Crooked lying police officers, Crooked lying judges, attorney's that back off to keep from hurting a criminal "collegue"...LOL They all have to look out for each a shame if they had to get a "Job" and earn a living. "This All Happened In Cass County" Visit the website...http://www.geocities .com/steelplayer1963/ This is a real occurrance. This really happened. They even postponed all court appearances so no witness would be there to hear the blackball go on. What could this man know that a "judge" would blackball him like this? Why didn't NewsTelegraph do a story on this. They must know what this man knows too. He must know alot! I'd like to know. How could our very own Dan Feistner know about this and allow it to go on? I guess I didn't know he was dishonest. I'll never trust him again.