Let me get this stright. She quit her jov at fedex in sept, gets the tickets toward the end of oct by using a letter that stated she was employed by fedex and signed by her former supervisor. She paid the difference in Las Vegas before she could continue on to sacromento. Right?
I would like to think that her former supervsisor would say that he wrote the letter, but since I haven't found anything stating such then i can say that she must have it done it herself. Since she paid the difference in Las vegas this tells me again, that she knew what she had done and therfore she should quit with all this garbage and take her punishment. What I don't understand is why the group that she represents has not gone to the meetings and demand that she resign, or be removed. By not doing so you are actually backing her in this, saying we think it's ok that you did this. She is a liar and a forger, but you guys are just plain ball less. Quit complaining and get her out of there.