Sebago Lake - Not world class fishing

Watertown, MA

#21 Dec 28, 2011
John C wrote:
There are no Hornpout left, few Salmon, if any. Sebago is a mess, the water is kept high nearly year round for the boating population, the beaches are nearly all dimished. Ever try playing volleyball or frisbee on the beach at the park? Don't bother, the high water levels have destroyed our beaches, and I am sure it has an imapct on our fishing as well. The lake Trout that were introduced in the late seventies and early eighties have decimated our lake. last salmon I caught was at the locks 8 years ago.
John, there are plenty of hornpout. My guests catch them off of my dock in Kettle Cove, Casco, at night with night crwalers.Also, lots of eels.

Jersey City, NJ

#22 Mar 6, 2012
How is the bass fishing in the Songo? I've heard reports of good catches in the summer fishing Senko's whacky style. Also don't the salmon spawn up the Soongo and into the crooked river in the spring? Wondering if there is better luck in the river than the main body of the lake.

Weymouth, MA

#23 Mar 24, 2012
Kill every and any laker. We targeted them for two days in April during our Salmon Camp Week last year. Out of three boats we caught +60 lakers/day, biggest one 9lbs, ave 3-6lbs. In 5 days of Salmon fishing we caught 120 salmon. Going again for a week starting april 11, we are planning a laker derby day with the winner having the most dead lakers. With the new regulations it is going to be hard to get a trophy that is legal to keep. They should have a no daily bag limit and no size limit. The survey is also a joke, they are off the water by noon.
Bob F

Hampton, NH

#24 Mar 31, 2012
The 2012 rules don't seem to make any sense if MDIFW are trying to lower the tougue population. Why through back 23-33 inch tougue. Most of what I catch is in that range.

Oxford, ME

#25 Apr 2, 2012
you know what tastes wicked good? tougue and lots of it, breaded, baked, marynated, grilled, fryed, love me sum tougue.

Westbrook, ME

#26 May 8, 2012
I think the salmon fishing is great on sabago, it could be better. I agree that the tougue are a problem but it gives me something to do in June and july. For Chris with his 120 salmon when shoul i meet you at the dock?

Oxford, ME

#27 May 14, 2012
Dan from Buxton, you hitting on Chris?

Wooster, OH

#28 Jun 4, 2012
Coming in this week from Ohio looking for a good togue guide...
Pete R

United States

#29 Jun 26, 2012
So far, MOST of the posts I've read on this thread are riddled with inaccurate, and just plain false banter about the lake.

As for Lake Trout (Togue), it is true they are an "alien" species introduced to the area that decimate natural populations of Smelt, and consequently out-compete Salmon. They are (now) a problem fish, no doubt about it. Since the introduction of Togue in the mid 70's, the primary effect they have had is predation upon our Smelt/Shiner population. The key to increasing the number of Salmon is now based on increasing bait fish populations and decreasing breeding Lake Trout populations, thereby decreasing overall competition. It is NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to completely eradicate Togue from a body of water once they have been well established (which they clearly are in Sebago). The focus should now be on keeping larger Togue in the lake and eliminating smaller Lake Trout. Togue populations are well-known for being cannibalistic, and a significant portion of their diet can consist of hatchling/fingerling fish of their OWN species (much like other species of Trout). In short, larger Lake Trout are able to prey on a wider range of size of their own species, greatly reducing Togue spawn numbers and the overall number of fish. There is no sense in being angry or upset (as it seems some of you are) with the Lake Trout population, but the focus should be on correcting bag/size limits (unlimited under a certain size perhaps?), coupled with increasing the population of bait fish (which is in progress as we speak with attempts to introduce more Smelt to the lake). I am a huge supporter of catch and release of all species of fish. However in the case of Lake Trout in Sebago, the size of the fish comes heavily into play when deciding if it is helping or hurting the natural balance of the lake. Larger fish are better off released, and smaller Togue.. well thats a matter of opinion. Keeping/killing large Togue has a negative effect due to their ability to cannibalize their own species, which they have larger access to @ the depths they are found. Killing any and all Lake Trout is an irresponsible and harmful way to fish Sebago Lake. As i'm sure most of your girlfriends and wives have told you.. SIZE MATTERS. If anything, the next big threat is Alewife competing for spawning space and Pike growing to sizes large enough to eat full-sized breeding Salmon and just about everything else they can chase down and grab hold of.

As for Bullhead(Hornpout)/Pickerel/Ye llow Perch, I catch more of these species with my eyes closed than anything else in Sebago (almost always by accident). Sebago Lake offers such a wide variety of lake conditions (temperature, clarity, turbidity, etc..) it is a challenge to seek the correct conditions/bait to land that prize-winner everyone is fishing for, no matter what species you are going for. These species are all thriving throughout the lake. The same can be said for Black Crappie/Large +Smallmouth Bass/Eels/Brown + Brook Trout; if you know where to fish and what to use, you can catch these fish any day of the week. I speak strictly from experience and have caught countless amounts of all the aforementioned species this summer alone. The only things I cannot seem to catch are Suckerfish and Cusk, however I have never put in the conscious effort to do so.

If you aren't catching fish in Sebago, you're doing it wrong.

Plymouth, ME

#30 Aug 2, 2012
Get the bass out of your lake,they are eating the smelt population.The salmon will suffer from this.
Increase the daily catch limit on lake trout.Introduce rainbow trout and tiger trout in the lake.
James Exley


#31 Sep 24, 2012
I have fished sebago for the last 15 years. I have had great luck catching both salmon and trout, and that's every year. I would say 60% are salmon. I guess someone doesn't know where the salmon are hiding. Trout are a great game fish, and i really enjoy catching them....take it easy with saying the salmon are all gone, have u recently swam the lake and counted how many there are? i catch landlocked at the gorham damn in the spring like its my job, maybe you should try there? Sebago is a great lake to fish, no question.
Oregon refugee

Val-d'or, Canada

#32 Oct 19, 2012
Greg Healey wrote:
I called you unsportsman like because you throw them on the shore. I have no problem with people who keep them and eat them or mount them. But i throw mine back and yes i keep the occasional one for dinner. But i dont see the salmon fishery coming back know that the alewives and pike are in there.
Got to agree with not throwing them on the shore. Fish and game got caught doing that to control popluation in Oregon Rivers a few years ago and boy, did the fish hit the fan.
I'm living in Quebec now, taking care of my 91 year old father. When that passes I'm going to bring my sugar shack and fishing gear to Maine, where I'll be living in Gray. Not sure where I'll end up parking the shack or where I'll fish
As for lake trout,I prefer them to salmon for eating (blasphemy from an Oregonian)and walleye beat them both... An occasional pike is nice in a chowder. Like to smoke some whitfish too. Large perch and Walleye are high on my list too. I live on a much smaller lake than sabego and we have Lakers, Salmon, pike (even some musky) walleye and bass. No problem with them sharing the same lake.
I'm going to have to learn fishing all over again down there but love to have that problem. What's the deal on bounties for lakers? Can I have my fish and eat it too :)? Also have eaten an occasional snapping turtle .. any info on those for the area?
BDJ Outdoors

Fortaleza, Brazil

#33 Jul 3, 2013
I catch salmon every time out. There is plenty of them in sebago. Apparently you all don't have a clue how to fish for them. I recall last time i was out there, salmon were surfacing and jumping near my boat all morning long. Call BDJ Outdoors and ill show you how its done, wake up and quit complaining!

Falmouth, ME

#34 Dec 11, 2013
I catch plenty of Hornpout in sebago, you just need to know where to go. Plenty of Landlock in the lake as well, Sebago is a big lake with lots of habitat for plenty of fisheries. Yes there are pike in there, but again the lake is huge and they haven't established there yet.
Sebago fisherman

New Britain, CT

#35 Jan 17, 2014
From chris

You are all so misguided. Lake trout,(not togue) are a fantastic game fish. They are better eating than these tiny little so called salmon. Maine is a joke when it comes to fresh water fishing. I grew up on Lake Superior catching trout and salmon. Salmon are better but only when they are large enough. Like 10-30 lbs. These 1 lb fish are useless!!!. And on that note, the meat on these landlocked Atlantic salmon is like mush. They aren't even close to a real salmon (coho, king). At least in the Midwest the DNR understand that. That's why they STOCK what people want. Thousands and thousands of Kings and coho's. But yet more people go for lake trout still. They are more abundant and they get huge! Maine is stupid!. The best eating fish in fresh water are hated in this state. Walleyes, yellow perch, crappie, lake trout and Ell pout!!!! Cusk is known as Burbot, ell pout and Lawyers. They are the number 1 eating fish in fresh water. Poor man's lobster they call it for a reason. So quit throwing lake trout and "cusk" away. Your just being stubborn and stupid for listening to mainers.
west wind

Gray, ME

#36 Jan 21, 2014
i do not know about what go on on other boats on sebago, BUT i fish it about a and in 2010 fishing was ok fair some touge looked skinny 2011 was much better fair to good needed more time to learn lake thats the trick what to use and time of day or night to fish depending on time of year i do not use live bait tryed it wasent for me
fish both touge and salmon looked good touge are easy to catch not so for salmon , but we caught a good amount once you figure them out ei bait and time 2012 was good more fish healty once again learn spots to fish so when one area is not producing you have back up areas 2013 was GREAT salmon on top didn't catch any under 16 " up to 22' saw a few on other boats larger in spring healthy touge some as large as 29' and fat as summer came on started to louse salmon started to fish from 4am boat in water or earlier and caught salmon again til 7 am over all fishing was real good on sebago in 2013 looking forward to 20014 rember you have to learn what to use and most important get to know the lake fish move around
west wind

Gray, ME

#37 Jan 21, 2014
sorry about first post will rember to clean up befor posting next time
west wind

Gray, ME

#38 Jan 25, 2014
getting gear ready,was told about washington lure in nh check out web site, lures are 1.75 each got 12 not bad . used planner boards last year , haven't used them for a long time, boy did trey produce in (spring ) out fished downriggers and lead core used sinking fly line that got them down a little

Selkirk, NY

#39 Jan 26, 2014
Yeah last salmon I caught was down by the train tracks where sticky river enters into sebago probably five or six years ago.

Selkirk, NY

#40 Jan 26, 2014
Been getting plenty of togue ice fishing in lower bay.

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