Another employee suspended at Rogers ...

Another employee suspended at Rogers State Prison

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United States

#122 Jun 11, 2012
Okay folks now comes the reality of all this. I am gonna address several of the comments here. Before I begin let me inform you that I did 7 yrs. at Rogers State Prison. I was there during the beatings. And after I served 7yrs. Thanks to our messed up judicial system. I was able to show I was innocent and be exonerated of all charges. So to the fellow who commented that everyone who goes to prison had already used up their second chance and probably more, you are dead wrong! I had only had 2 speeding ticket in my whole life prior to this. On the other hand to the people who dont think drug dealers dont need to be locked up with everyone else, your wrong. They sell a loaded gun everytime somebody buys from them. I bet if someone sold to your children and they O.D'd you would sing a different song. The beatings were uncalled for! I saw most of them and 95% of the time they were not warranted. After a man is cuffed with his hands behind his back you dont hit him with your radio, fist, run his head in a block wall, kick him in the crotch as hard as you can, or break a broom stick over his head while 2 other officers hold him. Your right some inmates may not deserve rights but they all have rights as human beings. Prison is not the lap of luxury. Yes they get more than bread and water but at rogers you earn your food and not much of it. 12 to 16 hr days working in the sun aint luxury. Sleep on the same wore out mat not mattress for 7yrs in my case. You loved ones who have people in there, when they call complaining about this and that, tell them to shut up that you are having just as hard a time out here. Maybe just maybe they will wake up and see the chaos they have caused.

Cypress, TX

#123 Sep 4, 2012
U all have no idea deal how it is in there. I have been stabbed buy the one you say is not guilty. I have seen inmates take things from other inmates and when they say something get jump. all i have is a radio but one on ten or more is not fair to me. so all you cry babies stop..i hate that some bad apples are working there but when i was getting stab buy you baby dad, drug selling man, or dui man they did not a thing. we the officers did not put them there a judge and 12 jury's did. so stop CRYING

Atlanta, GA

#124 Sep 14, 2012
david wrote:
why does people think they have rights in prison when who they killed stoled from or abrused didnt have any rights they was sent to prison to be punnished thats what wrong with system today people gets off to light and no justice prisoners should have no rights like it use to be
David, it would be smart if before you right something criticizing folks that you learn how to write or spell correctly. It's all right to express yourself, but people won't sympathize with you when you sound ignorant. Check yo-self B4 u wreck yo-self!
Verna Carthane

Pontiac, MI

#125 Oct 27, 2012
My son Arthur Wilson Jr. just arrived at Rogers State Prison. We (family) currently reside in Pontiac, MI 30 miles north of Detroit, MI. Can someone give me information on visitation, local hotels/motels, and the criteria to ensure a visit. I will be traveling 900 miles to see him for the first time since June 2012. If someone has a loved one at the facility that have a strong Christian faith, can you send me some contact information. I have never experienced the penal system with my son, so this is all new. Be blessed and encouraged, mom.


#126 Nov 3, 2012
People are sent to prison as punishment,not to be punished. This was once said by A. Ault ,Ga Corrections Commissioner,in the nineties.It means that taking away one's freedom ,in this country,is a substantial punishment in itself,and nobody needs to be beaten while serving time. As for sombody being in a GDC facility for 'just DUI' it is likely that the person had multiple DUI and was a Habitual Violator and this made it a felony. It's actually pretty hard to get into a state prison for a misdemeanor.

Jasper, TN

#127 Nov 16, 2012
my son is in rogers state prison..when he first goot there i urged him to b careful and not to get in trouble or fights..he sd momma their r no fights person will be ganged up on and beaten severly,so he sd he was being as careful as possible while at rogers .one day i got a call after not hearing from him for a while and he could hardly talk . he had been in the hole for a week for his own protection..a gang beat him severly two black eyes busted mouth,sore ribs,and no telling what else..he was robbed,they took everything he heart was could this happen with guards all around...let me just say this after doing a lot of digging i found most of the guards there are as dirty as they come...they are pd off and turn their head when pd to..they are the ones bringing drugs to the inmates and anything else they can make money on.
so what do you do ? get rid of all the guards..the current prison system does not work...someone needs to change the system from the inside out ..its not working ...
carla banks

United States

#128 Nov 23, 2012
There is gaurds who are beating inmates and watching people get raped.they just turn their head because they could care long as they get a paycheck why should they care.they wont let my brother call me.I am very worried and am gonna get a investigation started.2762
Totally oblivious

Sandersville, GA

#129 Nov 25, 2012
My bf is there and I had no idea it was this way.... Omg.... I haven't gotten to talk to him because of the phone system but he's there on probation violation and should be up for Parol soon. What is instigating the rapes and beatings??
Totally oblivious

Sandersville, GA

#130 Nov 25, 2012
crazy wrote:
<quoted text> thank you . you so right i repect you
. Awesome
Alicia Cuffee

United States

#131 Nov 30, 2012

Chickamauga, GA

#132 Feb 4, 2013
My bf is there and he said its been bad this past few days that there was a lot of blacks ganging up on whites and he's said the guards don't care. This is the first I've got him to talk about it. He said it wasn't personal it was generalized. Idk what to do I know he's not safe. They don't feed them hardly anything. He said one day they refused to work bc all they got was a half sandwich and spoonful of salad and half an orange for 6hrs. I think it's horrible to condone treating people that way. Just let them do their time. I think the guards get a kick out of it

United States

#133 Mar 28, 2013
for one thing about abuse in prison no the inmates shouldn't be abused they are human and we all make mistakes..the system is messed up why do they give drug users more time than a child a child molestation my nephew got 12 yrs just for one count of meth and he got jumped by 5 black guys in prison and they are going to move him they should put those guys in the whole instead of my so mad about this he is a good kid its his first time going to prison and he gets 12 yrs how about these people that kills there kids in fl and gets away with it...its not write im going to look into this.

United States

#134 Mar 28, 2013
I will be turning that prison in to the department of justice.its not fair.

Eatonton, GA

#135 Mar 28, 2013
I realize that no matter what anyone says thats contrary to your opinions is going to get lashed out at but I'm going to state this anyway. I worked at Rogers State Prison and left because the good ole boy system is active and in place there. The officers that get promoted are the officers that hang out and drink together and brown nose the higher ups.
I left because it never seemed like the right people got rewarded for doing the right thing. Now that being said in the 7 years I worked there I never had to hit a handcuffed inmate or work one 12 to 16 hours in the hot sun. 6 hours in a carrot field or a squash field may seem like 12 but it was a 6 hour shift. They don't leave out the back gate till after 8:00 count and have to be back by 3:00 with at least 2 breaks in the morning before lunch and at least 2 after.
Yes there are inmates that gang up on other inmates..they do have an officer I tried to curtail that activity and would attempt to separate trouble makers...but it is prison. Not meant to be comfortable, although g and h building were central heated and have air conditioning. I never took a bribe from an inmate although they will offer $300 to $600 to bring in cell phones and i never failed to report wrong doing.
Some of what I read here sickens me to beleive that anybody would beleive some of the garbage put on here. I can't say there was things that i didn't see but every officer there is NOT dirty, They WON'T just stand by for the stuff i have read about here.
....Sorry if my view of the situation differs from yours i respect every persons views I'd just like to say that there are good people that work there too!

United States

#136 Jun 15, 2013
I have a special friend in. Roger I pray he be safe.and all imates are not anminals they deserve a chance in life.I do hv a thing with rapists and men who hurt children...any kind of way...

United States

#137 Jul 13, 2013
In order to learn to live a better life, someone has to be shown mercy, oh and HOW TO LIVE!!!! It is sad that people could thing that someone who is an alcoholic or drug addict should be "punished" and not "healed" God help us all, one day cancer may be considered a hazard for others! aND nO nO nO YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE AN ACCIDENT OR HURT ANYONE TO GO TO PRISON FOR DUI'S. I know from personal experience..09, no wreck, nothing. Yes it happened to me.

Jonesboro, GA

#138 Jul 19, 2013
my brother is at roger state and he say its hell there he wants to be transfered out of there. He has been jumped on while in there not to mention he suffers from bi-polar schizophrenia. he is now in pc been there for months praying he get transferred to a better facility than that one

Atlanta, GA

#139 Aug 27, 2013
True, drug dealers and murders should not be locked up in the same room. But while in prison they should have to stay in their rooms locked 24/7. The only time u go outside is if you are in work detail. U done the crime so do the time . Remember our tax dollars are paying for your time there, then when u get out u will be right back in there cause u got it made so easy. Prison system needs to get tougher on the inmates.just sayin !!!!!!!

Oxford, GA

#140 Sep 10, 2013
Man son in Roger state to and I miss him so. he was beat by Mexican and he is having problems getting help. bleeding still out the mouth and nose. what can I do to help him from the outside.

Lady Lake, FL

#141 Sep 11, 2013
marie wrote:
<quoted text>my husband is in there for a dui thats no place to be for that not everyone there should be there!!!!!!!
I'm betting that it was not his first or even the second DUI! I say he should have been locked up the first time, he could have killed another of my children. Open your eyes!

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