Some Muslim women choose to wear a he...

Some Muslim women choose to wear a head covering; others do not

There are 116 comments on the Reading Eagle/Reading Times story from Apr 14, 2012, titled Some Muslim women choose to wear a head covering; others do not. In it, Reading Eagle/Reading Times reports that:

Johnethia Archie has worn a traditional Islamic head covering since she was 5 years old and entering her first year of school.

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Since: Aug 09

Abu Dhabi, UAE

#105 May 13, 2012
Fitus T Bluster wrote:
Q.WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A BASKETBALL TEAM AND PAKI MUSLIM women. the basketball team showers after the forth period.
so sad they wont shower on their first 2nd and 3rd period...and also sad for them because they have period in the middle of their game , might be hurting , disturbing while on game ha?

and difference pakistan women doesnt play basketball

but basketball team does

Cochin, India

#106 May 13, 2012
irzamj wrote:
<quoted text>
no one have problem with free thinking but when they express what they think then every one should express it politely considering the free thinking of the person on chat.
neither any one gives a damn who they talk with , but what they believe deserves a respect even if they are deeply wrong,they think,if not respect atleast no hatred.because they live as human among humans,and you cant convince any one by showing hatred.fact.
ofcourse i agree no one can hate muslims for what those arabs did 1400 yrs before.because arabs made those muslims suffer for the claiming one god.that was the earlier message.but muslims were killed and driven out of land. so islam came back to mecca on growth and conquered their own land without any war.

Show me in my posts where I attacked your FAITH.
I only attacked your MISCONCEPTIONS.
You are wrong in saying that muslims were first holder of palastine, they took it only in the time of omar after death of muhammad, from christians. Prior to that romans were the rulers, before that jews and so forth but never muslims.
ofcourse agree palestine had changed was muslim's many times and lot of people came by and try too,all kind of people.. but jews hold it now, saying we are the first holders..and we muslims say muslims are first holder..each one has a reason.we have our masjid there which we love and eagerly wanting to go just like mecca and medina.we out here for now.but difference when we conquer jerusalem back we take them with safety out of land and left them,...and those crusaders drive them out of land from there ,..initially they supported but now they killed them..imagine a conquering army didnt killed them, but the people who are supposed to protect them, killed them instead..but this time jews started killing our women children in there itself so that we wont return.
this message is the way of talking i want for hatred and affecting others faith..
Show me in any of my posts where I attacked your FAITH.
I only attacked your misconceptions.
You are wrong in claiming that muslims were first holders of palastine, they only took during omars rule, well after death of muhammad, prior to that they never held that land.
It is debatable whether pagan arabs persecuted muhammad and his accomplice, my study tells that they were tolerant people and only took some disciplinary action against muhammad when his mischiefs went beyond limits. And they never expelled mo from mecca but rather mo fabricated false stories and left mecca because he finally realized that not many are ready to believe in his false claims of prophethood.

And those fake Palestinians are no holy cows, they are also killing innocent Jew women and children. What you think is hamas doing? What you think those brain washed suicide bombers do? Some great service to humanity, by killing innocent Jew women and children?

And don't tell me that muslims have always been goody-goody , sweety-sweety. You can fool the westerners not Indians. We kuffar of India know you inside out. After all we have been your slaves for so many centuries.

And you are equating speech of truth with hatred, if truth hurts you, bites you, than it is your problem , not mine. Only to please you I can not stop speaking the truth. If you are afraid of truth, of light, take some treatment.
Fitus T Bluster

Kissimmee, FL

#107 May 14, 2012
Muslims insist that islam is a religion of peace, it is exactly the opposite. the koran incites violence and insists that unbelivers be harmed or killed. here are a few examples: Murder them and treat them harshly(Q.9:123) SLAY THEM(Q.9:5) fight with them(Q.8:65)EVEN IF THEY ARE CHRISTIANS AND JEWS,humiliate them and impose on them a penalty tax(Q.9:29) IT orders its followers to fight the unbelievers until no other religion except islam is left(Q.2;193) WHO IN THIS DAY AND AGE STILL BEHEADS-THE MUSLIMS. there it is folks,a few quotes from the religion of peace.
Fitus T Bluster

Kissimmee, FL

#108 May 14, 2012
Fitus T Bluster

Kissimmee, FL

#109 May 15, 2012
IRZAMJ,you have nothing to say?

Since: Aug 09

Abu Dhabi, UAE

#110 May 17, 2012
Fitus T Bluster wrote:
IRZAMJ,you have nothing to say?
you want me to say some thing ..of course you are going to accept will affect my faith and say i just affect your misconception..
and hold sulaiman (king soloman)was a muslim who lived jerusalem

truth hurts for who? know what..apart from all the lie against islam 1400 yrs all long..islam still there and more bites for you..its still on growth of positiveness. people knows it... only after 9/11 people started to accept islam much more.9/11 was ment to decrease its growth but in reality it just added some more fuel..ya now truth hurts..know why islam is among fastest growing religion because islam in real is really beautiful.

i know you have some thing to say for this it ..still islam is on growth..
Fitus T Bluster

Kissimmee, FL

#111 May 17, 2012
look at the kind of people islam attracts, worthless slugs in the can. once they get out of the can they forget all about islam. what other religion teaches it`s followers when they meet a non-believer to convert-tax or kill, like the koran Q.9:29. hang on to your head!
george whyte

Barking, UK

#113 May 26, 2012
The Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank on Wednesday fired a Christian employee who refused to wear a scarf to cover her hair as part of uniform for female staff.
“The bank warned Vivian Salameh to cover her hair as part of the women’s uniform approved earlier this year, but she refused,” Iman Afaneh told AFP.

“Five other Christian women are working at the bank, and they are committed to wearing full uniform, including the headscarf.”

But Salameh said she “refused to wear the partial head cover because it is against my principles,” and is religious coercion.

“The bank uniform registered at the trade and industry ministry does not include wearing anything to cover my hair,” she added....
george whyte

Barking, UK

#114 May 26, 2012
According to El Badil, Sheikh Ahmed al-Mahlawi recently gave a sermon in his popular Alexandrian mosque, where he warned the ulema (Islam’s scholars and theologians), from “appearing on TV programs with women who do not wear the hijab.” He pointed out that some make the excuse that, because they see non-veiled women all the time in the streets of Egypt, sitting with one at a TV studio should be fine as well. For Sheikh Mahlawi, however, the ulema have no choice about seeing non-veiled women in the streets, “since that is imposed on them,” but, where they have a say—such as whether to appear on TV with an unveiled woman—they must say no. He then proceeded to brag about how a female official from the U.S. Consulate wanted to meet with him, but he made her wear the hijab first. Finally, he culminated his sermon by warning against “those who do not wish to apply Allah’s Sharia, who love the West, and wish to implement homosexual marriage.”
george whyte

Louth, UK

#115 May 28, 2012
Saudi Woman Stands Up to Harassment by Moral Cops...
george whyte

Scunthorpe, UK

#116 Jun 4, 2012
Tasikmalaya, West Java, will soon require all Muslim women, residents and visitors alike, to wear veils to enforce its sharia ordinance.
“We are finalizing a city regulation so that [the 2009 Ordinance on Islamic-based Values of Community Life] can come into effect as soon as possible,” Tasikmalaya City Secretary Tio Indra Setiadi told The Jakarta Post on Monday.

“Hopefully, it will be finalized this month so it can be immediately promulgated.”

He said the city administration might need to establish a sharia police force to ensure enforcement because the National Police were not able to handle sharia violations.

Tio said the enforcement of the ordinance would be different from that in Aceh because cases would still go to existing courts.

“Law enforcement here will be different from that in Aceh. For example, there will be no canning. This ordinance is aimed more at educating people to live in an Islamic way,” he said.

The ordinance, signed on Sept. 24, 2009 by Tasikmalaya Mayor Syarif Hidayat, was enacted amid local concerns that globalization would harm residents in a city known for its many Islamic schools.

The ordinance mandates all adult Muslims to cover their aurat, or parts of the body that must be covered under Islam.

Fifteen other offenses are also proscribed other offenses, including corruption, prostitution and adultery, homosexuality, gambling, drinking alcohol, drug abuse, witchcraft, pornography, usury, thuggery, propagating cults and abortion.

Tasikmalaya City Council Speaker Ruhimat said the ordinance was passed because 99 percent of local population was Muslim and not due to pressure from Islamic groups.

He was not concerned about the law’s impact on adherents of other religions.“Non-Muslims account for only one percent”.

Yeah, who cares about them?

“Google Operation Northwoods”

Since: Aug 10

** 9-11 was an inside job **

#117 Jun 4, 2012
george whyte

Scunthorpe, UK

#118 Jun 8, 2012
Ishaq:327 "Allah said,'A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.'"
george whyte

Walthamstow, UK

#119 Aug 11, 2012
A man violently struck his wife last Thursday because she removed her veil. The courts have just sentenced him to 2 years, including 6 months without remission. The young 24-year-old woman and her husband were on holiday in Marseilles. When they were leaving a supermarket, the wife, no longer able to bear the heat, lifted her veil back up. Her husband found the sight of her naked neck intolerable and punched her several times until her nose was broken. ...

Pittsfield, MA

#120 Aug 11, 2012

Washington, UK

#121 Aug 12, 2012
irzamj wrote:
<quoted text>
valid points , secondary reasons
primary - protection from the eyes with evil intention..
imagine if in a world all sister dress wisely fully from head to toe.. you cant differentiate among them..when evil eyes see them they will not be sure if the women in the dress is a stranger or his own mom or sister..
we will avoid looking at them out of fear or suspicion.
its not domination. its giving the privacy of a sister from men and staying away in privacy from women.
even though some people say its taking a respect of women that is because they said so.and the world believes them because the source is either higher in power or wealth - media and politician ..who do business with the women beauty
covering full its more of a culture of muslims
we know people of this era they change their culture because they feel the old one is unfit or new one is, you know is like luxury or enjoyment or financial or political benifits etc.
they call it as cultural growth and civilized.
dont know why in world our dress decrease in size but call it cultural growth
they came up to worse of taking string just strings bro
and that they call dress.ask yourself is that a wise way of covering oneself.
some other not even a piece of thread on them calling themselves naturist
temptation result in forcing oneself in bad activities, because its the nature of human to react to it, these naturist should have known that.
but islam way of dressing
first its a command of our beloved prophet muhammed (peace be upon him).
second so its our culture, we know its the perfect way of life so we dont change our culture what ever when ever or who ever.
third it prevents illegal activities away.
there are other religious faith that has similar laws but worse
nuns they cover too adding to it they dont have marriage, they give themselves up ..i dont know why in this world people dont voice on it
hope i inform you with some points
Muslim women will argue that the head covering gives them didgnity and protection.Dignity that they are modest and pious and only there husband can look enjoy her beauty should she have any.And that if man sees a women with a head covering she wont inflame his passions leading to him raping her.First off you can be perfectly decent without covering yourself in yards of material.Secondly whatever you wear if a man wants to rape you he will long robes are no deterrent and it is not the womens fault it is the man he is at fault.As for nuns they wear the habit because they are nuns but other christian women are not expected to dress like nuns and lots of modern nuns today dont even wear the habit so you cant argue that one eitheir

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