Don't complain about our economy, if ...

Don't complain about our economy, if you drive Japanese!

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Since: Apr 09

Dardanelle, AR

#1 May 18, 2009
Why not? Because you’re helping make it worse. Here’s what I mean:

On TV a bit ago, I saw NBC interviewing a jobless couple whose house was in foreclosure. On the driveway was their Nissan. I shouted,“Hey, Guys, a couple in Japan are bowing at you in gratitude for their jobs.”

Ugh! Jobless Americans driving Japanese cars.....helping put even more Americans out of work!

Oh, how I itch to tell them that, but I’m chicken.

But I tell myself: The Japanese have been seducing us for years. They give their cars and trucks American-sounding names. And our media give them billions in free advertising that they’re supposedly better*. And they flood us with seductive ads. So, no wonder we get sucked in.

*But see March ‘09 J.D. Roberts report: For reliability, Buick is No. 1, tops Lexus. And Lincoln & Mercury are in the top 5. Today, differences between Japanese and American, exist only in minds of persons influenced by media who tout Japanese cars. Most media are BIASED for them.

Yes, most media promote Japanese vehicles FOR FREE, and indirectly pan American makes. So, Japanese dealers really push this:“Consumer Digest says, Edmunds says.” What a leg up this gives them, and it’s FREE!

Plus they pitch,“Don’t forget, we give America jobs. We build cars right here in the US and hire Americans to build them.”

That’s shrewd! Hire us to assemble some vehicles and make people think “Gee, they’re built here by us. That makes them American.”

That FLAWED belief, sells millions of Japanese vehicles. But here’s reality: MOST Japanese vehicles come here by boat from Japan.

And the crucial thing is what country gets the profit from vehicles sold here irrespective of where they’re assembled. FACT: every year Japanese mother-corporations in Japan reap billions from vehicle sales in the US. Yes, almost 1/3 of their income comes from the US. And these billions benefit Japan, NOT America!

We’re Japan’s cash cow! This, despite almost 50 million here with no health care, 37 million in poverty, 12 million kids hungry each day, 77,000 bridges close to collapse, highways crumbling, inner-city schools deteriorating, and unemployment 9% and climbing..Michigan almost 14%.

Considering that, we feed Japan? Can we sell cars there? Only a pittance! In ‘08, they bought a paltry 10,000....but we bought 2 MILLION of theirs. Fair exchange? Fair dealing?

They’ve even refused to buy our apples. Unlike us, they’re fiercely loyal to their products. In effect, they close their market to us, but FEAST on America. Geez!

At least the Germans, who sell cars here, let us build and sell in Germany. So do the French, Spanish, Italians, British, Chinese, and Latin Americans. They all respect and like our cars. Yes, we profitably build and sell cars almost everywhere but in Japan.

It’s estimated that from our driving so much Japanese, that is, from our “JAPANESE-CAR-I-TIS,” we’ve already lost a million jobs. And if we keep burying our heads in the sand, and our makers lose more market, estimates say up to 5 million more of us will lose jobs. And some predict with trickle-down it could be more like 6 million.

Now the Japanese do give us 350,000 jobs or so to sell vehicles and assemble some here. But those 350,000 could cost us up to 6 million jobs!!! That’s OK?

And now that Chrysler is in bankruptcy, and GM on the edge, the Japanese likely are smelling blood, licking their chops. Shall we just let them takeover?

NO! NO! A new, stronger GM and Chrysler will emerge backed by the full credit and support of the US government. And Ford is solid! Last month Ford outsold Toyota here! Maybe at last we’re starting to wake up.

Yes, hopefully, we’re realizing that more than ever we need to support our own companies. MILLIONS OF OUR JOBS AND OUR ECONOMY ARE AT RISK.

Support America, not Japan! DRIVE AMERICAN!

P.S. Please pass this message on to many people!

Olympia, WA

#2 May 19, 2009
You must be kidding, when i bought my first car i went to the chevy dealer and they refused to sell me a car they said i did'nt qualify, well i walked next door to you guessed it, the nissan dealer and walked out with the keys to my new car, who do you think i bought my next 3 new trucks from,i say if they cant manage themselves any better then they have let them DIE,i did buy a harley though so im not all bad.

Since: Apr 09

San Antonio, TX

#3 May 19, 2009

Spoken or written like the Nissan salesperson you surely are...though you'll say you're not. You fool us not!

But no matter who you are, Japan loves you, because you help keep the billions from America rolling into Japan each year.

Kirkland, WA

#4 May 19, 2009
This is ridiculous that you can go off about this. Can you site your facts and numbers your present?

Also, to be honest, I don't care what anyone says about what cars are better. I have had both and it comes down to the Hondas outlasting my Fords.

Since: Apr 09

United States

#5 May 19, 2009
Spoken or written like a Honda salesperson. you kid us not.

Can you imagine anyone in Japan writing:

"I don't care what anyone says about what cars are better. I have had both and it comes down to the Fords outlasting my Hondas."

Wow. How would that go over in Japan? For a citizen to so pan his or her country's products.


Jon, you must remember, you live in America, and your words INSULT a lot of hard working people who assemble Fords and other American cars.

And remember Japan Airlines is ready when you are.

But really the Japanese must love people like you who support their economy and help keep the billions rolling into Japan from the USA. So, they no doubt prefer that you stay here and keep knocking American vehicles.

Yes, the Japanese just have to love you and your ilk!

Kirkland, WA

#6 May 19, 2009
You sound more like a salesperson for American Cars. Your argument has no real backing and you ignored to site any facts. You fall back to the "not being American" comment because you have nothing else. I work hard for my money and I will buy what I want with it and you have no right to shame me or tell me what to do. The day I buy a ford that can outlast a honda will be the day I buy a honda. I buy what is best for me, not what is the worst.

It also seems like you just plain don't like the Japanese and you have other bias. Shame on you...:(

Kirkland, WA

#7 May 19, 2009
Wow, after looking at other posts, you have the same out of the can response to everyone offering no real come back or useful information except "You must be a [whatever] salesman! you fool no one!!" I really look forward to hearing your response now, I am sure I will learn a great deal, or just have some nobody from texas tell me to go to Japan. Way to spread some knowledge and insight.

If you ask me, cars are not America's problem, it's our education system that let people like you through....

Tacoma, WA

#8 May 19, 2009
Bottom Line Up Front: Give me quality at a fair price and I will purchase…American or Japanese. American car producers have just not step up the standards that Japanese car producers have set, so why not purchase the best product for the money, especially in these financially difficult times.

San Antonio, TX

#9 May 20, 2009
Jon, you say:

“Your argument has no real backing and you ignored to site any facts. You fall back to the 'not being American' comment because you have nothing else....”


“If you ask me, cars are not America's problem, it's our education system that let people like you through....”

So, you want IluvAmerica to “site”[sic] facts?(The word is cite, as in citation. And please don’t malign someone’s education when you have literacy problems of your own).

I will give you some cites. You think your Honda is so much better than a Ford?

Well, get a load of this: This is a website filled with information on defects and problems with your beloved Japanese Hondas:

“Transmission failure with the Honda Accord is a widespread problem in models made from the early 2000s. The 2003 Honda Accord appears to be the worst year for transmission failure.”

The 2008 Accord has received numerous complaints for premature brake wear. Last fall, Honda was forced to recall vehicles because the airbags were defective.

Over 34,000 Honda Fits were recalled for airbag problems. The 2008 Honda Element had recalls regarding the suspension being improperly welded, which could lead to a deadly crash. 2008 Honda Civic had recalls b/c of serious problems with fuel line, which could cause fires.

As to how the Japanese have intentionally taken over our auto industry and established unfair one-sided trading practices, feeding off our economy, consider this:

"Last year Japan imported a whopping 8,000 Fords. That's right, 8,000 Fords were sold in Japan while Toyota alone sold 2 million automobiles here in America. Honda sold a million." And according to Frank Fillipo of Autoblog, GM was only able to sell 2,000 vehicles in Japan last year.

If you don't understand why American automakers sold so few in Japan, get this: A $25,000 GM car cost, double,$50K in Japan b/c the Japanese government has set up monopolies with suppliers, import taxes and other costs that make it next to impossible for an American automaker to profit there, much less effectively market. This is why the Big 3 don't have a single plant producing American cars in Japan.

Also, people need to know the corporate structure of Japanese corporations doing business in the U.S. The world headquarters of Toyota are located in its Aichi, Japan. Its US subsidiaries and holding company absorb the costs/losses associated with advertising and shipping. And they assemble the heaviest vehicles in US factories to save freight costs shipping from Japan.

The bulk of profits go back to Japan. THIS is how it works. Don’t kid yourself. When you drive Japanese, you are lining the pockets of the Japanese, to detriment of the 2.5 Million plus hard-working Americans in this country dependent on the Big Three.

Finally you say this:

“It also seems like you just plain don't like the Japanese and you have other bias. Shame on you...:”

This is not about “bias.” It is about TRUTH. If you want to bury your head in the sand, go for it. But just b/c someone says you are making a poor choice that hurts your own country’s economy, does not mean that person is prejudiced. Facts are facts. Ignore them all you want. But don’t malign someone for telling you how it is.

Renton, WA

#10 May 20, 2009
You are so right. I mean who cares if the products are inferior? It is downright unpatriotic to buy better products from another country! I am an otter scrubber and my daddy was an otter scrubber and if we stop oil spills, I will be out of a job, so keep spilling oil and killing the environment so we lazy Americans can keep our jobs! hee hee.......

Since: Apr 09

United States

#11 Jun 8, 2009
BlaBla, your name describes what you write, bla-bla-bla.

And you write like the Japanese car salesman you likely are.

And if you want to talk about quality, respectfully suggest you Google: Toyota lemons, Honda lemons, and Nissan lemons. Become enlightened: they have PROBLEMS galore.

You've forgotten you live in America. Your words insult, malign the fine, conscientious people who build American vehicles.


If you're such a fan of Japan, keep in mind:

JAPAN AIRLINES IS READY WHEN YOU ARE. They have some terrific one-way fares.

Puyallup, WA

#12 Jul 21, 2009
Too funny....My dad use to preach something similar. He didn't care what i bought as long as it wasn't Japanese. He was a Chevy man and part time auto mechanic who only knew how to work on American vehicles...Well, as soon as i turned 18, i bought my first new vehicle...85 Toyota pickup for $5200.00 in Baltimore. 10 years and 290,000 miles later, i sold the truck for $2200.00 in Seattle. During those ten years, my dad went through Chevy van, Chev Blazer and a Cadillac. Last visit home, i saw a Toyota 4runner in his driveway...and no, i'm not a car salesman...i despise those clowns.

Since: Apr 09

San Antonio, TX

#13 Jul 21, 2009
Oh sure, you've got a good story. All Toyota salespersons do.

“Liberal Teachers ruin Kids”

Since: Mar 09

Paradise Valley Arizona

#14 Jul 22, 2009
Tariff the sh*T out of the imports
traitors do drive them.

most liberals are American Terrorists
they ruin our economy and most everything else on a monthly basis

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