Bill addresses theory used in custody...

Bill addresses theory used in custody cases

There are 13 comments on the San Gabriel Valley Tribune story from Mar 10, 2008, titled Bill addresses theory used in custody cases. In it, San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports that:

A state bill that would set guidelines for child custody cases has highlighted a nearly 20-year-old dispute over a theory used by psychological evaluators.

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Jude Lopez

Diamond Bar, CA

#1 Mar 11, 2008
Jennifer never accused Brian Miller of sexually molesting the children. Scott Kambak, M.F.T., the children's therapist reported it. A few months later, the evaluation from Aurora Charter Oak Hospital, where the eldest child was a patient, claimed that they have investiagted and documented the sexual abuse. The children's recent therapists claimed that there was no evidence of parental or family alienation. They made this calim to the evaluator ordered by the court. The judge did allow my daughter's atorney to call them as witnesses. So much for seeking out the truth.
Yuri Joakimidis

Dernancourt, Australia

#3 Mar 14, 2008
You do not need a psychology degree to realize that some parents alienate children in custody cases.

Commonsence is sufficient

United States

#4 Mar 15, 2008
Yuri Joakimidis wrote:
You do not need a psychology degree to realize that some parents alienate children in custody cases.
Commonsence is sufficient
The problem with that is, common sense isn't so common. It goes right out the window when you involve the courts.

I do agree, you don't need a shrink to determine who gets the kids.
Tracie Frendo

Atlanta, GA

#5 Apr 4, 2008
To say that parental alienation doesn't exist is completely false. I've witnessed it many times. My exhusband's 1st wife did this from the time she was 2 years old. It has led to a very bad situation for the daughter who is now confused and lost. She's got a lot of mental problems due to this. I'm currently trying to help someone whose wife told her two children their dad doesn't love them because he wants to exercise his visistation with the children in the state he resides in after agreeing to let them go there to visit him. She does this to excercise control over him. More than likely she'll end up with custody and a nice child support payment when she makes twice the amount he does. She's also a drug addict. She has been for 23 years. She now lives with the children at her mother's house who smoked crack with her when she was 15 yeras of age. He recorded her admitting to using drugs while living with her boyfriend at the time who was 25 years of age. Family and Children Services refused to do anything because the children were not physically abused. But she emotionally abused them to get back at the father. For months he had problems with his son over the comment that the mother made many times that the father didn't love them if he didn't meet her demands because the son believed his mother to be telling the truth. If a woman loves her child she would not say such things and put her bitterness 2nd behind the children's wellbeing. The funny thing is she has no reason to be angry with him. She commited adultry which is what broke up their marriage twice. Now she's mad that he is moving on with his life and is using the children to exercise her revenge. Parental alienation is very real and the effects it has on the children when they grow up is very serious. I don't understand why the court will not recognize this. Maybe it's like the law that they consider the custody of the children on the custodial parent's ability to encourage and maintain a relationship with the other parent, a law they don't consider let alone enforce. Then they add insult to injury and make you pay to take a class on how not to act toward your chilren during and after a divorce. Another thing they do not enforce. Men have little rights and most of their rights are based on their ability to afford the best attorney.
Joel Johnston

United States

#6 Apr 17, 2008
Interesting how women originally grabbed on to parental alientation and claimed that it happened because fathers would speak negatively about the mother. But, when men started using it in court, describing the same thing, it is now unacceptable and being stated as being used by abusive men.

The new mantra for women is to call all men wanting to have time with their kids abusers. The federal governement on their Department of Justice Domestic Violence website states that keeping a person from having access to their kids is domestic violence.

What is it - Parental Alienation or Domestic Violence. Either way - it's destructive to children. ANd, either way it is Child Abuse. Call a spade a spade! Quit abusing kids, and the courts should stop promoting child abuse.

It's time to end Family Abuse.

Joel Johnston
fred sottile

United States

#7 Apr 18, 2008
i couldn't help noticing that karen anderson, a "woman's group advocate" refered to PAS as junk science. she should be listened to, because these women's group advocates are experts on junk science. their retoric is, and has been, based on it for at least four decades. it is junk science that has vaulted feminism to the point where it is the major destroyer of the American family. three cheers for karen anderson, junk science, feminism and it's marxist roots. let's all destroy the american family and bring down the country. after all ,that is where you and the family courts are taking us, isn't it karen?
smart cookie

Los Angeles, CA

#9 Dec 1, 2008
The comments here are indicative of ignorance.

As for our gov't, there is a shift. YIPPEEE!!

As for family court - it's still totally F'D. We need change IMMEDIATELY!

The people that have commented here are a part of a HATE GROUP aka glen sacks and the like. LOSERS!

The haters hate that label. They hate the truth. I love i!!

Sad that the author of this article quoted a "father's rights" aka HATE GROUP with absolutely NO verification. For the intelligent people reading this, please ignore the stupidity and the lame reporting. Do your own research.

Julia Cotton

And there are those that choose to be abusive - SUE.

Dover, OH

#10 Mar 3, 2009
To the blogger of Double Dipping Mother. Fact number one we have been separated for nearly six years, during those six years he paid maybe 48 months of child support. He had the picture perfect divorce decree. He had 43% possession time with the kids, three of whom are adopted and one biological. I agreed to a 0 child support order. I did this because he would have them almost half the time and he agreed to pay for half of extra expenses such as school fees, clothes or uniforms, sports fees, school supplies ect. In the two years this was in effect he contributed $6.50 to helping with extra expenses. He also was not doing his part of the shared parenting; he had the children probably 10% of the time if that. He has never done his two weeks of parenting in the summer, one year even canceling the day he was supposed to take them. He has not seen his kids since December and lives a half a block away. He once told me he wouldn’t help with school supplies because they were not a necessity! Yes three of the girls get adoption subsidies; they stay with the child, so I get to keep the money to raise them. However they are not meant to fully support a child. These children get subsidies because they qualify as special needs. The parents are expected to contribute to their care also. He never showed up to either child support hearing, he could have had his say if he would have showed. The magistrate ordered child support because of his lack of helping with any extra expenses and the fact that he was not in compliance of his parenting time. During the years he did not support them he claimed them on his taxes, received earned income credit, and government grants for school because he claimed he contributed over 50% of the financial obligations to two of his children, what a joke. He also received their stimulus money last year and did not so much as buy them a pair of socks, and was not paying child support at the time. I am also supporting two more children that were not part of this marriage.
Second fact, he lives in his sister’s basement? He lives in a house that is about 15 years old; he owns this home outright, no mortgage, no payments. He does not want to support his children but his free loading sister and her children get the whole house, while he lives in the basement, by choice. He also owns a second home in Amherst that he moved out of and decided to let foreclose to live in the free home his father left him. He drives a new car also left to him by his father, again no payment.
Third fact, he lost his job and is going bankrupt? He may be going bankrupt he is constantly spending money on legal fees, attorneys ect. to harass me. However he is receiving severance pay from his job and I think he may have voluntarily taken a buyout.
Well that concludes most of my side of the story, I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this, I am now trying to clear my name as he has posted all over the internet. He has also posted all over the internet that his children are adopted which they chose only to share with close friends; however he has violated their privacy. There is much more to this story if you are interested you can contact me.

Dover, OH

#11 Mar 4, 2009

Elyria, OH

#12 Mar 13, 2009
You’re Ridiculous! Get off the internet, quit posting your life, and grow up!!! Your I sad excuse for a man. Quit complaining and take some responsibility for your own actions.

Arvin, CA

#13 May 14, 2009
I have read PAS by Dr. Richard Gardner, as a mother I see how it might seem as though women can be the alienator, only because as Gardner states the mother is mostly the primary care taker in divorce/separation cases, but he also recognizes both mother and father as being the alienator. Gardner's concern is the children, and warned that children's statements in divorce/custody about rejecting one parent should not be taken at face value and should be evaluated for PAS dynamics. Especially when in cases where "False Allegation" are presented and has been unfounded. This is were "fathers and children" are victimized by PAS. Every situation is different and should be evaluated where children are victims of alienation, It does exist!!! It seems as though it is being Shadowed by the system. It goes back to the "HE said SHE said" or "I didn't You Did it" in adults during divorce/separation and the reality of the animosity that is later felt, and it is what is done with that feeling that has its consequences.
Greg in NH

Little Rock, AR

#14 May 18, 2009
California AB 612

Assembly Member Beall,

As a father in a contested divorce where false allegations have been used as a weapon of choice to gain the upper hand in custody, I do not support your bill. Perhaps living through this tragedy and seeing the child protection services interviews of your child say "mom made me write the notes" would change you views on just how deviant someone can be to "win” the children.

The Superior Court determined that no sexual abuse occurred, mom was involved in writing the notes and influenced the child AND THEN gave her residential responsibility and me continued supervised visitations until the therapist make a decision on the parenting plan. Why? Because parental Alienation is child abuse and the children now need counseling.

Parental Alienation is real and is child abuse under psychological injury. I would not call this per-meditated plan "Non-Scientific Theories" or “junk science”, especially when there is a letter from you ex stating that this is just what she is going to do prior to it happening.

Do you classify inconsistencies in the child's interview non-Scientific Theories also?

Kennedale, TX

#16 Apr 24, 2011
Parental Alienation Awareness Day is April 25th

Parental Alienation thrives in an environment of incompetence, ignorance, apathy, and deceit. It can be defeated through education, increased awareness, and action.

Parents who try to alienate their child from his or her other parent convey a three-part message to the child:(1) I am the only parent who loves you and you need me to feel good about yourself,(2) the other parent is dangerous and unavailable, and (3) pursuing a relationship with that parent jeopardizes your relationship with me.

Additional links to reading and audio resources at:

Each year, society is becoming more aware of this type of abuse. Fathers and mothers alike can be the instigator or alienating parent. It is our children that need protection, not the parents.

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