If I wear pants, will I go to hell?

If I wear pants, will I go to hell?

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Richlands, VA

#1 Sep 3, 2011
I started going to church a while back. The preacher teaches that women should not wear pants. But I don't feel wrong wearing them. I'm just 16. Me and my mother fight all the time because she preaches to me that I'm a sinner, and I did not get saved if I wear my pants. Can some one help me out here? I'm about to stop going to church all together, just because of this.


Lebanon, VA

#2 Sep 3, 2011
I think that the way a lot of Christians put limitations on the way woman look, actually keeps some from attending church. My mom made me wear dresses to church, which I can understand, but I hate wearing dresses. I don't feel like it makes me a bad person to wear pants. I also don't agree with the way a lot of christians don't believe in wearing make-up or cutting their hair. I don't believe you should overdo the makeup but if I had to grow my hair to my feet I would be misserable. Well...God doesn't want us to be miserable just to suite him does he? That doesn't seem like a fair God. I think that if you feel fine wearing pants, wear them. That should not be the only barrier keeping you out of the pearly gates. A lot of people dissagree, but that's fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
be yourself

Newtown, VA

#3 Sep 3, 2011
the way i feel is that we were born naked ...not with a dress code....as long as you dress respectfully then what you wear shouldnt be a problem....you know mary madiline in the bible...she was the whore ...flaunting herself....Jesus didnt turn her away...He showed her kindness and forgive her for her sins...the way i feel is Jesus wants us to love all ppl...no matter the sin or the way the live or dress...this is excatly why i do not attend church other than the radio...that way they cant judge my pj's when i listen to the word...live right...be respectful and treat others kindly ...this is what God wants...live by His word

Since: Apr 10

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#4 Sep 3, 2011
Back in the day everyone wore Robes. Now if a man wore one he would be called a woman. Do what you want and do not listen to others. It is just sexist to do that to women.
Been There

Orange, VA

#5 Sep 3, 2011
I can totally relate to what u are saying.When I was 16 I went to church and I quit wearing pants and done what EVERYONE told me to do...But as I got older I realized I was doing it for the wrong reason.Trust me I was raised in that kind of church.God deals with people in different ways and if he wants you to quit wearing pants he will let you know.YOUR Mother dont need to preach to you, she needs to pray for you.Because if you do it for her..that dont mean a thing. but if God tells you to do ....then you are doing it for the right reason...But what I found the people that preach the loudest need to worry about themselves instead of trying to fix everyone els.God knows where you are and everyon is not at the same place in the chiristian experience....I will keep you and your Mom in my prayers....I would say keep praying if its God's will he will let you know.Dont do it for everyone els....You will be miserable.

Kansas City, MO

#7 Sep 3, 2011
Sweetie!!! You Can Wear a DRESS...A SKIRT....Shorts....DAMN Right Girl You Go ROCK THOSE "PANTS"....Take a Leap....Shoo....Baby Do Your "DANCE"

Jesus and His Dad NEVER..told Hypocritical "Spokesman" of God...uh..hmmm.... To Treat Women ANY Differently Than MAN!! Let me BREAK IT DOWN!!!! God...in His Infinite Wisdom...Was Telling Us to RESPECT One Another...and Basically "EVOLVE"... leaving behind or Repressing our "Primitive Ways"...Male and Female ARE Equal....It's "Mindsets" that Need to Change....
To ME...Change Churches if possible...My Church of 6,500 Members....is ALL Inclusive...Modern...Incredibl e Music...and for Me year number 2 1/2....I Love It...I wear Shorts and Sandals...even take em' off. WWJD??? He'd take em' off too...
Love Yourself.....Jesus Already Does.....Peace and Love
just sayn

Flourtown, PA

#8 Sep 4, 2011
The way i see it is as long as you go it shouldnt matter what you wear as long as it decent!!!!!!

Chevy Chase, MD

#9 Sep 4, 2011
What about those girls that do dress that way and they have car washes going on near Wal-Mart? They say pants are form fitting and make men lust but what about wet t shirts?

Charlottesville, VA

#10 Sep 4, 2011
I love wet t-shirts in church!

Pounding Mill, VA

#11 Sep 4, 2011
Go on tv beg for money and the folks that stick that money in their pocket will let you wear pants.
Just Me

Pounding Mill, VA

#12 Sep 4, 2011
I go to church and I wear pants and capris both as it is not your clothes or hair that has anything to do with your salvation. They are plenty of good churches around that will allow you to wear pants. All these people who think the way they dress and wear their hair will get them into heaven I say they have a rude wake up call coming to them oneday. I have seen churches pick on people who don't dress or look like them and in the end they will have to pay for all they have done to others if they dont get forgiveness and change. In my opinion all these churches that judge others will have a rude wake up call oneday.
preacher woman

United States

#13 Sep 4, 2011
i was reading thru some of this local gossip and i myself preach...yes i read topix. First of all to the little lady who asked this comment. No you will not go to hell for wearing pants inside of a church or inside of your home. The holy bible did in fact in the old testament have several laws concerning clothing for women and for ....men. Here's the thing for you to understand, We as the body of christ are not under the old testament. It is our foundation and our history of faith and some of it still applies to us today. But when Jesus christ died for us on the cross he became the fulfillment of the law. We are set free from those rules because no one could live them. He bore our sins and became our sacrifice that is why he is the saviour of the world. Our faith is based on Jesus not man or clothing. If you believe in your heart Jesus christ died for you and confess with your mouth him to be you saviour you are saved. Dont every let a man or a church put condemnation on you for you dress. Jesus told us to be holy and his holy spirit will always guide you in every area of your life for ever. I hope you feel better heaven has a place for you.

Richlands, VA

#14 Sep 4, 2011
Lets face it a man will lust over a woman wearing a potato sack. But yet women are the ones being punished?

Pounding Mill, VA

#15 Sep 4, 2011
Swag wrote:
Go on tv beg for money and the folks that stick that money in their pocket will let you wear pants.
I've been listening to these televanglist and according to them you can buy favor into heaven. Head it on channel three.

Richlands, VA

#16 Sep 4, 2011
I have stopped going to this church. It's like they are nothing but a bunch of controlling people. Not one time while going to this church, did I ever hear the preacher preach on how to get saved. It's "You can't wear this, and you better not wear that." These people never smile, and it's like they have no joy in their life.

I started going to to church out of fear. Fear of dieing and not being able to go to heaven. I do not want to serve God out of fear. I want to serve him because there's a hunger inside of me to do so.
preacher woman

United States

#17 Sep 5, 2011
i could understand why you did stop going...i would have too. Its sad when a person preaches on clothes. There are so many people that die with cancer hiv every day and they love the lord with all their heart...they have no hair and mostly wear pjs...god welcome them home just like he does all that have called upon his name. You will find a good honest church just keep looking god will help you.

Richlands, VA

#18 Sep 5, 2011
preacher woman wrote:
i could understand why you did stop going...i would have too. Its sad when a person preaches on clothes. There are so many people that die with cancer hiv every day and they love the lord with all their heart...they have no hair and mostly wear pjs...god welcome them home just like he does all that have called upon his name. You will find a good honest church just keep looking god will help you.
I feel so hurt by these people some times, that I just want to get on here and say the name of the church that I was going to. Knowing that they are leading people down to a lake of fire. I can't believe they are going around and saying "I'm doing Gods will."
Just Me

Pounding Mill, VA

#19 Sep 5, 2011
I go to Laymans Chapel and if you ever want to come you are more than welcome to come and you can come as you are I promise nobody will judge you at all. We are all about love not about what the other person is wearing or looks like. Like I stated earlier it is not your clothes or your hair that is going to take you to heaven it is so sad that so many believe that way and how they can condem others for not wanting to wear that same life style. I don't blame you for not going there anymore but please don't let that one church cost you your salvation they are other churches out here that will accept you as you are and will help lift you and guide and teach you so you can go out and guide and teach others. Getting saved and serving God has been one of the best things that I have ever done and I thank God for guiding me to a church like the one I found because they have helped me so much and still do. If I can ever be a help to you please let me no I will love to help you and guide you go a wonderful church.

Pounding Mill, VA

#20 Sep 5, 2011
Jesus didn't say anything about women having to wear skirts in order to get into the kingdom of heaven. There are rules of man and rules of God. The rules of men change with each church.

This seems to be heavy on your heart so I recommend you pray about this... Jesus says in Matthew, "when you pray, enter into your inner chamber (your heart), and having shut your door, pray to your Father who is in secret"

I just love Mother Teresa… this is one of her beautiful insights...
“People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centered; Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; Be kind anyway.
If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies; Succeed anyway.
If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you’
Be honest and frank anyway.
What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight; Build anyway.
If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous; Be happy anyway.
The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; Do good anyway.
Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough; Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.
You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God; It was never between you and them anyway.”
Mother Teresa

Many blessings to you dear child.

Oakwood, VA

#21 Sep 5, 2011
Thank God, man is not our judge! Follow your heart and pray and the Lord will lead u. Its whats in the heart, not whats on the outside! Praying for u!

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