Public faces medical marijuana scam

Public faces medical marijuana scam

There are 297 comments on the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin story from Jul 23, 2008, titled Public faces medical marijuana scam. In it, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reports that:

A recent article in the Daily Bulletin regarding medical marijuana failed to mention the fallacies and problems associated with what has become a personal mission and profession for a limited few to blatantly ...

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Jack Herer

United States

#1 Jul 23, 2008
In 1988, Drug Enforcement Administrative Law Judge, Francis L. Young, called marijuana "one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man," and recommended the Administrator transfer marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II.

United States

#2 Jul 23, 2008
Sounds like a whole bunch of jaw flapping Mr. Habert and no proof to back it up. Increased crime rates due to medical marijuana? Where? When? I see people that have serious illnesses saying that they are getting relief from smoked medical marijuana. That's all the proof I need. So unless you are going to write something credible then you are better off just being quiet.
Jack McGuirk

Briarcliff Manor, NY

#3 Jul 23, 2008
I dare Kevin Sabet to get to know Marc Emery and Barry Cooper the two heroic individuals in these videos:
Marijuana laws are threatening the most honest and compassionate humans alive today. I can think of no greater way to limit the potential of future generations than to silence those setting the best example.
Nathan Rue

Fontana, CA

#4 Jul 24, 2008
Mr. Sabet is not one that can be taken serious. Look at his former title and you can clearly see that anything he publishes is completely bias.

Time to wake up Mr. Sabet and realize that the public is not fooled by your banter and clear misinformed articles that you like to write. Keep up the good work and maybe your buddies in the Federal Government will give you that grant you are wanting.

Long Beach, CA

#5 Jul 24, 2008
I am a 41 year old man and a concerned parent. I am concerned that you are trying to frighten people away from understanding the truth about cannabis as a medicine.

Your article states, "Proposition 215 has nothing to do with the sick and dying." If it weren't for the benefits of cannabis, I would be too sick be able to function enough to care for my son.

I am sick, and therefore I talk about being sick and I talk about how I consider cannabis a medicine. I am not trying to deflect anyone's attention away from anything - it is my life as I live it.

I use cannabis to alleviate my nausea and pain no over-the-counter or prescription drugs have ever worked as well for me as cannabis. Marinol, frankly, is an inappropriate medicine for my illness - it's too strong and it treats different symptoms (but thank you for demonstrating your medical expertise and thorough understanding of the pharmacological effects of cannabis - more misinformation once again).

Articles like this one based on fear, misinformation, and blatant lies help nobody - especially oncerned communities, parents, educators and youth

The public is not fooled.
SubUrban Cowboy

San Diego, CA

#6 Jul 24, 2008
Mr. Sabet, your article is simply more anti-medical Marijuana propaganda. There are thousands of people across this state, and even the country that use medical Cannabis to ease their pain and suffering. Pharmaceuticals are actually far more dangerous that Marijuana. Think of all the nasty side effects produced by pharmaceutical companies, one that I hear all to often is death. How many people in history have ever died due to an overdose of THC in their system, NONE! And when a person is put on one pill to "treat" an ailment, it is always followed by the Dr. prescribing more pills. I have never seen anyone put on pills who got better. In fact, I grew up as an athlete and used things like Tylenol and Advil to treat the inflammation and pain caused by injuries, and not once in my life did those pills work. I even dislocated an elbow once, and at the hospital was given a shot of Morphine/Demerol, and no pain was relieved. The only pain relief I have ever been able to receive has come from medical Marijuana.

I understand the Marinol is available to truly sick people, but the majority of people who have been prescribed it eventually abandon it and return to naturally grown Marijuana. This is because Marinol is simply synthesized THC (delta-9 Tetrahyrdocannabinol) and does not contain the other 60 or so Cannabis specific cannabinoids. These other cannabionoids are in part responsible for the relief many people experience. Each individual strain of Cannabis even has their own cannabinoid profile. And as individuals gain more experience with medical Cannabis they can pick and choose different strains to treat their ailments more effectively.

When we are born there are already receptor sites to receive THC and the other cannabinoids. So putting those chemicals into our body is actually far more natural that any other chemical we could ever put into our body, even in comparison to the food we eat every day. And there have even been studies proving that a glass of red wine every day is actually good for one's blood pressure. So relief does not need to come from a pill.

So in conclusion I ask you Mr. Sabet to stop spreading your lies. You know you are lying and yet you revel in it. I will admit the there are flaws with Prop. 215, but there are lots of sick people who have been able to resume normal lives due to their use of medical Cannabis. Before publishing another article I suggest you actually do some research.

Oh yeah before I forget to ask, which pharmaceutical company paid you to write this article?

Santa Monica, CA

#7 Jul 24, 2008
I also forgot to mention that NO one has every overdosed from marijuana in any form. It does not interfere with the life functions of the body.

And if you would have written a report about other schedule 1 drugs such as heroin or crack, or ecstasy do you think you would receive any sort of response from those drug users? No, I don't think so.

I'm a medical marijuana patient who suffers from chronic pain. I am a senior at a predominate university, I'm a peaceful productive member of society, I vote and pay taxes and I've never been convict of any crimes.

Chino, CA

#8 Jul 24, 2008
I cannot believe the Daily Bulletin printed this trash. And so what if Sabet is right about people using it "just to get high?" Should we compare the social problems and costs related to alcohol? I hate to call names but Sabet is a right wing idiot.

Altadena, CA

#9 Jul 24, 2008
I just want to point out: there is no difference between the pot off of the street and the "medical" marijuana. It's the smae thing. And guess what? Who is to blame for the loopholes in the 215 and the SB420 prop's.? The Federal government that wont de-classify marijuana as a less harmful substance than herion. Which everyone knows is.
Also, the author of this ridiculous article keeps saying "medical marijauna card" IT is just a doctor's reccomendation!!!! Not a "card" so get your facts straight !!!!!!.
Furthermore, the cannabis clubs constantly are getting raided by the Fed's for not compliing with the "rules" and they suffer the consequences... so beyond that the dispensaries ARE staying compliant with the rules and reguations.
Maybe the parents of the young people who are abusing the reccomendations to freely purchase marijuana from the dispensaries LEGALLY, should keep a better eye on thier children. But gues what? They are adults! They can do whatever the [email protected]## they want as adults. If they choose to abuse the RIGHT to injest marijuana then that's thier own stupidity.
Where did this article even come from? Outer space? The author is clearly uneducated about the real facts of the matter and cannot get his head out of the 1950's. This is the year 2008 when are we going to embrace the benefits of a extremely safe natural HERB? When?
The state and the Fed's need to come to some sort of agreement. That is the real issue.

Dravosburg, PA

#10 Jul 24, 2008
Dr. Sabet: When was it decreed that you were the "Moral Voice" for America? Since when does an MD get elevated to the position of deciding what is right, and wrong, for other FREE Americans?

You sees to forget the many hundreds of thousands that have been helped by MMJ, and even worse you fail to mention how it is safer and has less side effects than almost anything that a "Mega Drug Co." might put out, and want us to put into our bodies.

You perform abortions, and then have the gall to preach to others about what is safe and good?

Colleen McCool

Rhome, TX

#11 Jul 24, 2008
Science based education & harm reduction is a better drug policy.

It is a fallacy to believe the evils of the drug war are unintended. Felony convictions disenfranchise mostly poor and minority Americans.

Tricky Dick Nixon was really good at hiding tyranny under the guise of good intentions, a con used by the servants of tyranny, throughout history. He said on a white house tape that "marijuana was the drug of choice for Mexicans, Hippies and Black people", all whom he hated.

The DEA, Dr.Sabet and other drug warriors seem blithely unconscious of the societal harm their policies cause. If you research it you will find that there were few overdose deaths before prohibition.

The war on drugs devastates the lives of drug users and their families. It triggers violence in our streets and on our borders. Corruption is rampant, official lawlessness rules as it did during alcohol prohibition.

Gain better control by regulating all drugs like we do pharmaceuticals, tobacco or alcohol. We tolerate the salesmen of these drug gangs that cause more death annually than all illicit drugs.

Punishing individuals for making a safer health choice today is absolute madness. Taking children from the homes of parents who made a safer health choice in a medicinal or recreational drug is insane policy. Taking property from these same, destroyed by government families, is legalized extortion!
Richard Steeb

Walnut Creek, CA

#12 Jul 24, 2008
Cannabis is indisputably medicine. Check any United States Pharmacopoeia prior to the 1942 edition.

"Smoked", tincture, sublingual spray, vaporized, or suppository form, the natural herb provides THC at 10% of the cost of Marinol, along with the rest of the cannabinoids for no extra cost.

The scam here is the dogmatic disparagement of the herb and its consumers. The public is not fooled by Sabet and his ilk-- the abomination that is cannabis prohibition is doomed.

San Jose California, Glaucoma
Mickey Martin

United States

#13 Jul 24, 2008
As Kevin Sabet is a drug warrior who makes his entire living off of criminalizing and creating policies that jail and intimidate non-violent drug users, this opinion is not surprising. With the use of meth, heroin, and cocaine on the rise it amazes me that someone would focus so much on a small percentage of abuse cases in a medical program that helps so many. Like any system, such as pharmaceuticals, alcohol, tobacco, and even coffee, there are bound to be abuses. Kevin fails to mention any of these points. His viewpoints are skewered by his motivation to maintain a failed drug war policy, as his paycheck depends on it. The only question I have is, "When did Kevin get his medical degree?" I know his PHd from Oxford in Philosophy is impressive, but it in no manner qualifies him to make assumptions that Doctors who recommend cannabis as a medicine are somehow wrong in their practices and are "scamming" the system. Cannabis as a medicine has long been used safely and effectively for numerous conditions for hundreds of years. People like Kevin would rather you poison yourself with the Prozacs, Vicodins, Ambiens, and the numerous other harmful chemical concoctions that the lobbyists that pay his mortgage manufacture. I bet he has no issue when doctors prescribe Ritalin to twelve-year-olds or Paxil to 17-year-old girls for depression. No. That would be too easy of an issue to address. Why would someone with such a background in Drug policy be so interested in Cannabis Therapies? Because that is what he has been paid to fight against. Get a life Kevin.

Santa Cruz, CA

#14 Jul 24, 2008
"Medical marijuana dispensaries mask as havens for the sick, when in reality they serve as city-condoned centers for drug use. Of course there may be some people who genuinely use it to "feel better" from their illness, but smoking a drug as volatile and unstable as marijuana is like chewing on willow bark to partake in the benefits of aspirin."

I don't know of any dispensaries that sell drugs. Volatile and unstable, not as much as this authors malinformed opinion on the effects of medicinal marijuana. This article is nothing more than anti-marijuana propaganda, and should be dismissed for the lack of facts.
no narcotic medication

Anaheim, CA

#15 Jul 24, 2008
Sanctimonious Garbage. Conservative Rhetoric. Right wing Propaganda Jargon. Pain is real sir. This article stated nothing but opinion, Medical Marijuana makes people feel good, obviously because scientific evidence suggests that it is a narcotic. People will continue to abuse the system and get addicted to narcotic medications such as Cannabis despite your little sanctimonious rant when they aren't in pain so what exactly is your point?
If your point is that it is inherently and morally wrong for people in pain to be intoxicated on anything including narcotic drugs to help them ease their suffering then my value belief system makes me believe you lack compassion for people who actually suffer daily in pain. If your loved one suffered in dire pain, would you not allow them any narcotic medication whatsoever simply because its wrong for people in pain to be intoxicated whatsoever? Your the sick one in my opinion.

Aiea, HI

#16 Jul 24, 2008
Sabet should have a Ph.D in creative writing.

The real facts are that medical marijuana has driven the price of pot down, the quality of it up, driven hundreds if not thousands of drug dealers out of business, contributed millions to the state's economy, lowered the incidence of other illegal drug use, and has improved the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of people in California.

We do know how to regulate dosage now, we know how to vaporize it (smoke free) and how to eat it. And one puff or marijuana is a millions times less harmful than swallowing a liver destroying opiate.

By spouting your prejudice you're doing a disservice to the people of California, and indeed the rest of the country and the world.

It was idiocy to put prohibition on alcohol which kills hundreds of thousands a year, destroys families and homes. How much stupider is it that there's a prohibition now on a substance that's been with us and used by humans since the beginning of time and has never been the direct cause of a single death?

You're just straight out wrong. Period. And most of the rest of the country knows it too.

Pomona, CA

#17 Jul 24, 2008
Go F*@! Yourself Kevin :)

Lake City, CO

#18 Jul 24, 2008
How do people like Mr. Sabet live with themselves, knowing their blatant lies are contributing to a very real war on medicine, doctors and patients?

Mr. Sabet's lies kill and injure; because they prevent people from being able to make informed decisions about their medical care.

Most likely, Mr. Sabet knows he is spreading lies, but I guess his salary is high enough and his sense of morality compromised enough that he doesn't have a problem with deliberately deceiving the American public.

If Sabet doesn't realize he is lying, then he is profoundly ignorant and needs to actually go to some credible sources for real information, not propaganda.

We should not be funding organizations so hostile to science, history, medicine and truth. How much $ do we spend to have people like John Walters and this shill Sabet tour around, spouting lie after lie? Funny thing is, Walters and Sabet don't realize most people already know Walters and Sabet are, by strict definition, LIARS.

National polls consistently show between 70 to 80-percent of the U.S. supports medical marijuana and DOES NOT support the federal government's irrational and barbaric efforts to cage sick people and to steal their medicine.

The American people have a right to access non-fatal medicine; and the DEA's/ONDCP'S targeting of patients is a modern day witch-hunt, pure and simple.

Truth is, cannabis has been medicine for THOUSANDS of years; and cannabis always will be medicine forever and ever, because it works and because it has a virtually unsurpassed safety record (0 Deaths from Toxicity in Thousands of Years).

"For the People," not "Against the People."

Salinas, CA

#19 Jul 24, 2008
People fake medical conditions for all sorts of prescription drugs. Medical Marijuana is no different.

There are people who use medical marijuana because it really helps them and there are people who use it because they want to get high. Same thing is true for drugs like oxycotin, vicdain, soma, etc etc.

I found it odd that people try to negate the proven medical benefits of marijuana simply because there are other people who abuse it and fake medical conditions.

Under the authors logic all prescription drugs are just scams and we should outlaw all prescription drugs.

I've never heard such a ridculous arguement, someone fakes a need for medical marijuana so that means it's not a valid medicine for a cancer patient in chemo ??? Give me a break, this author is obviously biased.

Lake City, CO

#20 Jul 24, 2008
Here is a small list of health organizations supporting access to medical marijuana (so, if anybody, like Mr. Sabet, tells you there is "no medical support" for medical marijuana, you can feel confident they are either lying or ill-informed):

American Academy of Family Physicians, American College of Physicians, American Medical Student Association, American Nurses Association, American Preventive Medical Association, American Public Health Association, American Society of Addiction Medicine, Arthritis Research Campaign (United Kingdom), Australian Medical Association (New South Wales), Limited Australian National Task Force on Cannabis, Belgian Ministry of Health, British House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology, British House of Lords Select Committee On Science and Technology (Second Report), British Medical Association, Canadian AIDS Society, Canadian Special Senate Committee on Illegal Drugs, Dr. Dean Edell (surgeon and nationally syndicated radio host), French Ministry of Health, Health Canada, Kaiser Permanente, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Lymphoma Foundation of America, The Montel Williams MS Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis Society (Canada), The Multiple Sclerosis Society (United Kingdom), National Association for Public Health Policy, National Nurses Society on Addictions, Netherlands Ministry of Health, New England Journal of Medicine, New South Wales (Australia), AIDS Action Council, AIDS Treatment News, Parliamentary Working Party on the Use of Cannabis for Medical Purposes, Dr. Andrew Weil, Alaska Nurses Association, Being Alive: People With HIV/AIDS Action Committee (San Diego, CA), California Academy of Family Physicians, California Nurses Association, California Pharmacists, Colorado Nurses Association, Connecticut Nurses Association, Florida Governor's Red Ribbon Panel on AIDS, Florida Medical Association, Hawaii Nurses Association, Illinois Nurses Association, Life Extension Foundation, Medical Society of the State of New York, Minnesota Nurses Association, the Minnesota Public Health Association, the Minnesota AIDS Council, Mississippi Nurses Association, New Jersey State Nurses Association, New Mexico Medical Society, New Mexico Nurses Association, New York County Medical Society, New York State Nurses Association, North Carolina Nurses Association, Rhode Island Medical Society, Rhode Island State Nurses Association, San Francisco Mayor's Summit on AIDS and HIV, San Francisco Medical Society, Vermont Medical Marijuana Study Committee, Virginia Nurses Association, Whitman-Walker Clinic (Washington, DC), Wisconsin Nurses Association, etc...

And this is just a small list. I'm "going with" these health professionals, not Liar Sabet.

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