the defiant crew motorcycle

the defiant crew motorcycle club...more info

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Knoxville, TN

#1 Nov 17, 2010
the defiant crew motorcycle club...more info

Since: Jul 10

South Yarmouth, MA

#2 Nov 18, 2010
Do you guys the bike club for the Cape Cod area?

Paducah, KY

#3 Nov 18, 2010
Just ckeck out the website.http://www.defiantcrew

I've seen a few of them around.

Chattanooga, TN

#4 Dec 8, 2011
I think what they r about is kick ass
Club Guy

Owensboro, KY

#5 Dec 8, 2011
Bill your preatty easily impressed then! Not much of a club to speak of. They're not at all plugged into the local or national community when it comes to clubs. They're not a bit different than the iron order. Matter of fact, the same guy started them when he got disgruntled with the iron order. Then they began the internet recruiting drive as did IO, Sons of Armegaden, and several other of these cop clubs. Which all insist on displaying state rockers. Which is funny cause the three piece patch with state rockers is a designation method for law enforcement. You know clubs displaying colors like that they like to label OMG's(outlaw motorcycle clubs). Funny the hypocracy they have there. Want to look like the ones they arrest on friday, sat, and sun. The other thing the LEO side of the club know that the state rockers are a disrespect to other clubs, and don't inform their new recruits(non LEO recruits) of the situation! So if you think that s cool running around pretended to be something your not and hiding behind a badge then your are very easily impressed. Their cowards!!!!!

Moss Point, MS

#7 Feb 24, 2012
God bless the RICO act.

Nashville, TN

#8 Feb 24, 2012
Plenty of other clubs around to check out if your intersed in joining something. I'd stay away from clubs like iron order and defiant crew. They seem to be pretty big clubs, but are a laughing stock among known clubs. There are other options locally. valiant soals are opening a clubhouse in paducah. also the sons or confederate veterns are local. A smaller one is the cycle knights. Of course there are also the omg's but if your looking at the defiant crew you prob do not want to join a club that is 1%. Mant of the non 1% clubs welcome people to come hang out on the weekends and attend rides.
Irish johnny

South Yarmouth, MA

#9 Feb 29, 2012
Club guy hit the nail on the head, there a friggen joke in the biker world in the north east. There not respected by any motorcycle club in the area that I know of. I don't care if they read this, I'm not hard to find, they know who I am.

Chicago, IL

#10 Apr 3, 2012
Club guy sees things from the outlaw mc perspective. So does Irish Johnny. What they don't realize is that not everybody wants to be affiliated with groups such as the Hells Angels, Mongols, Pagens, Sons of Silence, Banditos, The Breed, Solo Angels, and the Outlaws. Not everybody wants to be involved with groups that have been deemed a criminal organization by the FBI. Both the Iron Order and The Defiant Crew stand for something a hell of a lot more pure than any of the drug smuggling, and murdering 1% clubs. They can all put on a pretty face and try and look good, but in the end they will kill anyone over a rocker, a territory, a color,??? Why would one want to kill over territory unless it was drug territory? Who gives a damn what color a patch is? Only 1%rs care about how many rockers are on another clubs back or what city, county, or state is on another clubs rocker. What the 1%rs don't realize is that they are only 1% of 1%! I say if a club wants to allow cops, not allow drugs or other illegal activities, and doesn't create fear in the community then they are a good thing. What all the 1%rs operate on is peoples fear of them. They use violence to try and scare other good people from operating by telling them the have to have permission to be a club and wear an mc cube and a 3 piece patch. When truth be told they are the ones that are scared of other clubs springing up everywhere cause they would be out numbered. At least the iron order, the defian crew, the sons of Armageddon, and all the other "posers" can sit at a BBQ and know they aren't under surveillance, and they don't have to worry about one of their brothers rolling states evidence when they get busted, and best of all the difference between the 1%rs and the other guys..... The other guys know who the cops are inside their club, the 1%rs don't know they have a cop in their club until its to late. A perfect example would be William Queen who infiltrated the Mongols and was patched in and single handedly got their patch stripped of them in federal courts, or ask the Hells Angels about Jay Dobyns. All clubs have cops, just not all clubs know it

Northbrook, IL

#11 Apr 19, 2012
Well said Fuzz! It's the OMG's that are the posers, trying to look like something they're not. I've seen local 1%er clubs deliver toys and hold fundraisers one day, then get busted with 2 keys of meth the next. If you want to be a bad ass criminal, then stop pretending you give a s**t about the community you live in. The 1% clubs are the ones engaging in hypocrisy. Just do what you do, stay out of other clubs business, shut up and ride.

Nashville, TN

#12 Apr 20, 2012
Is the defiant crew still around. Figured they would have shut down by now. Even if they are legit (which they are not), it's hard to ride around when everyone thinks you're a joke.

Nashville, TN

#13 Apr 20, 2012
Hey flathead,
Do u still drive that old truck??
Your so called friend

United States

#14 Apr 20, 2012
Bunch of grown men who pay dress up all their life's and make excuses for it. Pathetic little losers.

Nashville, TN

#15 Apr 24, 2012
Paducah wrote:
Hey flathead,
Do u still drive that old truck??
Not sure what that has to do with this topic?? Just stating a fact. There are plenty of clubs to join already. No since in making a BS club happen here
Your so called friend

Paducah, KY

#16 Apr 26, 2012
Talk about a wasted life....

Memphis, TN

#17 Apr 27, 2012
2of the defeated crew are here in Memphis , just a bunch of chicken shit idiots
Irish Johnny

Harwich, MA

#18 Apr 28, 2012
There chicken shits no matter what state there from. And for fuzz, probably some kind of pork product. Make sure you say hello when we're out sometime. Love to pick your brain. You seem to be so up to date on the biker seen, maybee you can enlighten us with all your wisdom and knowledge.

London, KY

#19 May 5, 2012
Irish Johnny wrote:
There chicken shits no matter what state there from. And for fuzz, probably some kind of pork product. Make sure you say hello when we're out sometime. Love to pick your brain. You seem to be so up to date on the biker seen, maybee you can enlighten us with all your wisdom and knowledge.
I would be happy to let you pick my brain. You never know when you may have already had conversations with me. Maybe just maybe we have had a conversation in the last couple of weeks. I may be a pig. I may just be a wanna be pig. Maybe I'm a biker. Maybe I'm a wanna be biker. I could be a biker and a pig. Maybe just maybe your wondering who the fuck you have talked to that I could be.

Port Orange, FL

#20 May 9, 2012
Really Fuzz tell us more on how educated you are on the biker seen? Right out of a book, and really all cops and those who hang with them are law abiding? Come on be truthful now all of them are law abiding? Oh thats right please tell me just cuz one is bas dont mean they are all bad. Cops retaliate just like 1%ers not so you say? better go look at the video on the internet and watch the news how they are busted for illegal activities. Those who are afraid just read about it and tell us how much they now the others go live it to know what its about. Why dont you tell us about your military experience also Im sure you have something to say about that to.

Port Orange, FL

#21 May 9, 2012
and before you go off trying to pick at misspelling,cuz you cant defend yourself, it was done that way on purpose.

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