Should I care if my husband attends S...

Should I care if my husband attends Sturgis Bike Rally

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Wife seeks advice

Sheffield, AL

#1 Feb 8, 2011
Should I care if my husband attends the Sturgis Bike Rally without me?????????? Will he see a lot of indecent women and immoral conduct? Honest answers appreciated. Many thanks.

United States

#2 Feb 14, 2011
Aint nothing he ain't already seen. But if your threatened by it, then maybe you should go hang in a bar with some of your single girl friends. He might change his tune.

Florence, AL

#3 Jul 12, 2011
Do you care if your husband sees topless biker babes, wet t-shirt contests, 1/2 naked beauty pageants, frozen t-shirt contests, women wearing nothing but body paint (yes, it's legal), female strippers all over the place?????????? Any man who respects his wife/girlfriend would not go to Sturgis, and vice-versa. Everyone is different in this world b/c morals are almost gone, but these women should save their bodies for THEIR MAN, NOT MY MAN!!! And men should be men and have respect for women even when they don't respect themselves! I could say a lot more! lol





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Detective Gumshoe

Indianapolis, IN

#4 Aug 3, 2011
If you are honestly worried about your husband when he is on a bike trip with his buddies, maybe you need to re-evaluate your marriage. As for if there is anything to really be concerned about, do you really think there are a bunch of single women who attend these events who are going to be interested in hooking up with a bunch of men? I am not sure I have ever even seen a picture of women at these events who were not there with their husband/boyfriend. You need to have more confidence in yourself and maybe you won't be so insecure in your relationship.
Me myself and I

Minneapolis, MN

#5 May 14, 2012
Wife seeks advice wrote:
Should I care if my husband attends the Sturgis Bike Rally without me?????????? Will he see a lot of indecent women and immoral conduct? Honest answers appreciated. Many thanks.
I thought I could trust my man and turns out I shouldn't have. Find out where he plans to stay and who he is going with. Certain camps like glencoe and buffalo chip are full of slutty women and nakedness. The guys get naked too and some have sex out in the open. I went last year and made him take me to glencoe for just one night and was appalled and what went on. He had participated fully in the activities that occurred there in years past while I was making money and taking care of babies. I told him I was calling it quits cause that is no way for a family man to act. Gave him the choice. Live single or work on family. One eyed jacks is a bar in sturgis and found out his brothers friend bought him a body shot. He brought home pics thinking it was no big deal. Well he found out I'm not that open to immorality. Needless to say I've lost trust now. He was really stupid to take pictures

Sturgis, SD

#6 May 25, 2012
While I've never been to Sturgis, I've heard a lot about what goes on and behavior is questionable to say the least. That said, ask yourself if your husband has ever done anything to make you not trust him. If so, he may not be the one for you anyway. If not, let him go and have faith. What I have learned in my years is that if a man's going to cheat, he will do it regardless of his environment. While Sturgis may hold more temptation, if he loves you it won't matter,he will stay true and come home to you. In the meantime, have some fun of your own, don't sit home worrying about the what if's, life's too short!

Farragut, IA

#7 Jun 10, 2012
To the OP, you should be more concerned that your husband gives the type of bike and rider that goes to Sturgis enough credibility to desire seeing them let alone riding one of those god awful monstrosities. Anyone who chooses a forward control bike cares more about the appearance than the safety of themselves and that shows a lack of consideration for those who love them. Forward controls and unnecessary revving should be cause to lose your license and have your bike impounded IMO.
gator gal

Rapid City, SD

#8 Jul 23, 2012
I live near Sturgis and I definately would have no problem with my Husband going to Rally. If I couldn't trust him to be the man he is then we would not have a strong marriage based on TRUST! He spent 20 yrs in the USN and traveled the world over and I never worried about him disrespecting me, out Sos or himself. Just as he never worried about what I would do while he was gone or during the times I worked as a back country guide.

It does get a bit 'rank' to some in Sturgis but it's not as 'bad' as it used to be. IF he wants to find nudity he can find it anywhere on the internet, IF he wants to disrespect you, he can do that where you live.
Kelly j

United States

#9 Jul 29, 2012
Hi. I am thankful to have found this topic. I am slowly dying inside. My boyfriend of 2 yrs is going to sturgis. I have been sick with worry and concern. I spend my nights reading about sturgis and what goes on. He claims he's going to ride the bike out west- mt Rushmore, Yellowstone, ect. In the photos I notice other then the women without self respect & morals that work there... Are there a lot of single women in the bars partying wanting to hook up with men? I need someone's advice, this has taken over my life and i need advice! Please
Kelly j

United States

#10 Jul 29, 2012
He claims he's going to b on the bike all day sightseeing and enjoying the west, but at night he returns to the campground.. From what I read the campgrounds a huge party. He goes to bed early (he's almost 65 yrs old but looks like he's 40)... And says he will b sleeping. Am I really to believe this? He's never given me reason to distrust him but if he's up there, drinking & partying and cheating how will I ever know, so why not? I believe he truly loves me... I really am desperate for some advice

Henry, IL

#11 Aug 3, 2012
Kelly j: I know excatly how you feel. I have done so much research i could write a paper. My boyfriend is 23 and Im only 20, but he left for sturgis yesterday and im so worried i am making myself sick. We have only been together for 7 months and he drinks a lot anyways. Im beyond terrified that something is going to happen and i would never know. and the friend who he went with is single and would sleep with girls just for the hell of it... Idk how i cant worry!!! IF anyone has advice please help!!!
Kelly j

Washington, PA

#12 Aug 4, 2012
Erin I feel for you. I have been sick over this. I can't eat I've lost 6 pounds in 8 days. I don't drink an feel if he gets drunk he's capable of anything. My boyfriend is with 2 friends that r married and cheat on their wives. So no doubt they r at the rally for other reasons then bikes. They claim they r there to ride bikes and see the west and yet they stay at buffalo chip where the party is 24/7. My boyfriend says its not about what his friends do but what he does, if he's hanging out and his friends r with women I'm sure he won't walk away and be a prude. He has destroyed me over this, I never knew he was this type of man. I'm truly devastated

Henry, IL

#13 Aug 4, 2012
Dang! I'm not that bad but i don't eat like I should. Talkin to him has helped a lot. He's been having quite a few bike problems which scares me cuz that's an accident waiting to happen but I keep praying other wise. My boyfriend is staying at buffalo chip too.. It all does come down to trust... But I can't help but over think everything!!! Idk what to do. It sucks!! This next week can't be over fast enough!
Kelly j

Washington, PA

#14 Aug 5, 2012
I am counting the days Erin till its over. How often do u talk to him a day when he's there? What's he saying about it? I get sick when I think of another women throwing herself at him. I do trust him but when someone is drunk, how do u trust? I know you mentioned you have researched this,,, what have you found?

Henry, IL

#15 Aug 5, 2012
What haven't I found! And his first day there is tomorrow. He had to rent a uhaul toget there... So he isn't there yet. Ive talked to him every day so far. And Im counting down the days too. A friend just told me that it all lies in their hands what they decide to partake in.. So now comes the worrying to the Max. And I agree when people are drunk who knows what can happen.:/ I've seen a lot of pictures even on google and read on buffalo chips website and sturgis website. And from talking from people..have you talked to your boyfriend.. What has he said??

Highlands, TX

#16 Aug 8, 2012
Look ladies first all maybe you need to find a new guy..If he drinks that much and you can not trust him..There are ladies that like to have fun at the rally but you can also find these same ladies where ever you live..If you cannot trust your guy then something else is wrong...Think about it...Plus why did you not go with your guy to the rally...Now if he said no it was just guys going then maybe something else is going on..LOL you will know if he comes home with something...
biker wife

Houston, TX

#17 Oct 24, 2012
I am amazed at how bad people on here are talking about immorality. Are you kidding me? Bike rallies are wild and crazy parties that are meant for biker men and women to let their hair down without judgement. If people spend this much time worrying about what their spouse is going to do at a rally, then maybe a self evaluation is in order. A lot of "adult" things go on, and I am assuming the spouses in question are adults, too. Let them have fun and stop treating them like you are their mother. No one likes to be drilled with questions. If you are silly enough to let something like this eat at you and make you sick, then you are not ready for a relationship. There are better things in this world to obsess about.

Madison, OH

#18 Dec 19, 2012
My man is going to sturgis without me because I can't get enough time off of work to attend. He thinks I'm going to Vegas, but in reality, he may very well come home to a home without me here. I'm 50/50 on what I will do. In either case, I hope he has a good time and that it's worth the devastation that it is/will cause to our relationship.

Abington, MA

#19 Jan 19, 2013
Live an let live. Hold on loosely but don't let go, can't trust him , it was never ment to be

Moorhead, MN

#20 Jan 25, 2013
no need to worry. ive gone without my wife as she is not into the sturgis scene and i assure you that most of the women in sturgis are there to make money,not meet a man. im in a band who played 15 nights at 3 different bars and campgrounds. many of the dancers are lesbians,which is fine, and most bars have a no touch policy,and alot of protective men to make sure thier licenses for establishments are kept. if your relationship is secure and loving,you have nothing to worry over. sturgis in town is like a tourist spot,shopping,tattoos,food,and bars. lots to see,not nudity like on tv depictions. if ya want to see the crazy 70s style sturgis,then the campgrounds is your only option. many families bring thier kids and mothers,grandmothers,etc. out for the experience. not like your thinkin it is.plenty of crotch rockets,mopeds,minibikes,and lots of harleys,triumph,indians etc. as well. plenty of biker clubs,Hells Angels,Mongols,Banditos,Promet hius,crusaders,etc. to keep folks in line,and police from many states to uphold the laws. its an experience like no other if your into motorcycles and tattoos and biker apparel. LOVE IT!! again,not near what your thinking it is. rest your mind and trust your heart about your man as you know what he is like. hope this helped.

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