Should I care if my husband attends S...

Madison, OH

#21 Jan 28, 2013
Thanks. It does help. I've decided that I'm not going anywhere. I love him and trust that he loves me. I'm not happy about this trip, but he should do what he wants. not sure what I will be doing while he is gone, but rest assured I won't be sitting around like a good little woman, anxiously awaiting for his text or calls, and certainly not his return. I will be completely unreachable. And I think that is fair.

Rapid City, SD

#22 Jan 31, 2013

Dallas, TX

#23 Feb 19, 2013
My Significant Other's trip to Sturgis in 2011 cost me over $500.00 in doctor bills. Imagine how I felt! They can pretty much get what ever they want there.

Clinton Township, MI

#24 May 9, 2013
Erin how did everything go what.happened once he came back

Clinton Township, MI

#25 May 9, 2013
Erin wrote:
What haven't I found! And his first day there is tomorrow. He had to rent a uhaul toget there... So he isn't there yet. Ive talked to him every day so far. And Im counting down the days too. A friend just told me that it all lies in their hands what they decide to partake in.. So now comes the worrying to the Max. And I agree when people are drunk who knows what can happen.:/ I've seen a lot of pictures even on google and read on buffalo chips website and sturgis website. And from talking from people..have you talked to your boyfriend.. What has he said??
What happened when he came home. My bf is going and I'm freakkng out.
Sturgis bound

Baytown, TX

#26 May 29, 2013
We are bound for Sturgis together, my girl on her bike and mr on mind. We are going to see and do it all together.
If you love you man get on the back, even better buy yourself a bike and ride beside him!

Roanoke, VA

#27 Jun 17, 2013
I can't believe what I am reading, what women are saying. If you plan to leave your man over a trip then do it before he goes so he won't hold back out of respect for you.I am going and I swear that women have no deciding factor in the decision. Slutty women can be found anywhere and at any time. why spend tons of money, ride hundreds of miles for something you can fine and any bar in any town. I love to ride, have since I was 16 ( I am 50 now) and Sturgis is the most famous of all bike rally's. It would be cruel to put such a choice on a true bike enthusiast. If he really loves you he would stay home but it will be the beginning of the end of your relationship. You will loose even if you get your way. Biker are a different type of man, its all about freedom.

Cincinnati, OH

#28 Jul 29, 2013
I'm attending Sturgis for the first time and my wife is NOT going with me. She isn't the hard core party type and I really don't think she would enjoy it. We are very secure in our relationship and she has no reason to fear my infidelity. I'm 55 and too old to satisfy some 20 year old, besides I find cute women with tattoos not attractive. We are very secure in our relationship and I have no plans on changing that. This is something on my "bucket list" since high school and finally a dream come true. I see myself taking my wife out to Sturgis in the off season to experience the rides as we are empty nesters. I do look forward to the behaverial that may not be of Christian belief but will NOT partake.

Laredo, TX

#29 Aug 2, 2013
Just wanted to throw my two cents in...I have been to Sturgis three times and have sent my husband with his brother and friends 8 times. I had a great time at Sturgis, even though I am VERY uncomfortable with nudity. I saw guys making very bad choices and I saw 10 times more guys making the right decisions. So look deep into your heart and ask yourself if you can completely put your trust in God, your marriage, and your man. Because even if he is a wonderful guy that is a complete gentleman at Sturgis, your jealousy and suspicion will drive a wedge between you.

United States

#30 Aug 11, 2013
I've been to Sturgis several times with my husband. And he's gone by himself. We've had a great time there. This year he went with a good friend of ours who is known for his debauchery. They are both very good looking guys and I'm fearful of what might happen with that combination (and alcohol.) I've always thought my husband would never cheat but for some reason,... this trip is eating me alive. I realize it may be all in my head and I just need to relax. He comes home in a few hours and I just don't know if I can trust myself to remain cool and not grill him with questions. I can relate to pretty much everything that is being said on this thread. Yes.... we should trust our men enough not to worry... but being around half naked women constantly while drunk in that "stripper" environment is going to be unnerving to any wife/girlfriend. it's totally understandable that all of us have a level of worry. As for the bar's "no touch" policy... that's crap. The girls openly let whomever grab their boobs and some will even let guys put their hands down their underwear. I have photos from past years to prove it. I hope it worked out for the other women on this thread. And... I hope I can get my overactive mind to calm down before my husband gets home.
Bob Finnegan

Spearfish, SD

#31 Aug 11, 2013
A note to women worried about their husbands at Sturgis. I'm a husband, and I'm about to leave Sturgis tonight, Sunday, to ride home to Arizona to my wife. We're properly married, and I can tell you the truth: nearly every man here that I hang out with or talk with is here for BIKES, seeing what we've all done with our machines, for RIDING, for the amazing scenery, Devil's Tower, the Black Hills, to meet up with other guys we've corresponded with about our rides and our knowledge of Harleys and other bikes... and most of us LIKE the fact that our wedding rings are a first line of defence, and the next line is to say "save it for someone who needs it". We're really not interested in breaking the trust of our wives and girlfriends. At least, that's true for the guys I hang around with, and we're aged between about 24 and 60. Anyways, most women here are with a man (sorry, but that's the way biking is, absolutely NONE with riding experience I've met are on their own) and nobody messes with a biker's ol' lady. There is a code of conduct regarding that. Must say, my wife has been here with me in the past. It's just a new business that's kept her south this month.

San Mateo, CA

#32 Jan 8, 2014
look closely at your relationship. guys like visuals. if u 2 are only intimate at night, always wearing sweatpants, too routine, then understand that the visual stimulation is what may be missing. let him look and dont get upset. if u arent comfortable with him going alone then maybe you should consider going and letting loose a bit and showing him that you are his babe!

Yankton, SD

#33 Jan 30, 2014
Its all up to the individual. If your not going, do something for yourself after all you are number 1. Take care of yourself first.

Oak Ridge, TN

#34 Feb 7, 2014
really people this a simple matter of trust if you trust your man then no you have nothing to worry about, if you don't then maybe you should rethink your relationship in it's whole. You are the only one that can answer that question.

Athens, Greece

#35 Mar 6, 2014
to those who concern about their husbands cheating while going to sturgis:your marriage is not gonna last.
if your man wants to cheat,he will do it,either at sturgis,either at a local bar.
you have no trust at him and you are really insecure.
end this now and dont torture him.

Atlanta, GA

#36 Mar 21, 2014
chuck wrote:
Look ladies first all maybe you need to find a new guy..If he drinks that much and you can not trust him..There are ladies that like to have fun at the rally but you can also find these same ladies where ever you live..If you cannot trust your guy then something else is wrong...Think about it...Plus why did you not go with your guy to the rally...Now if he said no it was just guys going then maybe something else is going on..LOL you will know if he comes home with something...
.... lol

Brodheadsville, PA

#37 Mar 26, 2014
I'm not married nor do I have a girlfriend. I know the things that go on at Sturgis, but I'm not going there for that. I don't want a woman like that. Just want to be at a bike rally. So if you're worried about your husband the rally is not the problem, it's your marriage.

Pacoima, CA

#38 Apr 9, 2014
Oh - there are tons of nake people in the camps. Sex on motorcycles while riding in the camp ground. Glencoe is known for the sex and they have girls stripping on poles while riding in flatbed don' kid yourself -it is down right raunchy!
Biker babe

Ottumwa, IA

#40 Jul 30, 2014
JennyGee1988 wrote:
Wow !!!!!... Sounds like you women lack self confidence and can't trust your husband or boyfriend.......I go there every year and as "bikers" this is the kind of party this is for "bikers" not "wanna bees". My husband and I go there together all the time and yes I am topless with my husbands approval, but this is not for prudes. Why is it that if people are naked at nudist camps all is OK, but at Sturgis it's not OK ? You prudes need to lighten up, just because it's not your type of party you condemn us.....THIS IS NOT FOR KIDS OR WANNABEES, IT FOR BIKERS so lighten up B______....GET WITH THE PROGRAM OR SHUT THE _____ UP......let us live our lives as we desire..........Oh, and by the way my husband and I have never cheated on each other while there......IF YOU GOT IT, FLAUNT IT !!!!......while you still have it.....:-):-
you sound like one of those nasty slutts!

Clinton Township, MI

#42 Aug 7, 2014
kari wrote:
<quoted text>
What happened when he came home. My bf is going and I'm freakkng out.
He's been gone for 6 days leaves tom. The thing that bothers me is he doesn't wanna call me he'll text here and there but not call. When he did call yesterday he seemed annoyed by me and made me feel even worse. I've been partying though that's another thing he never ask what I do or seems to care like I do...

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