Ray-Pec district is asked to discuss ...

Ray-Pec district is asked to discuss violence policy

There are 42 comments on the Kansas City Star story from May 25, 2007, titled Ray-Pec district is asked to discuss violence policy. In it, Kansas City Star reports that:

When a grade-school boy says he's going to have his friend kill some other students, should school officials automatically consider the words a credible threat? Or do they leave room for playground ...

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Warthen, GA

#22 Feb 15, 2008
I grew up in the Ray-Pec school district from K-12. I still live here, and decided 3 years ago to pull my kids out of Ray-Pec and homeschool them myself. The quality of education when you have a high student to teacher ratio (mentioned above of 1 teacher for 50 students) is ridiculous. I saw enough nonsense with my own kids education to know for a fact that I could do better. I also witnessed enough on the school bus to qualify as a full blown sex education class growing up...it is far worse now, and what a couple of my own kids went through their last year of public school was the last straw for us. I won't even go into what all happened that year alone.

I have 3 different aged kids I am teaching at home, and it is not always easy, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. They are learning far more here with me one on one, than they would in a classroom with even 30 kids to 1 teacher. We'd been there, done that. It was not working.

We don't move on in our subjects, until everyone is at 100% understanding on each and every thing, and every single question they may have missed is correct. I have smart kids, but put them out there in the public school system, and it is a different world, and their education suffers because of all the other stuff they deal with on a daily basis. At home, there is no peer pressure, no ridiculous cliques, no insane bullying, no distractions with drugs, alcohol, or sex, and no worries that they are going to be caught in crossfire by some enraged kid with a "hit list". My kids get to focus solely on their education, and that is a gift I am proud to give them.

I know there are great teachers at Ray-Pec, but I also know there are some not so great ones too. I know there were incidents with teachers and students, and even problems with drugs, weapons, etc. even when I was a kid and teen in this district 16 years ago. No school is immune. NOT ONE. Is Ray-Pec bad compared to many schools? Of course not...but the size is growing so fast, and the incidents increasing not just here, but all over the country...it is only time I fear before real tragedy strikes here too.

All it takes in ONE unstable person (who has access to a weapon and makes it far enough to have access to some students) to cause a nightmare in a school building. You could have the greatest school district on the planet, and I truly do not believe it would be immune to this kind of tragedy. It only takes ONE. ONE person who (for whatever reason) decides to take out their anger on their fellow classmates, teachers, etc.

I went to school at Ray-Pec and sat next to a young man who dated one of the girls on my schoolbus. He lived probably a half mile from me. When he was a junior in HS, he shot his mother and father (his mother worked at the school as a cook) with a shotgun at their kitchen table. One of the guys I graduated with was shot point blank in the head at a graduation party (the year after we graduated) trying to break up a fight here as well. He was killed. These are 2 incidents from 16+ years ago. There is no way anyone can make me believe that things are better today, and that ANY school is immune to violence.

Kansas City, MO

#23 Feb 18, 2008
Agreed!!! There are so many secrets that the aministration are keeping about certain kids. its all about money to the school board and superintendent. That don't care about the wellfare of the children. So many of these kids are in need of teaching other than reading writing and math. There are threats made all the time and the super just keeps it a secret. They have been on the media so many times its discusting. I could tell you stories that would make you sick to your stomach. Continue to homeschool. Maybe one of your kids can make a positive difference in our system one of these days. Thanks!!!
Fortytwopointfiv e

Freeman, MO

#24 Feb 27, 2008
Wow plat what a load of lies thats really sad that you expect the school to teach your child right from wrong when that should be the parent's job. There haven't been that many incidents to make one sick to the stomach and MRP is right it only takes one kid. That kid is most likely not influenced by his school district but by his family life and parents decision making at home.

Peculiar, MO

#25 Mar 31, 2008
My children have gone to Ray-Pec schools for 7 yrs., the district has dramitically changed over the last 3 yrs. The high school especially! I have one graduating this yr., one already pulled from the district, and one that will be pulled as soon as he ends 4th grade. There are awful things going on at the high school and no school officials care. I have tried on numerous occasions to reach all of the Supervisor's of most of the departments, no one calls back. If you go in person you will not get to talk to anyone. The detention school is a total joke, the principles are a joke (because their hands are tied), and the teachers are afraid to comment. No telling what the district will be in 3 more yrs. I brought my kids here thinking it was a great school district and I was sadly mistaken!!

Columbia, MO

#26 Apr 3, 2008
I think all you people needs to chill because ray pec is full of gangstas and red neck and that the way we roll out hurr so you just need to chill with that BS i Love WHITE PEOPLE AND BLACK PEOPLE AND EVEN CHINESE PEOPLE SO GET AT ME HOME BOI YEAH
Window or Mirror

Lawrence, KS

#27 Apr 8, 2008
Many of those who have posted are pessimistic of the state of the Ray-Pec School District. I would like to leave you with a question----Are you looking out of the window for the answer or are you able to look in the mirror to find the solution. Each of us are charged with the responsibility for making this a better place to live---what are YOU doing to make this happen????? Are you offering tutoring to students who can't read? Are you offering rides so that more students can be involved in organized activities where they can grow up with age appropriate activites? Are you being a friend instead of a parent to your son/daughter because it is easier to go in and rescue them from "those mean people at school" or are you letting them suffer natural consequences in a safe and CARING environment such as school for his/her actions? What is wrong with looking at what you can do to make this a better community instead of blaming others? Do you have any idea how much flack schools get because parents lead messed up lives and don't take the time to talk like rational individuals? Have you ever sat and listened to a student tell you that their parents don't care what they do or say then try to reason why they can't tell off every adult in the school system because learning in important? Have you ever sat day after day and tried to meet the needs of 180 15 year olds who can't even decide what they want to buy from the vending machine during passing time? If you can't answer yes to these questions then stop blaming and start doing what you can to improve our community. Be committed to making this a better place--don't be a hater and start being a helper. Offer to volunteer at a school and get involved.

United States

#28 Apr 17, 2008
Oh I found the solution...homeschool.:o) Looked in the mirror and knew I could provide not only a better learning environment, but also a safe one, and my kids would actually LEARN. I don't consider a public school system a "safe and caring environment" on MANY different levels. I refuse to let my children continue to suffer what they were going through. This was a hard decision...but one that we know was the RIGHT one.

Since: Apr 08

Blue Springs, MO

#29 Apr 18, 2008
We have 5 children in the Ray-Pec school district.
The oldest is graduating this year. The next one is in 8th grade and the next one is in 7th grade. Another one is in 5th grade and the last one is in 4th grade. We moved to Raymore 5 years ago from a small town south of here. I have seen several different things in this district that I as a taxpayer would love to see changed. Yes there are problems with our kids as a whole. And yes we could sit and blame parents, teachers, or even the priest in our church. But the problem isn’t being solved by blame. We want change get off our butts and do something about it collectively. Making complaints on here does nothing… go to the top. If you cant get any results through the Superintendent go to the school board meetings and make them aware of your concerns. If that doesn’t work there is always the media.
I had my problems with my own kids I noticed since I went back to work (after 16 years of staying home to raise my kids) they were acting up and out. I am now at home and everything is as it should be. I know not everyone has the luxury of being able to stay at home but it helped my kids.
Ray-Pec academically is the best I have seen around they want more for our kids. I do believe that with all my heart. I just wish our kids want more for their selves. They are content with merely getting by and that is sad. I have two myself that is like that. The other two are over achievers and one just gets good grades. My oldest is graduating with enough college credits to take two summer classes at the university and enter as a sophomore in college. I am very proud! I am proud of all my kids’ want what every parent wants for their kids and more. We as parents if we see the problem fix it!

United States

#30 Aug 20, 2008
Ray-Pec is probably on the more demanding end of the spectrum as far as academics go, and I never had any problems with the elementary and intermediate schools, but the High School is another story. The High School is just not managed well. About 40% of the staff and teachers are incompetent. I have seen teachers and counselors do things that are just unbelievably unprofessional, immature, unfair, and just plain wrong. Things I never could have imagined a teacher doing when I was in school in the 1980s.
The idiots from on high who want to swoop in here and sanctimoniously chastise parents for complaining- your comments are just irrelevant. You obviously have never tried to resolve a problem with people who don't show up to work when they're needed and who don't return phone calls.

Peculiar, MO

#31 Nov 21, 2008
Smartest post I have read so far. The teachers at Ray-Pec cannot be the kids parents too! Most of the problems that happen at the schools is a direct result of parents that should have either decided to be a parent when they had kids, or not had any at all. Apples don't fall far from the tree! I have personally seen the care that teachers give students. The desire to have each and every one be successful, however, it's pretty hard to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, and let me tell you, there are lots of sow's ears in that school. Academics are very important to everyone! From the Super all the way down the the newest teacher.

What you negative posters that don't like Ray-Pec need to do is move. I really doupt if you will like any place you gom but just go!
Fortytwopointfive wrote:
Wow plat what a load of lies thats really sad that you expect the school to teach your child right from wrong when that should be the parent's job. There haven't been that many incidents to make one sick to the stomach and MRP is right it only takes one kid. That kid is most likely not influenced by his school district but by his family life and parents decision making at home.
change is coming

Drexel, MO

#34 Jan 7, 2009
My family moved from another state 2 years ago, after investigating the KC metro area for housing and especially schools. This has been the most disappointing school system we've ever experienced. It has all these great academic reviews, but it is far behind our previous state academically in the high school. The curriculum that the english classes teach in the schools here is filled with profanity, gay agenda, and demonic stories. It has been shocking to see that the english classes are raising these kids on such disgusting literature, and I can tell you, the administration doesn't care. I went there. The community seems good for around here, but the school leadership is completley runs these schools with zero integrity as far as the curriculum! I am praying the power of God to purge this place of it's vileness they're imparting to these kids, and new addministration to be elected and appointed. Already an english teacher was fired last year at the high school for inappropriate behavior with a student. She was one who also had the kids do a lot of writing and morbid stories on witchcraft and evil! Only one of the many! Definitely not worth going to if you're trying to instill any patriotic, or moral values into your child!
Kayden Toone

Peculiar, MO

#35 Jan 27, 2009
First, I'd like to point out that I am currently attending RPHS as a sophomore, and that I've been living in the vicinity for nearly ten years - stretching back even as far as second grade. I must say the blatant manner in which some of you are bashing the district without an ounce of evidence or experience is simply uncalled for: if your only hint of what goes on within the school's walls comes from the media, and you've never actually resided in the Ray-Pec area, then you can't really use that as foundation for an argument; an argument such as this, anyway.

I've thoroughly enjoyed my education here, and I am quite confident that the schools have raised me well academically and thus will be a prime asset when I apply for university two years from now. The massive diversity in both courses and teachers in this district is fantastic, especially as you/your children enter high school. I've savored every little moment here, and I intend to come back after college and raise my kids on the very ground I tread. As far as raw academics and schooling go, I must agree with the common belief that our district is one of the best in the area.

However, I do concede that our administration could use a bit of a waker-upper to some of the violence circulating in the schools. There is quite a bit that goes on in the hallways here that the principal doesn't seem to be even slightly aware of. Usually, it's just a minor skirmish, such as a fist fight, but there have occasionally been more damaging conflicts and activities. With the introduction of the ID tags and stricter Tardy policies, the security factors been a bit relieved, but the altercations that still break out require more on the administration's part to resolve. And yes, I do realize that this violence level has escalated all over the district, not just the high school.

@ change is coming: I don't quite understand what you're trying to say. How are our English classes "vile" by studying many different branches of literature? How is homosexuality or witchcraft wrong to begin with? They're lifestyles! If anything,I'd be happy that my children are being exposed to new ideas and strings of thought. What's so bad about being open-minded? Keeping your kids in a bubble for their entire life won't help them at all. If you're truly that offended by it, there are several alternatives: private schools, homeschooling, et al.

Also, for the record, I don't recall any English teachers who give out such assignments. Do you have any specific names, per chance?

Columbia, MO

#36 Apr 30, 2009
I am 15. I have been going to Ray-Pec since kindergarten, and although it is one that doesnt have many problems with disipline from the students when it does the problems are worse than they should be. The last two weeks of my seventh grade year students were treated like they were being held in a juvinile facility. They had to have escorts every time they leave the room, and it was completely rediculous.
I hate the school district and cannot wait to graduate. THE END
a mom

Houston, TX

#37 May 13, 2009
football is just football, what about safety? personally i think ray-pec is the worst school i've ever dealt with and trust me, if I could move, i would. the housing market sucks and i can't afford to move nor can i afford to pay out of district tuition to send my kids elsewhere. now I'm hearing rumors of something worse (see the other post above) and am really nervous.
MJs Page

Raymore, MO

#38 May 22, 2009
Last week, a young girl at the freshman center went to the principal's office to inform them that several boys had threatened to stab her before the end of the school year.
The principal determined, after talk to the kids, that there'd been no threat.
A few nights ago, a carload of boys came to a screeching halt in front of this girl's house, hoping to make good on their leader's threat. Several were taken in and processed, released on bail.
Today - last day of school, the girl is at home, fearing for her life. Meanwhile, the boy is swagging down the hallways, high-fiving with his cohorts.
My son, this girl's friend, has mentioned several times how he doesn't feel safe at school and how he felt that those who are threatened (and those who are concerned) are dismissed out of turn. Today was no exception when my son asked the principal what was being done.
He was placed in 'recovery' and deemed 'confrontational' for wanting an answer.
The problem of violence is NOT going to go away.
Be watching the news. There will be changes.

United States

#39 Jul 28, 2009
Most of the ugly comments about Ray-Pec school district are false. I'm sorry.. No school is perfect. If any of you believe that, then you are living in a hole. There is nothing wrong with being a football minded district. I would rather my kids continue going to school here than those KS schools full of drugs. We may not be the richest county but I would prefer that.

Lenexa, KS

#40 Sep 21, 2009
I went to Ray Pec my whole life. And graduated from there in '08. So I know first hand that the school district has gone way down hill. The teachers are afraid of the students. When African American students walk down the hall yelling "Black Power", and then a Caucasian student replies with "White Power" and only the Caucasian student gets in trouble, then there is an issue. Teachers can not be afraid of the students throwing the race card in their face. The school has always been geared towards sports, which I think is great, I was on both varsity Volleyball and Swimming. But when the quality of education goes down, then there should be less focus on sports and more on academics. I must say that I was not properly prepared for college. And I did really well in school, I had a straight 'A' year my Junior and Senior year. But the teachers did not properly teach us how to study for a college level exam. And I was not prepared at all for the SAT's. All in all if I could go back I would not change the school I attended, I would rather have the teachers step up the quality of their classes. Or at least offer classes for just a higher level student. Because I took AP classes and college classes, and still I was surrounded by people who didn't care. And the worse part was the teachers did nothing to control them. So step up the quality of classes and the punishment for messing around, and I think that things could be better.

Drexel, MO

#41 Oct 23, 2009
we did move..the district is horrible, I had 1 child graduate from here but not without name calling from the TEACHERS and popularity contests with the coaches..the district has hired teachers that have been fired for sexual misconduct with young girls (two that I know of). You will never be a better school if you do not get rid of the people creating the problems..which is A LOT of the RP staff...my younger child is doing wonderfully (with no name calling) at a new school..thank you very much!!!

Chicago, IL

#42 Apr 30, 2014

Kansas City, MO

#43 May 1, 2014
It is a good school, and I heard that the boy was taken into custody for this threat. This school is fantastic about letting you know what is happening. We got two notifications last night that this was discovered and being investigated. A few months ago they even put a camera and automatically locking doors in the grade school. Every incident that occus we get a notification of what happened and the outcome. I can assure you not all schools do this. Not all accidents can be prevented but I think they are doing the best they can with the funds they have available to make this school safe to attend.
If that isn't taking precautions I guess I don't know what is.

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