Piggly Wiggly union slams incoming ow...

Piggly Wiggly union slams incoming owner over proposed benefit cuts

There are 33 comments on the WisInfo story from Oct 6, 2007, titled Piggly Wiggly union slams incoming owner over proposed benefit cuts. In it, WisInfo reports that:

“The main thing is that nothing will change in Sheboygan”

Condemning "Wal-Mart-style" work rules, the union representing Piggly Wiggly workers said today the incoming owner of the grocery chain wants to eliminate health-care benefits, cut earned vacation time and ... via WisInfo

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Terre Haute, IN

#22 Apr 7, 2009
reddaschund wrote:
Not everyone has access to computers and if you are elderly and/or poor, plus live in a small town, there are no delivery services for groceries.
Let me fill you in on the wonderful new owners tactics for taking care of his employees. I have been employed by Dicks supermarkets,(now Piggly Wiggly)for over 20 years. I had accrued 4 weeks vacation which I took 2 weeks of earlier this year. I called Sheboygan to verify my remaining hours and was told I had no vacation and in fact was in the negative. I did not meet the 38 hour average needed to keep my vacation. 37.5 is what I had. We were not notified when this change took place. was not posted. I worked every hour that I was shceduled, did not go home early, etc. My supervisors just didn't schedule me the hours. How convenient. Anyone who thinks they have vacation coming just cause it's on your paystub may be in for a surprise. Mine still says I have vacations coming. This is something they have been working on since the first of the year to get straightened out. That shouhd tell you something about their management skills. I have contacted Wisconsin workforce, even though I am pretty sure I'm screwed. If anyone talks union to our store, our ears will be wide open.
Perhaps you should have worked harder in school, earned some decent grades & graduated. Perhaps then, you wouldn't be relegated to a mindless, minimum wage "job" in a grocery store. What a bunch of cry babies! You have no one to blame but yourself for being in the situation you're in. You're a fool. And fools are taken advantage of. That's life! Deal with it!

Harpursville, NY

#23 Apr 7, 2009
I am not dumb by any means and make a decent living doing what I do after 20 years. That said, it's too bad that you look down on anyone who has to work at a service type job.No one should be taken advantage of by their employer regarding their benefits that they have earned, no matter what you do for a living.People that do this kind of work for whatever reason they may have, work hard and don't deserve that kind of treatment.
rinorepug blogspot com

Milwaukee, WI

#24 Apr 8, 2009
red, if you keep doing what you've been doing, you will keep getting what you've been getting; and expecting anything different is a form of insanity.
In other words, something has to change in order to get a different outcome; and that change comes from you.
But, I could be wrong. I often am.
Scott George

United States

#25 Apr 8, 2009
Red you definitely should start talking union at your place of employement. Work there 20 years and only have 4 weeks vacation? Are you kidding me? And to top it off they are trying to screw you out of that.

Congrats on working there 20 years, most people in that situation would just give up and live off the tax payers. Best of luck to you, I hope you get your vacation time fixed.

Terre Haute, IN

#26 Apr 8, 2009
reddaschund wrote:
I am not dumb by any means and make a decent living doing what I do after 20 years. That said, it's too bad that you look down on anyone who has to work at a service type job.No one should be taken advantage of by their employer regarding their benefits that they have earned, no matter what you do for a living.People that do this kind of work for whatever reason they may have, work hard and don't deserve that kind of treatment.
You are dumb & the fact that you've been taken advantage of proves that. This has nothing to do with "looking down" on anyone. And by the way .... after 20 years of service, minimum accrued vacation time is 6 weeks. This is additional proof that you are a fool.

And you don't deserve what? What is owed you? What are you entitled to? Give me a freaking break. No one owes you anything! You're entitled to nothing! Your life is yours to make of it what you will. You deserve from life, exactly what you put into it .... on your own, with "gimmie’s" from no one!

Very simply, you have no one to blame but yourself. So stop whining & complaining about YOUR situation. No one wants to hear it (except other whiners). You need to stop working harder & start working smarter. Unfortunately, that seems to be far beyond your limited abilities. All you seem capable of is crying, poor, poor me!

And yes .... congrats on working the same, dismal job for 20 years! It shows that you have definitely made the most of life & explored your true potential!

What a waste!

Waukesha, WI

#27 Apr 19, 2009
The stores in RACINE? its called, Hiring for SCABS! The Racine stores are in a UGLY FUED over the contract, the union refuses to accept ANY FORM of Contract Butera offers! He wants only those working 38 Hours to have ANYTHING! if you are under 38 hours, you get only a paycheck! Meaning all those employees who have been there for ever, will loose everything, including there DIGNITY! BUTERA is EVIL! They are only HIRING because NEW employee's are NOT union MEMBERS for the first 90 Days of EMPLOYEEMENT, they are not ALOUD to strike! This way, when the Employee's Strike? He has BACK UP staff! Butera is only in this for the MONEY, he could CARE less about the employee's! I know this, becuase i was employeed at one of the racine stores. I QUIT because i did not want to BEND over for the BUTERA'S anymore! They took an AMAZING Company, and turned it into a BUTERA Slave Shop: We Slave so YOU Save! Is is Moto

Waukesha, WI

#28 Apr 19, 2009
Yikes: You are an ASS! So what if someone has worked 20 years in the Grocery Business, HE DESERVES everything he has EARNED! GROCERY Jobs are no different then yours! Wouldnt you be upset if someone bought your company and told you, to bend over and surrender everything but your paycheck?!!! So what if someone didnt go to college, god forbid everyone does not follow the STANDARDS of life, its HIS LIFE! I was at piggly wiggly for 7 years, its a JOB, and when its something that gives you Vacation, Benefits and a Life, and Butera's come in and take it away, thats a bad thing! FINE! Lets not give ANY Grocery Clerks any benefits, Good luck finding a FRIENDLY Grocery Clerk, there all gonna be telling you to S**K it and get out, everytime you come shopping!

the Butera's do not CARE about the Employee or the Customer, as long as they are bringing in MONEY!

United States

#29 Apr 20, 2009
I'm glad to find out that there are other people that have expereienced the Buteras and it wasn't me just whining because I was too stupid and didn't go to college. There are no laws at least in Wisconsin that your employer has to give you vacation or even honor it unless you are unionized or have a written agreement. That said, there is no 6 week minimum allowed as suggested above for vacation after a certain amount of years. I have been in constant contact with Wis. Workforce and an attorney who assures me that this is true. so, as suggested above that because I didn't go to college, I am stupid, I don't think so. People choose their occupations for various reasons, and shouldn't be judged. I don't think that the situation where I work is any different than any other place that is experiencing problems. Just because its only a "job" not a career, does not make it any less important. 20 plus years invested in a place makes it important, at least to the me and many others.

Terre Haute, IN

#30 Apr 20, 2009
Who said anything about college? Are you joking? It's apparent you cry babies never graduated grade school! The proof is in the gibberish you've "written" here. Further proof of your diminished mental capacity, is that you've completely missed my point. That's probably my fault for attempting intelligent discourse. I gave you all, too much credit.

In the simplest terms .... there's nothing wrong in working a menial job, your entire life. You chose a mindless job & that's your choice. It's alright with me. The world needs ditch diggers too. My argument is with the amount of belly-aching that you're all engaged in. It's simultaneously, sad & funny. You cry about how bad it is to work in a place, but you do nothing about it ..... except weep, woe is me! If you're unhappy with your employment choice, change it! Improve yourself! Improve your situation! It's that simple! Why don't you get it? Complaining about it alters nothing!

At any rate, I'm done here. Don't bother responding to this comment. I can anticipate your replies. Your feeble attempts at a response will only embarrass you. You dummies deserve everything your pathetic lives provide. You will reap what you sow!
MJ Smith

Milwaukee, WI

#31 Apr 25, 2009
I agree, It is a nice store but the prices are high. I shop there and am considering doing my buying at Woodmans.

Plymouth, WI

#32 May 29, 2010
I work at the new Pig and my bike just got stolen.. GRRRR
more important

United States

#34 Mar 27, 2011
Lets Read our bibles

“"U.S. Constitution"”

Since: Mar 09


#35 Mar 27, 2011
I hope Piggly Wiggly workers quit and find another job. This new owner is in a small town and I am not going to shop there anymore!!!
There is a lot of people out of work that would just step in and replace them, Let the quit!

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