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Roanoke, VA

#129 Nov 1, 2012
let's see what these kids do when they get in high school,glad they are division champs now.Notice they are not LEAGUE Champs but congrats on division champs.Thank goodness,Bluefield is not in league anymore cause we know how they would of dominated.My point is,it's not the Midget or Pee Wee coaches,Narrows is too small of a school and will never compete in any sport so people need to get over it and move on.Narrows needs to beg Giles High to considilate and then they will see what it's like to win.Sorry folks but that's the facts and you need to face them.My kid goes to NHS but I know what the facts are and people in Narrows need to let go of the glory days because they are gone and will never be back.At least the boys had 1 year to finish n 2nd place in football cause that's the closes they will ever come as they get older.Facts are facts people.

Vinton, VA

#130 Nov 1, 2012
Has anyone heard how the number 8 kid is doing? Is he going to be able to play against Graham? My opinion the team could really use him and have the players back where they were at the Bland game. I'm hoping for a victory against Graham tomorrow night no matter what though. I just hope the 8 kid is doing ok.

Lewisburg, WV

#131 Nov 1, 2012
What a way to support a bunch if young boys! "Notice they aren't LEAGUE Champs"?!?!!! REALLY?!?!?! Those came off a season with no wins last year and one win the year prior and you make that remark?!?!?! They made progress by leaps and bounds, accomplished an AMAZING feat!!!! "They will never dominate in high school"?!?!?! Way to have pride in your town. "Narrows needs to beg Giles to consolidate," if your child attends NHS, I bet their attitude is fantastic if that's the loyalty you are teaching them. Don't count those kids out before they even have a chance to prove themselves. The Minutement absorbed most of the Charger players, and yes we lost to them in the Championship, but the score was 14-6. Give the boys AND coaches a little credit. If you can't muster enough pride in this town to do that much for a bunch of 7-12 year olds, then maybe you should move to the Eastern part of the county and "beg" them to accept you. I think that may make you happier.
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Princeton, WV

#132 Nov 1, 2012
That's the most ridiculous post I have ever read. Our midget and peewee boys did amazing and deserve to be praised. I'm no fan of Lowe, but I think if given an opportunity under a good coach these kids can win the MED. Being a small school isn't an excuse if the kids are coached well and play with heart.
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Roanoke, VA

#133 Nov 2, 2012
what is everyone hearing about the coaches returning for next year?At the high school level?

Roanoke, VA

#134 Nov 2, 2012
Congrats to all the coaches of the little league teams and being Chmpions in bothof your divisions.It takes great players,good coaching,ad har work to accomplish that and they did it.Way to go young men!!!Keep it up for the years to come!I have aid i before and will say it again,PERDUE will make a great head coach at the varsity level and get that program turned around.Great job boys,walk proud with what you have done this year!
Oh brother

Radford, VA

#135 Nov 4, 2012
That's part of what's wrong with this part of Virginia. Too many morons focused on the stuporbowl and football instead of things that are really important.
Meanwhile, they run around buying 'Go Hokie' Tshirts without a clue of what really goes on down at Tech. Tech doesn't pay their standard blue collar employees worth a crap, certainly doesn't do a whole lot for the community, and counts on the masses to remain blissfully ignorant, drunk, and eager to purchase their football stadium tickets.
Oh brother

Radford, VA

#136 Nov 4, 2012
I thought universities were about offering young adults an education...maybe that's what they were once for, but now it's strictly about making tons of money and offering the American people something to focus on (Football) versus the plight that we're now in.

So yeah, you keep focusing on the #8 kid, and who's going to be in the Pee Wee championships.

Lewisburg, WV

#137 Nov 4, 2012
congrats to the little league football kids. Now for what i really came on here for. To "oh brother", really someone asks about a kid and wanna _itch about them focusing on a single player. Well let's not focus, lets lay it all out.......... The line doesnt block, WE do not know how to tackle. The recievers give up on routes or just dont try at all. Just watch any of the film on ANY of the games. You will see the same thing OVER n OVER again. US arm tacking, reaching out playing 2 hand touch....... The line not firing off the ball, just to touch someone and they call that a block. WOW, really, we just plain out suck. I never thought id say this but yes it time for the coaching staff too go. And for someone to say Mr. Purdue would make a great varsity coach, yea ok, he did good with pee wee, lets be real about this..... Go back and watch film on the bland game. If #8 didnt play and make the throws he did, we would be looking at ANOTHER 0-10 yr. Everyone was in ther position that they started the pre season in and it showed..........8 threw well, 10 caught well, 5 ran well, line blocked long enough, 99 ran over people. we scored one rushing td against bland. take the passing out of that game and there is 0-10 all over again. Now take that out of the equation and your right back to getting our asses beat again. Now that the season is finally over with, lets just see how many of YOU "the parents" push your kids into the weight room to better themselvs..........Now I know that the #8 kid is already talking about lifting and trying to get some more kids in there. Lets just see how lazy you the parents are about pushing your kids to be better.As far as the MED is concerned, we would be better in the black diamond district. Schools our size. You can not play and win against schools bringing 45-60 kids to a game (grayson, galax, fort, graham) They will be the top four in the med year in and year out.
must be kidding

Princeton, WV

#138 Nov 4, 2012
Thank you Don Hall, almost the same post as last year about lazy parents not pushing their kids to be in the weight room, and #8 bringing home the one win of the season,, these kids hit the weight room and no not all of them do, but a big majority do, does it make a difference ? Until alot of changes are made unfortunately it will be the same thing next year. And Don Hall has no business in the weight room with these kids, and more will stay out due to their parents not allowing them to be in there if he is in there.
to must be kidding

Lewisburg, WV

#139 Nov 4, 2012
I don't agree with you at all!!!! First off, I don't see where "R U BLIND" went wrong. That person was correct in everything he/she posted. Now, I don't know about what the 8 kid is talking about doing already, but I do know that everything else that was stated was correct and if you don't like it, then you must not be able to handle the truth about things!
Also, if you don't like what he/she said then you must be guilty of being one of the parents that don't push you kid enough to better themselves. It's probably just you and your "little" click that won't let your kids be in the weight room when Don is there, so be it that's your opinion.
Another thing, I do believe last year that while the kids were in the weight room lifting that he wasn't in there with them. You can say the majority of the kids were there, but you're WRONG because when I would drop my kid off and pick him up there was probably a max of 10 kids there. I noticed that because I was always early dropping my child off and I was there waiting on my child to finish. That is not even half if you don't realize that either.
You're probably one of those parents that thinks you crap don't stink and your child is above the rest. What you don't realize is every single child on the football team (including my own) needs to work on what they struggled with throughout the season and they should start now since the season is over, so that they can be better next year and have a successful season.
That's just my opinion and sorry if whoever reads this doesn't like it. The truth is the truth and sometimes it's heard for people to accept that.

Roanoke, VA

#141 Nov 5, 2012
The last time Mr hall was on this site, he posted under his own name, Thats what got him in trouble I heard. oh well, anyways my kid was one of 7, yes 7 that was in the weight room. There needs to be more to be successful in my mind. And i agree with "r u blind" on somethings, maybe not all, but some yes. Thank god this season is over with, looking forward to next with all the kids staying healthy.
true fact

Roanoke, VA

#142 Nov 5, 2012
these boys can lift weights all they want but until they are coached the basics such as blocking,firing off the ball,running routes,tackling,and having coaches that actually have a game plan what chance will these young men have.These players will put the effort into it but need some coaching as well.It's not the players at fault here,is the head coach and assistants at every weight lifting session showing their dedication and pushing these boys?Leadership starts at the top!

Christiansburg, VA

#145 Nov 8, 2012
narrows sucks
Da Truth

Charlottesville, VA

#146 Nov 8, 2012
Joke football is over, sit back an watch the real teams play for the next few weeks. Get a new staff and mybe you can play in a game after October some day.

Princeton, WV

#147 Nov 18, 2012
narrows will be back, give them time.
da truth

Blacksburg, VA

#148 Nov 20, 2012
Narrows will be back in August and losing like always.bahahahaha.GO BIG RED

Princeton, WV

#149 Jan 4, 2013
Bad football right now

United States

#150 Jan 7, 2013
wow again unbelivable the players just started strentgh and conditioning today if u could get off our backs and stop talking about our line being the worst on the field that aint right if u all could get OFF OUR BACKS AND LET US PLAY I THINK WE WOULD DO GREAT BUT THESE PUT DOWNS AINT RIGHT DONT TALK BOUT ANYONE WHO GETS OUT THERE IN 100 DEGREE WHEATHER IN FULL PADS AND BUSTS OUR ASS EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK IS NOT RIGHT. IF U WANT TO SLIDE A HELMET ON AND SEE HOW BADASS MY TEAMMATES ARE ILL BE GLAD TO GET A LIVING PRATICE DUMMY. WHY HATE ON THE COAHS SUN BY THE WAY I THINK JEFF IS HARDER ON HIS OWN THAN THE OTHER PLAYERS .. i saw his son get his ASS chewn out iv never sern him do that to anyother player in my highschool carrer.

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