Here is what kids say about anti-drug programs that begin in elementary school and continue throughout the average kids' education. In the beginning, they are very effective, and kids react positively to the message. Later, they become less effective around late middle school. The problem is that the kid is beseiged with the message and simply starts to turn it off. He hears it at school, on tv, at home, reads it in print, etc. As the message loses its effectiveness, he starts to become more curious, and he sometimes resorts to experimenting with drugs, drinking, and smoking. There is no scientific study of my conclusions. I simply asked a number of high school kids why they started drinking or smoking or drugging, and it appears that the public perception that these substances create curiosity and the forbidden fruit, like in the Garden of Eden, is there for the taking. Saturating the minds of young people with this message more often than not results in the opposite of what we want for young people.