garrett prince should be executed

Raleigh, NC

#253 Jan 29, 2012
It is so sad that everyone is more worried about these kind of kids then their families. We all worry for a good reason: we have family and ourselves to worry about when we are out on the road with these kids that are high and drunk. Our lives are in danger but these kind of kids(and parents) really don't care. They let these kids run loose. As long as they are not home or with them then they just let them do whatever they want to do. What a shame that these parents had kids in the first place. Some folks should NOT have children. Is this particular group ever going to learn or are they waiting for another tragedy?
Oh grow up

Franklin, TN

#254 Jan 29, 2012
The definition of a true adult is being able to make your own decisions, working for what you want (delaying gratification), and being RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE for your decisions and actions.

Teens, the job of a parent is to teach you to make GOOD decisions. They let you make little decisions, starting with what to wear when you were little, and gradually let you make bigger ones. When you make a bad decision, good parents let YOU deal with the consequences (with their support). Good parents also then restrict your freedom to make your own decisions because you have SHOWN that you are not capable of making good choices. This is why teens are grounded, lose phone privileges, and parents monitor Facebook and email (way to go, Concerned Parent). For a teen, gaining control over your life is a give and take with your parents - the more you prove that you can make good choices, the more opportunity you will have to make your own decisions.
This means that the struggle to become an adult is a difficult negotiation process for most teens/parents. But guess what? They're supposed to be PARENTS, not your friends. If your parents do their job well, you'll become friends when you are finally an adult.

A lot of the things written on this post are pointing fingers at the parents, and certainly some of the fault can be placed there for not teaching good decisions. But to the teens who have posted here - there has been a lot of posting about "you don't know the whole situation" and "suffering with having lost a friend". Really?

If you want to make your own decisions, then MAN UP and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEM. Don't put the blame on "the situation" or someone else - you can't control what happens around you, but you can control your own response. If you made a bad decision that resulted in charges, damage or injury, it was YOUR FAULT. Accept it. Deal with the consequences. LEARN FROM IT!!! When you turn 18, the consequences become MUCH greater, as Ms. Smith is finding out.

My challenge to you - Are the friends you've chosen really helping you make good long-term decisions? Are they helping you grow up? Or are they pulling you down and influencing you to make bad choices? THINK ABOUT IT!!!

Raleigh, NC

#255 Jan 29, 2012
good luck
mother of three

United States

#256 Jan 31, 2012
wtf wrote:
Cmon people he is just a kid, it's not like he murdered her. It was a terrible accident, I am sure the kid feels absolutely terrible about it.
I young...I remember making similar
Chooses at 16 and thank heaven nothing ever tragic ..I see their young faces
And its gut renching..May God bless all the families involved...

Charlotte, NC

#257 Jan 31, 2012
class of 2013 wrote:
there's no reason to degrade the poor boy like this. yes he made a mistake, but don't you dare tell me you haven't! Garret made a bad decision as well as Liz ; but everybody at Millbrook STILL loves them both! because we ALL wish this didn't happen. but if you all feel the need to degrade the boy this bad let something like this happen to your family and someone write something ignorant like this and well all know you will be mad!
he never asked for this, nobody did. and I feel like NO ONE should have the right to talk about a 16 year old like this! when a majority of you all are adults. you should know better, yes everyone is entitled to their own opinion but there is such a thing as taking it too far. and for the person who said he would get "minimum of 10years" sweetie you really do need to go back and listen to the video and then count ; an come back to me when you get that.
but in the end the point is ALL of Millbrook was effected by this and we ALL love Liz AND Garrett.
2013, I only wish to add to your genuine and kind thoughts on what has happened to your dear classmates. I too was a teenager and several times, I indeed drove from a party intoxicated. Now at 41, I realize what I knew then but could not bear the weight of. My actions, even as a teen, had consequence. I wanted the rights and freedoms I felt I had earned with good grades and behavior. But I did not truly realize with that came responsibility and foresight, concern for others and longer term planning. Of course they did not anticipate all this pain, they would never have chosen it. But none of them turned from these poor choices either, none of them thought it through. Garrett lived as more teens do, for joy, for himself. But that narrowness was what caused this. He had not yet earned the rights he so wanted because he could not bear the responsibility of them. This consequence occurred whether they wished it or not. Not planned, but the not planning is what destroyed their lives. From what I read, Liz wanted to attend Harvard, be an attorney. She had planned that, hoped for that. But it takes more than just that planning, it takes the moments of reflection to realize that from planning your career, to getting drunk at a teen party to stepping into a car with a friend who has had too much and lacks experience, these all can have consequences. People feel your pain truly, they just don't want the reality to be lost in this sad event. It was not in their life plan, but it did happen and the outcome as I know you grieve, is forever, no matter anyone's hope that it not be. They are deeply loved and worthy of it, you are so right. But they are forever destroyed too and that finality is I think why people are so passionate about this. A moment had forever stamped all over it, and the forever is unthinkable. Our prayers are with you all-we are so sorry for your community.

Greensboro, NC

#258 Jan 31, 2012
Now did I hear correctly that Liz had actually contributed $$ to the guy who purchased the 2 bottles of rum? I heard she was one of five who pooled the money together to buy the alcohol
wakefield student

United States

#261 Feb 1, 2012
Go Wolverines wrote:
Well, Wakefield student, I'm sure the administration and the student body at your school are proud of the way you're reppin the school. If you want to reach a broader audience, say that again, only this time in standard English.
You covered a lot of ground but I'm not sure what you wanted all those hateful remarks to get across. Read back over your post, and imagine people saying these kind of things about someone you love, or about you. So much anger and hate coming from such a young person.
"The person who is sinless should be the first to throw a stone..." it says in John 8:7.
I, for one won't be throwing anything.
, well also the bible says judge, and you will be Judged, so if I were you, I'd keep my yap closed if you know what's good for you
Laughing Out Loud

Raleigh, NC

#263 Feb 2, 2012
Y'all are making me thirsty for a Pina Colada with all this talk about Rum. Let's all get drunk to honor these teen alcoholics!

Raleigh, NC

#264 Feb 3, 2012
Laughing Out Loud wrote:
Y'all are making me thirsty for a Pina Colada with all this talk about Rum. Let's all get drunk to honor these teen alcoholics!
you're a sad excuse for a human being.
A Parent

Morrisville, NC

#265 Feb 8, 2012
I am very sorry for your lost, but I am concerned for you..... All I read is excuses..." she was not driving, the key were in the ignition. UNDER AGE DRINKING IS ILLEGAL...... She was just sitting in the driving seat...... SHE GOT CAUGHT BEFORE SHE DROVE...... He was just there when the bike was stole.... IF YOUR IN A CAR WHEN SOMEONE ROBS A BANK, YOUR A BANK ROBBER.... You should have learned those simple rules as a child. All of us parents are to blame. We make excused for our kids when they are small and then the grow up thinking the world is going to accept those excuses. YOU KIDS NEED to GROW UP. If you're going to do grown up things like drink... then you have to accept the responsibity of being/acting grown. GOD BLESS and HELP us ALL. What kind of kids are we raising.......
millbrook junior wrote:
As a bestfriend of erin and liz and a friend of garrett prince. What gives you the right to be posting this online? You have no idea what you are talking about. Erins charges are NOT her fault one bit. She was not driving when she got her DUI. She was simply sitting in her car with her keys in the ignition. And for you to say that garrett should be executed?... are you God? Who are you to make theese comments? Its terrible. And to put in quotations "best friend" Liz Molloy really is Erins best friend. they were inseperable. And for Garrett, I know the owners of the bikes and I was around through the entire process, he was just simply there when they were stolen. He was an accessory. He CONFESSED and sold out his friend that was with him. Garrett and Erin and Liz are not bad people AT ALL! They just made bad choices. It breaks my heart and all of the millbrook familys heart to see things like this on the internet. saying ignorance is bliss... honestly you are being very ignorant yourself. You think you know everthing by what you hear online or what you see on the news. But you dont. You have no clue at all. so cool you can google some facts but you have no clue the stories behind them. It hurts so much to hear this... SO much! we are doing all we can as a student body to get through this and do not need the press and people like you thinking they know everything. please stop.
A Parent

Morrisville, NC

#266 Feb 8, 2012
mhs student wrote:
SHS student. You are a dumbass. If you knew anything you would know it was a Sanderson party. Not a millbrook party. Get your facts straight before opening your mouth

Raleigh, NC

#267 Feb 8, 2012
A Parent wrote:
<quoted text>
How fractional of you. Most of these kids are way ahead of you intellectually. I might drive drunk into a tree too if I had you for parents.

Spring City, PA

#268 Feb 9, 2012
Stick with weed, the worst that can happen is that you'll get pulled over for going to slow.

Garner, NC

#269 Feb 15, 2012
Geez, this thread is like an episode of The View on acid. So much hand wringing, finger pointing and placing blame.
Kids have been getting drunk and dying in traffic accidents since cars were invented. Nothing new or any more tragic than the countless others.

Child Please - apparently english comprehension isn't your strong subject and I'll be nice but.. it doesn't matter if you FEEL, or THINK, or think it would be FAIR if he were charged with murder. He can't, murder requires intent. Look it up. I'm so glad we have the rule of law to protect us from those who wish to rule by their emotions.
Clean up trash

Morganton, NC

#271 Mar 3, 2012
Whats the problem they have a death house in Raleigh. I hope they televise it on ESPN!!!!

Del Mar, CA

#272 Apr 2, 2012
Just read that the charges are not death by motor vehicle or any that he was originally charged with. WCCH is showing his current charges are reckless driving?!?! His attorneys have been very busy. He also has a new felony burglary charge? Wonder if the neighbors reopened that case or if his parents charged him with felony burglary for driving the car that night?

Charlotte, NC

#274 Jun 5, 2012
killyourself wrote:
<quoted text>
you're a sad excuse for a human being.
What squeezed out of your mammy's birth canal is a sad excuse for a mangy weasel.
Teddy P

Wake Forest, NC

#275 Aug 25, 2012
Whats the latest with this A-hole? He in jail? Lick my sack.
Laughing Out Loud

Raleigh, NC

#276 Aug 26, 2012
killyourself wrote:
<quoted text>
you're a sad excuse for a human being.
Nice to know you support underage teen drinking.
The Truth

Raleigh, NC

#278 Mar 1, 2013
What ever happened to Garrett the killer?

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