Read old testament chapter of Malachi. That is where the origin of the time machine is. White future earthlings are using the bible and time machine mentioned in the bible, for the growth and expansion of the white race. The Jewish people and all other Semitic people are Native American or Algonquian. Read the Story of Atlantis and Peter Jones and William W. Warren's 19th century books History of the Ojebway Indians and History of the Ojibway People. The organized cowards (the whites) are not to be trusted! They are hiding behind a shield of non whites, to make themselves appear as if they want to share this land they have stolen from Indians, and Indians and all other non whites, must not be played. Visit and write Chemtrails Conspiracy and watch the OC (as in octagan ) or organized cowards, get it done the cowards way. Prepare for survival! Those ain't clouds up there! They are chemical warfare assaults! Dig underground shelters and stock up on food and water. Who do you think the remnants mentioned in Revelation are? Stay out of Christian churches and all other religious buildings. Religion is a shield for the expansion of the OC. The OC hate Jesus Christ and want nothing to do with him. The cross is not a cross. Open your eyes and you'll eventually see a sword. And an innocent man being nailed to that sword. Christianity is promoting a back stabbing meassage! Don't be played by the whites! You have been warned!