Poor Quality of Dan Ryan Homes

Poor Quality of Dan Ryan Homes

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Ripped Off

Marshall, VA

#1 May 3, 2009
Just over 2 years ago, I purchased a 4 year old Dan Ryan Home. Thought that meant quality according to their marketing. This is the cheapest built house I have seen. Pressed cardboard door trim, warping floors, nail pops, squeaky floors and stairs, and unbelievably poor (cheap) plumbing that includes a 20 gallon to supply 4.5 baths. Has anyone else experienced this with Dan Ryan Homes, or did I just get the lemon!?





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Hanoi, Vietnam

#2 May 17, 2009
Sounds to me like you bought an over sized house.

Lil overkill with 4.5 baths.

Help conserve energy..

Bushnell, FL

#3 May 20, 2009
Dan Ryan builds way to many homes in MD WV VA.
Don't know why you would buy a home that looks like everyone else's.
You would think Ryan homes would have it down building the same homes over and over.

The only thing Ryan homes is concerned with is their greed for profit.

When I see a sign on a site that says Dan Ryan homes, I know they will be piled on top of each other and ruin the areas beauty.


Sterling, VA

#4 Jun 4, 2009
Ok, I am not a fan of Dan Ryan's homes nor do I live in one, I live in a community where they are building and I wish that they were not there because they have brought the value of the existing houses down. I have a question, when you bought the house did you have a home inspector? I find that hard to believe that with 4.5 bathrooms you would not question a 20 gallon hot water heater.

Since you are not the original owner, Dan Ryan is not obligated to do anything and it doesn't appear as though they forced you to buy it either. With every house there is homeowner maintanence required.

Expecting a house to be perfect is a sad misconception, complaining about nail pops and squeaky floors in a 6 year old house? It is not uncommon to have floor squeaks, floors expand and contract during season changes. Nail pops, sounds like some touch up and painting would solve that one.

As one homeowner to another, take care of your home and stop expecting everyone else to do it for you, there are many parts and components to a house and just because something needs to be fixed doesn't mean that it is a lemon.

Ranson, WV

#5 Jun 23, 2009
I live in Charles Town in a community that is now being built by Dan Ryan - the previous builder (that is one of them - the recession has driven out 2)- made a lot of mistakes - plumbing mostly. Also one exterior drainage pipe is missing - this along with a basement door area drain that was clogged with large gravel caused the basement to flood a bit. A cheap back flow thingy in one tub caused water to get behind it and leak into the 1st floor and sinks clog easily and for no reason.
We had an inspector come twice during the building process - before drywall and right before closing - he did not pick up on the drainage problem but did pick up on other stuff such as split framing studs.
We have been here 3 years and have not had floor squeaks or nail pops - I read up on someone's horrible experience with our builder and requested the flooring be installed with extra screws.

New York, NY

#6 Jul 26, 2010
Are you guys talking about "Ryan Homes" or "Dan Ryan Builders?" They are not the same thing.
I Feel Your Pain

Washington, DC

#7 Jul 27, 2010
I bought a Dan Ryan Home in 2006 in Harpers Ferry that I believe was constructed in the 2000 to 2001 time frame. Yes, I did have it inspected prior to purchase but, without tearing the walls down, the inspector could not have noticed many problems we are encountering. Neighbors have since told me the home was constructed per contract for a couple who refused to close after construction. Another couple eventually purchased it and we bought it from them. Poor quality is the least of my problems. Yes, we have numerous nail pops, squeaky floors, pressed cardboard trim, inadequate subflooring, etc. but have also seen drywall tape popping loose. Fixing the nail pops will ultimately lead to the drywall tape popping. When we pulled the drywall tape off, it came off in one huge chunk that was about 15" wide! Even worse, every time we engage in construction we notice there is hardly any insulation on the exterior walls or around the windows yet we have seen insulation on interior walls?! My home is heated with a propane tank owned by Thompson Gas and I have since been told that, apparently, Dan Ryan and the owner of Thompson Gas went to high school together. Due to the poor insulation, my heating bill nearly puts me in bankruptcy every winter as the heat is just shooting out the walls! We're talking about near the $1000 mark in monthly heating bills! I have been told that Dan Ryan was apparently cited for failing to put Tyvek on homes. Thank goodness, my husband is a carpenter and we are working hard to address many of these issues! Despite the comments from others, your issues are NOT a result of lack of maintenance but lack of quality construction. I hope someone eventually sues him blind some day ... unfortunately, neither you nor I have a claim as we are not the original purchasers. I suggest getting to know a good carpenter and telling everyone you know to tell everyone they know to NEVER buy a Dan Ryan Home. By the way, Ryan Homes and Dan Ryan Homes are not the same thing. Apparently, it was the father's company and the 2 brothers had a falling out so one builds quality homes in Maryland (Ryan Homes) and one builds crappy homes in West Virginia (Dan Ryan). Good Luck!
M Simmons

Hamilton, VA

#8 Sep 8, 2010
We live in a Dan Ryan home and I totally agree, this house is a poor example of what The name Dan Ryan use to stand for, I doubt very seriously if Dan himself would live in one of his homes, he should be embarrassed. The house is only 3 years old and the siding is buckling and cracked. The door frame in our dining room isn't square. The concrete on our front steps is busting loose from the house. They use the cheapest crap the can find and the cheapest labor. We only rent this house but there is no way I would ever buy one!!!
Jay L

Frederick, MD

#9 Sep 25, 2010
My mother lives in a communtiy built by Dan Ryan that is roughly 10 years old. The house has had its few problems but overall it has been great. Things happen past the builders control as a house gets older, the house has started to settle, nails pop out, drywall seams start seperating, floors squeak. As homeowners you have to do some maintenance as time goes by. These houses are built on the cheap side but they are usually at good prices so you can't expect these houses to be 100%. Mass produced housing is built on the fast side and with the builders expecting a profit. As a construction worker I know mistakes are made, we are only human and some workers try to get by easy with not doing a good job. I really hate that some of you have had such bad experiences with something that should be a great moment in life, being a home owner.

Scottdale, PA

#10 Sep 26, 2010
Americans are allowed to build 100 bathrooms in their house if they want to, so stop being a liberal, left-wing wacko and live in the reality world of freedom of choice in what used to be the strongest economy in the world, before Osama Obama took office.

Paducah, KY

#11 Oct 7, 2010
I have experience in the construction field workin on renovations, some of which took place in Dan Ryan homes. First off, the homes are total junk. Poor materials that are used incorrectly to begin with. His subdivisions are notorious for having improper septics/wells. He has been sued repeatedly. Look it up. Lastly, my business partner (a 25 yr. contractor) purchased a nice Dan Ryan home in a Golf Course neighborhood a few years back. He ended up out a top story window with his 1 yr. old son in his arms due to the piece of shit wiring catching on fire. Avoid Dan Ryan like that plague. If you already have one, unload it.
Help save America

United States

#12 Oct 7, 2010
TruthSayer wrote:
Americans are allowed to build 100 bathrooms in their house if they want to, so stop being a liberal, left-wing wacko and live in the reality world of freedom of choice in what used to be the strongest economy in the world, before Osama Obama took office.
So what your saying is not all people should have to conserve energy, if you can afford suck it up.

Is conserving energy only for the poor folks and middle class?

Do you know what PATH is?

Do you understand the power grid?

Do you not enjoy a beautiful landscape without High voltage power lines?

Do you like to breath clean air?

Building bigger is not wiser. Building more conservatively and more energy efficient is our future.

United States

#13 Jan 15, 2011
I lived in a new Ryan home in MD in 1980, and my father used to complain about cheap construction. Those same houses are still being lived in 31 years later and are selling for a high price due to price increases for the area, so I think your complaints are exaggerated. My father bought another new home in VA in 1985, but this time from a different builder. You know what happened? Same issues with nail pops and creaky floors! All new houses get nail pops and creaky floors as the house settles. The homeowner must address these issues or live with them. All of the big builders use cheap materials. You can choose a small custom home builder and use high quality materials, but that would cost more money, right? I believe homeowners are expected to upgrade builder issue bathroom sinks, etc. If they don't upgrade at the time of purchase.

Ridgeville, SC

#14 Mar 20, 2011
I'am in the market lookinh for a brand new home as a first time buyer. This is very intresting to me to readthese reviews about Dan Ryan home. Now I have to go backto the drawing board again!!

Ashburn, VA

#15 Apr 12, 2011
When Dan Ryan started building homes he built quality. When the housing market went crazy he could not keep up with demand. In an effort to build "cheaper" he started using inferior materials. John Oliver corporation learned the hard way, just as Dan Ryan will. Oliver, a contractor from Maryland started trying to build less expensive by putting studs and rafters on 24 inch centers instead of the 16 inch which is now required in most states. Ryan saves money by re using the same blueprints over and over in different developments. The problem is not with Dan Ryan, or John Oliver, it's with the customer that wants to buy these places. Most are first time home owners and have no idea what they are buying. An educated buyer is a nightmare for a contractor that thinks a quick sale will boost their standings in a community. Let the buyer beware!
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#17 May 27, 2011
People have tried to sue over the years. Here is what happens. 1. Martinsburg is a small town and everyone has money in everyone's pocket ex. Planning commission, banks, surveyors, builder, judge, etc. 2. When you try to sue it is never about the issue it is about dimissing a case because of a misspelled word. 3. After you have exhausted all of your resources and throw your hands of in the air, then the planning commission changes the address to cover up all of the defects of the property and then changes again, so when you are the new owner, you never know about all of the issues regarding that property. I am just now recovering from that horrible ordeal relating to one of Dan Ryan Homes, properties. I would not have even had to speak at trial even though the lawyer that I hired got disbarred, my luck at that time, of course. My videos and pictures would have said more than enough. One day Karma will prevail and this type of practice will stop.

Charleston, SC

#18 Jul 19, 2011
Own one - never never again. Cheap junk houses - priced that way too I might add. You get what you pay for in quality and service. Buy cheap - expect it. Same as the rest of the Ryan builder family in my opinion - cheap builders with house whores selling them. Sweet as can be until you sign the contract - then good luck. You have been suckered in. Do not buy a Dany Ryan builder home unless you just enjoying throwing money at the fire. Junk junk junk

Charles Town, WV

#19 Jul 26, 2011
There is a difference between Dan Ryan Homes and Ryan Homes but not much difference in the build quality
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Frederick, MD

#21 Aug 27, 2011
We are living in a Dan Ryan home in Maryland, and we absolutely love it! There were some things to be fixed after we moved in, but the company was very attentive in getting it fixed.
Ripped Off

Waterford, MI

#22 Aug 28, 2011
I posted this over two years ago out of frustration, interesting to see the comments that have followed. Unfortunately, the more I repair or upgrade this home, the more poor quality control I find. As the six year old entry door with side windows was rotting out, I replaced it with a fiberglass unit. The entry door was held in place with three (3)finishing nails, no insulation was packed around the unit, had significant water damage under the plate and into the subfloor. Oh well, at least I know the new door is properly installed.
Just to address a couple of comments above...we did not buy the house for cheap, was very expensive. It is a Dan Ryan Home and other neighbors are having similar issues with their homes of the same name. 4 1/2 baths are not too many if you have a large family, there are times there aren't enough! I think what saddens me is that this poor quality had to pass the county building department inspections at the time of construction.

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