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Princeton, WV

#1 Jul 31, 2010
Who would like to see a small grocery store built in Quinwood? One that sells, beer, groceries, has a small deli that slices fresh lunch meats and cheese, fresh made subs and salads! We are thinking about building in Quinwood!!!
Citizens of Quinwood

Athens, WV

#2 Jul 31, 2010
JAM1985 wrote:
Who would like to see a small grocery store built in Quinwood? One that sells, beer, groceries, has a small deli that slices fresh lunch meats and cheese, fresh made subs and salads! We are thinking about building in Quinwood!!!
Good luck and we hope to see more businesses in Quinwood but, we need a major change in our town's administration! The town of Quinwood gets a lot of traffic but, our PD has literally caused many travelor's to boycott/pass by area businesses in fear of being targeted for bogus traffic violations. We fear the PD has gone overboard with the number of traffic violations in our town! The bad reputation Quinwood is getting has significantly impacted growth in our small community.
please do for us

Princeton, WV

#3 Aug 2, 2010
these new owners of the B&M have run it into the ground.the whole community is upset,we would love an alternative.there is alot of money around due to coal mines that wouldnt have to run down the mountain.A new option would be embraced,a deli,wow,people here would love it.avoid the gaming and gambling machines,a bad idea that has created a somewhat sleezy type hang out used to be able to get almost anything at the B&M,not anymore.a shame what has happened,and maybe you could stay open a little later on friday and saturday,after all you want to sell beer and food,this is quinwood.capitalizing on what the community could actually use,what a concept.instead of the fuck you i will do what i want attitude the current option has.PLEASE HELP US
No Name

Winston Salem, NC

#4 Aug 24, 2010
Location, location, location. There is no place to build a decent sized store in Quinwood. B&M grocery was always so packed in that you couldn't get through the aisles. There isn't enough room for a good store there that conatins a deli etc. A place like everyone here is talking about would have to be about as large as U-Save in Nettie, or at least close to it. Where is there a lot in Quinwood large enough for that? And, it would have to be on the main road, or it wouldn't pick up through- traffic. If the Post office were moved and that space could be used, it may or may not be big enough, but that will never happen anyway. There isn't a lot large enough for a building and sufficient parking to put a place like that here. Quinwood could use a place for sure, but it would be congested like the current store and post-office. It is a real pain in the ass to get in and out of there most times. Maybe someone will come up with a good idea here and make something happen, I sure hope so anyway. Quinwood needs to be built back up like it used to be.
hahaha low lives

Waterloo, Canada

#5 Nov 9, 2010
B&M Grocery is actually doing great!!! And as far as the community goes it people like you"please do for us" and all the drug dealers who disappoint us..because you don't know how to mind your own business...B&M grocery is a great place family owned and I encourage everyone to stop in there and Ramonds..and not to listen to none educated no life idiots who's welfare pays for everything.. Thanks everyone have a great day

United States

#6 Dec 3, 2010
nope b&m is not doing great it already has one foot in the grave. rant all you want but that is a fact honey. if it were not for non educated lowlifes stopping in, there would not be enough business to support you at all so you best not trash them on here.

it is a nice family that owns it but prices are way high and selection no good anymore. it would be a good thing to see it turn the corner and do better.

Princeton, WV

#7 Dec 6, 2010
why in the world is annie not there anymore. i think people are upset over this and they have decided not to shop there anymore. cant say that i blame them annie has been there ever since that place has been around. they dont stock the store like bob and lodema did so anything stop there for anymore you still end up going to rainelle. and yes it would be nice to have a deli i dont know why they dont get rid of some of the junk over there and invest in one

Princeton, WV

#8 Dec 6, 2010
Why is Annie not their anymore? And I do agree it has went downhill ever since Bob and Lodema sold out. Their is nothing on the shelves anymore and the prices are way to high! And I want to know something, why do they go to other grocery stores and buy items and then resale them? I see items in their all the time from Save A Lot, If we wanted Save A Lot we would have driven to Summersville and shopped their.

United States

#9 Jan 4, 2011
Why don't you chickens go & talk to the Owner of B&M? If you don't like it, then don't shop there. It truly doesn't hurt anyones feelings..

If they shut the store down, then that is more that the FINE UPSTANDING CITIZENS of Quinwood can run their happy butts off the hill & get their groceries.

Enjoy your day Cry babies. Always gotta have something to cry about, don't ya.

Kinston, NC

#10 Apr 5, 2011
B&M never have what you go to get! What they do have is old and the prices are sky high!!
Puff puff pass

Chesterfield, MO

#11 Apr 11, 2011
Just like the ppl who hang out n the parking lot!
Puff puff pass

Chesterfield, MO

#12 Apr 11, 2011
Old and sky high!
haha low lives

United States

#13 Aug 19, 2011
Hahahahahahahahahaha.......... disgusting if you don't like B&M don't go therre problem solved :) and when its to bad to get off the mountain still don't go there :) do without..I'm sure the owners do not care what so ever..and bubb I'm not an owner of B&M just a resident of quinwood who is tired of that poor family getting grief..concentrate on getting the druggies out of our neigborhood and leave them alone. Thanks!
see ya

Princeton, WV

#14 Mar 8, 2013
This is amusing to look back at and see famly members come on defending them and saying how great that place is doing.Is the B&M even open anymore?I dont think so.These losers took a thriving business and run it in the ground,fairly quickly too.It has been just hanging on for years now.And really,the locals all knew the Nottinghams were uncapable of running a succesful business.What a bunch of losers and they act so self righteous and uppity like no on remembers this trash.Maybe these nuttingjobs should have been more concerned with running a successful business than policing the druggies.Good riddance losers.
Carson Stidom

Clovis, CA

#15 Mar 9, 2013
Quinwood cops like to give out b.s. tickets but a real grocery store would be nice, I've lived in the Quinwood area for years, though not currently, and I would take back ways home just to avoid the possibility that I might be targeted by one of the rent a cops hired by the mayor to rip off travelers to boost the city's coffers. The B&M has gone down hill since Bob sold it and the new owners got rid of the long time employees who worked there, so yeah, a store with actual selection and fresh food would be great for folks living there. Imagine, food whose expiration date is still current.
Liz Nottingham Arbogast

Charleston, WV

#16 Mar 10, 2013
see ya, why don't you post your real name? BTW, the Nottingham's didn't own B&M's, the Jones's did. So do your homework. It takes a nut job to be on here, running their mouth without leaving their real name.. You are such a upstanding citizen. What, did your drug dealer not bring you your drugs this week?
You are a true idiot.
But of course, it is easy to hide behind that computer screen & do your ranting instead of being a man or woman & saying it to some of our faces.. That is what you call a TRUE CHICKEN SHIT LOSER!!! Let that yellow streak do the talking for you some more...
honey boo boo

Princeton, WV

#17 Mar 11, 2013
only one jones involved,the wife and the rest of the idiots who took over was the nottingham family,come on,dont try and throw the jones's under the bus.they still own their businesses.
Liz Nottingham Arbogast

Mineral Wells, WV

#18 Mar 11, 2013
How funny. You get on here, conceal your name. You really must be afraid. You are certainly worth a good laugh. It takes a real big person to get on here & talk smack & not reveal their name. Still letting that yellow streak do all your talking huh?

BTW, the Nottingham's NEVER OWNED any part of B&M Grocery. Just one of them did & she is a JONES & has been for several years. You really are an intelligent one. You are absolutely so smart & intelligent. WOW

You must be one of the druggies, that was trying to sell in the parking lot, & got ran off. Awww how sad for you.. Or one of those that try to silently sell in neighboring neighborhoods, but everyone knows who you are.

Anyways, my fun basket is full. I tire easily of childish games. When you decide to grow up & reveal that real name, then you will get my attention. Until then, have a good one..
Darlene Jones

Elizabeth, WV

#19 Mar 15, 2013
honey boo boo and I am sure you are that... I don't know where you get your info, but let me fill you in just a bit.. The Nottinghams have NEVER owned any part of B & M.... and the Nottinghams own their own business unlike need to quit worrying about everyone else's business and take care of your own.. IF you were so up to par on everything you would not hide behind your pet name... and Carson Stidom, you need to realize B & M is not a GROCERY STORE.. you need to go to Kroger or WalMart for your grocery shopping..It is a convenience store... THERE is a HUGE difference. And the cops have stopped some of the low life trash of Quinwood so take it as it is....And see ya... you as well need to clean up your own front are one of the worthless pieces of trash that Quinwood has to deal with... GET a life.. I would love to talk to you face to face.. oh well I forgot you can't very well do that...So as said before when you two ( honey bob boo and See ya) decide to come talk face to face you will have my full attention until then you are just a plain worthless piece of trash that lives off the system... AND ps I don't think you really know the JONES' or the NOTTINGHAM's.... as well as you may think you do.. And yeah I am a tad bit better than you... I don't have to hide behind a fake name....
u loser owner

Princeton, WV

#20 Mar 16, 2013
Well how bout we fact check and critique yur misleading rant.1 Nottinham owns bizness,1truck,0 eployees.dont thank any of em went to high school.And you Darlene are a nottinghmand you owned it.And th nottnghm family worked it,not Joneses,sept you and hubs...but I didnt buy a bizness in your townan ruin it.A good store.had everything.i mean was LIKE a grosery store and you killed it.stole from lottery folks.if you axept 30,000 dollars for tickets and dont give em there money.its like stealing right??hre that the lean amount on bilding.And live n system??didntyou grow up on it??cum on no,we know,yur moma was taken em in and raken it in,from the gov,so how yo better??you a loser.So all those church folks ad peopledriving thru were all low life trash??cause it was a speed tyrap,nd you know it.liarno wonder you went under.and you really believe you are BETTER than someone you dont know??yu uppity thing.

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