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Pine Knot, KY

#27 Dec 22, 2011

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#28 Dec 30, 2011
My husband was laid off & during his layoff his copd got severe. His doc will not let him go back to work as a carpenter. Unemployment stopped his benefits for work refusal because there was a job there. He can work just not doing the same job he has done for 25 years. I do not work because every job I apply for they tell me I am over qualified due to having an associates degree. We have never received any kind of public assistance so I do not know how the process works. We have 4 children & 0 income at the moment. I signed up on ktap a week before Christmas. How long does it usually take to receive benefits after applying? How much are the benefits?

Pine Knot, KY

#29 Dec 31, 2011
It all depends on who your caseworker was and if they really think you are in need and process your paperwork quickly. Some like to dangle help on a string and call you in several times for more documentation, some workers are slow at submitting the paperwork,
some will decide you are weak and don't know hoe to play the system and turn you down so their family can continue getting max help. Where do you fit in? Keep on them and see why you don't hear any response.

Mount Sterling, KY

#30 Sep 10, 2012
I draw ktap. No its not worth it. 225 bucks a month isn't anything. But its also not the "tax payers money" either... It comes from the dead beat that won't pay child support ... They have to pay that back. Not anyone else.

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#32 Dec 13, 2012
I have always worked... Since i was 14 at the ymcas mcdonalds american greetings gsi even attorney offices...everyone is different im 20 now i have two children..i moved to Louisville thinking i would get a lil help from my family while i worked until daycare kicked in while i worked but my mom didnt wanna watch her grand kids gor two days so i had to basically stop workin i wanna make sum out of my self and go yes i do draw foodstamps and ktap its just for the moment my family allways needed me wen i worked but now cant help me out my kids arent old enough for school but i cant wait to make something of myself
how much

Whitley City, KY

#33 Dec 22, 2012
200 month for one how much for 2 kids? I think its cool that the momma is going to school ! not ridiculous. She is thinking ahead. I am wandering though 20 hrs a week for 2.50 an hour versus 40 hrs a week and 7.50 an hour it kindof just make me think that 40 hrs is sounding better all the time.. Why can't the child support be paid directly to the parent? that would make more sense than the government taking their cut ..... There needs to be a few adults willing to do a petition or something to get this thing overhauled the government taking their part of the kids money!

Louisville, KY

#35 Jun 14, 2013
I'm 19 with 2 children I could not work because of child care but I don't think it's right JEN for u to talk like that because u don't know what someone is going threw and if you so grown and such ah woman why is your vocab so small, foul language don't make you better then anyone you look very immature and young minded.

Rudeness is the WEAKS imtation of strength.
Now get back to work sweetie if u had waited and got that ktap and put your pride away you would not had to work two jobs you could have been working on your education and went to college and got a better you tha one that was sittin on ya lazy behind at some point in time.
think smart not like everyone else.
Love queen.

Louisville, KY

#36 Jun 14, 2013
U guys if u go back to school u don't have to do volunteer work its the whole point of them doing that so people can farther their education in life that's what im doing I'm in GED training classes now and I get the full amount of ktap but the GED only last for a year you have to let your education farther for you to use school as an activity if you want to keep receiving the ktap check. There are so many good jobs you can get with just a high school diploma I got a lil hospital job waitin on me 10-11 an hour better then 7.25 Good luck you guys god is good all the time.
Don't ask god to guide your footsteps if you ain't willing to move your feet baby :)!!!

Louisville, KY

#37 Jun 14, 2013
Lol I forgot and for people like me with no one to keep the babies they also have free child care for mothers who seek education just ask them about it because it varies depends on were you are from plus if you are on ktap you can also get free child care even if your testing sight don't have it.

Don't ask god to guide u if u can't move your feet!
Keep your heads up mommys our babies need us they are what we here for nothin else matters cause at the end of the day they all we got threw what ever your babies will always be there. You ladies are stronger than the average.

Louisville, KY

#38 Jun 14, 2013
bigmama wrote:
if you get ssi..u can still draw 220 ktap a month for 2 kids ..180 for one if the ssi is under 700..and u dont have to volunteer or do shit cause ur disabled..and u keep it until there 18...:)
Your wrong its 225 for one.

Louisville, KY

#39 Jun 14, 2013
meee wrote:
<quoted text>
yeah it outrages the hades out of me too, while i am working a minimum wage dead end job and paying rent and only have one child which makes us ineligible for hud housing by 20 dollars a month, i can get 25 dollars food stamps for which i missed half a day of that minimum wage job to get and my medical card for me is not happening unless i get sick and have 4000 dollars in medical bills, and for 30-50 dollars a month i can buy one for my child, but since it is an entitlement program i don't get to count that money against hud or food stamps, while all this is happening my ex has fathered two more children and left their mamas in the same boat, hello yes i am outraged either have the dna done or leave my tax money alone or hurry up and get out of college with a degree and go to work, oh but wait to use that degree you have to drive to somerset to work and you don't have a car and gas is outrageous also, now why does it bother me that my tax money feeds many precious children but i can't feed my own because i am patriotic and have a conscience and a car with insurance, now cry me a river and see how my conscience feels when you drown in it.
Lol you got to much pride sweetie you could have got help but its to late you thought you was so grown and you don't need no one lol a woman's pride can get the best of her but most of all her life.

Lexington, KY

#40 Jun 16, 2013
if you think 2,700 $ will send your child to hardvard you must be on crack and pretty much were born yesterday. second of all hud and food stamps are government assitance programs too so other people are or would be funding you if you could get those so why are you complaining about not qualifying for it. Then when you got it you would baiscally be talking about yourself because other people are peying for your food and housing...? seriously your so outraged about k-tap but you want to get food stamps and housing asstance. you need a reality check.
single mom2012

United States

#41 Jun 25, 2013
i would like to say some on this topic that every one seems to be putting single moms down for receiving k-tap well if some of this lazy ass men out here that wanna go out fuck a chick knock her up then split is the reason why single moms have to rely on our country for support if the men that made the kids stood up and became a man and took care of his kids like a man is suppose to then you know what we wouldn't have this problem plus i don't know why people think being a single parent is easy i mean heal every one you talk to that has kids would say being a parent is a hard job but think about it for the ones that are alone they have care and support that child on there own and it is very hard to try n find a job or really do any thing when u r a single parent cause you have to find child care that you trust plus the job you have has to not count it aginst you if you have to leave early cause some thing was wrong with your kid or if you miss a day or to of work cause ur kids was sick and couldnt take her to day care and for those single parents out there that wants to say you doen it so every one else can...i would like to know how you done it on your own what did you do leave your kids at home by there you probley took them to day cafre or left them with a relative so you didnt do it on your own

Oneida, TN

#42 Jun 25, 2013
You can't blame it all on the man. Yes, regardless he should help take care of his child, but maybe you should have had better judgement. Just saying.

United States

#43 Jul 15, 2013
People always say that they are paying for welfare through taxes. If you had any sense, you would realize that the tax money is given back every year from a program called Income Tax Refund. Stop with the agression cause really you are not paying for welfare; the government is.

Bolivar, MO

#45 Jul 18, 2013
Jiia wrote:
People always say that they are paying for welfare through taxes. If you had any sense, you would realize that the tax money is given back every year from a program called Income Tax Refund. Stop with the agression cause really you are not paying for welfare; the government is.
Who do you think the "government" is?

Greenwood, IN

#47 Aug 31, 2013
JeN wrote:
<quoted text>
Its 20 hours a week and 200 dollars a month, so that comes out to 2.50 an hour, hardly draining the economy, and you can only draw ktap for so long and then they cut you off, its not like the old days of welfare where the checks came in the mail and you didnt have to do anything like when your momma drew it. SO lets just let all the single mothers go without while raising their children, maybe NAFTA is draining the economy not my 2.50 an hour
Actually you get $200 JUST fro ktap which is state paid child support AND you get $200 transportation check for gas to get back and forth to your volunteer work. So at $400 per month that equates to $5 an hour FOR VOLUNTEER work! I draw ktap, and I show up to my volunteer job everyday on time and work my ass off. Do you know why? Because I hope to make a good impression and turn my 20 hrs a week volunteer job into a 40 hour a week paid employment!

Alexandria, KY

#48 Sep 5, 2013
i have a question. i have 2 girls by one man and a son by a different man. the father of my girls is not paying child support. would i be eligible for ktap on my girls sense their father isnt helping, while my sons father is living with me? and if my sons father got a job would i still be eligible for ktap for the girls?

Alexandria, KY

#49 Sep 5, 2013
also i am working. i roughly make 1200 a month with out taxes taken out.
beautiful 1

Owensboro, KY

#51 Sep 14, 2013
I am a single parent with 2 dependant children ages 7 and 9 how much ktap cash assistance would I receive

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