Feb. 8: Ferry County recycling option...

Feb. 8: Ferry County recycling options pondered

There are 15 comments on the Omak-Okanogan County Chronicle story from Feb 8, 2011, titled Feb. 8: Ferry County recycling options pondered. In it, Omak-Okanogan County Chronicle reports that:

By Brenda Starkey The Chronicle REPUBLIC - Ferry County commissioners will write out questions they have about Couse Sanitation and Recycle's proposal for taking over operation of the Torboy Transfer Station in exchange for money and guaranteed free recycling services.

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Ed Watt

United States

#1 Feb 9, 2011
Any contract with Cliff in this regard should include the stipulation for Cliff to be nice and play well with others. Any more than 3 meetings with the Ferry County commissioners in a row should be grounds to re-negotiate the terms of the contract to include a nuisance fee being included for Cliff to pay. As a tax payer of Ferry County I know Cliff has taken up a great amount of commissioners time griping about many things, pestering the commissioners to the point of distraction causing commissioners to want to not run for their positions again. The learning curve for commissioners is tough enough and it is hard to find good folks that are willing to endure Cliffs constant griping.
mayor of malo

United States

#2 Feb 27, 2011
it funny I would take over torboy but nobody's offering it to me . I have taken in web sites were ferry county could get recycling equipments for free from wsu too the commissioners meeting but there responce is to give it to miss Cromwell and wash there hands of it . I have offered my time free to help make the dump make money on the recycling end but. thanks but no thanks malo trading

United States

#4 Feb 27, 2011
The way it works. The world has gotten much more complicated in the last 3 decades.
There is no way that County commissioners can do it all any more. There are volunteer committees that make recommendations to the commissioners as it is the committees task to do comprehensive work on the tasks they are assigned. If for some reason you or I can not get satisfaction for our concerns in a reasonable amount of time then it is appropriate to bring it to the attention of the commissioners. It is the same way with departments like the health department.
It is not appropriate to do an end run on the different committees as to do this subverts the efforts of the different committees. Any decisions the commissioners make on issues that are the task of the different committees is without the benefit of the extensive research and consideration of the committee members.
Place your self in the position of being a (SWAC) committee member for example. You have issues that you have been working on for a few months and someone does not even make an effort to contact you about the subject. The commissioners hear this person and make decisions that may end up costing the county a great amount of money. How would you feel about participating on the (SWAC) any more? These committees are a cross section of our county citizens that are doing the best they can to be responsive to the needs of the community, business concerns are also participating in the SWAC for example. To present issues to the commissioners and expect them to make decisions without the benefit of volunteer citizens extensive research and recommendations is just wrong. So if you have recommendations or issues get on the appropriate committees agenda and work with them, I imagine they would appreciate the help.
The commissioners are not washing their hands of your concerns. They are demonstrating respect for the volunteer members of the SWAC and appreciate that the committee will be able to respond to your needs and often except your help to improving our community.
Make sure you contact the chair of a committee and get on the agenda.
Take whatever information you have to the meeting and calmly discuss your concerns or proposal. That is the way it works.
stop the bleeding

United States

#5 Feb 28, 2011
volunteer members of the SWAC doesn't apply I think as miss c is a payed county employee and that's the comiss. job to over see said employees and as they were making it against the law to haul your garbage out of ferry county except bye them in there county run transfer because they had singed a tonnage contract for way to much tonnage and money and cliff was doing the right thing and saving the city of republic money bye hauling there GARBAGE out of the county to dump(It is not appropriate to do an end run on the different committees as to do this subverts the efforts of the different committees.)but OK for the commissioners TO DO IT ?WHATS next you have to buy your gas in town and no pine grove
do you think

Amity, OR

#6 Mar 1, 2011
How come the county would give a monopoly on the waste in the county I thought the commissioners were to work on behalf of the residents . But there you go the voters voted in people that had no business back ground. To protect them kind of like putting the weasel in the hen house. Don't want to be poking with sharp sticks here but don't you thing we should be working for the common good . How about the new tax increase for chemical dependency let the facts be told maybe 5 people in the last 5 years are still sober might be better to lock them up. Oh it cheaper than locking them up so lets call a spade A spade.Chemical dependency is not working just like the dump

United States

#7 Mar 1, 2011
@ stop the bleeding
I did try and understand your comment but was unable to understand some of it. I do believe we should be working for the common good. That is why I am trying to help folks understand some of the things that are in place as a result of Washington States mandating regulations and expenses on the county / us. I sense that you have issues with miss c. If you do it would be best to move forward and find resolution for your grievances. Get on the commissioners agenda for Monday and address your concerns. I would recommend you wright them down and read them over to a friend so they are clear and present the document as part of the public record. Best wishes

@ do you think
I think I understood a little of your concerns.
One of the things that the Washington State did was require that the old landfill be closed in a very costly manner. This has to be paid for by the county / users of the transfer station. Another aspect of expense is the contract with REBANCO as the associated laws from the STATE require where and how trash can be disposed of. Ferry County does not have a space that meets the state requirements for this. The counties are locked into compliance with these costs and they have to be covered by tipping fees. Other costs that are required by the state are the cost of operating any and all county equipment. The equipment cost at the transfer station must be covered as well. The County is locked into these cost by the state and we get to pay. I hope this helps.
do you think

Amity, OR

#8 Mar 1, 2011
(The County is locked into these cost by the state ) so is that why we moved a janitor from the court house to set in a chair and watch the recycle bins let get real sure it cost's money . but may be it could be run better at less cost Are the trucks pulling full weight trailers is the county getting payed for the scrap Iron how about the scrap copper wire I have seen pulled out are we getting payed for that THE million dollar question is who signed the deal with REBANCO WHY is one man running the weigh shack then runs out and beats the garbage down with a backhoe while the recycle guy sets in his chair
bleed dry

Amity, OR

#9 Mar 1, 2011
Sorry if you didn't under stand me mr. ED my point was that the commissioners don't check to see if there employees are doing there jobs to the fullest. Then want to blame who knows what Raising tipping fees at the dump evidently was not the answer. Then they pass an ordinance to force you to use there dump trance fer station Still didn't help still losing money OK so lets look at how other county's do .And do it cheaper because I can haul my garbage over to Kettlefalls dump it buy lunch fill the truck up with gas and still put a 10 dollar bill in the old coffee can on the savings over torboy How did we get locked into whats good for the State and not whats good for ferry county
ghost of pete city

United States

#10 Mar 2, 2011
Is it funny that people closed the dumps and we used too leave any thing of value off to the side . About 40% went back home in some one else car but the good folks needed to improve it. now we get committees to look for HAND OUTS called grants which is just the cheese in the mouse trap once we take that then they tell us FERRY COUNTY how WE are going to do it from then on . LETS VOTE OUT THE ONES THAT KEEP TAKING THE CHEESE

United States

#11 Mar 2, 2011
@8 ,@ 9 These are issues that would probably be addressed in the SWAC.

As I mentioned, I encourage you to address any grievances you have with the solid waste coordinator, miss c. Collect the relative documentation present it with the recommendation that will solve the problem. The commissioners might have a different view and the best thing to do. First make sure you are looking at the same truth.
I would hope that the issues you described are valid and dealt with appropriately. Our commissioners are honorable men and respond to what is truth. They look for the best economical practices that resist greed on every level.
Vague unassociated assertions will not do it. A methodical path presenting truth will out.

@10 One thing these comments have in common is a socialist Bureaucracy. This is one thing we all have in common. The Department of Ecology / Our Governor was supposedly protecting the waters of the state. That is why a landfill can be placed within 30’ of the aquifer, go figure. When the Saxons marched through Rome, the Romans cheered them because their Bureaucracy had become so powerful.

Rather than limiting this to complaining about different things, what options do you see to recycling. I recall seeing a van box at a transfer station in Spokane county where good items that folks used to be able to get when they went to the dump were offered free. I would like to see that kind of thing being done here in Ferry County. I think there is a fair amount of background information from what you have stated. I would like to see some clear proposals like what would be presented to the commissioners. Not vague assumptions like folks from the left might throw out but some clear data showing the savings and benefit to the county, including Republic.

Show us your plan? Perhaps we can help point out some holes.
little fish in mud puddle

United States

#12 Mar 3, 2011
At lest Edward sees the glass half full In 3 years went the mine stops and the dust is blowing down main street in republic . We will still be able to walk there from curlew on that great rail path that the commissioners that Cant do it all let happen . They never should have let the rail be taken up . They did not even fight it . How long do we see the same thing over and over. I don't know were you get the stamina to keep fighting ED you have been here a long time. watched the boom and bust This time when the mud dam bursts up fish hatchery road at lest it is going to flow into Canada and not out from trail but there again it still winds up in lake Roosevelt
water boy

Amity, OR

#13 Mar 4, 2011
So my chickens were getting eaten bye hawks and owls got rid of 3 rosters that way too. Got this big bad ass roster from Tonasket about 1 year ago no problems sense.Now if we are having problems at the dump we should not put an hawk in charge. But maybe get some leaders to look out for ferry county . The commissioners got us into this fix don't let them pass the buck. As for (best economical practices that resist greed on every level) Did you know they have them self's voted in an automatic yearly pay raise .Did it the last week when Snook was leaving office.Think he got his 3 terms so that reflects his pension ? Sweet
pan handler

United States

#14 Mar 4, 2011
So how about this one we give all tax paying property owners in ferry county county free dump age. This might increase the total tonnage. And it should not cost too much more .We are already below what we pay for .And this will stop illegal dumping for the most part. And is that not for the common good. The property values should go up as we clean up the county . Looking like a win win here This was brought up in A commissioners meeting was laugh at Cant seem to get them to think out side of the milk pail

Port Orchard, WA

#16 Mar 6, 2011
It seems that most of the frustration might be about the tipping fees and the hauling contract rather than the recycling aspect. Apples and oranges are both fruit but different subjects. So is this.

If I recall correctly the REBANCO contract is a 10 year contract.
What I would recommend to All Concerned, is that you find out exactly when the contract comes do again. Be about 9 months in front of it addressing the problems. Make it to the SWAC meeting and get it on the agenda. Contact the public works director and the commissioners to see that all the necessary changes are made in advance in the appropriate manner. Provide relevant cost figures historic records and what ever you think might be helpful at that time. Raise all of your uproar about the issue then. To get carried away with it before then is premature. Commissioners will come and go that can not do anything about it anyway. So save your selves and everyone else a bunch of grief until then, and don’t for get about it years down the line or we will be in the same situation again.

United States

#17 Mar 8, 2011
I found out that the next contract will start in 2012.
I also know that the first contract was based on estimates
Without any known data for how much solid waste would be generated
recycled etc. Now there is some track record as it were and a better contract can be awarded. I encourage folks that have concerns about this, dont just dont gripe about it.
Get involved and see that things are improved.

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