Boy, oh Boy....this story is typical of the information that is released to the Taxpaying Public whenever a Mass State Cop manages to smash up another Taxpayer funded vehicle: no information about the crash or the troopers name is provided.

If Joe or Jayne Citizen manages to drive off the road and smash into a tree or a post, their name is quickly released by the Fuzz; along with the comment about the potential for high speed or drugs/alcohol being investigated. But, when one of our proud Mass State Troopers gets into an unexplained single car accicent, there is no suspicion of drugs or alcohol, or high speed being a possible cause.

Each and every one of us has witnessed countless Mass State Troopers driving like total buffoons out on our highways and our local roads. These boobs are notorious for exceeding the posted speed limit by a great deal and also for tailgating as they attempt to force driver after driver out of the way in order to drive at 100 mph out on our roads. And, they know that they don't answer to anyone.

Let's hope that the blood alcohol level was checked on this mysterious lawman; along with the potential for subscription drugs (either legally or illegally obtained). And, his cell phone should be checked to see if he was using it as he veered off the road wrecking his shiney police car.

Of course, this may be something so innocent as a weary Mass State Trooper who just finished dozing off on the side of the highway for a few hours as he worked a detail: earning his time and a half; with a 4 hour minimum; pay. Perhaps the Sandman had just paid him a visit as he faided in and out of slumber on the side of the road in one of his endless paid details and he had not quite woken up yet.

Needless to say; the Taxpaying Public should not really expect to ever hear a mention of this story ever again. As is typical of the Mass State Police; this sorry little mishap will quickly be swept under the rug. No need to tarnish the reputation of our proud Mass State Police for a tiny little accicent, right boys?....