Mass. home foreclosures rise quickly

Mass. home foreclosures rise quickly

There are 18 comments on the Boston Herald story from Aug 29, 2006, titled Mass. home foreclosures rise quickly. In it, Boston Herald reports that: plans to report today that banks initiated foreclosure proceedings against 1,348 Massachusetts homes last month vs.

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Swainsboro, GA

#1 Aug 30, 2006
if they werent so greedy for money and asking so much for houses, they would'nt be in this mess, but greed has been the center point of all house bying there,

Quincy, MA

#3 Apr 27, 2007
Banks can seize your home in 2 months? I don't think so. The notice is usually filed at about the 3 month marker. The auction is at about the 6 month marker. This is the most common scenario. Rarely will things happen any faster than this. It will however frequently take longer depending on the circumstances.

Burlington, CT

#4 May 4, 2007
something is very wrong with this picture

Brooklyn, NY

#5 Jun 28, 2007
mary wrote:
if they werent so greedy for money and asking so much for houses, they would'nt be in this mess, but greed has been the center point of all house bying there,
You have no idea what you're talking about. It's a matter of supply and demand. Boston (and much of eastern Mass) don't have the available land that that say Georgia does. When the demand outweighs the supply and the firs time home buyer is active, it spurs the market.
Greed? Tell us, what would you want for your house? As much as the market will allow, right?
Sorry that nobody wants to live in Hicksville, GA.
He watching

Kite, GA

#6 Jun 28, 2007
I guess you want to mean about this, well help your self, it about the money and everyone knows that, you think the american people are stupid, will think twice, there not, they have the info on whats going on, so know matter how mean you get it wont turn the minds of the Amerian people around, there smarter then you relize,

Brooklyn, NY

#7 Jul 2, 2007
He watching wrote:
I guess you want to mean about this, well help your self, it about the money and everyone knows that, you think the american people are stupid, will think twice, there not, they have the info on whats going on, so know matter how mean you get it wont turn the minds of the Amerian people around, there smarter then you relize,
Mean? about thin skinned. I'm hardly being mean. I'm telling you that you don't know what you're talking about regarding property values in Boston.

You made the ASSumption that people up here are greedy and when I tried to show you that people will ALWAYS ask what the market will pay (GA as well), you accused me of being mean.

Mean? I guess so. I can tell just from reading your post that you're none too bright.

Once again, I'll ask you the same question. Would you accept LESS than fair market value for your home just so you don't appear 'greedy'?

Call it mean, call it what you will. It's reality.

Kite, GA

#8 Jul 3, 2007
It's all about Money, Deception, and Greed, there is no need of asking this kind of Money for these houses, I dont Care about what you think of me, I care about the people, You DONT. All your in it is for the money, and what you can get out of the people, Like I said there Smarter then you think, and they will make a Choice, by going on strike, that's how they will out smart you, You think by putting me down you will get ahead on this, help you self, call me what you want, the people will read this and understand that you take avenge of people like me, that how you work, we dont all understand the big words on those morgage papers and you know that and that how you and the Morgage co take the people for a ride, and that is the truth, you add on stuff the american people dont understand, and your ripping them off with these fence words, I know I can sleep at night how about you, God is Watching and Listening,


#9 Jul 9, 2007
This is obviously a touchy subject and you cant blame people either way. There is so much going on right now that threatens most of our basic survival fears. We lash out at each other when we should be getting together and assisting each other in handling this for the highest and best of the communities. Most of what is going on is we are trying to separate ourselves from each other and we cant continue to do this no matter what the discussion. Compassion is the key and we all need to stop name calling. No matter which stand you take I'm sure we can all admit there is something drastically wrong here with the market today and for a while lets look at the solutions that we all can come up with and stop getting stuck on the problems. We will never find a solution while looking at the problem. Love,health and prosperity of all kinds to you all. Let's work together in creating the America we all want.

Kite, GA

#10 Jul 10, 2007
The solution is not to be so Greedy, Charging alot of Money for a house is Selfish and self-centerd, and hard hearted, this is not the American dream for alot of the people, its a night mare, and that that, the problem is Money, that what it comes down too. The morgage co will bleed you dry by adding on things that you have know Idea what they mean, it all about who can get the most out of the home owner, so they can bye there next trip or next Car or so they can have better health insurance ect. Until they stop being greedy they wont have a america that will work in harmony, Greed is the wickest force to destroy the American Dream,

Canton, MA

#11 Jul 17, 2007
I think too many first time homebuyers are getting in over their heads. It has nothing to do with greed. Our area does have a high market for real estate. We need to educate buyers more on what they are getting themselves into. Buying a home is one of the best ways to get ahead in today's society, but only if a buyer can afford what is being sold to them. I work on the real estate field. People are maxing out on their equity and getting into payments they can't afford to begin with. The subprime market is partly to blame. People may have been able to afford their mortgage the first year, or even three, but when their rates went up, they were in over their heads.

Kite, GA

#12 Jul 17, 2007
Yes that is true, but I am saying the house pricing is high up there, Rent is easier,no yard to clean, No repairs to deal with, No hidden fees, No Banks to deal with, no one wants to deal with the greedy end of this, people are working harding for little these days, and the industry is not kind, to those who are in a pickle, Oh some morgages say they will help, and some do, But in reality there is no need of asking this kind of money for a house, and that what it come down too.

Canton, MA

#13 Jul 23, 2007
House markets are different in all aread of this country. House prices may seem high to you, but cost of living is up here also. People make more money here then in other parts of the country. Although you may think rent is easier, in the end, what have you gained? I rented an apartment for 7 years. I spend over $61,000 in rent, and have nothing to show for it. I was basically paying part of someone else's mortgage. People get ahead in society by building equity in a home. That is one of the benefits. If you don't want to deal with all the yard work and repairs you mentioned, then buy a condominium. They are often less expensive and there is virtually no maintenance to them. The market may seem high to you, but look at the average salary in your state compared to others. Look at the factors effecting the market before simply saying all people are charging to much for houses up here, and that we are greedy. Do a little more research.

Pittsburgh, PA

#14 Aug 22, 2007
i think a lot of people are getting in over their heads with rising adjustable rate mortgages.
predatory lending practices are responsible for some of this mess.
so many people are needlessly losing their homes.
if someowne's financial situation is temporary
they can legally save their home from foreclosure.
personally,I own my own home and rent 2 of the rooms in my home out to deal with my bills.

[email protected]

East Weymouth, MA

#15 Aug 23, 2007
Greedy bankers and stupid consumers are both to blame. And the idjut Hillary says "These people didn't know what they were signing, we need to help them and when I'm president I will." I THINK NOT! We already had one S&L bailout. The conservatives buy a home and work hard to pay it off while the liberals HAVE to have a trophy McMansion and stuff a BMW and a Saab in the garage on an income that won't support it. Too bad for the stupid people. Would you like fries with that house?
Watch and learn

Swainsboro, GA

#16 Sep 27, 2007
I still think the morgage co. are Greedy, money hungry, and there that way all over the united states, so the best way to beat them at there game is to go on strike, then you will see they will change there ways, these big high dollors co. they wont listen to the every day Joe, they will tell you if you dont like it go some place eles. this is my company, but once they find out they not making money, they change there tune, that you you speak loud and Clear, to them just go on strike by NOT bying there products, like the cars co. and toys co. they think they have us, but let be smart. let tell them we wont put up with there Greedy Ways, hospitals and Dr. visit, When will we wake up in this country, we are the one who make the money for them and we can loose money for them if we use our heads, they think they are the king pin, but we can tell them to get out of the control sit by not bying into there lies,
Boston ma

Clinton, MA

#17 Jan 23, 2008
I have no pity on these people who got in over their heads, and may loose their homes. I bought my VERY modest home with a 30 year fixed rate, b/c I wasn't stupid enough to think that I could afford an adjustable rate after 2 years if the rates shot up which they have. So where is my lower payment after 2 years?? why are irresponsible people being bailed out?? Such a load of crap I'm tried of being responsible only to have stupid people be rewarded.
All you people who can't pay your mortgage & all the lending companies have screwed up the economy. And now smart people like myself are bailing you out and paying the price cause my home has hardly aprecaiated in the past year.
rockland ma

Acushnet, MA

#18 Feb 18, 2008
lets be real the price of a home here is just crazy. People want to sell an old house they only paid $89,000 for for $400, 000 yes that is greedy and someone decided that was not to much to ask for along the way haha pretty soon we will all end up living in homes with our grown children and our grand children because an average working person can't afford to live that way. Houses went up and people have to make a living but the pay here is not enough to pay for a home. Think about a one income house hold with a few kids hmm able to get a house no way!!! the pay does not even come near the mortgage and if it did they still have to pay for heat food you know the basics to get by. never mind ever taking a vacation because the market wants more then the average person can afford
Not involved

Raynham, MA

#19 Jun 25, 2008

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