I cannot recommend North Pacific Dermatology after my initial visit to their Renton office. After a 30 minute drive, I arrived at their office for an 11:30am appointment five minutes late due to traffic. Once in the office I waited in line while the single receptionist at the front desk was on the phone with another client. That client was placed on hold while the receptionist helped the next woman in line. Dr Kageyama and the receptionist then took the next five minutes to help the woman locate an appropriate time for her next visit. During this time, another client in the office was ushered back to their appointment. When the woman finished scheduling her appointment I informed her that I was there for my appointment. She excused herself and headed back to talk with an associate (I assume the PA). After she returned I was told that I would have to reschedule. I looked at my cell phone, and it read 11:42am. I didn't bother to argue, politely rescheduled, and left never to return. Although I acknowledge that I was late, five minutes (increased to twelve minutes by an understaffed front desk) should not make the difference of being seeing by a doctor or not.