The Stonewall Kennel Club has partnered with My Dog Votes™ to declare October 11 My Dog Votes™ day in Rockbridge County. In celebration, we're inviting all local officials, candidates, and the dog-owning public to Hopkins Green in Lexington this Saturday, October 11. We would be honored if you'd drop by or even stay for the whole event...and bring your dog if you have one!
From 10 a.m. till 2:00 p.m., refreshments will be served for humans and dogs, and informal, one-on-one discussion among dog owners, officials, and candidates will be encouraged. It's a great opportunity for our local officials and candidates to meet citizens, as well as for dog owners to meet city and county employees.
It is becoming increasing difficult to breed or even own pets in this country, and we feel it's important to maintain lines of communication between our towns and county and pet owners. In an informal poll taken on the Dog Politics website, 95 of over 4000 respondents answered yes to the question, "Will a candidate's record or position on dog law impact your vote in a local or state election?"
Rockbridge County is one of the most dog friendly places in the U.S.-- let's keep it that way. We need to address problems before they rise to the level of requiring local or state laws, and we want to communicate with officials the importance of our pets to us.
The My Dog Votes™ campaign helps elevate voter awareness and participation among dog owners, and also helps fund responsible ownership outreach and education. Barbara Haywood, founder of the New Jersey-based company, says, "Voter apathy is the leading reason for low voter turnout, especially in local elections. The mission of My Dog Votes™ is to save dogs and democracy!"
Please join us at Hopkins Green on Saturday!