 he won several track championships there and a couple of those years he won every race of the season... I agree it would draw large crowds if it were open but it's not, so come on over to Princeton Speedway and watch me race in the #9z.....also next time i'm at dad's ill upload some old pics of the track and etc.

Richlands, VA

#33 Aug 11, 2011
daisygirl9 wrote:
I myself grew up at that track!! my dad raced there and i spent every saturday there till the wee hoors of the am....Some of you might remember him Ray Osborne in the # 9 he won several track championships there and a couple of those years he won every race of the season... I agree it would draw large crowds if it were open but it's not, so come on over to Princeton Speedway and watch me race in the #9z.....also next time i'm at dad's ill upload some old pics of the track and etc.
i remember ray and curt.the vandyke brothers in 79 were his competition.all of them are dead but lawrence.he has a new car but does not run anymore.i was there from start til finish.no.73 .
one of the owers

Richlands, VA

#34 Aug 12, 2011
anyone know walter keen one of the owers of the track,he has lots of stories about the good old days and would love to see old photos and see the old drivers maybe a reunion lets see if we have any interest in a reunion.

Covington, LA

#35 Aug 12, 2011
Yes, I remember the Vandykes from Red Root Ridge or Shortts Gap, I'm not really sure.I did see an obit for one of them in the Town paper afew years back when it gave local news.Does anyone remember Larry Northern who raced 6 cyl. and had a garage in Doran.I am wondering if hes' still around? All of those guys could build a motor out of scrap,for sure.

Charlottesville, VA

#36 Aug 13, 2011
I got a picture of the whole Vandyke racing gang and car #79 and Eddie France. You can go to Volunteer Speedway site and see some old pictures from that era.

Junior,#73 was Danny Burkes and one of my favorite racers. I got to see him race a few years ago at Wytheville. I remember that 1973 Chevy Lugina, maroon with gold letter sponsored by Modern Chevrolet from Honaker like it was yesterday.

We bought some of Joe Simmons estate, years ago, which had some cool pictures in it. Thats where the Green Monster pic came from.
running late

United States

#37 Aug 16, 2011
got them wrote:
i have pictures of the old track my dad an mom used to race there
any way you could send me some of those pics id love to see them [email protected]

Olive Hill, KY

#38 Aug 16, 2011
running late wrote:
<quoted text> any way you could send me some of those pics id love to see them [email protected]
My uncle Gary Lavender started racing at the oval when it opened and continued racing several years after. He drove number 02 that was painted purple with a checked top. I still have three or four programs from 1969 to 1973, and some old photos of Gary's car. Great memories. Though I was a kid seems I recall Joe Simmons died in a bulldozer accident when the oval was being constructed.
kwik way

United States

#39 Aug 16, 2011
Anyone rember the VW races. I remeber I think Buzzy Monks bug had a front fender come off rolled under the front tire and shot 20 or 30 feet in the air. That was a cool thing to see as a kid.

Richlands, VA

#40 Aug 16, 2011
shark,danny burks won many races up there .he won the first race at bulls gap,set on the pole and got best appearing car all in the first race.a picture is still hanging in the tower at bulls gap of the laguni.good times.lavender, you must be jacks son.i am good friends with gary and phyllis.joe simmons was killed in a dozer accident at a new mine he was opening.walt keene lives at raven just before you get to trinity church.he has poor health,is on oxygen.he has had heart surgery,not doing well.the vw bugs were fun to watch.was a friend of buzzys. he has been dead for a while.i sold jack lavender a 72 buick riveria many years ago.many good memories of this track and all of the people.

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