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#42 Jun 22, 2011
well lets see i work full time i have babies and grandbabies i think that both parents wheather they r together or not they both should be responisible for there children which ever parent has the children the should work also that way the children get from both parents equally not one

Goose Creek, SC

#43 Dec 5, 2011
I must argue in favor of the post. Truth is this. I work hard (60+ hours per week). I pull home about $2500 per month. I am court ordered to pay her $975 per month. I have NEVER missed a payment and I have my son 5 days per week over night. I work full time. I take him to school. I buy his clothes. I pay for his food. I pay the electric, water, sewer, and internet for school. She just called and complained that she was short on her car payment this month ... F her! I pay for everything and supplement her adn I barely survive. Meanwhile, she takes the new BMW that I am paying for, goes out to bars and gets trashes, goes home with strangers all the time (AND she admits to it with those words herself), and she is now taking me to court for more.

This system is flawed and severely skewed. I paid CS long before it was court ordered, and it now takes up more than half of my income after taxes. She can kiss my ass. I went and got a college education before we got together. I finally convinced her to go to college and she told me tonight that she was upset with someone because they refused to do her paper. GET OFF YOUR ASS LAZY PEOPLE!!

Lexington, KY

#44 Oct 6, 2012
It's not fair for the father to work 60 hrs a week and the ex wife only work 25 hrs/wk when she is capable of working full time. The kids are teenagers and stay gone most of the time. The ex wife has smart phone, laptop, flat screen tv, and goes to the gym. She also has a 3 bedroom, 2 full bath government apt with full basement, community swimming pool, and community park. Her rent is $150/month including utilities and she gets over $500/month in food stamps. And now she buying a new car!! Tell me how this if fair if she doesn't pull her share financially. I send her almost $700/month in child support plus carry $320/month in private insurance for the kids. SHe got to keep her medical cards to pay for her part of the co-pays.Makes me very MAD!!!

Etobicoke, Canada

#45 Mar 18, 2014
There are mothers out there that refuse access to the father and claim child support.. they collect and then brain wash the children into thinking the dad is a dead beat father even if he pays support.
And In Canada there laws are more for moms then dads. Dads don't have any power and are lambs in a hamburger factory on court day.
My advice.. never trust a woman.. never have sex unprotected with them no matter what.. and never ever ever get married.

Women will chain you down and bleed you until you die.. then move onto the next guy. It's a dog eat dog world and it's now at the point that profit is at the breeding level.
If you got a womb them you have all the training you need to breed and then feed off men's income.

Quote from my ex's mother in court "If you play your cards right, you will never have to work again". Proud and touching moment between a mother, her daughter and the daughters new baby.. it's like a passed on family job.

Huntington, WV

#46 Mar 25, 2014
Child support is suppose to make things a little easier for whoever is raising the kids. If that parent is willing to do it then they deserve that $! If the household only has 1 source of income then it puts a strain on everyone.. child support is suppose to provide an easier life for the kids than having to deal with 1 income.

Chesapeake, VA

#47 Mar 25, 2014
curious wrote:
well lets see i work full time i have babies and grandbabies i think that both parents wheather they r together or not they both should be responisible for there children which ever parent has the children the should work also that way the children get from both parents equally not one
A man should provide for his children! No matter what.

Princeton, WV

#48 Mar 25, 2014
when I think about all the csupport i pay my ex....Im just glad i probably wont be here long living off of what i have to with whats wrong with me
fed up

Princeton, WV

#49 Jul 3, 2014
why so people down women that get child support, I am sure these guys took part in making these babies, these are their babies, people bitch about child support, well if these women had to depend on welfare you would bitch about that to , these kids didn't ask to be bought into this world , and they are the ones who suffer over their parents dumb shit, I think a man who cant help take care of their child should be castrated . I am not saying all men are like this, because some men care about their children and they do help with them , but for those who don't, put their sorry butts in jail, and make it to where they will never father a child again,

Princeton, WV

#50 Jul 3, 2014
Bacon egg and cheese biscuit and a tapmand dye set

Princeton, WV

#51 Jul 4, 2014
Ive worked 17 days straight before i get a day off because of child need to quit bitching about it and women need to quit bitching because they don't get it. Life isn't, fair get over it and do whats needed to survive and thrive.....
Arykah P

Mount Hope, WV

#52 Jul 4, 2014
Donna wrote:
That's what Child support is all about! To make a living for your children! As long as a child or children doesn't go without then what does it matter??????
child support from one parent to the other is to HELP provide for the kid(s). it should NOT ALL depend on ONE parent. besides from what i gathered from the first post its about a woman living off the child support that is supposed to be for the kid(s). there is a difference. child support isnt to pay for the kid and mom it is for the child.. thus = CHILD SUPPORT.. it not called child and gold-digging parent support. just my opinion.

Princeton, WV

#53 Jul 5, 2014
I am SICK of men complaining.These are your children TOO. Man-up you whinny,sick little babies.GROW UP and keep it in your pants then.
here is the thing

Lerona, WV

#54 Jul 22, 2014
I think that women that are giving their best to a marriage and it doesn't work out should be compensated for all the pain they endured giving birth. The men get pleasure and the women gets the pain. Men step up pay what is due, or next time you have the baby. I'm writing this from a married man

United States

#55 Aug 19, 2014
I guess im different. The judge asked if I wanted to go ahead and add child support to my devorce decree and I said no. My ex husband almost killed my son . I don't want his dirty filthy money. Yeah technically he should help me support him but I know that I can do it all on my own and I have for over 4 years. I want my child to grow up knowing that I have always been there for him and did what ever it took to support him myself. Probably wouldn't get a penny anyway. Prideful? Mabey. But im a strong woman and I do take pride in that. So not every woman will "bleed you dry". Some women prefer to buck up, take life by the horns and hang on without the other parents financial assistance. I will never rely on anyone for help. My child is mine. Only mine. And my sole responsibility.

Lewisburg, WV

#56 Aug 22, 2014
humble4u wrote:
The way you are sent child support in WV you cant live off of it or support your children! You have to get a job. They collect from the fathers but send it to you whenever they feel like it. Ive had to go as far as meeting with the family court judge to get it. This is uncalled for.
The bottom line is that if the absentee parent isn't paying support, then you HAVE to go before a family court judge to make sure that the court order for support is enforced. My ex and I have been fortunate, in that, we are much better friends than we were a couple. There has been times when I was out of work and she went to bat for me in court and told bcse that she didn't want any back payment from me. There have ALSO been times that I had her back paying more than was ordered. SO... that being said, I pay what is ordered and I don't complain about it, she accepts what is payed and she doesn't make waves. She has soul custody of my son, but I can see him any time I want or any time HE wants. We both came to the realization that everything we do is about the child we created together. So.. to the guys who think they are getting screwed.... BUTCH THE HELL UP NANCY PANTS AND HELP TO RAISE YOUR KID!!!!!!!!! And to the women who DO try to get all they can from the father of their kid just to punish him.... STEP THE FUCK UP AND RAISE YOUR KID!!!! I absolutely hate when parents use their kids as weapons against each other... there is a special place in hell for those who think more of themselves than they think of their children.

Lewisburg, WV

#57 Mar 20, 2015
I love how people call their ex's losers your the dumb ass that was with them it's just as much as your fault as theirs

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