Shooting in Doran Bottom tonight :(
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#21 May 7, 2012
The news just said his name was Billy Breeding.

Richlands, VA

#23 May 9, 2012
Dan Hallen wrote:
RlAnds police department are the fattest sorriest in the world
Well I hope one day, when you get robbed or somebody jacks u up. Richlands PD will be to fat and lazy to come to your rescue and just hopefully Tazewell Co. will be covered up. LMAO! Get up off you A** a try to be a cop for a day.Oh you ain't got the balls.You just like to talk crap probably because, you've been locked up and OH they done that to you RIGHT?
No yours

United States

#24 May 9, 2012
They come and arrest yours ?Guess Guilty huh?Wht you a Cop wht a Joke!
No yours

United States

#25 May 9, 2012
Isn't your husband locked up Angie Waddle?Mrs Deputy?

Richlands, VA

#26 Jul 2, 2012
Does anyone know what's going on with Billy? I'm an ex gf of his did he get out?

United States

#27 Jul 2, 2012
cares wrote:
I can not believe that some of u low life idiots can sit back and talk down and bad mouth these men and women officers that risk there life every time they step out the door and leave there families behind. Not knowing what the day or nit may hold and whether they will make it home again to hug there spouses and kids. Lets see u all get up off of ur drugged up drunken fat @$$ that these officers is working everyday to pay taxes in and keep ur ass up and find u a job some where in the line of
duty And see how much respect u get. These men
and women deserve more respect and honor
than they ever get. I bet if someone had u and ur child or ur mom and child held hostage u sure wouldn't think about calling them out @ 3 am in the morning. Bet u would be more than glad that they decided to roll out of bed and leave there precious love ones behind to try and save urs. I know some people r eat up with ignorance and stupidity and that is u all the ones bad mouthing these officers. If u wasn't doing anything thing wrong or wasn't running from the law then u probably wouldn't be saying what u r about them. But that's OK because eventually they will get ur a$$ too and give u a ride to tazewell and then u can have something better to b!itch and whining about. THANK U TO EACH AND EVERY OFFICER, EMT, FIREFIGHTER, DISPATCHER WHAT EVER U MAYBE FOR MAKING OUR COMMUNITY A SAFER AND MORE PRODUCTIVE PLACE TO LIVE. I GREATLY APPRECIATE U ALL!!!!!!!
Very well put. If you aren't doing anything wrong then you shouldn't have any reason to bad mouth these brave men and women. I am well aware that sometimes one comes along that feel they have something to prove and write out tickets like its going out of style and that is more than annoying but as a whole our PD is full of very nice men and women and if you are on the right side of the law then they are as good to you as anyone can be. Also, thank you to our police men and women for doing the wonderful job that you do.
Dan Hallen

North Tazewell, VA

#28 Jul 2, 2012
Like I said I bet these fat asses put there lives in a lot more danger eating at V an V everyday!!

Louisville, TN

#29 Jul 2, 2012
I hear it was a kinder boy living down there and he was shooting at his dog for shitting on his carpet........PS The whe whole Richlands police dept. sucks just like it's fat ass chief Dorton!!!!!!!!!

United States

#30 Jul 3, 2012
Only shooting going on down there is the sizzle of the flame hitting their spoon, the cocking of the needles plunger then the shot heard round the bottom going in their arms

Richlands, VA

#31 Jul 3, 2012
let me tell you sorry ass scums that are downing ANY officer of the law. i bet you are crying to them when some druggie rips you off of your drugs or drug money arent you little babies??? there was 2 deputys died a little over a year ago in buchanan county and 2 severely injured just over some nutcase wantn to act big!!its a freaking shame these officers feel they have a duty to protect any of your sorry asses!.if it was me when you needed help,id ignore your whiney scared ass and let what happens happen!!who cares what they look like??? i bettca they put the fear of god in your ass when you hear their sirens and you know they are comming for YOU dont it baby!.too bad you dont have the balls to say crap to their face,you have to get on topix and pretend you are so brave when you are really NOTHING BUT Alittle girl!.GO PLAY IN TRAFFIC,,DONT WORRY NOBODY WILL CALL THE COPS ON YOU!LMFAO!.TO ALL OFFICERS OF THE POLICE FORCE.THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO !! STAY SAFE
Watch it

Richlands, VA

#32 Jul 3, 2012
Raven wrote:
Only shooting going on down there is the sizzle of the flame hitting their spoon, the cocking of the needles plunger then the shot heard round the bottom going in their arms
Its people like you that give all of Raven a bad name. Let me guess, you are one of the fat out of shape jack asses that work for Richlands. Stereo typing everyone there because of the few bad apples that have been caught there. I hate to burst your self centered bubble, but there are a lot of great people in that town. Coal miners, people that cook your food at restaurants, Postal workers, business owners....People that make up a town, just like richlands. Look at the court records in tazewell county. See how many come from raven and how many come from richlands. Richlands greatly out weighs raven.
Now, I am from RAVEN, VIRGINIA.....I also work at Tazewell County Court House....I see the dirt on everyone, even the dirt on many Richlands Employees. So the pot shouldn't call the kettle black....
Good Day Everyone.

Cleveland, TN

#33 Jul 3, 2012
Just because some of us have a particular opinion of the state and their push to make our localities into a police state doesn't make us law breakers...I am a patriot and non law breaking citizen, I am concerned at what is going on with my personal liberties and freedoms being taking away and the turning of our "free" country into a police state where neighbors and families are being turned against one another...we are losing our given constitutional freedoms while people sit by and allow it, sad indeed...those who want to call everyone a drug dealer or law breaker just because we may disagree with the way things are going on with our local police forces are just blinded by all the propaganda they see on t.v. and read in the papers...Tazewell Co. and especially the Richlands police forces is one of the worst example's of this and I and others have a right (we are semi-free Americans just like you) to disagree and voice our concerns and beliefs just the calling and judgments of others are nothing but trolling and void of substance in argument...
Hey Angie

United States

#34 Jul 4, 2012
You know what 9.99% means GUILTY!

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