Do you personally know any Sociopaths...
nailing the bad guy

Hood River, OR

#21 Jun 2, 2009
go to search erik edelman, i this is the man, contact me at
tea_tree wrote:
it hurts to read these posts. being involved romantically (and probably any other way) with a true sociopath is a horrible experience. i fell in love with a man who I believe is a sociopath. i don't believe this because of all the abuse I suffered, but because the writing is on the wall. He stole from me, lied constantly, cheated regularly, verbally abused me to the point of wrecking the little self confidence I have, and tried to turn some of my closer friends against me, among other horrible things. His lies were so big, they impacted "everything". His charm, intelligence and ability to manipulate won me back again and again. With him, nothing was EVER his fault, and he could make up an elaborate lie on a dime. He lied about everything and anything. The relationship ended horribly, with me being pregnant, broke and my anxiety level at an all time high. I wonder if any other people out there have analyzed what (besides the charm) attracts you to this kind of person in the first place? I played his 'game' for 7 months. I will be paying for this mistake for years. I was reading in an earlier post,'the bigger the pain, the bigger the lesson'. I hope that is one way to look on this in a positive light. I still feel bad thinking about the life he will ultimately lead, when his looks start to go and he can't charm as easily. He will probably be alone, and broke, not able to hold a job for more than a few days, and never having a true friend or any stability. It still makes me feel sad, but I just can't be the victim anymore. What a destructive mental illness this is.
nailing the bad guy

Hood River, OR

#22 Jun 2, 2009
if you dated a lying, stealing, but oddly magnetic man, look up erik edelman on

contact me at if you know this man.

Philadelphia, PA

#23 Jun 15, 2009
good lord, i understand the pain. the anger. the RAGE you all are feeling. i was engaged to a bonafide sociopath. we were together for 2 years and engaged for 4 months. the ridiculous lies i am still discovering day after day are just INCREDIBLE! and yesterday i discovered that his little sister, just 20 years old, is his long-time accomplice in all of this!!! his family was all in on the con as well. i am so much better than him--double-ivy degrees, successful career, attractive, friendly. but he found me at a very vulnerable moment (after a breakup) and gave me all the affection i could ever ask for. i ignored all the lying, and when i DID confront him, he lied like a pro. and i was too blindsided to leave him. when i finally told my family about the lies, and they basically forced me to leave him, he flew here from France to cry his little eyes out. i refused to take him back. only after he went back to france did i start investigating and getting real proof from his other women. and now he has admitted there were many more. if this sounds familiar, RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN!!!!

Seattle, WA

#24 Jul 26, 2009
My ex's behavior became more aggressive, erratic, and intense, and I discovered that he had been predating upon hundreds of women (including his boss, clients, online/in bars, and unknowing 'friends') while he was in a relationship with me. He keeps each of his relationships separated from eachother so none of the women has any idea what truly is going on. The real kicker is that this very scary sociopath is a practicing clinical psychologist in the state of Washington AND he works with sexually violent predators! He has been charged with stalking and there also have been women who say they have been involved in non-consensual sex with this man...yet, he continues to practice psychology!! Much like the Scott Peterson case, this individual blends in quite well to the point that women have no idea what he is really capable of until it may be too late. Beware ladies -- his ability to blend in and act 'normal' very well could lead to a very scary situation like the one I found myself in.

Santa Clara, CA

#25 Sep 22, 2009

Flushing, NY

#26 Oct 4, 2009
WOW!!! I feel like I can relate to some of you so much. I was with a man for 2 years who wooed me, wined me and dined me, acted like he was nuts about me-caring, affectionate, showing so much love, and seeming so sensitive and kind. Five months into our relationship a friend of mine found a profile of his on the dating site we met on, but with no pic. He took it down when we started to go out and put up another one and lied.
He blamed it on me-that he thought I was talking to other men too. I fell for it and forgave after he begged telling me he wants something serious and a future. A bit over a year later, I was suspicious and just broke up with him one day. 2 days later I go over to pick up my stuff and find a girl there!!! She ran out when I came in and was just as shocked as I was. She was probably a new find for him.
A month after that his girlfriend from another continent that he visits 5 times a year found me on facebook-he had told her he never had a facebook and she did a search. So he had all these relationships going on telling us all the same bs about the future. Then we discover another relationship in the same city where I live. We emailed the third girl EVERYTHING!! pics, all his texts, timelines of the relationships, even details of things in his house I had bought him, plus how I found a girl in his house-time, date, you name it!
He also still has a profile online looking for women and tons of emails in his fb from other girls. Sick??? Nuts??? I don't know what to say.
Is this a psychopath/sociopath from what you read??
jane moss

Lincoln, NE

#27 Nov 18, 2009
Tai Mai Shu wrote:
Are you a doctor? Where are you getting your information. Hopefully not the internet. They are definitely different. Talk to a psychiatrist or psychologist and they will confirm that they are not the same.
Please don't bother to reply as I have absolutely no desire to go back and forth on this topic. If you want to believe they are the same...feel free to do so.
Some articles say they are the same. I know a sociopath and I know that he embodies all the characteristics that i have read about concerning sociopathic behavior. He is a destroyer of people.

Memphis, TN

#28 Jan 6, 2010
i have read many articles. some descibe m y ex gf well, some sugar coatit.i can tell you it a nightmare.
my ef gf, connned me out of 65 grand.that being said igave it willing, due to trust an helping someone, i thought.
we had dated?? 3 year plus. when she left, ifound out she had been wit this guy for all of the 3 years. heis 8 year her jr. i have posted hernames an info all over the internet.not to get revenge just to hope her actions have to be dealth with some time.
i am comforted by the fact, what goes around, comes around.
she is a certified sociopath. no remorse no conscience.all info is posted on
Tai Mai Shu

Hightstown, NJ

#29 Jan 7, 2010
Seniorguy - Sorry you had to learn the hard way. I sincerely hope you meet someone who will appreciate and love you.

New York, NY

#31 Jan 16, 2010
I MET A MAN 3 YRS AGO IN MY CHURCH, HE WAS TERRIBLY DEPRESSED OF HIS MOTHERS SICKNESS.HIS MOTHER DIED,HE CAME BACK FROM COLOMBIA SEVERELY DEPRESSED. I DECIDED TO TRY TO HELP HIM I HAD NO DESIRE OF A RELATIONSHIP WITH ANYONE AT THAT TIME. I WENT OUT OF MY WAY FOR HIM, BOUGHT HIM FOOD TOLD HIM TO GO UOU SPEAK TO A PRIEST ETC. HE THEN TOLD ME HE WAS FALLING IN LOVE WITH ME SO HE WANTED TO COME CLEAN ABOUT WHO HE REALLY WAS. MY God that was when my hell began. he told me he was married by the church 30 yrs ago but on his wedding day they both had a fight and went home their separate ways! never lived together or fixed anything. he then got another woman prgnant a few years after. then he came to this country and a few years later got anothr woman prgnant.(he spends hours and hours in the catholic church). I told him the only way we can stay together if he gets an annulment in his country.he stated he was. as we became very close i fell deeply in love with him,i trusted him because he seemed so catholic,sincere, romantic and sorry for his past. well after 2 years of being with himm i noticed the mother of his daughter here had his same last name, i saw it in the phonebook. i asked him and he said he had no idea why. he then called her on the phone and demanded angrily why she was using his last name. i told him to get a lawyer, at the end of last year in the lawyers office he told me he lied to me, he was really married to 2 women. one in the church and one civil marriage here!i cried so much i got sick, things like this kept happening,I left him but he begged for another chance and i gave himm about 1000 chanses. now i'm so destroyed i left him i cant take the abuse anymore. i drove him to work sometimes and later i found out from another woman who he has been involved with for 19 years he does not work there. in the beginning he was a mess crying depressed suicidal and i was fine. 3 years later i'm crying every day,depressed, headaches can't sleep and he is just fine no remorse at all . he sprayed his cologne in my car. by the way he is 58 yrs old i'm 47. this was the worst heartache i have ever experienced. i loved him forgave him prayed for him gave him my car forgave him over and over and now i am destroyed. he was very charming and religious, but now i;m convinced he is a pathological liar. pshycopath. no remorse empathy for all he has done. i pray GOD HELPS HIM. I CAN;T ANYMORE.

Glasgow, UK

#32 Feb 18, 2010
i have a friend who i think is a sociopath. can you give me questions to ask such as 'does she do this and that' im alittle worried she will harm herself. i heard they mimic other peoples feeling but im not sure

Perth, Australia

#33 Jun 8, 2010
You can't help him.

It is not your fault.

He is damaged in a way that is beyond your intervention.

Pray for him & for you. Thank God you're away from him~ move on.

From a fellow target,

techie.geek.girl (at)

Brooklyn, NY

#34 Jun 9, 2010
Wow i guess my brother in law is a psychopath cause you just described him.

Hartford, CT

#35 Jun 29, 2010
Franco Malagisi aka frankie5a is a sociopatht

United States

#36 Jul 24, 2010
Tai Mai Shu wrote:
Then you might want to consider taking a refresher.
Sorry, but I agree with Marcie, and is correct.
The diagnosis; Psychopathy, Antsocial Personality Disorder (301.7) or Sociopath, have all been used to refer to the same Disorder.
Essential feature is a pervasive pattern of disregard for, & violation of, the rights of others.
This pattern has also been referred to as dyssocial personality disorder.
Deceit & Manipulation are key features.....
Some examples; Madoff, Ted Bundy, Michael Lohan, Dahmer.....
Who's a Sociopath?
Tai Mai Shu

Chatsworth, NJ

#37 Jul 26, 2010
Idealism wrote:
<quoted text>
Sorry, but I agree with Marcie, and is correct.
The diagnosis; Psychopathy, Antsocial Personality Disorder (301.7) or Sociopath, have all been used to refer to the same Disorder.
Essential feature is a pervasive pattern of disregard for, & violation of, the rights of others.
This pattern has also been referred to as dyssocial personality disorder.
Deceit & Manipulation are key features.....
Some examples; Madoff, Ted Bundy, Michael Lohan, Dahmer.....
Who's a Sociopath?
If you are going to quote from a reading, you should read the entire article, It goes on to say that there IS a difference.

Pendleton, IN

#38 Aug 10, 2010
If anything it is comforting to know other people are going through the same thing. My sociopath found me on classmates as we went to high school together. I was in a loveless marriage and starving for attention. He told me he loved me and wanted to marry me. I left my husband of 25 years and then he says I took everything out of context. At that point, I was so in love with him, I agreed to meet him. Most of our correspondence was done through emails as I live up north and he lives in Charlotte. At least the romantic crap he fed me was through emails. He was never able to say those things to me in person or on the phone. I was very disappointed the first time we got together sexually. We met half way in VA and the sex part was all about pleasing him. He didn't do anything to me that he said he would in our emails. We continued to see each other for 6 years but only 3-4 a year. He claimed to be so busy with work and his mom in a nursing home. Little did I know it was to be with other woman. Every time we got together I either payed for half the room or we met on his business trips and his company paid. I took him on a cruise only to find out a year later that he was with at least one other person longer than me. I read her obituary online saying they were soul mates and she was on her death bed while dying of a rare cancer when he was making plans to go on a cruise with me. Two weeks after her funeral we went on the cruise and he showed not one emoion over losing someone supposedly so close to him. He bought a lake house in SC and I gave him a house full of furniture which he will not return. I found out about the deceased girlfired a year after our cruise and he got mad and said friends don't pry into friends lives and said if I contact him again he will have me arrested for harrassment. All the red flags were there for years but I was to blind to see them. Even his own daughter wants nothing to do with him because he threatened to kill her husband. I honestly believe he is a sociopath but how many can he really keep if he doesn't touch them in bed? Is that another trait of a sociopath? He seems to find his victims online so please be careful if you hear from someone from Charlotte feeding you a bunch of crap.

Wickliffe, OH

#39 Aug 11, 2010
Most of you 'women' really have no idea about true sociopaths. I am one, and by no means do I or have I ever tried to hurt people in the means you are talking about. There is a distinct difference between ASPD, psychopaths, and liars. Most of the people you are talking about are shit bags who just lie all the time, or were beaten as children and reflect such early adoption of human emotion onto others, but these people are not sociopaths. Every person who tells a lie, or pursues self gain is not a sociopath, and we are definitely not the people you want to avoid. Most of us realize throughout our teens that we are not like you, which is a good thing. We don't have emotions, but we figure out yours very easily. We please you. We make you respect yourself, even if it is for a self-serving reason. Is that such a bad thing? Making you feel important, I mean it is what you all want anyways right? If anyone of you doesn't want to feel like the center of the world, please tell me, even though I know you're lying.

I don't steal from or abuse people, in fact, most sociopaths don't. We are more concerned about you emotion filled humans not discovering us because of the backlash it creates on us in society. The people you describe are retards, a disgrace to true sociopaths. They have no initiative, they leech. These aren't sociopaths, just humans who have figured out how to play your easily-read emotions. We don't use you to benefit ourselves. We use you to benefit yourself, which in turn benefits us. Ever hear about having a strong network. Well if I get you what you want, and you like me for helping you, you will probably help me get what I want. It's called networking (not blackmail), and your emotions failed you on this aspect of life.

You want some real advice, find a successful sociopath and hold onto them. Will they honestly love you? Never. But, we do develop a dependency on you. Humans are like drugs to sociopaths, we become easily addicted (to both). We have a desire for you to desire us, which is why we go to such great lengths to please you. Could it all tumble down through shitty planning? Hell ya, but that's life. Joe Schmoe, who feels emotions and won't lie to you, may love you forever but his life could come crashing down in a second just as easily as a sociopaths. The only difference between your partner with emotions and me is that I won't be at the bottom for long, whereas he will only make it back to the middle. You may not agree with how I manipulate people to get back on top of the world, but you won't bitch about being rich. Stop being hypocrites and giving us sociopaths bad names because you fell for a loser.

Pendleton, IN

#40 Aug 12, 2010
I have done a lot of research and read alot of stories about what sociopaths do and not once did anyone ever mention to "stick with a successful sociopath". As a matter of fact, all articles and comments from victims of sociopaths say run as fast as you can. So if what you are saying is true than why is every single victim's life devastated by these people. A sociopath is a sociopath successful or not. And the only one that gives sociopaths a bad name is the sociopath himself. I have never read anything about sociopaths, pleasing, making the victims respect themselves or use us to benefit ourselves because sociopaths could care less about anyone but themselves. It's all about benefiting the sociopath. I am positive that anyone who has had the misfortune of being involved with a sociopath would agree with me. You are destructive people who only gets pleasure out of hurting others. I can MAYBE? understand all the lies at the beginning with the I love yous, and I want to marry you just to get someone in bed and maybe that is just a "shit bag" to do that to a married woman but for 6 years it has been nothing by lie after lie, manipulation, control, taking and never giving, cheating and taking advantage of other woman to take him on free trips to the Caribbean because poor him, he has such a hard life....Who doesn't? What I don't understand is how could someone be with at least one other person for many years and one of the victims (soul mate as stated in her obituary) are lying on their death bed dying of a rare cancer and instead of being by her bedside greiving all he could think about is making plans to go on a free cruise with another woman and two weeks after her funeral go on that cruise and not show one ounce of sorrow, not even for one minute that he lost someone supposedly so close to him?????? How someone can talk their own Mom into leaving him all her money and nothing to his brothers, how someone could manipulate a "friend" into giving him a house full of furniture (which he refuses to give back when he ended the friendship because I found out about him) because poor me "I can't afford it", while in the meantime he has 3 properties, had hardwood floors put into his lake house that I furnished, just bought a new motorcyle and living in hog heaven while I'm left stuggling because of his manipulation. When I questioned him about his behavior or things he said (which he denyed) he would become violent, screaming and at one point had his hands around my throat threatening to punch me in the face and to call the police, when he was the one being abusive. When I found out about him and this other woman that died, why was it my fault? He claims I pryed into his life and friends don't do that to friends. It was all turned around on me when he was the one lying, manipulating and using me all those years. Why when I pleaded and cried every time he became violent, trying to take the fall for what I didn't do because I loved him, why did he make it sound like it was all my fault for ruining our relationship, why did he not show one ounce of emotion except for anger? A normal man would have comforted a woman crying and talk about what happen instead of staying mad for months. Why when I confronted him at the end about all his lies and deceit, he couldn't answer me he just threaten to have me arrested if I contact him again. These are not the traits of a true friend or just a "shit bag" these are the traits of a sociopath. Maybe you should look up the traits of one. So don't even try to tell me sociopaths please us and makes us respect ourselves and you use us to benefit ourselves and that you are not the people you definitely want to avoid? Are you freaking kidding me? I'm sure all these people that went through this really wanted to have this devastation in their lives. Go tell your lies to someone else. Sociopaths are evil people and you should all burn in hell so keep looking over your shoulder because your day will come.

Austin, TX

#42 Jul 12, 2011
I know someone who works as a petitioner for the libertarian party who may be a serial killer. He has his own web site and in private is always talking about punishing women and blowing up abortion clinics. He delivers mobile homes and have personally seen him beating up on a young woman he was traveling with on a petition drive. I have complained about him to the libertarian party but they do nothing because they say he is a good petitioner. He also confided in me that torturing animals was normal behavior, that men who blow up abortion clinics are heroes. He and his best friend he says tortured animals all the time as children and thinks that is normal behavior for a child. That is why he is a libertarian because he can do to his property as he chooses. He has no home other than the mobile homes he travels in and women he picks up often disappear never to be seen again. He says any woman who has had an abortion needs to be punished. His best friend who he tortured animals with is up on charges for child pornography and they meet often. I have tried to warn authorities and the libertarian party when he sent a letter saying he would torture and kill my dog for not agreeing with him. My dog disappeared and her body was found by a hunter in a national forrest. who called me after reading her name tag

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