Why does the city of Raton still list Chris Candelario as the city's mayor, on their web site?

Here's the city's official web site,(still!?) saying that Candelario is the mayor:


... and here's the news story (from early December, 2012) in the Raton Range, where Bobby LeDoux became mayor two months ago:


More to the point: how hard is it for this city's many newly-added-to-the-payroll employees to log onto the city's web site, and to do a quick update?! Do they just not feel like doing the work? Or does no one up there want to admit they are really in charge? Are they pushing for a "historical marker" designation for the city's web site; and perhaps hoping they'll get a grant, along those lines? It's not the city's biggest problem, by a light year; but it boggles the mind, how not-on-top-of-things these "leaders" are.