Red Lion discusses possible school cl...

Red Lion discusses possible school closings

There are 19 comments on the The York Daily Record story from Dec 19, 2008, titled Red Lion discusses possible school closings. In it, The York Daily Record reports that:

The Red Lion Area School District held a hearing Thursday to discuss its planned redistricting and the possible closings of two elementary schools, Edgar Moore and Chanceford.

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#1 Dec 19, 2008
Build a new school, close two schools. Grap your vasoline. New and pretty is all these A-holes are thinking. How about 24 hour schools, so we get the most out of what we are spending. How about NO UNIONS. How about one school district for the county. How about NO SPORTS, the tax payer can no longer afford this. How about NO SWIMMING POOL. Can anybody say NO?
Dotty Marnoch

Lancaster, PA

#2 Dec 19, 2008
Why have all nine Elementary Schools opened and used?
(1) Do you use all your class rooms in all your Elementary Schools?
(2) See how many class rooms you do not use for 2008-2009.
(3) When you check to see how many empty classrooms are not being used, then here is the time to sit with everyone and explain what your thinking about
I would like to know what your decision will be about closing some more Elementary Schools.
I have a son who goes to Conestoga Valley and he's in 8th grade.
Wish you luck!!!!!!!!
Mr Obvious

Harrisburg, PA

#3 Dec 19, 2008
Close therse bitches and lower the ridiculous school taxes.

Cranford, NJ

#4 Dec 19, 2008
Yes, one school district for the county. Or maybe look at the population density and draw the school districts based on that. Probably that was done in 1900, but the population is a little different now!

Since: Dec 08


#5 Dec 19, 2008
Not all of the classrooms at all the schools are used right now and not all schools are filled to ther capacity. However, there are 3 of the 8 schools open now that are above their capacity, one school with more than 100 students more than capacity. That particular school was redistricted just a few years ago. I was at the school board meeting last night and I have the figures the school board put out about costs, students in the district and what not. They're contradicting themselves with closing schools, simply because they're saying that Chanceford/Lower Chanceford will see 30% of the district's growth for 2010, yet they are considering the closing of Chanceford. My biggest question at this time is why they are all of a sudden concerned about saving a few bucks when they spent $23 million on an elementary school and are adding to the senior high school for the second time in less than a 10 years (not to mention the indoor track, new two level gym, the cafeteria which they didn't even have for a whole school year and the students ate bagged lunches, wherever-these were areas that were remodeled in the late 90's). The district also purchased the Copper Beach country club, which is Dallastown's district. Talk about waste. If they close Edgar Moore and Chanceford, they are only allowin for 56 elementary students to enter the district before they have to reopen a school (and redistrict again)-that is if they don't level the schools like they did when they turned Clearview into an elementary school.

Dillsburg, PA

#6 Dec 19, 2008
I don't think closing Chanceford is a good idea, considering that it is a southern end school, and the southern end could potentially face the bigger influx of students from Aberdeen Proving Ground's reorganization. I think because 74 is the most direct route to Aberdeen, people may be more likely to buy there than further north. I feel the worst for the Edgar Moore parents who have children that already walk, the issue of crossing 74 to get to Maize Gable is just not a safe option, I don't care if there is a crossing guard there, it's not safe.
I'm not sure why living within the borough means that you do not receive transportation to school. Considering the known child predators that live right in that area, I would never feel comfortable letting my child walk. I understand the consideration of closing schools that are really old, but if this economy rebounds, are they going to be building another 23 million dollar school a few years down the road? kind of makes you wonder.

Lancaster, PA

#7 Dec 19, 2008
Take away school sports to save money.
taxed out

Blackwood, NJ

#8 Dec 20, 2008
Stop spending OUR tax dollars to IMPROVE sports facilities and equipment. Maintain and be satisfied with what we have. Instead IMPROVE education needs. Why does it make sense for Red Lion to have an indoor track facility???? What's next, a dome on Horn Field?
DSM Red Lion PA

Harrisburg, PA

#9 Dec 20, 2008
Close the schools??? What about the new school they are building on Windsor Road, GO FIGURE!!!!! How is that cost effective, BOARD? Is saving money by closing the two schools warrant the building of a new school, where is the logic? I say keep the schools open and dump the plans for the new school which is going to cost us tax payers more that improvig the old schools. I know the school district gets more financial help from the gov't if they build a new school rather than doing inprovements to the old schools. And yes, what about the transportatin costs, the concerns of the parents whose children have to walk that extra mile to school with all the predators that reside in the school district to date, just look it up on Family you will see why the parents have these concerns. Us tax payers are tapped out!!!! There are tax payers in the district who have no children in the schools, they still pay the full amount of taxes as do the people who have children in school, how fare is that? Wake up and smell the school books guys!!! Check the economy, people out of work, etc. GIVE US A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!
E M Concerned Parent

York, PA

#10 Dec 20, 2008
As a parent of Edgar Moore Students I am very worried about the closing of our school but most of all I am concerned about my childrens safety as they are required to walk to a school farther away. Route 74 is no place for a child to walk let alone an adult. I would challenge each School Board Member to walk from the school that they are proposing to close to one of the schools they are re-districting my children to. Don't forget to start your journey during mid winter during the same school hours my children attend. Keep in mind that there are no sidewalks on route 74 during your travels. Even in front of our own Education Center there are no sidewalks. How much are we saving on that construction project? If we aren't spending to construct sidewalks where are we propsing our children walk?...on the yellow line? Let's attend every School Board meeting from now till they make their final decision and pray for a miracle.

Harrisburg, PA

#11 Dec 20, 2008
As a parent of three EM students, I am apalled that the school district would even begin to think that it is safe for these children to walk from this side of town to Mazie Gable! And as far as adding more crossing guards, thats a joke I spent most of last school year standing at the S franklin n country club rd intersection crossing the children because they didnt have enough guards to cover all the intersections that needed coverage. It really makes you wonder whose interest these people really have in mind, it sure is not of those who truely matter..........THE CHILDREN!!!!!!
Living in Margaritaville

Davao City, Philippines

#12 Dec 20, 2008
You people are so F@ked and you can't do a damn thing about it!!!

Born, Raised and Got the Hell Out of Taxelvania!!
Sua Sponte

Harrisburg, PA

#13 Dec 21, 2008
Living in Margaritaville wrote:
You people are so F@ked and you can't do a damn thing about it!!!
Born, Raised and Got the Hell Out of Taxelvania!!
Well said. Time for a beer run ?
EM Parent

Delta, PA

#14 Dec 21, 2008
All I can say is the school board better rethink their tranportation policy. I will be first in line to sue them for everything they got if something should happen to my child. The money they are trying to save will be going out the door. I know first hand that the kids who live across from Winterstown school (the houses directly across the street) are being picked up by a bus because they are not allowed to cross a state street by law. Think about it....the kids who go to Edgar Moore and live across 24 in Forrest Hills are bused because they are not allowed to cross a state road. I going to look into the legality of all of this for sure! Like someone said would definitely be interesting to see all of the board and administrators walk the same walk every day, including thunder storms, rain, and winter conditions. Apparently though....I felt at the meeting they already have their minds made up about the transportation.


#15 Dec 26, 2008
Given the bad decisions to make a 23 million dollar TAJ MAHAL elementary of the MACULUSO school on Windsor road the school board is now looking for an easy way out. I would highly doubt it if the school board would make the same decision about these children walking in the borough if they also have walk a mile and a half to their car for a board meeting. Make them walk in the thunder and heavy lightning and with 10 lbs of books with them and see if they are still in the mood to close schools. What a bunch of idiots from what I can see. Spend the money on some busses and absorb the cost to keep the kids safe. Much more important than a building.

Herndon, VA

#16 Dec 28, 2008
The district has to fill the new school. The board voted to build the new school so of course they can't open it without students. If they think everyone doesn't know why they are closing two schools to cover that mistake they should think again. It would be nice if they would just be honest about the reason rather than give bogus reasons. All they needed to do was redistrict, save the 23 million and renovate the existing buildings. It would have been so much cheaper. They were probably advised by the same people who advised them to buy Cooper Beach. Maybe they should get new advisors.

Delta, PA

#17 Jan 5, 2009
This is absolutely outrageous! My 8 year old granddaughter attends Edgar Moore and I can tell you right now that none of you on the school board would walk a mile to or from anywhere and to make children under the ages of 10 to do the same is appalling! I work for the Juvenile Court system and this is clearly an issue of safety, nothing but. If you can affored to build another elementary school @ the cost of 24 million, then you can afford to provide proper transportation for these children affected by this ridiculous proposed decision. Every parent I have spoken to is up in arms about this. Our society is full of nothing but child predators, rapists, sexual molestors, etc, and to send children out there to walk up to 1 mile to and from school is outrageous! I see, first hand, the type of people we have living in our society, and what they are capable of. It's a terrible world!
If you (school board) decide on this avenue of transportation, you will NEVER get any SUPPORT from us (my family) for anything, etc, school fundraisers, volunteering of any kind. And just reminder, word of mouth is the best advertisement!

Middletown, NJ

#19 Mar 23, 2009
who ever Dotty Marnoch is,
listen and listen well when i went to edgar Moore, all of the class rooms were being used and it seemed like the Hallways were always crowded.

Plus(FYI): think about how many new kids the district has been reaseving since Maryland and Dallastown taxes have been increasing tremendously.

Ohh and whoever said something about the taxes there probly going to go up since they will be building a biger school, and in this school they will mostlikly be useing new high end supplies like at Mazie Gable.

Also, think of the poeple who want there children to go to the same school they went to when there older. But please whoever is in charge of this DO NOT!DO NOT!DO NOT....demolish the schools.(for the children sake. sell it to a day care or nursing home people can still use it.)
A RL parent

Drexel Hill, PA

#20 Mar 25, 2009
All of you should stop complaining unless you've DONE something to really make an impact. Shut up if you didn't take the time to attend the school board meeting and voice your concern in the proper forum.

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