how about put it in District 25? in the outskirts away from the children and their play places and schools and still convenient to right off the hwy 395? could create jobs and help the economy...check out and northern CA Tahoe a few of them check out the sites...get informed on how much this truly can help our sick and help our health costs be reduced to boot. Not to mention boost our economy if done properly. another site to check out is NORML. There are dispensaries in LAS VEGAS for the ill asking them to make a 6+ hour ride one way go into a dispensary (since no one else can pick up for you unless they too are eligible for their own card) to get medicine and then 6= hours back is CRUEL and god knows what they get off 'the streets' in Reno. the alternative is go to northern CA where it is cheaper to even get the license for it. and only an hour ride both ways....I can barely make the ride in the winter months. I NEED you to get informed and then make a well informed decision PLEASE> especially with St. Mary's and Renown both known for cancer pts. think about this....common sense boys.