Judge hears testimony on O.D. death

Judge hears testimony on O.D. death

There are 196 comments on the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin story from Feb 22, 2008, titled Judge hears testimony on O.D. death. In it, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reports that:

A judge began hearing testimony Thursday to help him decide whether an Ontario man should stand trial on involuntary manslaughter charges for allegedly failing to summon medical help for his girlfriend as she ...

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Since: Nov 08

North Hollywood, CA

#193 Dec 12, 2008
anonymous friend of Debs wrote:
sunshine boy, were you close to the family? I know sometimes extended family is not very close. I have extended family who are like brothers and sisters though.
What were Andrew Girvan and Chad Girvan like as younger boys? Why do you think they turned out as they did?
How were the boys affected by their dad's death?
What is Chad Girvan doing now that his brother is in jail accused of killing Miranda?
These are just curious questions my curious mind has. I hope you don't mind.
andrew t girvan, can not use the excuse of a bad childhood, or the death of his father. no reasons why some people turn bad, can justify their deeds.

no one grows up a perfect life - ane if you do, you can still because a criminal,

if you did have a bad one, as so many have had, you can still become a responsible and kind and loving and non-criminal person in life.

It is entirely the person's own will and choice they make. some make mistakes early in life, and gain knowledge and understanding of those mistakes,

others learn nothing - and repeat offenders have a real problem with society and following the laws and code of ethics within human society.

They become callous, uncaring and greedy with no regard for others...

There is no excuse for either of those boys actions in life.

sometimes they fool people sometimes they don't.

they can get away with something once or many times, and how they utilize their punishment within the laws are on them.

They will not be able to use a bad childhood to get out of their peddling drugs of death...
It is clearly not going to matter how his life was, nor why he turned out as he did.

Sorry but I can't see the debate here on why this or that, other than to get 'reasons' or excuses' for juries to be sorry that the man ended up killing Miranda, after beating on several women over his adult life, involved in another drug overdose case just 5 months prior? besides all the numerous other criminal activities he did get convicted of, what did he do with his ability to change his life? nothing - because he liked the life he led. didn't want that to change. well, sorry, there is a direct result that normally happens when someone is continual in down spiral of criminal behavior by the time they are in their 30's there isn't much hope now for change. unless it's being locked up for life. let him change in their and work to help those newbies walking in to teach them the course not to take, and to turn to God. but he shoud stay put, it's all just a game to him....

he learned something there alright, he learned how he could get away with killing someone now, without any consequences.


Since: Nov 08

North Hollywood, CA

#194 Dec 12, 2008

""no one grows up a perfect life - ane if you do, you can still BECOME a criminal""
anonymous friend of Debs

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#195 Dec 12, 2008
I wasn't asking to excuse him. I was asking because I wanted to know. Not everything is about the case. There is no excuse for what he did to Miranda or to Cameron. Nothing will ever clear him of that now or ever.

But I still would like to know. It's no different than the documentaries you see now on Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer and Richard Ramirez and on and on and on.

Just curious questions... not being asked for any other reason than to have a discussion on a discussion board.

Besides, Debbe, I don't think the defense would be able to use Andrew's upbringing as a legitimate excuse for killing anyone. Otherwise 99% of the convicts in prison would be out roaming the streets. Don't you think most of those people had bad childhoods? That's what I think anyway.
anonymous friend of Debs

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#196 Dec 12, 2008
Debralc wrote:
he learned something there alright, he learned how he could get away with killing someone now, without any consequences.
Are you saying that you believe that he's had enough time now to think of the mistakes he made with how he killed Miranda and so now he knows how to do it better next time in order to get away with it?

This is how I understand what you're saying but I'm not sure it's what you mean to say.


Since: Nov 08

North Hollywood, CA

#197 Dec 13, 2008
This could be but I was referring to Cam's death gave him the opportunity to see how the system works, and how to get rid of someone in his way...

I won't comment anymore as I am going to let this month be as peaceful as possible.

I no longer want to get personal about anything, and want nothing but silence from here on out for me. I have nothing but prayers in my heart.

I know that this has gone too far into much more than is realistically required. I want peace and I want solice to just remember who my daughter was. I have not been able except for brief moments to endure this pain in my heart forever. Although it seems like forever, I know that God is giving me what I need. Miranda was everything in the world to me, and to think and know and remember is all I have left just astounds me and I cannot live without her, but I live because it's God givig me the strength to do so, and to continue to pursue justice on this earth, for what was taken from her.

She was the best and closest person ever in my life.
To not have her here now, is more than I will ever be able to get through. I am never going to be the same person I once was without her here. I have a wonderful and fully supportive group of friends, and family. I am fortunate in this, but it will never ever change not having my Miranda with me here, and her not having more life to live that she was given. How anyone could want this type of harm to come to her, and to end her life is far beyone my comprehision.

I don't like feeling like I need to defend her good name any more than the Girvans. with the father of those boys. From what I hear he was a good man, and probably watching all that has transpired, good thing they only feel our goodness in the Lord... and will be watching -- just as Mir - now, Oh I am finally glad to know my mother is there with her, and for her. Such is life, and simply it isn't here that is all that. There is more, just hard to understand the loss of life so young and so vulnerable. She was completely taken over in 2 1/2 months to gone. It's beyone my abiltiy to comprehend, I will not be back as I wish to have some peace for the holiday season coming upon us, that I do not wish to even think of without her.

but I will have peace... God is my Lord and He will assure me if I continue in His word and faith in HIM.

I no longer give power to the one who took my daughters life, he is on his own, and will not take me down, nor anyone else for that matter.

I appreciate the fact that he has effectively destroyed his family as well, and know that they hurt too. But it will never compare to what I feel on a daily basis.

God Bless and Holdiay Christmas Blessings...
Debbe, over and out until next year.
Alyssa McClaran

Brentwood, CA

#198 Apr 20, 2009
Bout time someone said exactly what a lot of people were thinking. The family/friends of this girl are doing everything they can to not put any blame on her at all. WHAT was she doing with a dirt bag like that guy? WHY was she doing drugs to begin with? Im sure they werent shoved down her throat although its obvious you wish that were the case so that Miranda couldnt be held responsible for any of it. Ill answer this now, NO I didnt know her, an YES I can still feel your loss. But I can also see clearly that she wasnt the most responsible 23 year old. Such a waste of life.

Monrovia, CA

#199 Apr 27, 2009
What I don't get is what this girl was doing with this guy to begin with? Obviously she wasn't as innocent as the family NEEDS to believe she was. She was enjoying herself and it ended badly. I wouldn't wish this on my daughter either! But 100% of he blame doesn't fall on Girvan. Some of it lies with Miranda. And no one can tell me that those people who were threatened don't have something to hide. Something smells fishy. They could have left the home at any time and called 911. No one was stopping them at that point. And BFD if Girvan and Macias threatened them. Once they were outa there, they could have called. They are responsible too. And they have a good story to tell to put the blame on someone else so no one will question them as to why they didn't leave that house and call 911.
an observer


#200 Jun 20, 2009
umm holding a gun on everyone kinda interupts the chance to leave & go call 911. they all just sat around watching them drag Miranda's lifeless body around the house & place her on a pool table. so i would imagine they feared he really would kill them if they tried to help. i mean, they are watching Miranda DIE in front of them, so the fear was REAL that they could be next!

what was she doing with the dirtbag you ask? girls get charmed by filthy slick talking aholes everyday. did she deserve to die for that????

of course not.

being a recoverying hard core addict myself- i can tell you there is NO WAY Miranda tooki 10 hits of morphine & 13 hits of X.

even on my most dependent days- i would NEVER even think or want to take THAT amount!! no one would.

some of you say Miranda's family should have stepped in to help her with a drug addiction--- there was NEVER any point in time when Miranda showed any signs of using drugs.

even IF she did- Mirada was an ADULT over the age of 21, which means her family could not have done much even IF (which she didnt) she did have a drug issue.

some of you on here need to grow a heart and leave this family & Miranda's memory ALONE.

TJ Mo Fo Havens

Houston, TX

#201 Jul 23, 2009
I had a rough childhood. I did drugs. I went to prison because of the LIFE I chose to lead. I had numerous oppurtunities to change my ways. I chose not to. I did not have to be told not to touch the stove as I knew it would burn me. This man chose not to get her help. Let him think about it in prison.
We all pay the cost in the end....
Lots more drama

San Clemente, CA

#204 Aug 23, 2010
Recent more bad news for this family now involving a baby
a nice girl

Northridge, CA

#205 Jun 14, 2011
she was a very nice person, she had to work that monday never made it, god bless her family and friends

Fullerton, CA

#206 Mar 13, 2012
Lots more drama wrote:
Recent more bad news for this family now involving a baby
this is rather old comment, as haven't been here... whom are you referring to in this comment, if I may ask? thanks. curious.

United States

#207 Mar 14, 2012
When is the Jenny is driving to Sacramento, California?

San Diego, CA

#208 Jul 24, 2012
This kind of thing is still going on with the siblings of Andrew. Please let me know how this will help. I know this is years after the fact but please let me know. I will wait for your response.
Written 7/24/2012

San Dimas, CA

#209 Aug 30, 2012
I got the opportunity to meet and interact with Miranda on a few different occassions. She was beautiful, sweet, caring, and happy. She is still thought of by all those who knew her and loved her.

Anaheim, CA

#210 Sep 24, 2012
I want to start off by stating that I Knew Mir. I "partied" with Mir... for somoene to come out and say she was innocent, well isnt completely true. Prior to her ever dating Andrew she had lived a "partt" life style. You cant blame her... she was young. She made horrible choices. The real question is why did she take so many at one time and was she forced too? The truth will always be a mystery. "Friends" around her knew that she was a user.... so why didnt anyone intervein????? I dont mean the ones in the house that night, but prior too. Her roomate knew she used, why hasnt anyone came out yet and questioned this? I stopped this scene after one night of partying. I couldnt keep up. I believe everyone here was responsible. Im in no way defending Girvin, he needs to be locked up forever. She was so smart I just cant imagine why she would do this.

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