Quitman minister arrested

Quitman minister arrested

There are 239 comments on the WALB-TV Albany story from Nov 30, 2007, titled Quitman minister arrested. In it, WALB-TV Albany reports that:

A minister in Quitman is in trouble with the law. 41 year-old Greg Hamilton, a minister at the Shumate Street Church of Christ, is charged with disorderly conduct. via WALB-TV Albany

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Just Curios

United States

#252 Dec 2, 2009
To add to the last post, you do not have to be in the same state. A recent case showed how powerful Defamation laws, applied online, can be. In November 2006, a Florida woman, Sue Scheff, was awarded $11.3 million in damages in Broward County Circuit Court, in one of the biggest awards ever tolled. The suit was filed for Internet defamation, and the jury found a Louisiana woman had posted caustic messages against the Scheff and her company, claiming she was a "con artist" and "fraud". The jury found the charges were completely false, so the Louisiana woman had no defense. In closing, Internet Defamation is a serious offense and anyone who is thinking about it or has committed it, should seriously consider the consequences.
Just Curios

United States

#253 Dec 3, 2009
There is something strange going on here. I looked at the judged icons on the postings and I am shocked. I have just asked simple questions about a situation that has obviously put brothers and sisters in Christ against each other. In the spirit of love I have asked these questions, but I am being called clueless and nuts. Someone even thinks I am spamming the site. The posting on Internet Defamation was taken directly from information that I took the time to research. I even provided the link and an example. This was meant to provide accurate information and proof so that will find themselves in a very serious situation because they were misinformed. I have just asked simple questions, and I only ask for truthful answers. This makes me neither clueless, nuts, a spammer or wrong. I hope that if there is someone with the truth, they will answer my questions and provide proof, not here say, so that I can know for myself what the conclusion of the whole matter is. Once again, I am asking in the spirit of love and brotherhood and not to start problems. Thank you.
Just Curious Too

United States

#254 Dec 3, 2009
So, what do you want to know?
1. Is this a faithful church with good men leading it for you to worship and thrive? Yes it is.
2. Do they have problems? Yes, they do, because humans are the church and they make mistakes.

Is there really anything else important? The elders there will lead you and keep your soul safe as they are shepherding their flock to help them get to heaven. That's their job. You won't find a better bunch of people and men concerned about your soul.

Anything else, I think, would be gossip and as you know, God frowns upon that. As you say, you want to know for yourself. If you really mean that, visit 38th street, speak with the elders and then make your decision. This is not the forum that Godly people should be using to spread "gossip". Only the people involved know what has gone on and that's where it should stay. Really, it's none of your business. If you think someone should be prosecuted for slander, go for it. But the last time I read my Bible, we are told not to take our brother to court. Church matters should be settled among the church and the members involved.

I hope that helps your "curiosity" and you can move on and not listen to sites like this one and use it to make such a serious decision such as your soul's salvation. May God bless and keep you and may His wisdom guide you to His Word to find your answers.
Just Curios

United States

#255 Dec 4, 2009
Thank you for responding to me with the spirit of love. You are absolutely right, I will have to see for myself whether things are being done on order at 38th Street. I do disagree with you in some ways though. If I am going to know that I am worshiping in a place where GOD's will is being done, then it should be my business what happened there. The soul is to important to take it is none of your business for an answer. Not to be disrespectful, if I plan on placing my membership there than it should be my business. This again is why I am going to talk to the elders myself.
Another thing that we disagree on is on the matter of taking your brother to court. I am not planning to sue anyone for anything because no one has defamed me, but we as Christians need to truly understand the scriptures as it pertains to the subject. The apostle Paul instructed the Corinthian believers to not go to court against one another in 1 Corithians 6:1-8. However, there are some instances when a lawsuit might be the proper course of action. If the biblical pattern for reconciliation, which is found in Matthew 18:15-17 has been followed and the offending party is still in the wrong, in some instances a lawsuit might be justified.
The whole context of 1 Corinthians 6:1-6 deals with disputes in the church, but Paul does reference the court system when he speaks of judgments concerning things pertaining to this life. Paul means that the court system exists for matters of this life that are outside the church. Church problems should not be taken to the court system, but should be judged within the church. Internet Defamation or slander is not a Church problem, but does pertain to this life and the breaking of the laws of the land, and the Bible speaks of us being subject to those laws in Romans 13:1-5. Therefore, since suing for slander is not a Church matter but a matter pertaining to this life, a Christian has scriptural authority to sue, but only after the offending party refuses to reconcile.
The use of the legal system is not wrong. Acts chapters 21–22 talk about Paul being arrested and wrongfully accused of a crime he did not commit. The Romans arrested him and “the commander brought Paul inside and ordered him lashed with whips to make him confess his crime. He wanted to find out why the crowd had become so furious. As they tied Paul down to lash him, Paul said to the officer standing there,‘Is it legal for you to whip a Roman citizen who hasn't even been tried?’” Paul used the Roman law and his citizenship to protect himself. There is nothing wrong with using the court system as long as it is done with a right motive and a pure heart.
So,should Christians take each other to court? In matters of the Church, no. In matters pertaining to this life, if it can be avoided, no. If the matter can not be avoided and the pattern for reconciliation has been absolved, then a Christian is within biblical rights if they take another Christian to court who has committed a crime against them especially if they have not obeyed and broken the laws of the land.
Thank you again for coming in the right spirit, and I hope that this post is received in the spirit of love, because that is the spirit in which it was written. May GOD bless you and us all and keep us in his everlasting arms of protection.
Just Curious Too

United States

#256 Dec 4, 2009
I'm so happy to hear you are going directly to the elders. I do disagree with you though in that it is none of your business. If incidents happened before your arrival, have nothing to do with you or the church as a whole, but the elders handled it, and you were not affected, I still think it is none of your business or anyone else's. Let it lie. Pray for the strength of the elders and the church, and move on. There is no need to drag things out. Again, humans are just that humans and we are inherently selfish and self-centered.

I appreciate so much that the elders there are strong enough to see a problem and take care of it all in the spirit of protecting their flock. They are an exceptional group of men and I know you will see that when you meet them.

Bless you in your travels and seeking of a congregation to work with in San Diego.

Franklin, TN

#259 Feb 18, 2010
My father is a preacher in the church of christ . My childhood was nothing more than one beating after another whenever he perceived that I had embarrassed him "a a preacher".(His words) I do not know about the incident in this forum, but I do know that there are preachers that if today they were to treat thier children as my sibling and I he would be imprisoned. I wich he had been. Now that my mom is dead and he has married his apparent long time girlfriend he still wants to lord over me but all communication is cut off. He came to my house and I called the police on him after he had humiliated himself in front of my neighbors with his screaming at me.

He has never once said he is sorry but then a man like him does no wrong.
I concur

Fallbrook, CA

#260 Feb 23, 2010
You have described 'hamilton' as if you were his child. his arrogance. his outside the marriage sexual affairs, which is now well documented in San Diego. his prospensity for violence, which he boast of from the pulpit. his schemes for conning money out of the congregations. he uses his skills, as an orator, to mask all these satanic endeavors in which he is constantly and cosistently involved. he assumes the role of judging people by his perverted use of the Scriptures. hamilton is a disgrace to the Church of Christ, the Christian brotherhood and to God's purpose for creating man. man is not fit or authorized to judge him. God is his judge!

He has never once said he is sorry but then a man like him does no wrong.
Let us not judge

United States

#261 Apr 2, 2010
I concur,

Where is all this documented? Is this speculation or written fact that is public record for all to see. If not then you are acting as his judge and destroying a person based on what you have heard. Where can one find these well documented offenses. We should be careful what we say because it could turn around and bite us in the end.

United States

#262 May 16, 2010
I don't think that he is fake the devil gets in all of us that's why we should pray for one another
let us not judge

San Diego, CA

#263 May 21, 2010
to let us not judge:

none of this is speculation. there are personal accounts in this blog that is documented by the authors who identified themselves. several public acts were witnessed by many but are not in "public record". if you are seeking the truth, there are ample witnesses who can and will respond if approached. there is no judgement but by Jesus.

Franklin, TN

#264 Jul 31, 2010
My father is a Church of Christ minister and growing up he beat my older sister and me if he even thought we had done or said something that, in his words, "might embarrass him as a preacher".
Don't think for one minute that it does not happen in preachers homes because it does. If he did to me today what he did when I was a child he would be in prison for the rest of his life. He was and is power hungry and has destroyed every church where he was employed and now is fidning out no other churches do not want him anymore so he preaches to a small church of 15 members who range in age from 55-85 and when they are gone he will just preach to himself and he blames it on mys sister and me. My mother said before she died that when she was gone we would see him for what he is and she was right. How she lived with him is beyond me and I believe God has a special place for moms like her. As soon as she passed away with a week he was on the dating trail with a woman at church he had his eye on for the last 4-5 years of my mom's life and he thinks she didn't know. Men like him are a shame and a disgrace to the term "preacher" and he will answer before God.

Roe, AR

#265 Oct 4, 2010
where is greg hamilton?has he been arrested? if not why?

Buford, GA

#266 Dec 24, 2010
People in small towns put their whole life in the man of a preacher. these preachers are actors and they do this for a profit. I don't care how often you damn me to hell or curse me for speaking this, but some of you are just like our slave ancestors. People keep yelling GOD this and GOD that but GOD knows everything right? So why are you guys still begging and asking for help. I dated a pastor for 2 years. Before becoming a pastor I found out he had been in prison for 6 years and had touched his daughters. You people need to start using logic. A God would not give you a brain use it. Just because a man can preach and does a little good in your hood doesn't mean he is a man of GOD. These people would not be here fussing about this man if he didn't do something wrong. Pulling a gun out in church should be enough. Glad I don't do this church thing anymore my soul and mind is free and I don't have to sound like most of you.=0) You don't need a man to help you with your relationship with God. Yall quote these scriptures why do you need a man to teach you when you can learn yourself?

Masontown, PA

#267 Nov 22, 2012
youtube.com/watch... …
and he was arrested for?
bible reader

Apopka, FL

#268 Jan 11, 2013
The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one. Soon all religion will be removed from this earth. good ridence babalon the great.

La Mesa, CA

#269 Jun 3, 2013
I see shame on all of you guys this is supposed to be the church of Christ the only church that you can read about in the Bible unless you want to read about scandals true or false and we post it on the website shame on all of you Christians out there were acting more like a bunch of Judas instead of Paul who knew how to write to the church not write to individual people on the internet you need to be more Christ like or Paul like if you have a issue with your brother you should go to your brother not put it out there for all the denominations to read this mess and put the whole church down you think you're hurting Gregory Hamilton but you hurt me quite the whole body of Christ and once again I say shame on all of you guys

Orlando, FL

#270 Jun 4, 2013
I see shame on all of you guys this is supposed to be the church of Christ the only church that you can read about in the Bible unless you want to read about scandals true or false and we post it on the website shame on all of you Christians out there were acting more like a bunch of Judas instead of Paul who knew how to write to the church not write to individual people on the internet you need to be more Christ like or Paul like if you have a issue with your brother you should go to your brother not put it out there for all the denominations to read this mess and put the whole church down you think you're hurting Gregory Hamilton but you hurt me quite the whole body of Christ and once again I say shame on all of you guys
Shat da fack up
A Williams

Los Angeles, CA

#271 Oct 10, 2017
This is still happening in 2017! He was FIRED from his job at Second Chance 6145 Imperial Avenue San Diego 92114 JUNE 2017 for SEXUAL HARASSMENT!! He SEXUALLY HARASSED and pursued a woman trying to offer her a city job in return for a sexual relationship! Told the woman I LOVE YOU days after meeting her gave her expensive dress and Michael Kors wallet even though she kept saying NO! Then proceeded to turn MEAN and THREATENING when she said NO!!! There is PROOF IN TEXTS AND PICTURES! Most of all the PROOF is he was FIRED! WOMEN BEWARE OF GREGORY HAMILTON NOW MINISTER OF UPTOWN CHURCH OF CHRIST IN SAN DIEGO!! BEWARE!!!!!!!!!
A Williams

Los Angeles, CA

#272 Oct 18, 2017
FIRED FOR SEXUALLY HARASSING ME!!! He's a FAKE pastor at UPTOWN CHURCH OF CHRIST 3295 Meade Ave San Diego! This pastor G. Hamilton SEXUALLY HARASSED AND TOUCHED ME WITHOUT MY PERMISDION AT SECOND CHANCE 6145 Imperial Ave San Diego! He told me I LOVE YOU three yes THREE days after meeting me LYING saying he's a divorced dad raising his daughters alone. LIAR HE'S MARRIED!! Gifts (returned of course!) even promises of a City job making "great money". Told him NO OVER AND OVER then he turned ANGRY and NASTY! THIS is a PASTOR?! This man is a FRAUD AND LIAR MOST OF ALL SEXUAL HARASSER #MeToo

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