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just being me

Goodview, VA

#22 Jun 10, 2010
hell yes wrote:
I think if the kids get in trouble at school the school teachers need to go home with the student and bust the parents ass.If that happend a few times the parents would start busting there own childs ass
i thank you she didnt do anything wrong if you had read my previous column.walking out of the cafeteria in front of me i was watching the whole thing, guess i should have gotten my butt kicked for not doing anything about it. lesson learned.

Natural Bridge, VA

#23 Jun 29, 2010
SOME teachers are just plain bitches, some are really good. Only thing I can say is if you don't really love kids keep you but out of the school system. If they put paddleing back in and used it correctly, maybe on a 3 strike rule. I don't know I am a over protective momma I would be pissed if some one else spanked my kids. I agree that a better disapline system needs to be enforced all over the place. I personally think that suspension is silly, kids don't have to go to school like that is going to ruin there day. How about make them clean the school in the evening. I went to private school and got into trouble to many times our pastor would pop you on the butt. no problem but his favorite punishment was scrubbing cracks and baseboards with a toothbrush. Trust me after 2 hours on your knees with a toothbrush you don't want to mess up again.
just being me

Roanoke, VA

#24 Jun 30, 2010
Mother wrote:
I agree with you WOW, Most of the teachers have their pets, I dare anyone to hit my child or myself, they will be like Old Humpty Dumpty who fell off the wall! Because they would be in a thousand little pieces!!!!!!!!!!
you should just be in school sometime and watch some of the teachers, all the little kids can be walking in a line let one of the pets say something to litte johnny for instance, guess who gets in trouble, saw it. you either have to have money or the right last name.guess most everyone knows the right thing about it they grow up and leave home it wont matter what their name is then,no more teachers pets. everyone will still have their memories then their grandkids will get some of the same teachers.

Since: Jan 10

Location hidden

#25 Jun 30, 2010
I think it is good if done right. I can still remember getting a ride with Nancy Young and Debbie Boyd when I lived in Lebanon but went to school in Honaker for a couple years.
They both used a paddle on me and my parents had no problem with it.
Seems Mrs. Belcher also gave me a couple. Debbie Boyd is still a good friend of mine. Known her since she was Miss Sneed. They never went overboard when they did it either. But I guess that was a different time and place to.
I don't think we will ever see it happen again.

Oakvale, WV

#26 Jul 3, 2010
I think that paddling a child should be handled in the correct way by both parents and teachers. When I was in school I recieved two spankings, and I still remember exactly what they were for, and to this day I don't think I deserved them. The first on was in first grade for writing my name and going outside the lines.!!!! However, I have also been on the other side of this coin with several of my family members as teachers. Truly I don't think they want to be able to spank children. All most teachers want is for the parents to teach the children at home. I don't think spanking a child is being cruel, the bible even speaks of spanking your child and bringing the up correctly. If a child was taught to respect other people in the home, there would not be a need for corporal punishment elsewhere.
just being me

Roanoke, VA

#27 Jul 4, 2010
Jerry63 wrote:
I think it is good if done right. I can still remember getting a ride with Nancy Young and Debbie Boyd when I lived in Lebanon but went to school in Honaker for a couple years.
They both used a paddle on me and my parents had no problem with it.
Seems Mrs. Belcher also gave me a couple. Debbie Boyd is still a good friend of mine. Known her since she was Miss Sneed. They never went overboard when they did it either. But I guess that was a different time and place to.
I don't think we will ever see it happen again.
i remember getting a paddling in 8th. grade for skipping a class going to town with a another girl,which they gave me a choice 3 days at home or 3 licks,i knew better than take 3 days at home. as far as paddlings go some teachers would take advantage of it and just pick on certain kids they do it now so just imagine what they would do if they could paddle them.jerry mrs belcher is mrs wysor and still teaching, shes a wonderful teacher hope shes teaching 4th. grade when my child gets in it,shes one of the best.

Since: Jan 10

Location hidden

#28 Jul 4, 2010
Thank you for letting me know. Mrs Wysor was always one of my favorites. She was always so nice
and was very good at her job. She was always a real lady.
Remember Mrs. Slaughter? Wow was the old lady mean.
Her name fit her well. And MS. Ball for gym. I really liked her to. I know all the paddlings I got
was because I deserved it. That one paddle with the holes in it really stung. Most of the time I got 7 licks.

Mechanicsburg, PA

#29 Jul 4, 2010
I don't believe in school paddlings at all. I don't think that it's right to lay your hands on someone else's child. As for me personally, I think that parents should be alot more stricter on kids than what they are. I'm not being rude but there are so many religions besides Christian. I believe in just following my heart and trying to do the right thing for myself.

Natural Bridge, VA

#30 Jul 5, 2010
Yes, It worked in my school i never got a paddling but it was in the back of my mind if I did something wrong. so yeah it should be allowed to a extent of course.
A mom

Natural Bridge, VA

#31 Jan 4, 2011
Well I think that they should be allowed to paddle in the school but only if the parent signs a waver for them to do it and if they are going to get paddled the principle should have to be the one to do it and the parent MUST be present. I agree with unnammed and midnight princess if parents taught there kids respect and made them behave then they would not get paddled at school. A lot of parents do blame the teacher when their kid gets into trouble no one wants to make kids take reponsibility for their actions. I get so sick when I hear a parent say Oh kids will be kids. This is true but when will you stop using this excuse? If they are old enough to know better then they need to take responsibility. Kids now days don't care because they know if they do something wrong they are not gonna get into trouble cause mommy and daddy will make sure of it. I have two boys in school and if they did something to need paddled for I would say yes, I would want to be there first that way I KNOW what happens. I make my boys mind and I can usually talk to them and they learn from their mistakes. I am not saying go straight for the paddle it should have to be a repeated problem and paddling as a last resort.
callem like i c em

Farmington, MI

#32 Jan 4, 2011
I think that in a way it would be a good thing. I never got a paddleing in school. I knew better than to get in trouble or what I would've gotten when I got home would've been worse. If they don't use a lot of force an paddle them in a right manner it would be a great thing. There are pros and cons on about everything.
Big Cal Huna

Lebanon, VA

#33 Jan 5, 2011
I don't think any teacher wants the liability associated with paddling any child in school. If they could call the parents and expect that the parent would take care of the discipline; they would enjoy their jobs so much more. I would have been happy to take the paddling at school just as long as they didn't call home! I wouldn't have had the opportunity to blame it on the teacher. My parents expected me to act much better at school than at home and I didn't get away with anything at home. They would have been embarrassed to have had a phone call from my teacher about my behavior. We also prayed in school before lunch and nobody was ever offended. No I didn't go to elementary or middle school in VA I came in high school. I certainly believe that if parents did their jobs the teachers could do theirs much better.

Hagerstown, MD

#34 Mar 20, 2013
hell no. I seen it happen to kids. A vice principal hitting kids at the cafeteria for stupid reasons in front of other students. Ruined the other kids lunch seeing that but did they care. I saw 3 kids just for missinfg the bus get swats that left blisters
well well

United States

#35 Mar 20, 2013
Its not the 80's anymore,these teachers and principals need to do their homework! They might want to know who's who these days!
pros and cons

Raven, VA

#36 Mar 21, 2013
I believe a verbal dressing down of a school kid,perhaps a threat of being expelled,telling their parents to correct them,would be efficient! I, feel too,that some teachers would mistreat a child,because of who their parents are.

United States

#37 Mar 24, 2013
It's hard to displine kids this day at home or in school. All people want to do us threaten DSS!!! They want to complain about how mean kids r today, but don't want the parents to do anything about it!! Spare the rod spoil the child!!! I believe in spankings 100 percent. Teacher can't punish kids at school and parents can't punish children at home, so why expected kids to be good??? Teachers aren't allowed to punish in anyway without being accused of something!!!
concerned parent

United States

#38 Mar 24, 2013
What we really need is a new school board? The school board members we have now are uneducated fools! They want to close the most the most productive schools? I also think some of these principals and teachers need to be forced to retire! Our school system is in desperate need of change! We the parents need to take control of the situation to make sure our kids get the the proper education without been abused or mistreated!

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