The Wal-Mart store in Normal-Bloomington, McLean County, Illinois, Midwest, USA listens to phone talks of customers. It monitors its products with the help of RFID Radio Frequency Identification tags. It monitors its customers inside the stores with its CCTV closed circuit television. Most alarmingly, it works on the cutomers's (inside the store) body parts, including their genital organs, with the help of the remote body area networks & works on their minds with the help of remote mind reading networks & remote mind control networks. Since Walmart sources & buys its clothes, grains, electronic items, slippers, shoes, grains, fruits, meats, fish, medicines, durable commodities & tens & thousands of items sold in the stores from every country, region & continent in the world and it runs stores & operates in every town & state in USA & in most of the countries in the world, it poses a security threat to the unity, integrity & independence of Asian Hindu, Sikh, Shinto, Tao, Confucian, Buddhist & Jain India, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Kampuchea, Lao & Mongolia & to the body, mind, brain, health, education, happiness, safety, security, wellbeing & existence of Asian Hindu, Sikh, Shinto, Tao, Confucian, Buddhist & Jain Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Thais, Burmese, Sri Lankans, Nepalese, Vietnamese, Kampucheans, Laons & Mongolian in the United States of America & in the rest of the world. The Non-Aryan European Christian & USA Conspiracy operates through its European Christian & European American Christian male & female human bodies, robotic prostitutes, REMOTE BODY AREA NETWORKS (BANs), REMOTE MIND READING NETWORKS (MRNs), REMOTE MIND CONTROL NETWORKS (MCNs), REMOTE BODY, BRAIN, BLOOD, FLESH, HEART, NERVE, MUSCLE & MIND 24/7 MANIPULATING NETWORKS, remote every body part touching, massaging, manipulating, lengthening, shortening, ballooning, condensing, harming & torturing networks; remote 24/7 talking, singing, audio playing, sleep depriving & torturing networks; remote frightful, nauseating & highly disturbing pictures, shapes, scenes, images & bodies dangling & floating before the eyes networks; remote brain mapping, neuro imaging, neuro CT & MRI Scanning & manipulating networks; remote Neuro Feedback, Positive Imagery, Negative Imagery, past-life regression & behavioral change therapies; remote neurological, psychological, psychiatric, sex therapy, clinical trial, neuron cell, neuron transmitter, blood stream invisible camera, bio-tech, nano-tech, genome-tech, drone-tech, CCTV, GCTV, GPS & remote sensing satellites, imager, sensor, scanner, body electricity, electronics, infra-red, micro-wave, radio, radiation, radiology, RFID, laser & x-ray networks, Spy-in-the-sky networks; remote Google, Apple & Walmart Earth Mapping & Store Visitor Monitoring, manipulating & torturing Networks; remote neuro-transmitter serotonin manipulating networks; remote Drug-Narcotics-Chemical Injecting networks. Jai Hind! OM! Please investigate the unholy alliance among Illinois State University, Illinois State Univeristy Nursing College, Normal Town Mayor Chris Koo, Illinois State University President Al Bowman, Illinois State University Police Department, Bromenn Hospital, Barnes & Nobles, Normal Town Simon's Coffee House, Bloomington Police Department, Normal Town Police Department, Dr. Sandra Little Grove, International Coordinator Sarah Jome, Dr. Brenda of the Ilstu Nursing College, Wal-Mart stores & Borders Book House which targets, monitors, manipulates, remotely body monitors, manipulates, massages, molests & rapes, harms, hurts, humiliates & destroy the education, work, personal & community lives of Asian Hindu, Sikh, Shinto, Tao, Confucian, Buddhist & Jain India, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Kampuchea, Lao & Mongolia.