'Cousins on Call' Get New 'Undercover...

'Cousins on Call' Get New 'Undercover' HGTV Deal

There are 137 comments on the Patch.com story from Feb 12, 2013, titled 'Cousins on Call' Get New 'Undercover' HGTV Deal. In it, Patch.com reports that:

The local stars of a breakout cable TV series will have another series by the end of the year, according to HGTV officials.

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Phoenix, AZ

#107 Nov 4, 2013
Hi cousins under cover u doing such great job may God bless u. I would like u come to my house see how u can help us we have an old house and it s not good for health please just come and u will see what I am talking about thank u in advance and God bless
courtney eden

Ogema, Canada

#108 Nov 5, 2013
I would love the cousin's to help my husband. He is a teacher were we live recently taken on the principal role. He has done a lot of little upgrades but has a real struggle with being able to finish the job. They are close but just not complete. He has so many ideas but I all ready know his intentions are good but he will never have time. He definitely does good by our family (myself and 3 children) with what he has done. But anykind of break or help I could give him would give him some of the piece of mind that he is working so hard for.
Jeff Loving

San Leandro, CA

#109 Nov 6, 2013
Dear cousins,
As I read through these requests, it is easy to see that so many need your help...... They sound like quality people w real needs. I, too, would like you to consider helping me. My name is Jeff , i am a sco teacher and I am a father of four adopted little ones from Ethiopia ( ages 5,5,4,3) I write to you guys for my sweet wife... She is a big fan of hgtv... It is her favorite show.... Sadly when we brought our last 2 children home, weeks later she was diagnosed w terminal cancer. Our house isn't falling apart or anything but needs updating all around. I'm laying on my bed right now wanting to be able to do these things for my wife Brenda.... By the time you guys read this I will have lost my love but if its possible I would like to do these things for her memory. Thanks for even considering me.

Nashville, TN

#110 Nov 7, 2013
I am not writing this for myself, I am writing this for my Aunt. when the flood came through TN it got under her home and some water even came in the kitchen and the floor is rotting to the point where she could fall through. She is on disability and can not afford to fix it, mainly because she always helps everyone else. she let a family member move in and the stole 2000 dollars a computer and more and that was her savings to fix the floor. She took care of her mother and Grandmother till they passed away. She is not married and has no kids but still helps anyone she can. she gave me and my fiancÚ a place to live when we had no where else to go and has been very good to us. and has givin us lots of stuff like furniture dishes etc. so when we finally get our own place to live we have something to start with. Her car is even on its last leg and she still tries to help everyone else she cant even sleep in her bedroom because the roof leak that she had went through to the ceiling and she doesn't know if it has mold or not. I beg for you to please help her because she is a selfless person and deserves a little happiness for herself for once.
Candy jaras

Houston, TX

#111 Nov 9, 2013
Hi! My name is Candy. i'm here thinking of how to help my parents and feeling fustrated an getting nervous breakdowns of not able to finish mine. My dad started building a small house so he can rent the one he is in since he is unable to work he trying to make ends meet and I feel so hopeless cus I caint help financiall, my husband got deported and we were in middle of renovations as well, so now I had to work to suport my little ones (7) and house is a mess, we got extra things comming in our house cus of the openings around the house,(scary) so now I caint help my parents an my dad never had the chance to finish it due to his illness and city raising the price tremendously. So he gave up but everytime I see my mother it really touches my heart just knowing what my father is trying to do, so my mom can have a little xtra comming in for her future before he leaves this world, so she wont sufferan also I feel sad that my mothers dream just paused and not knowing if she would get her dream come true. Please help, nothing would make me happy then to put a sense of releif on my dad and a smile on my mom and not having to have breakdowns just thinking about my house and hers. please please please help me put that special smile on my parents face. Ohh and by the way I love your show . Thanks Candy
sonja langley

United States

#112 Nov 9, 2013
Where do I start? My daughter and her husband have struggled so very much since he has come back to the United States after being deployed to Iraq two times and one time to Afganistan. He walked on broken feet to get to safety and dug a bullet out of his hip himself after being ambushed while in Afganistan. They bought a reposessed home that is not what I want for my daughter and her family. Her daughter who is a junior in high school wont bring friends over because they will make fun of the house and we know there is enough pressure to fit in without being - I wouldnt call it ashamed because they are doing the best they can but without feeling like if anyone knew they would think differently about her. My daughter doesnt work right now, she had to quit nursing school after being very close to graduation because she has to stay home and help with him and not only that she is the one trying to make the house liveable. She went online to learn how to do wiring and has rewired some of the wiring to even have a kitchen stove. They need help and no one is there for them. They live in Tx and I am in Arkansas and she wont let me even visit right now because she is too ashamed. I cry..if by some chance if you would consider them for a remodel they would become a happy and very apperciative military family. I dont know how much more they can endure. Winter is on the way and last winter they got very cold with electric room heaters. And she just had a really bad infection and has no insurance and well I could go on but i dont want you to think they arent trying where that is the farthest thing from the truth. They are struggeling and I appreciate your consideration.....please help Sincerely thank you...
sonja Allison Langley

United States

#113 Nov 9, 2013
Where do I begin? My daughter and her family are in trouble. After he came back from two tours to Iraq and one to Afganistan it has been very hard not only financial but emotionally as well. His mental health is challenging not to mention his physical health. While deployed he broke both feet from the weight while carring the machine gun on his back. But had to walk out to safety while not being able to take the weight off his back because the men needed the protection that the machine gun offered. And has also dug a bullet from his hip himself while being pinned down from enemy fire, now he is home with the love of his life, my daughter, they were high school sweethearts. They bought a fixer upper because it was the best they could afford. She was very close to completing nursing school but had to quit to stay home and care for him. Not only does she deal with his mental ptsd but his physical limitations as well. She is amazing, she went on line to learn how to do wiring and wired the kitchen stove to 220 so they could cook. Im worried with winter coming and last winter they were cold because the electric room heaters werent quite enough but they made it work and I am very proud of them for doing what they have to do to stay together as a family. Her daughter who is a junior in high school wont invite friends oved because she is , I wouldnt say embarrsed but is afraid the other girls will think differently about her. Pier pressure must be awful at that age. I havent been to the house and it has been almost 2 years since I have seen her because she is too embarrsed for me to see how she is living. She has ripped up part of the living room floor to replace rotten wood she has ripped up the bathroom floor to replace rotten wood she has scrapped off the enamel from the bath tub and painted it with the appoxy for tubs. She has even taken down a wall in the living room and it stands unfinished. The front porch has been removed and she is now in the process of trying to make it presentable. I am so very proud of all 3 of them, they are staying together as a family no matter what. I cant tell you how much it would change their lives if you would help with things she cant do. Thank you for your consideration! Sincerely, Sonja

United States

#114 Nov 10, 2013
Cousin please please fixs my home needs work can't afford to fix floods, rooftop leaks, house is cool in winter, hot in summer had to take in niece because of child abuse from her mother work to job just to make it I can go on n on but just need help. Valarie Mccoy in Little rock, Arkansas.
Joann Reese

Pampa, TX

#115 Nov 10, 2013
Hello Cousins.....
Have you ever "redone" an older mobile home? I'm a 76 year old widow, live on a fixed income in Mississippi. I cannot afford to do some necessary repairs or improvements. My home is 14 years old, still looks good because my late husband worked hard to keep it that way. It is an open floor plan with cathederal ceilings. When inside, you tend to forget it's a manufactured home. After seeing what you two accomplish with "before and afters", I know it would help with the sale of my residence some day when I can no longer be independent or even alive. I would love to send pictures if you'll let me know where to send them. Thank you for your consideration to include me in your wonderful help for those who need your talents.

Spencerport, NY

#116 Nov 10, 2013
I know you get alot of posting. I have a 19yr old non verbal autistic son who has epilepsy, he currently lives with my husband and I. We live in ny state where there is a 15 yr waiting list for residential housing for adults with disabilities. We would love to add a small inlaw quarters on to our house so we could keep him near us. We don't have the resources or the time. If this is something you would ever consider doing on your show, please let us know. thank you for your time. sherry

Kathleen, GA

#117 Nov 11, 2013
The work done by Cousins Undercover is admirable, but I could never support anythint or any show connected with Ellen DeGeneres. Couldn't they find a decent sponsor?
Tim Smith Dillsburg PA

Dillsburg, PA

#118 Nov 13, 2013
I am writing about my wife. We were married in 1991, and three months later, she had her first surgery. During our 22years of marriage she has had 16 full abdominal surgeries, countless invasive studies, and all combined years of hospitalization. Her last was a sudden bacterial infection in her blood putting her in the ICU at Hershey Med Center and without an ambulance service she was 2 hours away from bleeding out. We have a 24 year old Daughter , whom I adopted after we were married. She has her own serious health conditions causing her to live in our basement. I work three jobs and regularly Lori is home 12 or more hours a day alone. Lori watches a lot of HGTV and her hobby is home improvement. When well she paints and plans projects. That's her joy. Much of our house is done, but I've promised her a bedroom and master bath remodel for 9 years and don't have the time for such things. Her kitchen is mostly incomplete. Although she can't eat food by mouth, only IV through her heart. Please consider our home for one of your projects. I only wish to bring her some joy. She is a Trooper, and my Superstar.
Many Blessings to you,
Tim Smith
Raven G

Chillicothe, OH

#119 Nov 13, 2013
Hello my name is raven me and my family live in a trailer that we HATE! We only got it so we could live on our own! We really HATE our house and we would love a larger house! That's not As crappy! Plus we are going through a very rough time right now in my family and we can't afford it please help! We don't want our crappy trailer anymore! Please help us!
The gilkerson family

Chillicothe, OH

#120 Nov 13, 2013
Hello please like my daughter said come help us we really don't like our house and we would love a ranch or 2 story house not this crappy trailer please help!!

East Orange, NJ

#122 Nov 17, 2013
Hi. I am a single mother of one son. He just started college. I lost my husband 10yrs ago and have raised my son with and little help. I moved into my mother's house and shortly after she past away from cancer. Now after hurricane Sandy I had damage to my house. I was able to repair some things but can't afford to fix the roof. I am already working two jobs and still can't do it. My insurance company dropped me because I couldn't get it fixed. I'm so stressed now. Can you guys help?
Tessa Brzeski

Nevada, TX

#123 Nov 17, 2013
I would love for you guys to turn our garage into a safe and functual room for my 7yr old adopted special needs son. We could use your know how to create a space for him that is safe. All of our bedrooms and bathrooms are up stairs. He is a heavy 58lb boy. Having everything for him on first floor would be awsome. I know he would be Happy, Happy, Happy.
Iris Estrada

Middletown, NY

#124 Nov 17, 2013
hello cousins I have come to meet a 82 year old woman that has a beautiful house in otisvulle new York, and she is helping out five mentally ill people she has them in her home now for over 20 yrs as you see she has gotten to old to take care of her home and her patients also she has some sicknesses that are taking over her body ,also all her patients are over the age of 60 yrs old I have come to stay with her to help her out but what she really needs is for this house to get renovated for her and the other elderly mentally ill people that's living in this house. she is a person that always helped people all her life all I ask is for you guys to please please help her she is also a big fan of your show so this will be super if you guys decided to help her..... thank you
Gayle jordan

Tacoma, WA

#125 Nov 17, 2013
My daughter Wendy is a single mom of three girls. Two of her girls have Type 1 diabetes. She does not get any child support or medical from their father. Wendy works hard and has insurance but even with insurance her medical bills are outrages! She provides for the girls but as you can imagine there is never any money left for her to do anything extra. Her house is very old and needs so much work, which she can't afford to do. Wendy is such a good mom and teaches her girls responsibility for their diabetes, not to feel sorry for themselves but to be grateful for what they have. They all are involved in raising money every year for JDRF to help find a cure for T1D!
I would love it if you would consider helping Wendy fix her house for her family! Thank you, Gayle Jordan

Tyler, TX

#126 Nov 18, 2013
I am a nurse for a small home town non-profit hospice. We provide end of life care for people who have a terminal illness and provide support for their families. Our nurses and staff provide care 24/7 including weekends and holidays. Our patients are in their homes or nursing homes but our office is in a two story house that was donated when our agency started. We are celebrating our 20th year doing hospice care and because we are non-profit all our resources go to patient care and paying bills. Our hospice house is need of repair. Any help you give us would be greatly appreciated and would have an great impact on our dedicated staff, the people we serve and our community.

Toms River, NJ

#128 Nov 20, 2013
I would really love and appreciate if the cousins came to NJ, it's me, my grandparents, my mom& step dad, 21 & 4 year old sister, and 6 & 8 year old brothers all living here!! We have been trying to renovate our house for the past 6 years and have gotten nowhere! I am 20 years old going for a degree in special education because that is what my grandma and mom both teach! I just really want to see this happen so then once it's done my grandparents can retire finally and because ik my mom really wants this but doesn't have the money at all with all of us kids. I just want to make my mom happy finally ...

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