Quincy Levies

Mansfield, OH

#1 Oct 28, 2012
Hello to all on Quincy Topix. We are two weeks out from election day. November 6, 2012 everyone gets the right to vote your choice on two levies in the Village of Quincy. These are two REPLACEMENT levies that are for a five year period. Each levy is 3.2 mills and will each generate $17,000.00 each. These two levies have been in place for several years and are a base of the funding the village uses to operate on. Many have been angered by the placement of the 1% Quincy income tax in the Village. I understand it was not the favorite choice of anyone. We are all paying 1% of our income. The two levies that are up for replacement just did not generate enough money to keep up with expenses. The General Fund levy supports everything that is done in this Village. It has been used to supplement all funds when they run short of funds. The street levy helps with matching funds from Logan County on repavement of streets, snow plowing, leaf pick up, and anything to do with street improvements. I have heard the negatives and the positives. However, I live in this town and I don't want to see this Village loose any of the progress that has been made. Voting is key to the issues. I don't want to loose street lighting, the nicest park in the area, are emergency services and patrolling in the area due to lack of funding. If you have issues don't hurt this town to get revenge. I like Quincy and have been here 37 years. Some people for many more than that. Some have been born and raised and remain in this town. What a thing to be proud of. To know so many care enough about the place they were raised in to stay and raise their own children here. It can't be all that bad. If you don't like what is going on, change it. There has not been anyone come to my office and ask about finances and determine that money has been wasted. Please reply with opinions and thoughts. I am here and willing to listen. Remember to vote. It is your right and priviledge. Quincy residents vote at the Quincy Community building. Thanks for listening.

Sandy Ward, Fiscal Officer

Loveland, OH

#2 Oct 28, 2012
We do have one of the nicest parks in the area. I do feel that the council has been more reserved in their spending as of late. I see that more thought is going into the purchasing of items. I don't see the town truck in Sidney and Bellefontaine as much as before either.(being used for personal use) I believe progress has been made.

Quincy is a pretty good little burg.:)

Mansfield, OH

#3 Nov 7, 2012
Well folks it has happened again. The people have spoken. First thanks to all who tried and supported this town. Since everyone that voted no on these levies know what is going on and voted in the best interest of our Village I hope someone knows what to do next because I am scared to death about our future. However don't count this town down and out. There are things that can be done to keep us going but they may not all be pleasant. The majority have voted and said they don't need the services we now enjoy everyone will have to take care of their needs. We get what we pay for in life and many have said they can do it on their own. Now will be the time for that. May God bless us all and keep us safe. I care about this town and promise to do my best to keep it together. Thanks for all the listening and the ones who care for your support. Sandy Ward, Fiscal Officer.

Loveland, OH

#4 Nov 8, 2012
Go back to running it like a village instead of a metropolis. Go back to one town worker that actually works, instead of two workers with an administrator. Why do we need an administrator? Seriously? There really isn't enough work for one full-time worker year round, let alone, three. I am sorry this will hurt your feelings. But it is factual.

Raises were given, at the same time you were saying there was no money. If the town adminstrator doesn't think he is getting paid enough for his "forty" (cough) hours. Then it is time for him to move.

Mansfield, OH

#5 Nov 9, 2012
Thanks suggestion but again we need to add some facts to the story. This town does run as it has for years. The State of Ohio requires that you have a Board of Public Affairs or Administrator. It is the law. For years we had a Board of Public Affairs. Due to anger they all decided to resign over the building of the new sewer plant. The Council at that time created the administrator position instead of a BPA. We are smaller than other Villages but take a look at how many people work for other places. We have one full time Administrator and a very part time employee. That is it. My job is also a by law position. No one has ever been to Council meeting to complain about Mr. Helmandollar, the lack of hours he works, or the use of a part time person. As long as we are a Village this position will be.. You see it is not factual at all. Have you ever followed Mr. Helmandollar around for a week to see what he does to know his work load? My feelings get hurt when people use their right to vote to punish instead of looking at what is best for our town. Streets are a vital part of anyplace. The other services that stand to be lost because of these levies as a result of this worries me. How do we ever get better if we continue to go backwards.

As far as raises go several years went without any raise as well as other people not getting raises. The percentage of increase was so great. Come to my office and check out my pay increase. I will be more than happy to show you. No one in this village has ever checked out the replacement need for the levies that just failed due to people saying this village does not need the services paid by the money generated by these levies. Nothing can be done to change any of this now. The levies went down and January 1 2013 the funds stop and lets all hope that all the no votes were right and the Village does not need the funds lost.
beautiful day

Loveland, OH

#6 Nov 10, 2012
Quincy is a pretty good place to live even though it gets a bad rap in the surrounding communities.

I have a suggestion. Why doesn't the council go after all the one percent income tax that should be paid? I know for a fact there are people who live within the corporation limits that do not pay it. Is that fair to those of us that are doubly taxed through real estate and income tax? Make them pay their share.

Mansfield, OH

#7 Nov 11, 2012
Thanks for the question. My info is to contact RITA. They take it from there. I am with you. I pay mine every pay day.
beautiful day

Loveland, OH

#8 Nov 11, 2012
We do too, quarterly. It is the fairest way to tax. I believe.
beautiful day

Loveland, OH

#9 Nov 11, 2012
Shouldn't someone on the town council, or someone on the payroll, be cross checking residents and their obligation to pay the income tax with the people who actually do? I was told, and I know I shouldn't listen to rumors, that the village representatves have voiced that they will not make sure all people are paying the tax. That it is not their job. I think it would be very easy for them to compile a list of names and send to Rita so they can enforce it. I think that would bring in several thousand. I think that is another reason why people are not happy with the levies, because of the people who are getting away with not paying the income tax. I know it is aggravating for us when we are paying a combined total of two percent of our income and others are not paying any.

United States

#11 Nov 12, 2012
It should be voluntary. You believe in freedom don't you? If you believe in freedom you shouldn't force anyone to pay anything. Especially since we don't have any money.
beautiful dy

Loveland, OH

#12 Nov 12, 2012
Voluntary to pay the one percent income tax? I believe in freedom, but if a one percent income tax is mandated for the residents to pay, then I believe all that have an income should be paying it. Property taxes are not voluntary, so I doubt the income tax is voluntary either. I will check into it, and if others don't have to pay and if it is voluntary, then I will quite paying it too.

So if the town doesn't seem to care who pays an who don't, I guess I shouldn't care either. We can use the extra two percent.

Mansfield, OH

#13 Nov 13, 2012
The town does care who pays and who does not. That is why we contract with an agency that has access to the internal revenue to find people paying federal taxes. Those not paying will be caught and not only will they owe tax but penalty and interest too. As Fiscal Officer I have not received any names of people not paying.

United States

#14 Nov 14, 2012
Sandy i thank you for your service to our comunity. I do not find any problems with how the council runs the town with what they have or do not have. Mr. H does his best with the help and equipment he has. BUT as much as you try to make these people understand that the cost of every thing has gone up, including the things that the village needs to operate. And the money comming it is less now that alot of people in our town lost there homes and more people are living on the government dole. Less and less money goes to the village. Keep up the good fight sandy but i don't think they are getting it.
good one

Loveland, OH

#15 Nov 14, 2012
Service to our community? It is not like she isn't getting paid. Mr H. does the best with the help and equipment he has? He should do damn good. The people in his position in the past did more work with less help and less equipment.

The only thing you got correct is more people are living on the government dole. Why should the few who work and own homes support the freeloaders who benefit from the services. I doubt you work or own property, so why should you care how much the residents are taxed. I doubt her job or H's job warrants forty hours a week.

United States

#16 Nov 14, 2012
Your right good one! I haven't lived in quincy for 20 years. I don't own property in quincy. And i don't own my own business that is forced to pay taxes in states i don't do business in. I don't have a clue. And i have watched all the people before Mr. H and if is no different then them. I feel he does a better job. Have a good day while keep trying to support the community i live in and keep paying my taxes for the freeloaders also.
Molly Carpenter

Mount Vernon, OH

#17 Nov 15, 2012
Robb and I pay the 1% tax out of our paychecks. The one thing we didn't do since we file our own taxes, is file a certain form required by the RITA tax. We really were not aware we had to do that. TRUST ME...those who don't pay will get caught. I had to pay almost a $100 fine because I didn't have a clue that I had to file the form. I can't complain, it's my own fault. If my fine was almost $100 for just paperwork, I can't imagine what those people will be fined for not paying. Too bad the levies didn't pass, hopefully there will be a solution. I agree, people should follow Kirk around if they want to know what he does. I remember when I was younger, my dad used to get called out at all hours of the night with Dick Smith to fix a water line break in well below freezing temps. There is a lot of things those guys do that nobody else would want to do if asked. Anyone who comes into the store knows how cynical I have been about the town in the past, but it does seem that they have tightened their pockets some and have even started looking into some grants to tear down old buildings in town. Hopefully that will motivate for more grant searches and usage. I had read some place where Kathy Wells seat is up at some point as she is retiring? Then maybe everyone should be aware of that so we can have some applicants for it when it is time to be filled. Sandy, maybe you can shed light or give info on that?

Butler, OH

#18 Nov 15, 2012
Thanks again for those that support the town we live in. I understand that people are living pay check to pay check and that all and I mean all of us are facing financial issues. These two levies were not more money as far as amounts and trust me the Council will be delving into ways to get by all this. Anger always sets in when things don't go they way we want them to. However after some time the anger is gone and the time to dig in and look at what is best for this town. The Council will have now does fight for the town because we all live here, pay the income tax want it or not, and pay taxes to keep the town afloat and they will continue to do so. As far as a vacant seat there have been rumblings of this fact but nothing has been put in writing or verbally been made official. I always advertise a vacant seat and this time I expect to get about 132 applications if it becomes available. Thanks Molly for letting people know that this did run with one paid person that had to get help when needed. The one extra person that we use only works on an as needed basis. We don't make up work just to keep him busy. Kirk Helmandollar is a VILLAGE ADMINISTRATOR. Not just a village worker doing four jobs. He also has tons of paperwork and is responsible for the work to get the filtration plant funds, money for the grants for street work, and all of that takes much time. He also has continuing education to add his load as well as required training hours to keep both of his license. He is now facing new training to be able to maintain our sewer lift station. Walk a mile in his shoes and then complain about his work load. Sorry there I go on another trip down the trail. Money is tight for everyone and if we hang together we can make it happen. I intend to keep trying.

United States

#19 Nov 16, 2012
Danny Robinson should Buy the Quincy foundry and hire a bunch of people so we can have more jobs in Quincy.
Pro Police

Dayton, OH

#20 Nov 23, 2012
I think we need to pass a police levy and get our own police force. Ge them druggies and perverts out of town.
my oh my

Loveland, OH

#21 Nov 23, 2012
We don't need a police force. We can't afford to run the town as it is. We don't have that many incidents of crime. People need to watch out for their own and raise their kids to be responsible adults. that's all.

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