SSI and child support

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#50 Dec 29, 2012
If my ex recieves ssi for my son do i need to pay support on the top of that

Columbus, OH

#51 Jan 31, 2013
My ex gets ssi and the job and family services told me since it doesn't count as an income I can't even file for child support unless he stops getting ssi and gets some sort of income. Crap if ya ask me!!!
child support

Milwaukee, WI

#52 Jan 31, 2013
How many of them fathers got an equal ammount of time from court? And did they get a fair trial or was the system/judge gender bias as so many are? If you want the child you pay for them while there with you and the dad pays when they are with him, what the hell is wrong with fair? Do you know the only reason the courts give mothers so much child support is because they get federal kickbacks, so the state makes money off making someone pay child support, they just use ignorant mothers for their own greedy purposses. Dont be a tool.

United States

#54 Feb 11, 2013
My husband is paying child support + back support on his girls and is on SSI . They take $500 out of his check every month plus each kid gets $500 from SSI . Is this right ? Wouldn't the money from SSI count as child support . The mother moved them out of the U.S. and he some how lost all right to his girls . This doesn't look right to me . We're in WA state and it's based in VA . And the girls live in the Australia .

Pittsburgh, PA

#55 Feb 12, 2013
They can NOT take money out of his ssi check. If its social security them yes they can and if he got ssi then the kids couldn't get anything from that. That's only with soc sec or ssdi. Not sure what the diff is but my kids sperm donor gets ssi and I've been trying forever to get some kind of support. Doesn't have to be alot but I didn't make em on my own. It's just ridiculous that he gets ssi and works under the table and pays not a dime!

Houston, TX

#56 Feb 16, 2013
Sarah wrote:
If a person dos't work and draws SSI are they exemp from paying child support or does the law just go after working people. If you don't have a job do they expect you to pay child support if so what is the least you can get by paying. If you go to jail for flagrant non support is the time servered payment for the back payment owed?
No , you dont have to pay . You are not forced , if you recieve SSI

United States

#57 Feb 24, 2013
My ex worked did drugs messed up his body now want ssi to pay his sorry ass and think he will get away with not paying back support but i will tell ssi that he is working i hope he go to jail before they approve his ass this just another way for him to be a deadbeat jerry mckoy of fayettevill nc is a deadbeat
sugar coated

Stearns, KY

#58 Feb 27, 2013
not fair

Martin, KY

#59 Mar 20, 2013
i draw ssi they made me pay 75 a month but got a letter last month said i o no more, but i payed it like 5 years. if you dont pay it i think they can take your driverlicens what i was told

Kingman, AZ

#60 Mar 20, 2013
fffffuuuuuuuu wrote:
NO, SSI can NOT be taken for child support.
SSDI (Social Security DIsability Insurance) can be partially taken for child support but SSI (Supplemental Security Income) is a means tested benefit for people who have not paid in enough to get regular SSDI and by federal law can NOT be taken for child support.
A person on SSI has in-equivocally proven that they are 100% disabled and destitute and are 100% permanently unable to support their children.
My Wife was being sued by her ex-husband for child support, she was unable to work and filed for disability. When her SSI came through they immediately closed the case and even removed the back owed support from her credit rating.
I payed child support on two kids I adopted, until I had a heart attack now child support has started threating me ,, but I haven't seen or heard from them kids in 6 yrs an they wont tell me where they are at,cant wait to get my ssi benefits,, child support can take there so called (child support) and them kids an SHOVE THEM STRAIT UP THERE ASS !!!

Hilliard, OH

#61 Mar 26, 2013
We just returned from a child support "arrearage' hearing. My wife and I are both disabled. When we got married, her SSI was terminated because I receive $40 more than the minimum for her to qualify. The referee stated that because my wife lost her SSI that she was no longer qualified for a waiver of court costs - he ignored her explanation and imposed $25 court costs that were previously waived. Also, she is paying arrearage and was told to "pay what you can" by the court. She has been paying $5.00 per month because that is all we can afford. Today, she was called in and fined $100 plus costs for contempt of court. Is there anything we can do about this?

Hilliard, OH

#62 Mar 26, 2013
In November my wife had her Medicaid stopped for a review. Her Doctor and the DHS Doctor verified her disability yet they tell us they are "waiting for the review board." She is going without vital medications that are severely and adversely affecting her health. The hospitals are refuseing MRI tests and other needed and Doctor ordered tests. We have called Landing and bwen told there is nothing we can do? Thank you.

Claremont, CA

#63 Apr 28, 2013
I get ssi For my disabilty i give 250 every month and sometimes more because hes my son and whatever i can i do my best to try getting him what he needs...and now my ex girlfriend wants to put child support because she wants more money.

Claremont, CA

#64 Apr 28, 2013
I Feel like it's not fair i've been doing my part plenty so what's the problem now? i dont think im a dead beat dad? i feel pretty down because i'm trying my best.. need some advice someone plz?

Lafayette, LA

#65 Jun 7, 2013
Howdy wrote:
Does your kids not draw a check from your ssi? I believe that people who draw their kids draw from that! I don't think u have to pay child support if u draw ssi! I may be wrong?!!
You right they do get a check but if i also get veterans affairs benefits can they get that too ?

Lafayette, LA

#66 Jun 7, 2013
Can a baby mother get more moeny if shes getting a check for my son from ssi $400 a month and im getting veterans affairs benefits can they calculate that and take that too?
princess victorian

Fort Worth, TX

#68 Jun 22, 2013
I don't think is fair if father recive ssi and don't have to pay child support. The system need to change laws how do the child get everything he or she needs on a single parent income.
princess victorian

Fort Worth, TX

#69 Jun 22, 2013
Some dads are out in the world being dads and are told that he has to pay child support. But u have dads out in the world who is excuse from child support and. Not worried if the child or childern is taken care of
princess victorian

Fort Worth, TX

#70 Jun 22, 2013
I,feel that the law need to better with these deadbeat ass dads that's playin crazy for ssi checks. But if that was the mother they will be ready to lock her up for playing the system yah I'm talkin bout you. Christopher watkins you deatbeat dad

Great Barrington, MA

#71 Jul 5, 2013
No u don't have to pay child support if you are on ssi and have no job.I'm on ssi and I wanted to pay child support but becouse I did not have a job I could not pay child support but then again that was in Wyoming I'm not shure about any other states laws on it

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