Redlands skatepark on hold due to fun...

Redlands skatepark on hold due to funding

There are 64 comments on the San Bernardino County Sun story from Oct 21, 2009, titled Redlands skatepark on hold due to funding. In it, San Bernardino County Sun reports that:

The city's proposed skatepark is on hold until organizers raise enough money to build it.

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#48 Oct 26, 2009
Rich Smith wrote:
<quoted text>
Boy, you really have a thing for people who live on the south side.
Now why is that?
Old money and old ideas.

“Timing & Distance!”

Since: Jul 08

Lake Arrowhead, CA

#49 Oct 26, 2009
Hope wrote:
<quoted text> Old money and old ideas.
So what are you concidering the "south side?"
Everyone living south of I10?
Everyone living south of Cypress?
Everyone living south of Highland?
Ken Keniff

Redlands, CA

#50 Oct 26, 2009
Is concidering the same as considering? Anyways, for all the losers out there, please stay away from the south Redlands Hills, I wouldn't want my security gate, cameras or dogs disturbed. For everyone in North Redlands, please break off fom Redlands, we are willing to give you to Highland for free.
Ken Keniff

Redlands, CA

#51 Oct 26, 2009
Fom = from

La Quinta, CA

#52 Oct 27, 2009
Things have to go when there is NO MONEY. Personally since I don't skate, I rather Redlands use any extra money on fixing the darn streets!
Average Joe

North Hollywood, CA

#53 Oct 31, 2009
Redlands Resident wrote:
Now that I've exposed "Rev G. Charles" as the low-life that he and his stoner-boy son are (Slayer? Get a life!), I'm still going to bust your little precious if I catch him so much as spitting on the sidewalk, let alone riding his "toy" on it.
You're the reason your kid is so messed up. You just don't realize it yet.
I'm done. You can go now. I've won this argument, and it was too easy.
You're an idiot! People like you give Redlands a bad name, so quit posting as "Redlands Resident". You, in no way, represent the Redlands I know.

Redlands, CA

#54 Dec 1, 2009
redlands resident your stupid. go kill yourself. you have no love in you at all.
Jack Sparrow

Yucaipa, CA

#55 Dec 13, 2009
You guys need to give up. Redlands is so screwed up, the skate park will never happen.

Face it, Redlands CC doesn't know what the hell they are doing. Should we ask a consultant on that one for $20,000?
To Represent

Redlands, CA

#57 Dec 17, 2009
Redlands Resident wrote:
"She said kids who want to skateboard must find places where they may be asked to leave..."
Translation: They are skating in areas where it isn't allowed. Sorry, that's called "breaking the law".
I have yet to meet a "skater" who wasn't a punk, a criminal, a vandal, a tagger, or on their way to becoming any/all of these.
And who is going to assume the liability for this "park"?

Spend the money on the Redlands Library, and teach these kids to read. It's a much beter use of the money.
You're a real jerk!

Redlands, CA

#58 Dec 18, 2009
Poster may be a jerk, but she probably has a real college education, contributes to the community, and raises children who are a credit to America.

Redlands is this dying backwater of religious bigots living off of government subsidies.

Redlands Resident is just describing what Redlanders look like to the rest of the world.
Rev G Charles

Miami, FL

#59 Dec 18, 2009
some facts the skatepark fund is about 40k.
if no bowl is present the 5k hawk tossed in is nixed so assume its 35k. The space allocated at sylvan park has NOT been deeded nor longterm leased to the foundation. NO work can be done as a result. The funds sit and kids still get hassled by Paredes. That is latest so hate on.
In short this has been a huge WASTE of time for all involved parties. maybe we could donate the funds to the dogpark as that gets more love than a safe skate spot for children, jus sayin.

Since: Nov 09

San Bernardino, CA

#61 Dec 20, 2009
gump wrote:
redlands resident your stupid. go kill yourself. you have no love in you at all.
No love at all. Unlike those who tell others to kill themselves.

United States

#62 May 31, 2010
Geez, so much arguing. Can't we all just respect each others opinions. Most of these comments are just plain ridiculous. Redlands Resident(in Victorville) and the DN Z-have you actually done your research? Being a first person observer to skaters just simply isn't enough. You cannot judge all by one experience. Granted, there are jerks out there. But come on, to say all skaters are "punks" and disrespectful? Chill out. Stop arguing over the internet. Im hedging a guess at your age to be mid fourties-so narrow minded. Saying all skaters are delinquent punks is just plain prejudice. And as for money to police and fire-I give you this article:
Why build a Skatepark when issuing tickets to Skateboarders is more lucrative?
Write (with passionate repetition )to your City Councilman and ask: Why does Redlands Still does not have a public Skater Park? Do they like the stream of income from tickets more than the ideal of a Skatepark?

Meet your City Council Members
Meet your Redlands City Manager
Meet your Mayor

Who decides where when and how to spend your money. Ask Redevelopment Agency Director Dan Hobbs

Parents are becoming angrier and angrier. Is it a result of bad policies and the disregard for the needs of the community? You decide. Dear Parents, this is a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Whether you are a parent of a skateboarder or just know a skateboarder, also ask your City Councilman: Do the elected Redlands City Council really represent you?- Really? Ask yourself. Did we not elect them to meet the needs of the community?...Or instead, the interests of a powerful minority and the seekers of political money power grab.

Please read what Mr Hicks has to say: Redlands Officer Paredes Badge 3461 as pictured needs to grasp civil liberties better. Why do no other civilians riding non motorized multi-wheeled methods of transportation seem to get tickets with the ZEAL and or frequency of those of children on Skateboards? It's a civil liberties concern I have as a parent, taxpayer, and a person who spends $$ in town. I support the Redlands tax base. I don't see it as funny that the city has no signs posted for rules prohibiting: seg-ways, roller skates, skateboards, bikes, scooters, heelies, roller blades etc. If kids on skateboards are moving from point A to point B and get tickets, why not everyone else equally? That is selective enforcement of the law.

This is no joke, why in a town that collects taxes from no less six boardshops are the riders on ONLY skateboards singled out? Creating a generation of kids to distrust and detest the police is not a wise move. I came from OAKLAND, why do you think I moved here? Do you really want our kids to view Police like they are in less affluent municipalities like Rialto, Fontana or San Bernardino. POLICE are the ENEMY. This police person impacts the view of the entire department and town. It's Shameful and in time someone will take legal action or a class action again this man and the city. Redlands Police cannot detect thieving civil servants stealing postage and using city vehicles for personal use but can ticket kids on skateboards, GREAT work. I feel much safer. Curfew tickets on Thursday evenings only and skateboard tickets will balance our budget woes.

Kids raised over 80k for a park, did the city follow through with the space commitment? No, once the camera's left so did the land, just random harassment from this COP. Sooner or later this will have a bad result. Kids develop a hatred for POLICE.

Thanks Officer Paredes, if you want to write tickets post up at one of our 8 bars in the area and do some civic good and write tickets on DRUNKS - NOT children on skateboards. Catch a drug dealer or two rather than ticket kids in front of a Skate Shop.

G. Hicks

Since: Nov 09

Redlands, CA

#63 Jun 1, 2010
Jonathan wrote:
Stop arguing over the internet.
But that's what it's for.

Perris, CA

#64 Jul 23, 2010
Still no skatepark? lol
matt b

Wildwood, PA

#65 Aug 2, 2010
Redlands Resident wrote:
My ISP is in VV (Where my business is located) but I'm not. I post via a VPN connection, working from home via my company's T3 line.
So why do waste so much time on here loser? You got picked on as a kid because you were to uncoordinated and loppy. So now you work as computer nerd. I know your type its cool loser you still got your .... oh wait this is all you got Haaaaaaaaaa Haaaaa!!!!!!
matt b

Wildwood, PA

#66 Aug 2, 2010
Redlands Resident wrote:
Oh, no! I won. The troll is gone, and I'm left here, laughing at him.
No. He called you out on a bet and you did your best to avoid it
. You are very much a nobody on line any loser can do it (like this) step up already or maybe your afraid you will lose.

Fontana, CA

#67 Nov 12, 2010
still waiting? lol we have 2!
ex redlands skater

Yucaipa, CA

#68 Feb 27, 2012
you guys are rediculious, the park has already have had money put into it, and the money has already been spent on a white plane with 3 blue stripes to moniter the redlands area. its an observe and report plane witha hidef camera on the wing, and always circles where it is called to. the cirt needs to stop being stupid and jewish and think of what they want the youth doing in thir city, almost half the teend of downtown redlands are on speed or heroine, id rather see kids spending theyre time having fun doing something they can get better and a bus trip sucks, everyone hates it, why would you have busses full of kids? its not like they wanna pay to go out of the city to hurt themself and not have a ride home. think people, you dont want kids in your face, so give them somewhere to be, everywhere is now tresspassing and no loidering laws everywhere accept the sidewalks. and police of redlands still hastle you over that, and is you have a skateboard they try adn issue a citation to you for either not having a helmet or for no skateboarding, but people can ride their bikes on sidewalks? fuck you and all your keep all the money to ourselfs bullshit and give instead of being a steriotypical redlands old person whos greedy with their money and hate the youth. the money isnt going anywhere anyways accept to cigarette companies and alcohol. and diapers
ex redlands skater

Yucaipa, CA

#69 Feb 27, 2012
Jack Sparrow wrote:
You guys need to give up. Redlands is so screwed up, the skate park will never happen.
Face it, Redlands CC doesn't know what the hell they are doing. Should we ask a consultant on that one for $20,000?
theyll probably have you schedule an appt and trash your info, ive went in and asked on the money issue and what it has gone too and they just looked right past me

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