California Valley Miwok Tribe Fight A...

California Valley Miwok Tribe Fight Albert D. Seeno Jr.

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Pittsburg, CA

#1 Feb 24, 2010
Once again, we are being threatened with a forced eviction due to the Department of the Interior/Bureau of Indian Affairs ineptness of actions to do anything to assist or protect our Tribe.
Here is more detailed audio, video and text proof.

Pittsburg, CA

#2 Feb 24, 2010
“Chadd Everone” (who is a non- Indian and is not in any way associated with our Tribe, other than trying his best to steal it) has an agenda to cinch his Gaming Agreement with Albert D. Seeno, to build “the Biggest Casino in Northern California” but to do that, he must replace us with his phony group.

Pittsburg, CA

#3 Feb 24, 2010
We the California Valley Miwok Tribe are asking all of you out there, to please make the calls, write the letters, emails, blogs, twitter messages, radio and tv announcements. Contract your friends, if anyone knows of any actors who are willing to help us get justice, any one who has influence in the media whether it be youtube, rez radio, newsletters, newspapers, banners, flyers, one-liners…. Anything helps!!

United States

#4 Feb 24, 2010
On the contrary... Silvia Burley is the PHONY who had Yakima's Signature FORGED! That is a fact that he never signed his own resignation.

Justice will be served when the tribe goes back to it's rightful Hereditary Chief, Mr. Dixie...

People do NOT beleive the hype... Silivia Burley is married to a NON Indian, Tiger Paulk, and has been using tribal funds for personal gain. She is the criminal here...

United States

#5 Feb 24, 2010
And stop trying to use recent bad press of the Seeno family as tactics to gain support. The Seeno empire are not affiliated with the tribe whatsover.
Lakes Entertainment

Pittsburg, CA

#6 Feb 25, 2010
a corporation that develops, manages and operates Indian Casinos in California, Kansas, Mississippi, Michigan, Alaska, etc. American Indians fall under the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs and the FBI) It seems that the "Shingle Springs Miwok Indian Band" and the (California Valley)"Morada Miwok Indian Band" are in a protracted law suit over the identity theft of the Miwok name. Lakes wants to build a stockton area casino for the Shingle Springs Indians. A hearing was held on January 15, Stockton, CA, according to the Morada Miwok website. Albert Seeno Jr was mentioned as financing a man named Chadd Everone/Ludwig. A tape recording was made. Everone is to gain control of the Miwok's name and give casino development rights to Albert Seeno's Lakes Development.

Pittsburg, CA

#7 Feb 27, 2010
Albert D Seeno jr & Criminals: STOCKTON, Calif., Oct. 17 /PRNewswire/-- Today the California Valley Miwok Tribe (CVMT) whose history stretches back far beyond the days of the silver boom in Northern California is under attack. After several attempts by CVMT Chairperson, Silvia Burley to mitigate a dispute by a non-tribal faction of insurgents made up of convicted murderers, registered child sex offenders, convicted felons, persons with multiple alias', civil judgments, along with other non-native Americans. CVMT may well be overtaken by this group of criminals in the coming days ahead.
All of these insurgents and their activities have been aided by current and former state personnel of the California Gambling Control Commission (CGCC) and the U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs/Central California Agency (USDOI/BIA/CCA) in Sacramento. Arlo Smith, former CGCC commissioner and Peter Melnicoe, a former CGCC attorney, Elizabeth Walker, Washington, D.C. attorney are working on behalf of this insurgent group of criminals.
This group is led by a non-indian named Chadd Everone. Mr. Everone has stated definitively that his primary interest is a casino. In addition, Mr. Everone has stated there are 11 people on his payroll in Washington, D.C. including Elizabeth Walker who are helping this insurgent group and its efforts to take over the tribe. Collectively these agencies and personnel are aiding the insurgent group to steal the leadership of the tribe and its rightful federal government relationship with the Chairperson of the CVMT, Ms. Burley.
The Insurgents
Yakima Dixie - convicted of viciously murdering his handicapped uncle and
has made multiple threats on the lives of legitimate tribal members and
the current Chairperson.
Antone Azevedo - a registered sex offender (Megan's Law)
Manuel Felix Lopstain - a registered sex offender (Megan's Law)
Gary Raymond Drummonds (a.k.a. Gary Whitebear)- registered sex offender
(Megan's Law)
Melvin Dixie - a convicted felon for armed robbery
Elizabeth Walker - Washington, D.C. attorney
Arlo Smith - former CGCC commissioner
Peter Melnicoe - former CGCC attorney

Stockton, CA

#8 Mar 2, 2010
In reference to uneducated and unfounded facts based on lack of knowledge posted by the
"Cameljockey". First, I myself am now in possesion
of the resignation by Mr. Dixie and was present when he signed it with three witnesses attending.
Of course Mr. Camel was not there whomever he is.
Second, California Miwok Indians never had a hereditary cheiftan custom. Third, uneducated people such as this like to spout out about embezzlement without realizing federal funding is audited yearly by the Inspector General and with perfect audits that is why the government themselves disregard these rantings. Four, check the website and listen to the Chadd Everone audio archives Cameljockey probably works for Chadd and knows exactly what he says. Also the site has "pictured" the contract that Seeno and Yakima Dixie signed. After you do your homework ask yourself how much does Cameljockey stand to gain working with Seeno and Chadd.
Euell Neverno

Igo, CA

#9 Mar 10, 2010
Hmm. "Undisputed truth" does not sign name. One can only surmise that the persons who allegedly witnessed Yakima Dixie sign an alleged resignation as tribal chair were Silvia Burley and her two daughters, Angelica Paulk and Raschel Reznor. "Undisputed truth" also is in error in asserting that the Eastern Miwok groups, including the origins of this group in the central Sierra Nevada, did not have hereditary chiefs. It is true also that Silvia Burley and her kin are not descendants of the original rancheria, but claim membership by adoption by (you guessed it) Yakima Dixie. If Mr. Dixie was not the hereditary chief, then how is it that he could have adopted Ms. Burley and her daughters into the tribe? Of course, they misrepresented their lineage to him, but that is for the tribe to determine on another day. Of course, the greatest indignity was her purported disenrollment of Mr. Dixie, an example of ingratitude so great as to be unimaginable, since Burley and her daughters requested tribal membership, so that they could obtain educational benefits available to Indians.
It is quite true that the BIA does NOT recognize Silvia Burley's family as the rightful tribe. That is not politics or the influence of money; it is the reality of the situation. And, it is all about the greed of Ms. Burley and her family desire to continue living off the Tribe's money. You can imagine this doesn't sit well with the genuine tribal members.
Tribe Food Distribution

Pittsburg, CA

#10 Mar 10, 2010
The California Valley Miwok Tribe - located at 10601 Escondido Pl., Stockton, CA 95212 - hosted the USDA Food Distribution on Thursday March 4th, 2010. Due to previously scheduled obligations of the Tule River Food program staff, distribution was held early this month. All recipients were notified and although in dire need of their monthly disbursements, many asked that the Tribe hold their distribution till the weather allowed them to travel. By the weekend, all families serviced were able to acquire their distributions. The Tribe hopes that it will be able to initiate a program in the future that will be able to deliver directly to these needy families so that they will not be burdened by the weather or travel and are optimistic that this can be done in 2010. CVMT thanks all of you that continue to participate in this Tribal program, and to the Tule River Tribe, their food distribution staff and the USDA for making this program possible.
Tribe Meets with Caltrans

Pittsburg, CA

#11 Mar 10, 2010
The California Valley Miwok Tribe - located at 10601 Escondido Pl., Stockton, CA 95212 - hosted a Government-to-Government Consultation meeting on Thursday, March 4, 2010 between the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans Dist. 10) and the CVMT Tribal Cultural Preservation Department. In attendance representing their departments were Ross Chittenden, District 10 Director; Ken Baxter, District 10 Deputy Director; Kathleen McClaflin, District 10 Native American Liaison; Mary Oliva, District 10 Senior Environmental Planner; Silvia Burley, Chairperson of the California Valley Miwok Tribe and Debra Grimes, California Valley Miwok Tribe Cultural Preservation Director.

The meeting was scheduled to be able to better address mutual concerns and to build a better understanding on how to work more cohesively in the future. Existing projects and strengthening of the tribes’ involvement in future projects were the main topics of discussion. Everyone whom attended contributed greatly and much was accomplished. The Tribe is grateful that Caltrans District 10 is working to strengthen its relationship with the Tribes that reside within its district, and is prioritizing that endeavor with meetings such as this. The Tribe looks forward to working more closely with Caltrans in 2010 with the better understanding that meetings such as this have helped to create. We would like to thank all those (whom attended) for their time and expertise and to Caltrans for initiating this event.
From Obama

Pittsburg, CA

#12 Mar 10, 2010
The California Valley Miwok Tribe - located at 10601 Escondido Place, Stockton, CA, 95212 - greatly appreciated a hand-signed response addressed to our Chairperson, Silvia Burley, in regards to a special holiday poem penned by her to President of the United States Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and their family. The poem was of inspiration and hope. Chairperson Burley and the Tribe are happy that it was well received. The very fact that the president signed this response to our little, landless tribe is conclusive that he acknowledges the meek as well as the mighty and the Tribe is overwhelmed by the re-affirmation of our chairperson by the president and the White House and by the high regard that he has continually shown for her.
The Tribe thanks the President of the United States Barack Obama and the White House staff for the optimism that correspondence such as this instills.

Stockton, CA

#14 Sep 6, 2012
Ray Machaka,
You are the known racist and have done time in state prison because of your gang affiliations. You and Angie have lost your child and you are supposed to stay out of trouble if you ever even want to see your child again. Initially you left the club to be around like minded people like yourself. The club as also asked that you do not come around and cease and desist from your continuing defamation and slanderous remarks. Trying a personal attack on an old blog that is old history having to do with the tribes previous issues before the federal courts decided in the tribes favor will only result in the tribal attorneys filing litigation against you. So if you want to see what I am really like maybe I will see you in court. Also pretty stupid calling me a racist I am married to an American Indian and have in employment attorneys that are black, hispanic and native american so you can tell me how racist I am when you see us together in court.

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