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Redmond, WA

#1 Jun 21, 2012
On Thursday, June 21, 2012, the READING EAGLE COMPANY published a classic "puff piece" promoting the WATCHTOWER CULT OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES, and the Watchtower Cult's six weekend "District Conventions" being held this summer at the Sovereign Center.

The READING EAGLE sent a reporter, a photographer, and possibly other employees, to do an ORIGINAL article and a photo spread of the newsworthy event of the WATCHTOWER CULT doing nothing but CLEANING and preparing the Sovereign Center for the Cult's conventions.

READING EAGLE management made the decision to take the time and expense to do this promotional PUFF PIECE in the wake of just having republished an AP article only five days ago, in which AP reported that the WATCHTOWER CULT had just become the subject of the LARGEST JURY VERDICT FOR A SINGLE VICTIM AGAINST A RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION in the United States.

That's correct. Just last week, the very same religious organization PRAISED and PROMOTED by the READING EAGLE was the Defendant in a child sex abuse court case in which the jury granted a $21 MILLION DOLLARS PUNITIVE DAMAGES AWARD stacked on top of an approximate $2 MILLION DOLLARS ACTUAL DAMAGES AWARD.

Management at the READING EAGLE COMPANY should first start reading its own repubished AP articles, and second, do a better job of selecting who it glorifies and makes heroes. Five days is simply not enough time for the stench of a child sex abuse case to be overpowered by the stench of a puff piece.

If the above were not BAD enough, the READING EAGLE possibly published a LIE in this puff piece article.

The article stated: "Conventions of Jehovah's Witnesses are supported entirely by voluntary donations."

I would ask that the Management at the READING EAGLE reevaluate that claim in light of the fact that the WATCHTOWER CULT very well may be receiving LOCAL GOVERNMENT FUNDING for these SIX conventions.

If the READING EAGLE really desires to publish any more articles promoting the WATCHTOWER CULT and its Reading Conventions, then the Reading Eagle should disclose the FULL TERMS of any deal made between the WATCHTOWER CULT, the Sovereign Center, the City of Reading, and any other local government body, agency, or quasi-governmental agency, which would effectively amount to a RENTAL SUBSIDY, or even a CASH KICKBACK of motel tax receipts.

Step up READING EAGLE, and do the right thing, for a change.

Redmond, WA

#2 Jun 21, 2012
The editors at the READING EAGLE, LOCAL TAXPAYERS, and LOCAL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS might also be interested in knowing what the WATCHTOWER CULT teaches regarding the very people and governmental entities who may be FUNDING all or part of these Reading Conventions.

In the mid 1930s, the Watch Tower Society started forbidding Jehovah's Witnesses to salute the American Flag, or recite the Pledge Of Allegiance, or stand for the playing of the National Anthem, or engage in any other patriotic activity. Jehovah's Witnesses were taught to tell the news media, courts, and other outsiders that the American Flag is a false idol, and doing any of the aforementioned activities is performing "worship" to a false idol. This "public relations" reasoning is actually the LEAST of all the reasons that Jehovah's Witnesses refuse to engage in any patriotic or political activities. This secondary, ancillary reasoning was developed because the WatchTower Society did not dare to have its Jehovah's Witness members running around repeating for the news media and courtroom judges the PRIMARY doctrine on this subject, which would outrage the American public.

What Jehovah's Witnesses intentionally do NOT publically explain to non-JWs is that the Watch Tower Society teaches Jehovah's Witnesses that the Government of the United States is governing ILLEGITIMATELY. The Watch Tower Society teaches that the Government of the United States is under the control of Satan the Devil as his partner in Satan's universal rebellion against GOD. The Watch Tower Society teaches that GOD granted humans the authority to rule the earth only for a period of 2520 years -- starting in 607 B.C. and ending in October, 1914 A.D.  The Watch Tower Society teaches that in October, 1914, the authority to rule the earth reverted back to GOD, and that He then formed a heavenly government to rule the earth -- with Jesus Christ as King.

The Watch Tower Society teaches that in 1919 that Jesus Christ selected the Watch Tower Society as his sole earthly representative of that heavenly government.  The Watch Tower Society teaches that the Government of the United States (as well as all other governments), is its' enemy, because it has failed to surrender governmental power that rightfully belongs to the Watch Tower Society.

These are the ACTUAL reasons that the Watch Tower Society forbids its Jehovah's Witness members to support the government of the United States -- no voting, no holding political office, no professing citizen loyalty via the Pledge of Allegiance or standing for the National Anthem, no joining the military to protect the United States, etc.

Jehovah's Witnesses do not profess to be "pacifists".  They claim to be "neutrals".  JWs consider themselves to be "citizens" of the government supposedly formed in heaven in 1919, and that they are only "resident aliens" of the United States. The Watch Tower Society teaches that Armageddon will occur "soon", and at the Battle of Armageddon, that Jesus Christ and his heavenly armies will destroy the armies and governments of the United States, and of all other countries -- including all people who did not convert to the Jehovah's Witnesses. Jehovah's Witnesses look forward to the day when they will rule the planet.

Redmond, WA

#3 Jun 21, 2012
Here are some recent examples of REAL WORLD Jehovah's Witnesses acting out what they were taught by the WATCHTOWER CULT. Are these really the things that READING TAXPAYERS want their tax dollars promoting?

Interested Readers should google the name "GRETA HAWKINS" -- to read June 2012 newspaper articles about a Jehovah's Witness public elementary school Principal who just recently refused to allow her students to sing Lee Greenwood's "GOD BLESS THE USA" at a recent graduation ceremony. Hawkins has also attempted to do away with her school's custom of daily reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing "AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL".

Interested Readers also should google the name "LEROY McKELVEY" -- to read newspaper articles about a "devout Jehovah's Witness" who tased a U.S. Marine and others at a September 2011 Jets-Cowboys football game attended by past President George W. Bush and other public officials present to honor the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

Interested Readers should google the phrase "JW Manager entered the apartment without permission and took down the Flag" to read about a Jehovah's Witness apartment building Manager who refused to allow tenants to display the American Flag after 9-11.

To read about all of the above on one single webpage, Google the names "Armando Perez", "Tyler Templeton", and "Bruce Cooke"
-- ALL IN THE SAME SEARCH -- to read about a dozen or so similar incidents involving "Jehovah's Witnesses".

Redmond, WA

#4 Aug 17, 2012
Today's READING EAGLE, August 17, 2012, includes an article which buries its own news -- that the Civic Center Authority LOST $785,000.00 last year.

Instead of headlining that LOSS, reporter DON SPATZ and the READING EAGLE highlight the MILLIONS of "theoritical dollars" supposedly brought into Reading by these venues.

In an apparent attempt to HEAD OFF any criticism of the FACT that the Authority allows the WATCHTOWER CULT OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES to use the Sovereign Center during multiple weekends each year without paying the List rate, DON SPATZ and the READING EAGLE repeats ZANE COLLINGS excuse that he gives the WATCHTOWER CULT a break because they perform cleaning and routine maintanence at the Sovereign Center. This excuse is republished by the READING EAGLE without any consideration of the fact that if ZANE COLLINGS and his staff were earning their salaries, the Center would not be in such bad shape every year that COLLINGS would need to give away rent to the WATCHTOWER CULT just so they will clean the place.

Isn't it about time that the READING EAGLE started looking out for Reading Taxpayers, instead of making excuses for high-salaried public officials seeking even MORE TAX DOLLARS from local citizens to benefit out-of-town moochers?

Redmond, WA

#5 Jun 21, 2013
Its now JUNE 2013, and the READING EAGLE once again REFUSES to publish the REAL STORY for READING VOTERS and TAXPAYERS.

In the June 20, 2013 edition of the READING EAGLE, staff photographer TIM LEEDY apparently authors this year's annual feature story PROMOTING this year's series of WATCHTOWER CULT CONVENTIONS being held at the Sovereign Center.

This year's article includes a series of five photographs, plus a schedule of the convemtion's sessions --- as if there is anyone in Reading who is not already a Cult Member who would want to attend this convention.

As always, the highlight of the article is the fact that the Sovereign Center is so DIRTY and in need of minor repairs that the Cult has to bring in people ahead of time to perform a proper cleaning before its members can even take their seats.

The WATCHTOWER CULT SPOKESPERSON is a man named Perry Allen, from Newmanstown, Pennsylvania.

Redmond, WA

#6 Jun 30, 2013
In an EDITORIAL dated June 29, 2013, the READING EAGLE newspaper, its parent company, and its affiliated sister Television Station gave THE MIDDLE FINGER to those few remaining Reading Citizens who believe in patriotism over the ALL-MIGHTY DOLLAR.

The READING EAGLE EDITORIAL stated: "... the people of the city, as well as the rest of Berks County, should LOVE having the Jehovah's yearly gatherings."

(No, I didn't spell the "Jehovah's Witnesses" name WRONG. The fool at the READING EAGLE who wrote that Editorial spelled the JWs name WRONG. And his stupid EDITORS did not catch his mistake.)

Well, we know what the Corporate Owners of the READING EAGLE and its affiliates "LOVE". They "love" MONEY. The READING EAGLE says, "F-You Veterans," "F-You Patriots," "F-You Taxpayers," "F-You Subscribers", and "F-You Advertisers".

Redmond, WA

#7 Aug 27, 2013
In yet another "puff piece" article promoting the ANTI-AMERICAN WatchTower Cult Conventions brought to Reading every summer by SMG, the READING EAGLE is this time perpetuating a KNOWN, INTENTIONAL LIE. Reporter ERIN NEGLEY repeats a self-serving ERRONEOUS statistic to make the FALSE CLAIM that every Jehovah's Witness Family which has come to Reading over the past eight years CONSERVATIVELY spends $200.00 per person per day. Not only is that figure NOT "conservative", it is HIGHLY EXXAGERATED!!! The actual TRUTHFUL figure is closer to ONE-THIRD what the READING EAGLE claims.

Apparently, the READING EAGLE is so anxious to promote the ANTI-AMERICAN
WATCHTOWER CULT that it is willing to publish LIES to do so!!!

This latest article, dated August 27, 2013 also discloses that the ANTI-AMERICAN CULT holds its conventions here in Reading mainly due to the efforts of Sovereign Center management SMG.
SMG partners with the ANTI-AMERICAN CULT in other cities to host WATCHTOWER CULT regional conventions in those cities. Local SMG manager Zane Collings has previously organized WATCHTOWER CULT conventions in New York and Connecticut. When he came to Reading, he used his connections with the ANTI-AMERICAN CULT to make Readig one of the CULT's regional convention locations.

This latest article by ERIN NEGLEY also includes a quote from CRYSTAL SEITZ, President of the GREATER READING CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU praising the JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES coming to Reading. In fact, Seitz claims that her office spent 18 months haggling with local motels to cut their room rates for the ANTI-AMERICAN CULT.

ERIN NEGLEY also slices and dices quotes from local businessowners to make it look like someone other than motels benefit from hosting this ANTI-AMERICAN CULT here in Reading.
Negley quotes Sheila Contento at the Crowne Plaza, Rose Dobson at the Italian and French Pastry Shop, Michael Leifer at
Jimmie Kramer's Peanut Bar Restaurant.

San Antonio, TX

#8 Oct 19, 2013
The READING EAGLE has published another "puff piece" article dated october 19, 2013, notifying its readers that the WATCHTOWER CULT will NOT be holding District Conventions in Reading during Summer 2014. This LATEST in a series of READING EAGLE articles promoting the WATCHTOWER CUKLT is authored by staff reporter MIKE URBAN, and includes a file photograph taken by staff photographer TIM LEEDY.

Once again, the READING EAGLE quotes Crystal Seitz, President of the Greater Reading Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Zane Collings, Regional General Manager of SMG, both slobbering all over themselves with PRAISE for the ANTI-AMERICAN CULT CONVENTIONS which they work so hard to bring to Reading.

One can't help but wonder what other events that WON'T OCCUR in Reading in 2014 will the READING EAGLE cover next?
paul revere

Prospect, TN

#9 Jul 22, 2016
Well, its 2016, and the "PROSITUTES" down at the READING EAGLE once again are consorting for $$$$$$ with the ANTI-AMERICAN WatchTower Cult.

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