Zija is a Scam

Severn, Canada

#552 Nov 14, 2012
I really feel that that's an oversimplification.

There are no hidden fees and the company is VERY upfront about their procedures.

I could see this particular MLM being seen as a scan if:
1.) the company would NOT allow for return of product with full money-back guarantee.
2.) they were to employ hidden fees )or ancillary "dings" on your credit card).
3.) the science behind it was falsified.

None of that is the case.

If MLM was to be a 'no-work' investment, everyone would be participating; it takes work, hours and personal growth to be an entrepreneur in ANY field.

Don't blame your lack of success on anything other than your lack of effort.
My Opinion wrote:
I have been involved in two multi-level marketing businesses and never made a dime. Worked my rear end off traveling all over the country to do meetings and show the products. Spent, spent, spent, but never reaped the rewards. I've had friends in other ones and they never made a dime either. This juice is just overpriced juice, you can get the same benefits from the right juice off the supermarket shelf or a natural food store. I know a older couple in town who have been involved in every scheme coming and going. They ended up losing just about everything and still believe that one is going to hit the bank for them. I will never be involved in another one, learned my lesson after two.


#553 Nov 14, 2012

Don't trust what Fisher has to "say" about moringa either!![On top of his phoney medical degree claim; or Bianchi's allowance of others to claim for him that Bianchi has THREE PhD.s, and a Medical degree, and is/was a neurosurgeon, and that he didn't speak from age 7 to age 12, etc., etc.]

For example, when you look up the references behind their boastful statements, both Fisher and Bianchi REPEATEDLY cite the National Institute of Health as naming moringa "Plant of the Year", and the NIH has verified "300 medicinal uses" for moringa. Now these guys are professional researchers, so if they make a quote and cite a reference, then we trust they know what's ethically correct or not. If you follow Fisher's footnote for his "300 uses", NIH plant of the year quote, then you will see that Fisher is totally (intentionally) misstating the facts!! In actuality, you will find that the NIH has made NO investigational research into moringa, the NIH never "named" moringa "Plant of the Year", and the NIH NEVER stated moringa has 300 medical uses (the NIH actually stated, and went out of its way to state, that scientific research has yet to confim ANY OF THES CLAIMS!). In 2008, the public relations magazine of the NIH had a "mystery plant" contest for its readers; the mystery plant was moringa...there were no NIH research or claims for the plant. From this article, both Fisher and Bianchi started making unscientifically founded claims about moringa, changed what the article said, and purposely led the readers to believe something that is not ture or founded.

That's why I say that they are "scammers", and that is why EVERYTHING they claim should now be considered tainted....if they are the sources.
Patrick wrote:
Ok, thanks Jon. It's seem Howard fisher has a lot to say or teach on the Moringa Oleifera plant and not on Zija.
So lets move past him to Zija, who creates products from Moringa Oleifera and I see Zija is founded by Ken Brailsford, which he seems by my findings to be credible. Thoughts?
I have been taking the products for 2 weeks now I am liking the energy, feeling better, and mental clarity I am getting. I notice a big drop of the nervous energy I've been known for, much more calm and collected.
So now if I decide to go forward, and I actually do the compensation plan they present, will they actually not pay me? Then it would be a scam and I could file a lawsuit that I did indeed produce the volume and they refused to pay me.
Has there been any complaints on Zija withholding paychecks?
Research and Get Educated

Paris, KY

#554 Nov 15, 2012
awake wrote:
zija BBB rateing is a D yet herblife is A+ why is that? Herblife is pretty screwed up so what does that say about zija?
REALLY??? You must have checked out a different BBB website than I did. Check for yourself!
Big Jim

Nashville, TN

#555 Nov 15, 2012
My sister in law had ulcerative colitis for 15 years. She tried Zija three months ago. Today she got the results back from colonoscopy and biopsy. They found "no evidence of ulcerative or chronic colitis," for the first time in 15 years. The head of the department at Vanderbilt Hospital said he couldn't argue with those results, and that she should keep on taking Zija because it is working.

Spring Hill, TN

#556 Nov 15, 2012
There seems to be a lot of anger about people who are enjoying the benefits of this product. I've been drinking the Smart Mix for about 3 weeks now and notice a nice increase in my energy level as well as a reduction in my hip pain. I'm 51 and will continue to use the product as long as I find value in it. Not sure why people are so pissed about others sharing their positive experience with this product. No one ever presented this as a miracle product to me and I've never seen one out there. Everyone's physiology is slightly different and if the products work for you then that's great. And if they don't, move on to something else. Stop bashing every distributor as if they are selling the miracle pill.

Spring Hill, TN

#557 Nov 15, 2012
Big Jim - I'm happy for your sister in law. Hopefully things will keep looking up for her.
courtney mann


#558 Nov 16, 2012
McGruff wrote:
My wife used zija to remove some toe nail polish. It did a great job. But it also removed her toe nail.
I call bs on that .

Covington, LA

#559 Nov 17, 2012
Zija has DMAA wrote:
<quoted text>
Why don't you just answer the question? What are Bianchi's credentials? And for chrissakes, where can I find this documentary you keep telling us to watch? POST A LINK.
It's obvious you do no research on your computer. There are dozens of legitimate websites talking about the benefits of Moringa and specifically Zija moringa products. I am one of the many, many people who have taken the products and experienced amazing results. The documentary is at the following link:
&fe ature=related
Check it out and stop having such a closed mind! Prescription meds are definitely not the best route to good health!

Covington, LA

#560 Nov 17, 2012
Smarty wrote:
<quoted text> That is a lot of bull.
That is not bull.....I have gone from having sciatica so bad I could hardly walk at times, having lumbar steroid injections as often as allowed, living on Percocet between injections and having no motivation to do much of anything. I started taking Zija SmartMix and am again riding my bike, taking walks, doing my chores and, in general, LIVING again!
Common Sense

United States

#561 Nov 20, 2012
If the product works, which it does, then it's not a scam. You cannot get the same stuff anywhere else. Check for yourself. You won't find the same amount of Miranga in anything but Zija. I feel better than I've felt in years. Plus I'm slowly losing weight. Pyramid? Yes. If you want to make money you have to sale the product. I've mentioned it to a few people, not really working hard on it. My goal is to feel better and possibly get what I need free. If I make some money later, great. If I don't? I still benefit. Zija doesn't promise you'll make money. It just provides opportunity.
Bright idea

Nashville, TN

#562 Nov 20, 2012
Patrick wrote:
I came on this site to read "why" zija is a scam, I read every comment and not one person explained why.
Please explain in detail , what makes Zija a scam?
Again,,,,, "why?"
You obviously didn't read all of the posts of you still do not know why.
Personal connections

Versailles, KY

#563 Nov 20, 2012
I know a guy personally who just became a part of what they call team Benz and he received a free Mercedez and gave it to his wife. But regardless of that in just September alone he made 13000 dollars he is my team leader. I also knew him before this and I trust this man with my life. Zija is not a scheme by far. The people on here that say it is are the people who started and said they tried but that's a damn lie. This stuff is amazing one of my best friends took it and lost 28 lbs. in a month and a half.

Indianapolis, IN

#564 Nov 24, 2012
My gripe with the company is the pricing for their product. I do believe its a good product and delivers what it says it does but it is so expensive at $100 for 30 days. And when they promote getting the product for free, its really not free in the true sense of the word. Perhaps you do not have an out of pocket expense but SOMEONE is paying for it somewhere at the retail rate so that someone else can get free product. Zija is not giving you the product out of the goodness of their heart. They are not paying for your free product out of their profits...oh no...consumers are paying for your free product when they pay $100 for their 30 day supply. Its the devilish way of an MLM and I hate it. There are disadvantaged ones who cannot afford it at all. And those with chronic, severe health problems are advised to drink not 1 per day for 3-5 packets per day. At over $3 per packet what are they supposed to do? We need to find a direct sales company who can offer quality Moringa which is also bio-available, enzymatically alive. Has anyone found such a company yet besides Zija? I dont want to touch them with a 10 foot poll.
Zija believer

Lexington, KY

#565 Nov 26, 2012
These posts that I see are typical of many lazy Americans today. Always looking for a "get rich scheme." The Zija program is not, and never will be about getting rich. It is about using a product that works well and sharing it with others. If you are only in it to get rich, then you got what you deserved. The human body has an amazing way of healing itself through proper nutrition. Most of the nutrition is processed out of foods today and the body doesn't get what it needs. The ones complaining about it on here are probably typing with one hand because they have a greasy double cheeseborger in on hand, and an evergy drink sitting beside them.
Personnaly, I have been on Zija since January this year, and have lost 71 lbs and 8 inchec off of my waist, and my health is the best that it has been in years. This stuff works because it gives the body what it needs to function properly.
Y'all keep on looking for a get rich scheme, and I will continue to be healthier, and help others to do the same. The key phrase being, "help others." All of you could learn a lot from helping others, and not being so concerned with getting rich quick!!!

Atlanta, GA

#566 Nov 28, 2012
My Opinion wrote:
<quoted text>BINGO! If you followed the same program (diet and excercise) without the juice, you could be taken off medication then. The juice is a scam and everybody knows it. I have cut out fast food at lunch, cut my portions at dinner, started to exercise and I will get the same results without scamming people. Believe what you want, I have been there, done that and will never do it again.
I don't sell it or promote it. Haven't changed diet or anything else and my arthritis is not bothering me at all anymore. Hasn't for the last four months. Missed taking the smart mix a few days and the arthritis pain came back. Haven't taken medication for the pain since taking the smart mix. May be a scam for some but for me, it works wonders.

Atlanta, GA

#567 Nov 28, 2012
do not sell or promote the product in any way. Just for personal use. Haven't changed diet or anything else in my life but since taking smart mix daily, my arthritis pain is gone. I missed drinking it a few days and the pain came back. As long as I'm drinking it, I don't need medication for the arthritis pain. Maybe people think it's a scam but the product works for me.
Carla Chadwick NC

Concord, NC

#568 Nov 29, 2012
jke1 wrote:
Water, good diet & exercise will accomplish what a person needs for health. Every Doctor and health food professional that I've talked to (including local health folks) agree that it's just another money making scam.
Not everyone is in a condition of health where they can start out by doing exercise as needed to change their health on an everyday basis. I'm not sure who all you people on here are. Are you critics or actually healthcare professionals as I am? I work for Zija and I take the product as well as does my family. I t has made a huge difference in my life so far and in the life of many people that I know. Maybe you don't believe in MLM but there are many companies out there today using this method to grow. Zija is a family and we all work together as a team with one goal in mind. Wellness. There is nothing more rewarding than to read a testimonial of someone who's life has been changed by our product. What better way to make a living than to provide people with knowledge and with something considered the worlds most nutrient rich plant ever discovered. Wow! Just because your family or friends didn't strike it rich doesn't mean that it can't happen. The effectiveness for each person is different and it takes different amounts of time for everyone. I went off of my arthritis meds after 1 weeks and off my thyroid meds after 2 mos. With my doctors approval. Did I mention she was already taking Zija herself as well. My cousin is a doctor. He also is taking it. Sore losers don't get my vote today, I am sorry. If a product has been proven safe, is changing lives, and is making people wealthy. It's for me! Plus if you work the Zija system right, you don't even have to pay for your product! Guess you guys missed that meeting! Somebody must not have been doing something right! I wish you well as you work til retirement age. I wont have to with Zija. I will be feeling great and relaxing!

Mount Sterling, KY

#569 Nov 29, 2012
Not Me wrote:
I want to thank those who have put our information on the myths of this drink. I took it out of pure ignorance for a very long time waiting for my miracle and guess what. It didn't happen, the only thing I can say is that it was expensive lesson. Sad but true. Is there anything people won't do for money?
It doesn't cure stupid

Mount Sterling, KY

#570 Nov 29, 2012
I was born with cerebral palsy and after many extensive surgeries I was crippled as well with arthritis. I've been on zija for 3 months and now I'm the mom my kids deserve. Wasn't interested in selling and still don't make it my life mission to do so. But people see the difference and they want that too.
Common Sense

Fredericksburg, VA

#571 Dec 2, 2012
Bullcrap wrote:
Ziga products are about the same as eating spinach and having a Redbull -- you can get equivalent things in health food stores. No need to spend that much money. It won't hurt you but it won't help that much either. There are a lot of people selling it that don't look any healither or thinner to me.....
Isn't eating $1 of spinach and a $2.50 redbull 50 cents more than the single pack of XM+???? Also you get none of your amino acids or Omegas from that combo vs. Zija...

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